Review of AeroMexico flight Mexico City Lima in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM19
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 01 Dec 15, 17:00
Arrival at 01 Dec 15, 22:35
AM   #35 out of 123 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
Published on 31st January 2016
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Tijuana – Mexico
AM 185 (9:48AM)
Boeing 787-8

I wanted to go to Peru, from about 5 years ago, had planned to go but for reasons or circumstances could not (even once with ticket purchased). So I said that this 2015 Peru would not escape me. The Peruvian’s are super warm and friendly, the food is very good and overall I had a good impression of the country in terms of security and modernity.

I arrived at the airport at 7:20 am, my flight left at 9:48 am, there was not much line to the check in. I only had carry on luggage, so in the check in I was treated quickly. After passing the security filter I went to the Premier Lounge. The lounge was empty.

There were sweet pastries and fruit as usual. As the departure time of flights AeroMexico more (MEX, GDL, HMO, MTY, CJS) approached the lounge was filled with passengers.

photo 07

Note that there is now open the pedestrian bridge linking San Diego and Tijuana airport for $ 5

I went to the gate 5. The boarding began 30 minutes before the departure. I waited to board. I was the last to board the plane . The flight was at 85% of occupancy.

At that time they were simultaneously a 777 of AeroMexico that came from Shanghai and the 787-8
The Premier Class was less than half (32 passenger seats) and economy class was full as a 96% occupancy.

The truth, I did not take many pictures inside by a flight attendant who was sitting next to me. But I put pictures of another trip report to CUN.

photo 10photo 20

The take off occurred on time. During the flight were given cookies and drinks (there was alcohol available).

photo 09

I saw the film Fault in our stars

photo 08photo 10 (1)

The landing occurred on time and was very soft touch with the runway.

Mexico – Lima

AM 18 (5:00 PM )

Boeing 737-800

photo 12photo 13

It has two hours to connect with another flight so I decided to go to the VIP Lounges to eat.

photo 14

I had never been in Banamex Beyond Lounge so I choose to enter this.

The Lounge is divided into 2 separate areas, one for Platinum (where I was) clients and one for Citi Prestige / Beyond . While Beyond Lounge is not very spacious (Platinum area will fit about 70 people) gave me the impression that it is better than the American Express Centurion. It is more intimate and not so full of passengers.

photo 15

They also have an offer free hot food, which does not happen at American Express where they charge everything. They had to eat mole (Mexican curry) with rice, enchiladas, ham croissants, salads and don’t remember what else. I ordered a ham and cheese croissant and a salad. I was only 30 minutes and I leave the Salon Premier International AeroMexico.

photo gudt4z1n1

In the lounge I was a short time to check mail, finalize calls, see facebook and have a glass of white wine with peanuts and a few pieces of cake cheesse time.

photo 16

I went to the boarding gate 40 minutes before. At the gate I felt strange, there were no Mexicans in the flight, most were Peruvians. The boarding occurred on time

Upon boarding I saw the plane was one of the old 737-800 with new seats and entertainment system. Behind me came a group of young French and one American, apparently fed their AeroMexico flight connections to South America.
Good Legroom!!

photo 17

The plane takes off on time.
An hour after takeoff food service began. First peanuts with drinks were given. I ordered a tequila with Sprite to accompany peanuts.

photo 22

Dinner was pasta or chicken. I opted for the chicken and it was very good. It had mashed potatoes, caramelized onions and two grilled tomatoes with thyme, the salad was crisp and fresh. Dessert was a vanilla pudding Lala.

photo 24photo 25

It was the best food in AeroMexico so far. I drank white wine and sparkling water. Notably there were 4 flight attendants, 3 men and a woman. All very attentive, polite and helpful. Strong point for AM!!!

photo 26

After removing the dinner I started to see Paper Towns

photo 27photo 30

An hour before landing they offered water to all passengers.

Once we landed we were taken to a remote location in the airport the captain explained to us that we landed before itinerary, the Lima airport did not have doors available. We were 53 minutes aboard the plane with lights off.

Lima Airport is outdated for a country like Peru is too small for the number of planes and be hub of LAN Peru, never ever in Mexico I wait for a gate on board of the airplane , and the MEX airport it’s saturated.

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Cabin crew10.0

Mexico City - MEX


Lima - LIM



AeroMexico has a great service, good food, great IFE.



  • Comment 156353 by
    giancarlo330 59 Comments

    Hi Freddy, thanks for your first trip report. Concerning Lima Airport the project of a new terminal + new runway is on its way and it should get started by 2017. There has been big delays because of the land next to the current airport took about 5 years to be taken from private owners to the State and then had to be transfered to Lima Airport Partners (operator).

    Everyone knows LIM is saturated (peak times are 0730am-12pm,1950-0100am) and the terminal which has a capacity of 12m pax/year, currently handles 17.2m pax/year.

    I hope you enjoyed Lima (beautiful city to explore) and in general Peru.

    Have a safe trip back to MEX.

  • Comment 156492 by
    Rl 777 812 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    It's really nice you got the new cabin twice! The cabin looks really good, the IFE looks nice and modern as well.

    The meal looks tasty, they could have presented the main in a nicer way though even though that's not a big deal.

    It looks like you had a good experience with AM, their 737 cabins look really nice!

    Have a good one, see you!

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