Review of Sky work Airlines flight Vienna Bern in Economy

Airline Sky work Airlines
Flight SX601
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Dornier 328-100
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 25 Mar 16, 11:45
Arrival at 25 Mar 16, 13:25
SX 9 reviews
Published on 26th March 2016
my Flight-Report:
photo HB-AEO
The Boarding of the Flight SkyWork Airlines SX601, Dornier 328-110 [HB-AEO]. The flight was ontime so we boarded very early! Our Flighttime was about 1h 30min. This wasn't my first flight with a Dornier 328-110. I flew already from Innsbruck to Paris with Welcome Air.
photo 001
…my seat was 3A, i really like this view to and over the engine.
photo 002
…Taxi to the runway, at Vienna International Airport [LOWW/VIE]
photo 003
…Takeoff, I think the best moment of each flight! I love that awesome sound of those powerfull engines!
photo 004
…beautiful weather, under the clouds it was raining! We flew at 22,000ft and about 380kts fast
photo 005
…cabin view, the seats are very comfortable, there was also anough legroom for me!
photo 006
…a special Cabin few :-D
photo 007
…the safety-card of this 21 year old Dornier 328-110
photo 008
…the Catering, I chose a Crousaint, a glass of Water and a glass of Orange juice…
photo 010
…the cabin was very clean and modern!
photo 011

photo 012
…circling approach to Bern Airport, my favourite approach:-)
photo 013
…final Approach, a bit windy but that's quite normal, I think?
photo 014
…taxi into parkingposition, we had Y2!
photo 015
…engine shut down, i hate this moment of the flight, because you know that you are at your destination :-(, Bern-Belp Airport is the smallest Airport i have ever been, the Terminal is so SMALL!!!
photo 016
…my plane tookoff to Berlin (TXL)
photo 017
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed my first Flight-Report :-D
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Sky work Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Vienna - VIE


Bern - BRN



I flew with SkyWork Airlines SX601 Dornier 328-110 from Vienna [LOWW/VIE] to Bern [LSZB/BRN]. Our schedule flighttime was 1h 30min but we flew only 1h and 10min! The flight was on-time and the crew was very friendly! I love it to borrow me a I-Pad for free but i was so Interested in the Plane that I didn't asked for one ;-). My plane was HB-AEO, which was built in 1995.



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  • Comment 160477 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD 13761 Comments


    Thank you for sharing, however video reports are not in line with what can be considered as Flight Report.

    Quoting FR FAQ:

    This page contains text relating the flight experience in chronological order (check-in, security/passport control, waiting time, boarding, onboard comfort and service, arrival, etc.); it is illustrated with relevant photos and may contain videos.

    Pictures and text are missing.

  • Comment 160478 by
    marathon GOLD 9802 Comments

    I would not want all the reports on this website to be the same, but the super-wide angle lens gives an interestingly unique view.
    I usually never watch videos, and this time I did, and was rewarded with the Eva Air A330 taxiing in the background, shortly after you boarded.
    The sequence of the ground crew's operation before the plane departed towards TXL is interesting; were you in the terminal at that time ?
    The narrative is exceedingly terse, I would expect a more comments, for instance on the seat comfort and the experience on the ground in both airports.
    It is nevertheless an interesting picture adaptation of a video.
    Thanks for sharing and welcome among the contributors !

  • Comment 160482 by
    Pilpintu 757 Comments

    They provide passengers with iPads!!! :O

  • Comment 160509 by
    KL651 TEAM 4514 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I'd love to try their route to CDG but the fares I've seen were really expensive. Guess if ou want to fly a Dornier you gotta pay a premium.

    Didn't know they flew INN-CDG, I thought it was dropped a long time ago after VO was merged into OS.

  • Comment 160546 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report aboard both an exotic carrier and aircraft!

    A very light load on this flight, mainly used for business travel? Looks like good service aboard as one should expect from a full-service carrier. Very nice photos and welcome to the site!

  • Comment 160556 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thanks for a great FR!

    I flew with Skyworks twice a few years ago (unfortunatly before I found this website). I think they offer a very good product.


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