Review of JetBlue Airways flight Chicago New York in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 906
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:04
Take-off 07 Dec 15, 10:55
Arrival at 07 Dec 15, 13:59
B6   #21 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 60 reviews
By 2613
Published on 9th February 2016
This was my first time in Chicago during winter and it was like I expected it to be: cold and windy. The air seemed to be pretty fresh compared to New York where a lot of pollution is.


As the ride with the CTA "Blue line" to the city worked so well, I used it for the return trip to the airport too. The price for a single ride ticket, like I had, is $3. Except when departing from O'Hare where it is $5.

photo DSC01671

The subway ride takes about 40 minutes and terminates in the clean and modern station of O'Hare Airport.

photo DSC01672

For my JetBlue (B6) flight I had to find my way to Terminal 3.

photo DSC01673

The Christmas baubles prove that this flight took place back in December.

photo DSC01674

The check-in area is shared between many airlines which do not need much space.

photo DSC01675

The JetBlue area with its creative decorated check-in kiosks.

photo DSC01678

I already checked-in online, but did not have a printer available, so I printed my boarding pass at one of the machines.

photo DSC01677photo 906

The next step was the security check with almost no queue, so again no need to purchase "Even More Speed".

photo DSC01680

The first glimpse of the apron on that very foggy day.

photo DSC01682

As always ORD has some kind of nice decoration to offer. This time it was a sentimental Christmas theme.

photo DSC01686

One of the most important things for travellers: Connectivity. At Chicago O'Hare Airport you are offered 30 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi.

photo DSC01689

After some time discovering the terminal I realized it already was boarding time. I rushed to my gate "L5".

photo DSC01690

The aircraft was an Airbus A320-232 with the registration N643JB. In 2006 it entered service and since then it is part of the JetBlue Airways fleet. It is configured with 150 Y-seats.

photo 30262_1450492194

Upon entering the Airbus this sticker attracted my full attention. The Embraer on my flight to Chicago has not been equipped with it.

photo DSC01691

Being excited if Fly-Fi would work on that flight, I tried to connect my phone as soon as I got in my seat.

photo DSC01692

By the way: The seats in JetBlue's A320s have an outstanding 34" pitch, but are a bit narrower than in the Embraers. Again I stored my luggage and coat under the front seat. The flight was fully booked.

photo DSC01693

Spirit Airlines A320

photo DSC01695

Being number 8 in line for runway 32L.

photo DSC01700

Diving through the thick clouds…

photo DSC01701

…to meet the sun!

photo DSC01704

Cabin view

photo DSC01711

Soon Fly-Fi came online. I was amazed! The first time texting and sending snaps via Whatsapp inflight. On the other hand, people enjoying the seclusion above the clouds won't like this new trend.
But first you need to register, JetBlue promises that your data will be handled confidential.

photo DSC01715

With this innovational technology available, I did not even use the inflight-screen a single time.

photo DSC01718

After the seatbelt-signs turned off the cabin service began. I ordered the same than on my flight to ORD. Two cans of apple juice…

photo DSC01716

…and a pack of Skeeters. This time I also tried JetBlue's famous blue "Terra Chips"

photo DSC01724photo DSC01726

I was a bit disappointed that there were no wet wipes handed out. Somewhere in my bag I found some from an earlier flight I took.

photo DSC01731

For those who are interested: The saftety card

photo DSC01732photo DSC01735

Fly-Fi offered me some enhanced flight information, what I found just awesome.

photo DSC01737

Flying over Queens during approach. JFK can be seen in the background.

photo DSC01739photo DSC01742

Exiting runway 31R

photo DSC01750

Terminal 5 is a very modern, bright building with not too long ways to walk.

photo DSC01760

That's a huge Amazon package!

photo DSC01761

Even though the airport is very busy, I could grab my suitcase just after a few minutes.

photo DSC01762

A final overview of the departures level before heading to the AirTrain.

photo DSC01763photo DSC01764

The old TWA Flight Center in front of the later built B6 terminal.

photo DSC01767

For me this screen is totally confusing. Which sense does it make to display exactly the same information in two different ways at the same time?

photo DSC01770

British Airways A318 nonstop-service to London City Airport.

photo DSC01771photo DSC01775photo DSC01776

Riding the AirTrain inside the airports area is free, but if you want to exit (for example at Jamaica station) $5 have to be paid.

photo DSC01778

At Jamaica station I got on a Manhattan-bound Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train.

photo DSC01779photo lirr


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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Chicago - ORD


New York - JFK



I think this was the very first flight on which I've been online. So far for me a unique experience!

#Cabin comfort
It was an awesome experience enjoying a legroom this large in Economy Class.

I don't remember anything negative with the crew. It must have been average.

Free drinks and snacks on shorthaul-flights in Economy Class are always to point out.

There were no newspapers or magazines offered. Also the onboard screens were not that good. But they offered free WiFi on cruising altitude what I really enjoyed.



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  • Comment 160839 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2016 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your return leg on B6^^

    Your photography is excellent and well narrated so very pleasurable reports to read.

    I did not even use the inflight-screen a single time.
    - Is there a moving map that you can access through your personal device? Otherwise, I would definitely be using the IFE to watch that. I agree the quality of the screen is poor on B6, looks like the AZ screens on their Airbus planes.

    I was a bit disappointed that there were no wet wipes handed out.
    - I have only seen this on transcons, never on any other segment with B6.

    Fly-Fi offered me some enhanced flight information, what I found just awesome.
    - I think all of the legacies (AA/DL/UA) offer the same for free based on my experiences this year.

    B6 is a solid product that offers the best seat pitch in Y and the best catering in Y on domestic flights. It's a shame they finally started charging for bags because that was the extra cherry on top.

    Hopefully see more reports soon, thanks!
  • Comment 161215 by
    Jetset AUTHOR 52 Comments
    That's very nice to hear, thank you! Will keep working on it.

    Is there a moving map that you can access through your personal device?
    - Yes. Theoretically you could also visit Flightradar24 or Planefinder to watch your location online. :)

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