Review of China Eastern flight Tokyo Shanghai in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU272
Class Economy
Seat 38J
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 01 Jan 16, 10:55
Arrival at 01 Jan 16, 13:20
MU 173 reviews
By 2345
Published on 25th February 2016
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End of yet another wonderful trip to Japan. Third trip here yet I feel I will never have enough. it's simply the best mix of past and present you can find on this planet.

China Eastern Airlines
MU 272
Narita International Airport (NRT) - Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
B-2290 in Shanghai World Expo 2010 livery
Economy Class
Gate 87

Happy new year from Narita Airport! Early morning passengers are treated to a cup of sake being given out by the airport staff in traditional attire. A small gesture but a wonderful one. I was also given a plastic bag to take the wooden cup home.
photo IMG_5016

A shot of the departure hall. Seemed nice and quiet with the morning passenger movement.
photo IMG_5017

China Eastern can be found at Row C.
photo IMG_5019

A shot of the plain boarding pass. Homeward bound!
photo IMG_5021

FIDS past immigration.
photo IMG_5023

My family were shopping at the Uniqlo outside the departure hall so long, we nearly missed our flight. So I don't have many shots of the terminal as we were running to the gate.

A rest area in the departure hall past immigration.
photo IMG_5025

Safe! Boarding passes checked and we make our way down to the aerobridge.
photo IMG_5026

Hi there~
photo IMG_5027

Business class cabin.
photo IMG_5028

As luck would have it, we have a free seat between my mum and myself.
photo IMG_5029

A POV of the seat. No IFE on this short flight but the seat was comfortable.
photo IMG_5030

A look down the tiny cabin which incidentally was warm. I think that's a trend in China Eastern's planes. Not a fan.
photo IMG_5031

Reading materials aboard this flight.
photo IMG_5032

Looking outside. Nice sunshine on new year's day.
photo IMG_5033

The overhead screens descend to show the safety video as pushback commences.
photo IMG_5034

The ground staff at Narita are amazing. Instead of just walking away after push-back, they line up and wave the aircraft off. All the little gestures which make Japan so enjoyable.

And off we go!
photo IMG_5035

Made a quick trip to the toilet after takeoff. Of the three toilets available, the first one I went was clogged up with poo. Unlucky. No pictures on that. Instead, let's look at a clean toilet.
photo IMG_5037

Heading back to my seat and meal service has began. Wondering how I'll be able to squeeze through.
photo IMG_5038

Meal from Narita, served in a nice box.
photo IMG_5039

The starters and dessert. Soba, some sushi and a dorayaki.
photo IMG_5040

Together with my main, beef teriyaki and rice.
photo IMG_5042

Took a Tsingdao to accompany my meal.
photo IMG_5043

This was truly one of the best meals I've had on a plane. It was well-prepared and delicious and the presentation was excellent. Catering from Narita is fantastic.

My mum picked the other option, Ebi chili. It didn't taste as good as the beef option but still pretty good.
photo IMG_5044

Time to kick back and relax after the meal.
photo IMG_5047

Quiet cabin…
photo IMG_5048

A day-time view as we start descent.
photo IMG_5050

Disembarkation begins. Halfway home!
photo IMG_5053

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China Eastern

Cabin crew6.0

Tokyo - NRT


Shanghai - PVG



Overall a decent flight with one of the best meals in Economy class. Seats are comfortable and lack of personal IFE is not much of a problem on this short flight.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est ANA avec 7.9/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 25 minutes.

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  • Comment 158635 by
    marathon GOLD 10161 Comments
    I won't disagree on your opening statement about Japan :)
    I prefer a cabin which is too warm to one which is too cold. In the first case, you can remove a layer of clothing (assuming you have at least two ^^), in the other, the blanket that you may receive will never be good enough.
    The ground staff always wave at a departing plane in Japan, and in Taiwan too (Taiwan was a Japanese colony before WWII). I too like this.
    The Japanese meal option seemed much better than the Chinese one.
    I have never seen such a can holder. Great for a can, but if you chose water (in a paper / plastic cup) ?
    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 335515 by
      FiamaArin AUTHOR 71 Comments
      Hi, thanks for dropping by!

      It was definitely too warm as I was only in a T-shirt and Jeans and I was still feeling too warm. Maybe it's being Singaporean where I appreciate being cold better~

      The Japanese box set was standard, only the main was offered as a choice.

      The cup holder isn't too useful if the cup is short as the hole is big and it will fall out. I guess it was designed specifically for cans.
  • Comment 158646 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1001 Comments
    Hello! The cattering was fantastic! Far better than many business class meals I have seen in other FRs around here! Was the ticket more expensive than the average for economy?

    I pray other airlines won't follow that trend of making cabins warmer! I stopped travelling by bus within my country altogether and prefer to fly because the temperature inside the buses is always suffocating and that makes me ill. I even had an argument with a driver once because of that!

    Thanks for sharing! =)

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