Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha New Delhi in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR574
Class Business
Seat 5K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 27 Feb 16, 01:30
Arrival at 27 Feb 16, 07:25
QR   #7 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 522 reviews
By GOLD 4925
Published on 10th March 2016
Hello Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by this review, the fifth installment of my American AAdvantage miles purge. My apologies for the delay in posting this installment.

It has been clear for several years that the American Airlines Advantage frequent flyer program was out of sync with the other major US carriers. It has remained very generous on the redemption side while the others have had significant devaluations. Smart money was on a correction coming sooner before later. It was with this in mind that I decided to structure a grand adventure and cut deeply into my AAdvantage miles inventory.

The final tally was SNA-PHX-LHR-CDG for 62,500 AA miles, CDG-DOH-DEL for 40,000 AA miles, and DEL-AUH-JFK-LAX for 90,000 AA miles.So 192,500 AA miles lighter, I was off.

The reports will be broken down as follows:

Admirals Club SNA and American Airlines SNA-PHX (A320) (First)
The Club PHX and British Airways PHX-LHR (747) (First)
Concord Room LHR and British Airways LHR-CDG (A319) (Business)
Salon Lounge CDG and Qatar Airways CDG-DOH (A380) (First)
Al Safwa First Class Lounge DOH and QR DOH-DEL (787) (Business) (This Report)
Plaza Premium Lounge DEL, EY DEL-AUH (77L) (First), and EY Arrivals Lounge AUH
Etihad Airways Premium Lounge AUH, EY US Lounge AUH, and EY AUH-JFK (A380) (First)
American Airlines "Flagship" Lounge JFK and AA JFK-LAX (A321) (First)

Upon alighting the A380 from Paris I was met just inside the terminal by a smiling face with my name written on a sign. Well, this is nice, some proper first class ground service. The woman assigned to escort me was very friendly and was aware of my connecting flight time and gate info. She walked with me to security where there was no wait and then she rode up one floor in the elevator and stayed with me through the admittance to the Al Safwa lounge. We chatted about the lounge and she mentioned that she has had guests fly here just to visit the lounge. Imagine that ;)I was offered a tour but declined as I was keen to look around myself and not explain to a guide why I HAVE TO take 100 pictures!

I am overwhelmed with adjectives when describing this facility. Stunning, immense, immaculate, and absurd all come to mind. It's actually quite difficult to present in a flight report as it's difficult to appreciate the scale in pictures. The 15 meter high ceilings and 30 meter wide walls of water don't translate to 1000 pixel width photos. My time here was somewhat limited and I don't think that I even visited all of the various sections of the lounge.

The main hall with water feature.

photo 20160226_213801photo 20160226_213940photo 20160226_214235

More water falling from the sky. It's the desert after all.

photo 20160226_214321

The seating areas are all decentralized and diverse.

The signs specifying the various sections of the lounge.

photo 20160226_214221photo 20160226_214332

I was very impressed by the "family wing" of the lounge.

photo 20160226_214901photo 20160226_214906photo 20160226_214913

The food in this section was all sweets, which was curious.

photo 20160226_214355photo 20160226_214359photo 20160226_214444

Room after room of play areas and games. With not a single child in sight.

The family area also had 5 or 6 "private" rooms with couches, chairs and television.

photo 20160226_214614

There's a media (cinema) room of course.

photo 20160226_215850photo 20160226_215911

The main all that runs the length of the lounge. On one end a connecting passenger would enter the lounge and at the opposite end a local originating passenger would enter.

photo 20160226_215716photo 20160226_215641

Prominently featured in the main "hub" of the lounge is the dining room. As a serious flight reporter I of course overcome my lack of hunger and sit down to sample a few dishes. I was greeted immediately, shown to a table, and presented a menu.

While the Krug wasn't displayed with the other champagne varieties on the bar I requested it and it was delivered.

photo 20160226_220806

From the menu I requested the Beef Sambusak and the Thai Red Seafood Curry. Neither dish was especially good. The Sambusak seemed like something you could get in the frozen section of your grocery.

photo 20160226_221213photo 20160226_222301(0)

I wandered around the dining facility to find a small buffet table.

photo 20160226_222924photo 20160226_222939

The Bar.

photo 20160226_223200photo 20160226_223222

A peek into the kitchen.

photo 20160226_223059

I also used the business center for a time.

I used the loo, of course.

photo 20160226_220132(0)photo 20160226_225047photo 20160226_214652

Quite tired at this point, but wanting to stay awake a bit on the next flight I stopped at the bar for an espresso and water.

photo 20160226_223406

Finally it was time to go tot he gate. The Qatar ground services didn't include an escort (for me) at this point.

A final look at this most stunning facility.

The 10 minute (leisurely paced) journey to gate C13.

Boarding was well underway (last call) and I walked directly aboard a well appointed Dreamliner.

I was shown to seat 5K and immediately offered a beverage and a towel.

photo 20160226_231801

The seat is well designed with easy controls and nice storage options. An amenity kit of sorts was delivered as well.

The IFE screen is ample in size with great resolution.

photo 20160226_234100photo 20160226_234129

The entry area was nice to have as a space to stretch your legs.

photo 20160227_000833

The lavs, located aft of all J seats except two oddly placed seats at the rear of the cabin, were standard.

photo 20160227_001045photo 20160227_001128

A somewhat limited menu for this 3.5 hour flight leaving at 1:30. I neglected to photograph the entire wine list.

After take off I requested the rose and it was served with warm cashews and pistachios.

photo 20160227_002032photo 20160227_002100

The table was set from a trolley for those who were dinging.

First I requested the wild mushroom soup. It was delicious, creamy, and well presented.

photo 20160227_005025photo 20160227_005041

I ordered the classic Arabic mezze next. Wonderful fresh flavors as always.

photo 20160227_010254

I also requested the hammour tikka. It was a perfect small portion to taste. The fish was very tender and well spiced. I enjoyed it.

photo 20160227_011555

Finally the Laduree Tentation, sensational.

photo 20160227_012516

I managed a two hour power nap after the meal. It was sunrise on approach to DEL.

I asked the exceptional flight attendant if she had any playing cards or other promotional items with the airline name. She said they hadn't any but offered me the pen she was carrying. I thought that was very thoughtful.

photo 20160227_022259

Short final now and it becomes apparent that the air quality in the area is not pristine.

photo 20160227_024614(0)

Bhutan Airlines, new one for me.
photo 20160227_025247

We parked next to a sister QR 787-8.

photo 20160227_025441

I was among the first to the immigration area and I proceeded tot he eVisa section. There was only one passenger being helped ahead of me. Despite this it was a long wait. The man processing the entry was gruff and very slow. Oh well.

photo 20160227_030155photo 20160227_030158photo 20160227_030515
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge


Doha - DOH


New Delhi - DEL



That wraps up my first trip to the Al Safwa Lounge and my first ride in J with QR.

The Ground Service: I was surprised and pleased to be met plane side in DOH from the CDG flight. The is really style over function as the trip through security and to the lounge is logical and painless. None the less though, it's a nice touch. It makes me wonder why they don't continue it on your outbound.

The Lounge: I was blown away by the grandness of the space and the design. It is a beautiful lounge. The service in the dining area was efficient and attentive and the food was average or better. The wine was exceptional. On the whole it's a very good lounge.

The Cabin: The entry way feature on the 787 (and A350) is pretty cool looking. Boarding to a stylish space rather than a galley is unique. The seat was very comfortable in all positions. The IFE screen is ample and the interface works well with good selection. The bed is firm but a nice pillow and blanket are provided for this 3.5 hour red eye flight.

The Crew: The main Flight Attendant taking care of my side was quite competent and professional. Personality and warmth were also present in contrast to the previous QR flight. She was Indian but must have done some schooling in the UK as she had a distinct British accent.

The Food and Beverage: I enjoyed the soup and two appetizers. The cake was divine. The wine was J class appropriate.

Overall: It's really good J product. By and large I was very pleased with all aspects of my time on board.

Thanks for reading and happy flying.

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