Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bordeaux Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1390
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 11 Jul 15, 14:25
Arrival at 11 Jul 15, 18:55
TK   #11 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 544 reviews
By 1450
Published on 2nd March 2016
Hello and welcome to my very first Flight Report!

I have spent months reading all your great FRs, it is now time to write mine! I have tried to write this FR three times, but there has been some technical problems. Now everything's fixed (thanks Flavien!).

Allow me to take you back in time, in July 2015. I had to join some friends in Singapore. There were a few options:
-> Air France from Bordeaux to Singapore with a stop in Paris CDG,
-> KLM with a stop in Amsterdam,
-> British Airways from Bordeaux to London Gatwick and from London Heathrow to Singapore.
These three options had pros and cons. Traveling with Air France or KLM would have allowed me to gain some Flying Blue miles, and I could have tried the new Air France's Best & Beyond economy class. However, those two airlines were a bit expensive. So I turned to British Airways, which had the cheapest fare, but the problem with BA is that it does not fly to Heathrow from Bordeaux, and I would have had to buy a shuttle ticket. Besides, I would have had to spend a whole day in London: I would have needed to take the morning flight from Bordeaux to catch the flights to Singapore, which all leave in the evening. Same thing for the return trip.

This is how I turned to Turkish Airlines. At the time of the flight, TK had just passed from three flights a week to a daily flight, and upgraded the usual Boeing 737-800 (or Airbus A321) to a larger Boeing 737-900ER. And they had almost the same fare than BA.

On July 11th 2015, I went to Bordeaux Mérignac airport. The airport wasn't that busy despite the holidays. Immigration was passed very quickly and I went to the boarding gate.

photo 20150711_140538 - Copie - Copie

Terminal A isn't very spotter-friendly unfortunately. This is a KLM CityHopper Embraer 190 getting ready for its flight back to Amsterdam.

photo 20150711_140527 - Copie - Copie

Today's plane: TC-JYM, delivered in early April 2015. It was also the first day that a Boeing 737-900ER was used.

photo 20150711_140517 - Copie - Copie

My boarding pass is ready and so am I! ^.^

photo 20150711_140922 - Copie - Copie

Boarding was called at 2.10, just 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. As I was in the first group, I was among the first passengers to board.

photo 20150711_141944 - Copie - Copie

The interior of the Boeing, which features Boeing's Sky Interior.

photo 20150711_142422 - Copie - Copie

The legroom was sufficient enough. That said, I am quite tall, so I never really lack of space!

photo 20150711_142431 - Copie - Copie

While passengers were still boarding, a FlyBe Dash 8 Q400 taxied to parking after its flight from Southampton, UK.

photo 20150711_143551 - Copie - Copiephoto 20150711_143700 - Copie - Copie

The IFE, which every passenger can use from gate to gate.

photo 20150711_142427 - Copie - Copie

"Cabin crew, boarding complete!". This is great news for me, the middle seat is empty! Before pushing back, safety demonstrations were played on the IFEs. One of the ads had a Lana Del Rey song as a background music, it is called Brooklyn Baby and I like it a lot. If you have some time to loose, I suggest you listen to this song. ^.^

photo 20150711_144021 - Copie - Copie

We pushed back at 2.45PM, 20 minutes behind of schedule.

photo 20150711_144605 - Copie - Copie

We taxied to runway 29, which is Bordeaux's shortest runway.

We lined up, the engines roared, and we took off.

photo 20150711_145634 - Copie - Copiephoto 20150711_145730 - Copie - Copie

These are the earphones given during boarding. They were good.

photo 20150711_145849 - Copie - Copie

After take off, some Turkish delicacies were given to passengers, along with the menus.

Around 50 minutes after take off, the FAs started the meal service. They were very nice, polite, and smiling. What else could one ask for? Also, everything was tasteful.

The cutlery is iron-made.

photo 20150711_155159 - Copie - Copie

The infamous signature shot!

photo 20150711_155808 - Copie - Copie

A picture of the magnificent winglet.

photo 20150711_160526 - Copie - Copie

Trays are taken back as we leave Italy and fly over the Adriatic Sea.

Before entering Croatia, the FAs went back in the cabin for another drink service. I took a coffee with milk, witch tasted nice.

photo 20150711_164725 - Copie

As there still were more than two hours before reaching Istanbul, I listened to some music.

photo 20150711_150512 - Copie - Copiephoto 20150711_150852 - Copie - Copie

Some more shots of the landscape. We flew over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria. We also flew over Sofia's airport.

Before we started descent, I checked the toilets. They were quite clean.

photo 20150711_164937 - Copie

It is interesting to notice that the Fasten seat belts sign was turned on during the whole flight. Anybody knows if it is a new safety measure?

photo 20150711_165013 - Copie

We started descent over the Black Sea.

We lined up and got closer to the sea. I must say it was very impressive!

We touched down at 7.01PM Turkish time, a few minutes behind schedule.

After vacating the runway, we stopped nearby the runway for almost ten minutes without any explanations.

photo 20150711_180231 - Copie

Eventually, we started taxiing again, but we stopped another time, right next to an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, ready to fly back to Dubai.

photo 20150711_180737 - Copiephoto 20150711_181643 - Copie

Finally, our gate was available, and we parked.

This Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER is my last shot.

photo 20150711_181924 - Copie

And this concludes my first FR! Thank you for reading, I hope I didn't make that much mistakes (I am French) and that the FR is complete enough. I hope to see you soon for the continuation of this trip to Singapore! ^.^
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Bordeaux - BOD


Istanbul - ISX



Turkish Airlines has an impressive Economy class, this may explain why TK has risen those last years. The plane was very new, the seat was comfortable and the middle seat was empty, the food was tasty and the IFE had a very big choice of music and movies. The only flaw was the punctuality, although it did not affect my connecting flight.

Information on the route Bordeaux (BOD) Istanbul (ISX)


  • Comment 158913 by
    marathon GOLD 9266 Comments

    The fasten seat belts sign is often continuously lit on board Chinese planes too, and I do not know why. This seems to defeat the purpose of this sign.

    The catering is very convincing for a flight of that duration

    You did well to keep trying posting your report; this is a very good first FR. Thanks and welcome among the contributors !

    • Comment 335807 by
      SINner AUTHOR 29 Comments


      Thank you very much for your comment! ^.^
      Indeed a very good catering for medium-haul flight.
      I knew about the Chinese airlines keeping the Fasten seat belts signs all flight long. For the rest of my trip, the sign was turned off after reaching the cruising altitude. Maybe just a mistake from the FAs?

      See you very soon for the continuation of this trip! ^.^

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