Review of Enter Air flight Warsaw Agadir in Economy

Airline Enter Air
Flight ENT 1841
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:50
Take-off 07 Oct 14, 08:55
Arrival at 07 Oct 14, 12:45
OF 13 reviews
By SILVER 1492
Published on 1st February 2016
Hi everyone,

This is a report from my trip to Morocco in October 2014. I had all the descriptions and photos ready yet never shared this report and thought it could be interesting as there are no reports of Enter Air, at least in English. I will post some photos from my 2-weeks stay in Morocco too. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Let's start with some information on the airline. Enter Air (ENT) is the biggest Polish charter airline operating since 2010. Its fleet consists of 17 Boeing 737-400 and 737-800 aircrafts, the airline ordered three Boeing 737 MAX too. It operates on the major touristic routes from most of the Polish airports and also has some aircrafts based in CDG and MAN.

Charter destinations in the summer 2014

photo 12633158_1142864439087610_44287250_o

We decided to take a package tour that comprised of one week trip round Morocco and one week spent in a hotel in Agadir. It was much better option than travelling on our own both for economic and safety reasons.

Our flight was scheduled for 8:55 am. The queue for check in was long as these charter flights are usually fully loaded.

photo IMG_2928

Despite the aircraft being parked just in front of the terminal we were taken there by bus

photo IMG_2932photo IMG_2933photo IMG_2934

Enter Air has recently introduced new Recaro seats to the 737-800. I had an opportunity to try these thin seats on short LH flights and was curious how they were going to work on an almost 5 hours flight in charter configuration. It was better than I thought!

photo IMG_2935

There was no catering as on the most charter flights so the only option was the sky bar with quite resonable prices and good choice.

photo 12695120_1142864415754279_1534900861_ophoto 12656135_1142864405754280_125230876_ophoto 12633219_1142864392420948_1649994644_o

Shortly after take off

photo IMG_2936

Somewhere over Spain

photo IMG_2945

Over the city of Malaga

photo IMG_2948

Approaching Gibraltar Strait

photo IMG_2955

British colony Gibraltar

photo IMG_2958

Europe and Africa in one picture

photo IMG_2959photo IMG_2960photo IMG_2963

Flying over Morocco

photo IMG_2968

Morocco's capital - Rabat

photo IMG_2973


photo IMG_2976

The Atlas mountains

photo IMG_2990

This small guy has already been to so many places…

photo IMG_2978

Our aircraft after arriving to Agadir

photo IMG_3002

I could take a picture of this Royal Air Maroc 737-800 departing to Casablanca as we walked to the terminal

photo IMG_3003

The terminal building

photo IMG_3004

Some of the photos I took during my stay in Morocco

The long and sandy beach in Agadir

photo IMG_3012

Harira soup - the taste of Morocco

photo IMG_3008

Jemaa el Fna square in Marrakesh, an amazing place full of real good Moroccan food and traditional music

photo IMG_3101

Tagine dish

photo IMG_3130

Traditional mint tea

photo IMG_3110


photo IMG_3007

Food market

photo IMG_3055

Welcome to Fez

photo IMG_3175

Traditional and extremely stinky leather tanneries

photo IMG_3239

Butcher's shop in the market

photo IMG_3180

Moroccan shoes

photo IMG_3245

Traditional couscous dish

photo IMG_3275

The ancient Roman town of Volubilis

photo IMG_3302photo IMG_3291

Rabat - the tower and remains of Hassan mosque

photo IMG_3363photo IMG_3369

Kasbah of the Udayas

photo IMG_3373photo IMG_3379

To be continued in the second part. Thanks for reading.

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Enter Air

Cabin crew9.0

Warsaw - WAW


Agadir - AGA



It was my fifth flight with ENT and they really deserve to be considered as the best charter airline in Poland. On this flight as on the others the crew was extremely friendly and helpful, they really liked their job. The 737-800 was clean and in good condition, the legroom was decent as for a charter airline.



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