Review of Azul flight Salvador Recife in Economy

Airline Azul
Flight AD5256
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 17 Mar 16, 11:25
Arrival at 17 Mar 16, 12:35
AD 41 reviews
Published on 23rd March 2016
Here's my first flight-report site. My first flight by Azul Brazilian Airlines. I was very pleased with the service offered by Azul, and with the friendliness of the crew.

I Reached at the airport in Salvador, around 7:30 am, about 3 hours before departure because I wanted to take some pictures of the aircrafts. The check-in was done on the internet before leaving home, and at the airport, the order of the luggage was very fast. The Azul worked very fast in all its services in flight. After dispatching the case with the well simpatic receptionist, and get my boarding pass, I was photographing aircraft, and eat at the airport food court. The Salvador airport, is a very beautiful and organized airport, has everything you need. The shipment was started within the prescribed schedule. And the flight took off on schedule. The flight only landed 10 minutes after the expected schedule due to nescessarios deviations near the Recife. But for me, I found the Azul, the best company to fly in Brazil. The E190 / 195 are wonderful, and the lip service of the Azul, and his crew are impeccable. Well, now stay with the photos, and the flight report. Thank you all for following this flight-report. Hug to everyone.


Spotting. The Salvador airport , is a great place for spotters.

photo SAM_2504

The Apron of the savior airport is large and beautiful, supports from light aircraft to aircraft Heavy.

photo SAM_2506

Boarding Pass. The boarding process was started within the prescribed schedule

photo 12476522_1000063350079402_2120991748_n

The aircraft, the PR-AXE, stopping at the gate for boarding.

photo SAM_2513

Inside the aircraft. 20A seat. It's a nice seat on it you can see the wing movements, and also the landscape.

photo SAM_2514

The interior of the AZUL, it is quite beautiful, and cozy.

photo SAM_2515

The flight map of AZUL, is very interesting, interactive, and easy to use.

photo SAM_2518

Below, the video of the takeoff, even with the crowded aircraft, the takeoff is very smooth in Embraer's
Watch in FULL HD or HD.

photo SAM_2521

After takeoff, climbing to cruise level.

photo SAM_2525

After passing FL100 (10,000feet). The crew begins the lip service.

photo SAM_2530

The AZUL board service. For me, the best in-flight service in Brazil. (Was missing some other appetizers served on flights of Azul, but had plenty of alternatives.)

photo SAM_2542

At cruising altitude. FL350 (35.000feet). / GS:439

photo SAM_2552

Start descent procedure to RECIFE Airport

photo SAM_2560

Some heavy clouds near the Recife, it was necessary detour.

photo SAM_2565

Inside a cloud, with little turbulence. The turbulences are gentler on the E190 / 195

photo SAM_2567

Making the necessary detours. From what I saw on the flight map, we arrived near Joao Pessoa, avoiding the formations, and then came back and intercepted the ILS 18.

photo SAM_2572photo SAM_2573

Intercepting the ILS RWY18

photo SAM_2579

The video of the landing. Watch in HD or Full HD for better viewing. enjoy

After land, Vacating the Runway. Focus the A321 of TAM Airlines boarding.

photo SAM_2585

The gol traffic, vacating the Runway, after your landing. The Boeing 737-700, of Gol, with your new livery.

photo SAM_2590photo SAM_2589

Thank you for viewing this more flight report, and hopefully soon, do others like this to you.

Now in April start, post a Flight report my flying by Avianca Brasil.

By: Matheus Cajaiba - SBSV/SSA

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Salvador - SSA


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