Review of Air Baltic flight Tallinn Riga in Economy

Airline Air Baltic
Flight BT 314
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 17 Jan 16, 15:15
Arrival at 17 Jan 16, 16:05
BT   #5 out of 21 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
By 1618
Published on 24th January 2016
Hi again,

This report is a continuation of my trip to Riga and Tallinn with airBaltic.

You can find the previous legs descriptions here:


On the end of this report I will post some bonus pictures and information regarding Tallinn.

Our schedule for this day was flight from TLL to RIX at 15:15 and then from RIX to WAW at 18:40. Tallinn's airport is located very close to the city centre, there is a bus but as the taxi costs approximately 5 - 8 euro it is much better choice than waiting for a bus in the winter cold. The trip from the Old Town took not more than 10 minutes.

The terminal outside and inside

photo IMG_9040photo IMG_9041

We've checked in on-line as otherwise it cost 10 euro but with no boaring passes printed we headed to airBaltic check-in where the cards were printed by a very friendly lady. After a short walk thing I detest the most while flying - security control. Luckily in TLL it was a pleasure, the staff was very polite and helpful, they should send here WAW security staff for training! You can rate the security check and we were sure they deserved the highest mark.

photo IMG_9043

The airport is small and cosy, I could spend hours there as there is no rush, there are no crowds and it seems designed for the passengers to make them feel relaxed.

General view (not the best photo but the only one I have :( )

photo IMG_9048

Fameous people who visited the airport, among them Poland's former president Lech Walesa

photo IMG_9045

Every gate is designed in different way, I love it!

photo IMG_9051photo IMG_9053

Let's look outside

photo IMG_9047photo IMG_9055

BMI Regional ERJ 145 operating flight to Oslo for Adria that took almost all the flights of Estonian Air

photo IMG_9057

Finnair's ATR to Helsinki

photo IMG_9066

It looks like LOT has a dedicated gate with a poster promoting flights via WAW

photo IMG_9059

Our flight to Riga is co-shared with Air Berlin

photo IMG_9060photo IMG_9061

We reach our gate, I look outside and see a 737-300 parked at the gate while we were supposed to fly Q400 again. What a nice surprise! I've never been so happy to fly a classic 737 but this time it is a possibility to try more of BT fleet than just Q400.

photo IMG_9068photo IMG_9070

Boarding starts a little bit late and it looks like we are going to take back to Riga the crew of a Q400 that has just arrived.

Finally we are on board. My seat is 14A. There is no row 13 and the rows 11 and 12 are the ones with emergency window exit. There are only 2 seats in row 11.

photo IMG_9072

The aircraft is not the youngest I'm afraid yet it is well maintained, with new seats and it's very clean. The legroom could be better!

photo IMG_9073

Q400 that has just arrived from Riga.

photo IMG_9074

View of the terminal as we taxi for take off

photo IMG_9079photo IMG_9080

Frozen remains of Estonian Air fleet. So sad! :(

photo IMG_9085

Ready for take off!

photo IMG_9087

And here we go

It's a nice and smooth flight

photo IMG_9092

The LF is high, most places in economy are occupied and there is someone in businness class too. Many passengers continue their trip from Riga. Even though the flight lasts only 30 minutes there is a standard service.

photo IMG_9093

Descending to Riga

photo IMG_9094


Welcome back to Riga

photo IMG_9098

Our aircraft

photo IMG_9102

We arrived slightly later than scheduled but nevermind, our flight to WAW is in 2,5 hours so we have plenty of time.

Now, as promised, some bonus pics from Tallinn

The Old Town Market Square

photo IMG_8804

View from the upper town

photo IMG_8813

View from the city walls

photo IMG_8979

A trip to Pirita, Tallinn's beach district with ruins of a medieval monastery

photo IMG_8912

The Baltic sea almost frozen

photo IMG_8954

No, it's not sunset, not yet, it's 12:00 o'clock :) Never seen the sun so low midday!

photo IMG_8958

The Old Town at night

And now a small food guide ;) There are plenty of places to eat in Tallinn but the one and only is Olde Hansa restaurant, not too cheap but no doubt a must if you want to try a medieval cuisine in unforgettable atmosphere.

photo IMG_8864

Beer with herbs or honey beer - both simply delicious

photo IMG_8867

Duck in saffron sauce

photo IMG_8872

For a desert a place not to miss is Maiasmokk cafe, the oldest in town (1864)

photo IMG_9013photo IMG_9019

Draakon is a place in the medieval town hall where you can taste the elk soup and some hot wine. It has almost the same atmosphere as Olde Hansa but the prices are lower (the choice is much smaller) and the staff isn't too polite. Anyway the elk soup is something you don't eat everyday.

photo IMG_8847photo IMG_8839

And last but not least I recommend Kompressor with tasty huge pancakes for about 4-5 euro.

photo IMG_9024

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

The last part is about to come soon.
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Air Baltic

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Tallinn - TLL


Riga - RIX



Another nice flight with BT, perhaps the best one. The 737 was in very good condition despite its age. Tallinn airport is fantastic, small, cosy, a place to rest before your flight.

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  • Comment 155779 by
    marathon SILVER 9604 Comments

    Yes indeed, I enjoyed it ! (both the flight report itself and the bonus)
    Neat pictures and a relevant narrative. Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 155784 by
    757Fan 595 Comments

    Nice report, and great to see a report about an airline I've not at all familiar with. Awesome photos of Riga as well too! Looks like a very nice place to visit.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Comment 155830 by
    loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments


  • Comment 156070 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    We've checked in on-line as otherwise it cost 10 euro
    - What costs 10 euros?

    Fameous people who visited the airport
    - Not the most flattering picture of Bush, lol. The airport looks like all the Scandic airports with nice hardwood floors. They always look very warm and inviting.

    The B737 looks well-maintained (even retrofitted with winglets) and doesn't look old from the cabin shots. Seat pitch is tight, but that is expected on a LCC.

    Beautiful bonus once again, even in the cold winter, it looks like a great place to visit.

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