Review of Finnair flight Dublin Helsinki in Economy

Airline Finnair
Flight AY930
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 19 Jan 16, 09:50
Arrival at 19 Jan 16, 14:10
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Published on 1st March 2016
Helsinki. The capital of Finland. Many people are familiar with Sweden and Norway and Denmark. The Scandinavian region, but not many people are familiar with Finland. I was one of them until I started to work on behalf of Finnair in Dublin. Finnair Oneworld is the national airline of Finland. They operate A320 family and A330/340 and recently the A350. Also the Embraer E170/190. After Working on Finnair for few months, i just wanted to visit the country as the Finnish people were soo lovely and friendly, and was dying to try the E190 as i entered it many times and looked soo spacious like a private jet. I've went ahead and booked my trip to Helsinki, to try Finnair, to visit Helsinki airport as i got trained about it and to explore the capital of Finland.

photo DSC_0173_1

Funny enough. The picture above was taken by me exactly 3 months before I decided to book my trip with Finnair. Working on the OH-LKL, and then she decided to show up in January.

On January the 19th. I woke up in disbelief, Usually I be getting up getting ready to go to work. But that day I was like any other passenger and not as an agent.
As I worked on the flights dozens of time, i came in exactly on time just to collect my boarding pass and head straight to the gate. My work colleagues were in shock and couldn't believe i was going to fly with Finnair to Helsinki, They taught it was a joke. But there i was on the manifest lol !. The flight was delayed from Helsinki due the weather and i went to grab a coffee and wait until the arrival of the aircraft as i knew, i would be boarding before everyone else :D lol. the advantages of working in the airport haha.

photo DSC_0001

Once the aircraft arrived, I went to the gate. My work colleges were there getting the flight ready and doing the paper work and found out that the flight is only half full. Bingo had an extra seat by my self…. and almost the rest of the pax.
Before Boarding was announced, my work colleges wished me the best of luck and told me to enjoy my trip. They know how crazy I'm about aviations, it was all a great humour which added to my excitement of finally flying Finnair and the Embraer E190.

Airline: Finnair Oneworld (Operated by Norra)
Aircraft type: Embraer E190-100LR
Regs: OH-LKL
Flight num: AY930
Seat num: 3F, later 25F

I will now let the pictures speak by them self.

photo DSC_0003photo IMG_1768photo IMG_1778

Once I entered the aircraft, I was greeted by two senior smartly dressed cabin crew. one male and two females. The aircraft felt as usual very spacious and the cabin was clean. I was seating at row 3F, just behind the business class. The Curtain divider was annoying, and the window was missed placed, which later forced me to move at the very back which was much better and calmer.

The seat was very spacious, after boarding was completed, the captain came on the mic apologising for the delay and the reason why and told us we will be landing bit earlier the usual tho, because of the wind. Man the E190 felt like a fighter jet, was flying soo fast it was incredible. I really loved the E190, and was very impressed of how fast, elegant and comfortable the jet was. Give me E190 to fly on any day then the B737 or A320. It was a big pleasure being on it and flying on Finnair.

Once we reached our cruising altitude at FLT410. The Lonely Flight attendant at the back began the drink services, i was very disappointed that Finnair didnt provide any warm or cold dish or even a sandwich on a 3hrs flight. On that length of Flight with a star alliance partner like Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines, They will provide a yummy warm dish. They had a BOB service with a very limited selection of sandwiches which were very very madly expensive. On the bright side, they offer you unlimited drinks of water and coffee and a yummy blue berry juice, which i think many airlines should offer. The Legacy and national carriers, for example Aer Lingus offer you notting, but the have a good selections of sandwiches and drinks but the should still have the complimentary drinks or even water for god sake. Anyway back to Finnair, I was like a happy kid, enjoying the ride on the E190 !

Every happy and good moment has an end sadly, we started our decent towards Finland. It was the most sceneric and wonderful approach ive experienced. It was sunset, very blue sky with orange sun. suddenly it turned all white and everything was covered in snow. I knew it was gonna be very very super cold. The captain told us it is -20 here in Helsinki and i was like you wut mate lol! mad cold

After the Wonderful view, we landed at Helsinki Vantaa Intl Airport. Was hoping we arrive at the airbridge because was scared of the cold lol. but we had a remote stand. It was quite a unique experience exiting the aircraft in this conditions, but it seemed very noraml for the Finnish and everything was functional without any hiccups or delays ! impressive. I swear if it snows in Dublin, it will be a chaos, and the country will go back 20 years lol.

There i was, inside the terminal 2, I was landside in less ten 10 mins. A very efficient and friendly airport !

Ill be writing a return trip soon. It will be on the main line of Finnair on there A320-200, from HEL-LHR. Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram Zuluriaz for more updates on my trips.

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Cabin crew8.0

Dublin - DUB


Helsinki - HEL



It was great flying on Finnair Embraer E190 ! it was much better and more comfortable then there A320, I would Defiantly recommend finnair as they are great airline, super friendly and attentive crew, but they could do better with meals. I'am hoping to try them on there long haul flights in the near future hopefully. I will write about my trip back HEL-LHR-DUB with both Finnair and Aer Lingus,
dont forget to follow me on Instagram Zuluriaz. I hope you enjoyed my trip report. Until next time :)



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  • Comment 158756 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10219 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report. I really like this aircraft that provides a good comfort despite its small size. The 2 X2 layout is really great.
    I agree with you that not even a sandwich on a 3 hours flight is very disappointing.
    Luckily the crew wsa great and made up for this lack of meal.
    I thinks that you experience on a long haul flight will be much better in terms of meal service. Hope you 'll get the brand new Airbus A350 !
  • Comment 158763 by
    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    It was interesting to read your experience of a semi-airline staff traveler, if you accept this expression of mine :)
    I agree with you that the 2+2 layout of the E-190 is much more pleasant than the 3+3 of the larger A32x.
    Thanks for sharing !
    PS : your pictures are only 640 pixel wide - they should be 1024 pixels wide for optimum use of the page.
    • Comment 335689 by
      Zuluek161 AUTHOR 11 Comments
      Your very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it ! Yeah I noticed the pics were rather small.... Just had some issue with my pc as the picture were very high resolution from both my Sony Z1 and iphone6. I would accept the expression hahaha. The 2x2 is simply the best in my opinion
  • Comment 159162 by
    Tonser 1 Comments
    Nice report, will be on this flight soon, with a connection on to Bangkok with Finnair AY089. Do you remember the gate you arrived at in Helsinki? Cheers
    • Comment 336190 by
      Zuluek161 AUTHOR 11 Comments
      Thank you very much, lovely you will enjoy it very much !when we landed it was a remote gate soo the bus took us to the terminal.... YOU wont get lost I promise it's a very smooth process airport ! Enjoy it and hopefully you will write a trip report. Bon voyage

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