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Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA284
Class Economy
Seat 15J
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 13 Sep 15, 19:26
Arrival at 13 Sep 15, 23:26
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Published on 7th February 2016
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photo 24509542716_b3482f5dfa_b
Departure.terminal at.Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport

With another drive back to Punta Arenas, I decided to leave about 4 hours before my flight to give me some time to top up my fuel. What I did was fill up gas at Puerto Natales and drive as efficiently as possible as I was able to return it 3/4 full which was what I received the car with. The slightly heavy rain along the drive back helped to wash the car of the mud and grime accumulated over the past few days and made it easier for me to return the car at the airport.

photo 23908919723_82ca3eaf57_b
Check-in desks

Apparently, I arrived earlier than scheduled as I did just use up 1/4 of the gas in the tank and received an ok from the car rental agent. With that I collected my luggage and checked in for my next flight back to Santiago. For the evening flight back, there was only the option to fly via Puerto Montt. That extended the length of the flight but I was fine with it since I had no plans that night anyway.

photo 24427423032_3bf41b605d_b
Restaurant at the airport

Check-in was fast since there was no one in the queue as I arrived quite early. That meant I got processed quickly and was given my boarding pass. With that in hand, I had time to look at the shops for souvenirs and there are some shops selling Patagonian king crabs and seafood for visitors to bring back, but with no interest in those, I head up to the restaurant for a meal since I was a bit hungry as I just had a small snack for lunch.

photo 24167958849_dee076333d_b
Chilean king crab sandwich with lettuce and mayo

I ordered a king crab sandwich that had lots of fresh lettuce, tomato and mayo. Apparently a lot of food are served with mayo and lettuce in Chile! While simple the freshness of the ingredients and the sweetness of the crab made it a tasty treat that gave me good farewell moments in Patagonia.

photo 23907554344_ed4347748c_b
Souvenir shop past security check

After having my meal, I quickly proceed to go past security since I started to see more crowds checking in, and I did not want to get caught in a queue. Past through the security there is a fairly large souvenir store that also sells snacks, drinks and magazines. There is also a Pacific Club lounge that admits passengers who have a list of credit cards.

photo 24453396431_f9410b3d8b_b
Pacific Club lounge at the airport

LA284 Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport PUQ - Puerto Montt El Tepual International Airport PMC - Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport SCL
STD-STA: 1920-2355
Actual: 1926-2120/2210-2326
Airbus A320 CC-BAW (LAN Colombia plane)
Gate 2 Seat 15J

There was nothing else of interest in the terminal since it was a small airport, but maintained very well and functional for travellers. It had snowed a bit just now in the airport but the snow seems to have melted and there did not seem to be any cause for delay as I watched them load the airplane.

photo 24167959789_12c8c42e64_b
Boarding a LAN Colombia airplane

Very soon, the boarding announcement was made and being in the middle row, I followed the queue to board first. A bit of a mistake really since I had an aisle seat this time and I was the first in my row to arrive. Fortunately the other 2 passengers arrived not long after. No luck in getting an empty middle seat then.

photo 23907556164_de9cb82122_b
Boarding the all-economy A320

What I noticed this time was that the crew was in some kind of hurry as the boarding was conducted and completed quickly and it seems like they are in a rush to depart as soon as possible. I figure it is due to the stopover at Puerto Montt.

photo 23907556944_19b44ba3df_b
Seating onboard LAN's A320

The first segment of the flight went smoothly. There was a snack and beverage service where I got a mixed nuts package and the yogurt cereal bar. The yogurt cereal bar was actually my favourite amongst the varieties of snacks that LAN gives out. The cabin crew was also very graceful in giving me a glass of water and orange juice. Pretty standard procedure for what is my fourth flight on LAN.

photo 24531963185_5f6406b8a6_b
First inflight snack service

It was less than 2 hours on the air before we made a descent into Puerto Montt with the crew advising passengers bound for Santiago to stay on the plane. Probably half of the passengers disembarked from the flight. After the disembarkation, the crew quickly made their rounds to count the remaining passengers and clear any rubbish.

photo 24240182040_71459468b5_b
Cabin during first portion of the flight

I was quite surprised at their efficiency as my last stopover flight on Air India was not that quick at their turnaround. Apparently new passengers boarded the plane and again it was a very orderly and quick process. The other 2 seats beside me were occupied once again as it seems the passengers that disembarked was fully replaced by those who boarded from Puerto Montt.

We were on the ground for less than an hour before taking-off once again heading further north. The second segment was shorter than the first and the crew went about to conduct the second service for passengers departing from Punta Arenas. Another round of snacks where passengers were given 2 choices. This time I took the cheese crackers and another yogurt cereal bar.

photo 24531965465_d02a1153d8_b
Second.snack service for the flight to.Santiago

During the first segments of the flight, I head to the lavatory where I discovered a clean space and it was also stocked with amenities like plastic cups and hand soap for passengers. Service during the flight was friendly and fast so that the flight managed to be on-time for arrival. In fact we even arrived earlier than scheduled. With the quick baggage claim and another Uber ride, I was able to head for a nice sleep for the night after my adventure in Patagonia marked a new high for my Chilean vacation.

photo 24167964339_7ef6028c58_b
Amenities inside the lavatory

The return flight onboard LAN once again showed a level of professionalism for the airline and really showed good value. The ability to pick seats, get complimentary checked luggage with free onboard beverages and snacks made me realize why there is not much room for budget airlines in Chile especially with the competitive and good value fares that LAN has. I would even say my experience flying LAN domestically made me confident of flying with them internationally in the future.

Some photos from my trip to Torres del Paine:

photo 24552646136_c43e7cf5a3_b
Beautiful clouds formation

photo 24211085109_00884cc422_b
At Lago Sarmiento

photo 24211088839_e885ece055_b
Rhea with the Cordillera del Paine as the backdrop

photo 24232971789_72bacd3029_b
Rio Paine

photo 24574593096_69c9084822_b
Bridge to the wild side

photo 24574596316_582245ef03_b
Guanaco at the park

photo 24285278150_df016a8243_b
Cordillera Paine by Laguna Larga

photo 23952657684_3e39102ab8_b
How small we are

photo 23952671024_70cb21b855_b
Greenish blue waters of Lago Pehoé

photo 24236924009_b352abc228_b
Panorama of the Torres

photo 24522455801_0d1dcb2e63_b
Sheep grazing in the morning

photo 24309181520_85d27b5f30_b
Muddy X-Trail at the end of the trip

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    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 982 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! This was a nicely written report, with interesting information and very beautiful pictures. I live in Chile but I have never visited the towers. Aren't they overrated?

    One thing definitely called my attention: the cheese and basil grissini!!! I usually fly LAN within Chile, but they will always give me just a lousy cookie for snack!! I'm going to complain. The world will hear about me!!!! =)

    • Comment 335965 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      I think the Towers are really magnificent, though my visit to Patagonia was not just to see the Towers but also to experience the wilderness of the area.

      And for some reason, I actually was able to had that cheese and basil grissini a couple of times onboard LAN. Maybe I was just lucky!

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