Review of ANA flight Chitose Kushiro in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH 4873
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 10 Jan 16, 13:30
Arrival at 10 Jan 16, 14:15
NH   #14 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 202 reviews
By 1412
Published on 29th January 2016

This series will cover a quick weekend trip on NH using UA miles. The goal of this series was to try several new products in the NH family while also going someplace new to me. This trip cost 10,000 UA miles (no tax/fees on NH award tickets) and I built a very non-direct routing to zig-zag my way to my final destination. I’ll reveal the segments as we go to add some suspense. So far we have…

Part 1 – NGO-HND [NH 86, Boeing B737-800, Economy] –
Part 2 – HND-CTS [NH 59, Boeing B787-800, Economy] –
Part 3 – CTS-KUH [NH 4873, Bombardier DHC-8-400, Economy] – You are here
Part 4 – Coming soon
Part 5 – Coming soon
Part 6 – Coming soon

This report will cover the trip from CTS to KUH. This will be my first time aboard a NH Dash8.


After exiting the baggage claim, I head back upstairs to where the check-in areas are.

photo 1

The NH check-in area was a zoo with people heading home after a weekend of skiing. Fortunately, the security line was empty so I was quickly through and airside.

photo 2

After consulting the terminal map, I head over to the ANA Lounge. On my way, I stop by a store and pick up some onigiri for a light lunch.

photo 3

Entering the lounge, the agent greets me and types my EY credentials into the system before granting me access.

photo 4

Japanese press offering.

photo 5

The liquid offerings. CTS has the best beer selection of all the ANA Lounges I’ve seen. They have 4 beers on draft: Asahi Super Dry, Sapporo Classic (only available in Hokkaido), Suntory Premium Malts, and Kirin Ichiban.

photo 6

The lounge is fairly small with small seating areas.

photo 7

I take a seat in a more comfortable looking area that was quieter. There were just a couple of people across the way.

photo 8photo 9

My first and second offerings. Sticking with Sapporo Classic.

photo 10photo 11

The bathroom is clean, but small.

photo 12

Wrap up my stay with a coffee.

photo 13

About 30 minutes before the boarding time, I leave the lounge to stretch my legs a little. NH proudly flaunts its Skytrax rating everywhere, much to the chagrin of JL.

photo 14

My plane is listed as a gate change, now departing from Gate 1. I see this sign and think I need to go upstairs to get to my gate.

photo 15photo 16

That was a lie since it was only Gate 1B and not Gate 1; however, there was better spotting from the upstairs area since you can get closer to the windows. Snow is starting fall again.

MM A320.

photo 17

HD B737.

photo 18

My plane today getting prepped for boarding: NH Dash8-400

photo 19


All Nippon Airways, NH 4873
Equipment: Bombardier DHC-8-400 [JA852A, delivered September 2006]
Departure: 13:30 (ATD: 13:41)
Arrival: 14:15 (ATA: 14:08)
Flight time: 0:27

Gate 1.

photo 20

My boarding pass for this segment.

photo 21

Boarding is started 5 minutes late because there were two wheelchair passengers that needed to be carefully wheeled across the icy tarmac. Standard NH protocols of special assistance, NH Diamonds, NH/*A elites, and then general boarding. Quite a few NH Diamonds on this flight as well. I scan my boarding pass and am through.

photo 22

Not many options… there were walls to the left and forward.

photo 23

Down the stairs onto the tarmac.

photo 24

Our beautiful Dash8.

photo 25photo 26

Fuselage shot.

photo 27

A cheery FA tried to interrupt my fuselage shot with her greeting as I reached the top of the stairs. She apologized and let me take the picture first before she greeted me a second time in Japanese as I entered the cabin. My seat for this flight.

photo 28

The seat pitch is very generous on the Dash8s.

photo 29

The gentleman across the aisle is able to comfortably cross his legs the pitch is so generous, must be around 34”.

photo 32

No divider under the seat, but the flight will be around 30% load so no seatmate for me.

photo 31

The tray table and seatback pocket.

photo 30

The seats are really thin, but are good enough for a 30 minute flight.

photo 33photo 34

I probably should have picked a better window seat; however, all the windows were covered with the glycol from deicing.

photo 35

Seat control is in the armrest.

photo 36

Seatback contents. 3 barf bags, they anticipate bumpy rides on these turboprops^^

photo 37

Safety card for this Dash8.

photo 38photo 39

The front door closes on time and the FA comes through the cabin offering blankets.

photo 40

As we fire up the engines, the 2 FAs do the safety demonstration in Japanese.

photo 41

On our taxi, I can spot a MU A321 taxing by.

photo 42

Turning onto the runway.

photo 43

Our landing gear.

photo 44

The engines whirl, the parking brake is released and we are quickly down the runway and up.

photo 45

Since we used such little runway, we can get an aerial shot of CTS. The purple plane on the far left is JH^^ The NH B772 in *A livery I saw at HND in the previous report is also here too.

photo 46photo 47photo 48

We soon were engulfed by clouds.

photo 49

NH’s route map for Hokkaido.

photo 50

The cabin as we reach cruising altitude.

photo 51

The FAs pass through offering apple juice. Given the 27-minute flight time, I find this acceptable.

photo 52photo 53

Passing over the snow-covered countryside. I couldn’t figure out what city this was.

photo 55photo 56

About 5 minutes later, they come through again and offer more apple juice. Very good service on this short hop.

photo 54

We pass over the mountains to the less snowy eastern coast of Hokkaido.

photo 57photo 58

We reach the Pacific Ocean.

photo 59

At Shiranuka (??), we make a hard left turn to align onto the runway.

photo 60

The landing gear drops down as we cross into Hokkaido.

photo 61photo 62photo 63

We touch down early.

photo 64

We taxi up to the terminal and stop on the tarmac.

photo 65

The front door opens, the stairs are positioned, and we begin deplaning. The cabin as I head out.

photo 66

Stepping outside, the FA thanks me for flying. One last look at the nose of this Dash8.

photo 67

Our beautiful turboprop resting before the return trip to CTS.

photo 68

Walking to the terminal.

photo 69photo 70

We have to take the stairs up to the 2nd floor where we reenter the departures level, before going back down to the 1st floor for the baggage claim.

photo 71

Kushiro boasts 2 baggage carousels.

photo 72


photo 73

I stop at the bus ticket machine to buy a ticket for Kushiro and head outside where the bus is waiting. The bus costs 940? and takes about 40 minutes.

photo 74photo 76

I think KUH is trying to rival KMJ for most 80s bus seat upholstery.

photo 75

Finally, the list of bus stops and fares. On the right, they list the hotels located at each bus stop. I, like 90% of the people on the bus, will take it to Kushiro Station (????), which is not the terminus.

photo 77

I’ll leave off this series here as I begin my stay in Kushiro. Tune into the next segment for the start of the return journey, which will take an alternate route from CTS to NGO through a (surprisingly) previously unreported airport.
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Cabin crew9.0

Chitose - CTS


Kushiro - KUH



My first time on a NH Dash8. Not the most exciting of flights, but the service was very good considering the length of the flight. Natural IFE was negated by the deicing making photography difficult.

Cabin comfort: The Dash8s are no spring chickens, but the cabin is pristine and clean as one expects on NH. The seat pitch is really generous at around 34”, but the seats are thin. Overall, comfortable enough for <30 minute flight and the turboprop noise wasn’t bad.

Crew: Above average NH crew on this flight. No English ability, but all smiles and friendly.

Meal and catering: Only apple juice was offered, but two passes were made, which is even better than what I got on the NGO-HND sector, which is almost twice as long.

Entertainment: No newspapers offered. Standard seatback literature. No audio or overhead monitors. Just natural IFE.

On-time performance: We left on time and arrived early.



  • Comment 156453 by
    Numero_2 9987 Comments

    Thanks for sharing.

    Nice aerial views of CTS.

    Quite an obscure line of the NH network but the Kushiro airport seems to be quite big.
    How heavy is the traffic there ?

  • Comment 156458 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Great pics again! Many thanks for this report!

  • Comment 156506 by
    cobra 3602 Comments

    Thank you Mickael :)

    At this hour, freshly arrived in Japan, i enjoyed a Gyudon in the center of Kyoto. I arrive, you flee, what a shame ! :))))

    A real pathfinder with this line :)

    A real orgy of beer at the lounge, with the local one !^^

    Nice little flight, with a a blue and white mower ...picture of the landscape are somptuous...

    I couldn’t figure out what city this was : Satsunai i guess ^^

    Next leg to Haneda? Sakhalin? :)))

    I want to compete for the 80s bus seat upholstery ^^

    Ja mata ne !:)

    • Comment 333867 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Merci Cobra^^

      A real pathfinder with this line :)
      - I am exposing Cobra to new parts of Japan^^

      A real orgy of beer at the lounge, with the local one !^^
      - Too many beer options, I can't drink them all^^

      Satsunai i guess ^^
      - Very good eye Cobra^^ I knew it was somewhere near Obihiro!

      Next leg to Haneda? Sakhalin? :)))
      - Next leg to CTS :( But then somewhere more fun with polar bears ;)

      I want to compete for the 80s bus seat upholstery ^^
      - KMJ still has the best:

  • Comment 156818 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The cabin looks quite nice for short hops. I'm glad the seat pitch was generous on this Q400, many other Q400 operators offer a seat pitch of 30-31 inches. It'll be interesting to fly on one of these to RIX in a month (Air Baltic).

    Great aerial shots!

    How bad was the engine noise? Considering you sat right next to the left engine.

    This looked like a pretty good short flight, not bad at all.

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 334074 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by :)

      I'm glad the seat pitch was generous on this Q400, many other Q400 operators offer a seat pitch of 30-31 inches. It'll be interesting to fly on one of these to RIX in a month (Air Baltic).
      - Based what I saw on those recent BT reports by Loukas, the seat pitch didn't look bad. It might also depend on the type of Dash8. When I took OC last summer, I don't think the seat pitch was 34, but only 31.

      How bad was the engine noise? Considering you sat right next to the left engine.
      - I didn't think the engine noise was bad or that there were a lot of vibrations. I'm taking another Dash8 tomorrow morning so I'll pay closer attention, but it's a turboprop so of course it will be loud. I'll be taking an ATR72 next month so I'll have to compare. I personally love the sound of the engines as they hit full throttle on takeoff :)

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