Review of EVA Air flight Taipei Hong Kong in Premium Eco

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR871
Class Premium Eco
Seat 21K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 06 May 12, 16:40
Arrival at 06 May 12, 18:20
BR 120 reviews
By GOLD 2386
Published on 30th March 2016
TPE-HKG is for the Taiwanese what CDG-LHR was before the Channel Tunnel. This is high density traffic, with not much to see on the way since most of the flight is above water, and with a cloud cover in HKG which matches the clichés about English weather. Altogether, not the most exciting route, although the service on board shames that on CDG-LHR.

I thought this vintage report was worth adapting in English because:
- for mysterious reasons, I got to travel Premium Economy on that business trip, despite having an Economy ticket.
- to date, there has never been a report on a TPE<>HKG Eva Air flight in Premium Economy posted in English
- there is a plane spotting bonus on the TPE traffic, which unlike that of TSA, requires your own means of transportation and is therefore inaccessible to casual visitors in Taipei
- Jetsetpanda appeared to like my plane-spotting bonus in MAN, posted here

Ideally, I would have flown on one BR’s Hello Kitty jets, advertised here in a travel agency in Taipei, but the schedule of the HK service did not fit my business constraints.

photo P1260286a

I promised you some plane spotting : I took the train the previous week-end to Zhongli, a town which had both a tourist office (and therefore local maps), and a scooter rental agency that could be seen from the station’s exit (in the background, above the hood of the second taxi).

photo P1260698%2520pano%2520a

The white on blue sign was impossible to miss, and better not miss it, because everywhere else around the station, there were scooter parking lots, and in Taiwan, they don’t rent to third parties scooters which have been parked there for the day.

photo P1260697a

All I needed to do then was find the best plane spotting location, by dead reckoning. I did not need to pray for that in this temple, because on a bright weather day in a flat plain, planes on a final descent could be seen from far away.

photo P1260580a

I was very close to BR’s freight facilities, but all I could see of it were tails.

photo P1260681a

I was nearly alone in the strategic location for Runway 5R, except two lovers who did not stay long (OK, I was taking pictures above the horizon level only, but they would rather be alone), and then somebody who parked his car where the lovers were and did not seem very interested in planes.

photo P1260610a

Another more serious spotter came afterwards. See here the water stream with concrete banks which serves the same purpose as the moat of Middle Ages fortresses, and the nets which dissuade the herons from taking off where much large birds take off too. The area around TPE is full of ponds and therefore of herons.

photo P1260657a

It did not matter ; there was space for all, and here are some pictures of my week-end there. It was a very green environment, on the ground and above the ground.

Eva Air MD-90-30, registered B-17923

photo P1260594a

CX B777-300, registered B-HNH

photo P1260599aphoto P1260600a

Since I could not get any closer, it was hard to avoid the foreground of barbed wire, like here with a BR A330.

photo P1260602a

From where I was, I could see the planes landing on Runway 5L too, but I would have needed a much more powerful telelens for that. A CI 744.

photo P1260604a

I’m positive on this one : it was a B777-300ER. I'm good at plane identification…

photo P1260606a

… especially when I do not need to go an surf on Airfleets to find the solutions. It was registered B-18702.

photo P1260607a

Eva Air A330-200, registered B-16309

photo P1260612aphoto P1260613a

For runway 5L, SQ A330

photo P1260616a

Eva Air MD-90-30, registered B-17913

photo P1260619aphoto P1260621a

CZ A321

photo P1260623a

Another CI 744 CI, a freighter

photo P1260624a

The reason I had come there in the middle of the day was to spot this plane :

photo P1260625a

This was B-16331, i.e. one of Eva Air’s A330-300 in Hello Kitty livery, on final descent to Runway 5R. There were two Hellow Kitty flights within five minutes of each other (BR169 at 13:35 and BR2105 at 13:40), and I saw only one (the other presumably landed on the other runway), so I could not be sure of where she was arriving from.

Tiger Airways (a Singapore low cost)A320 registered 9V-TAV.

photo P1260635aphoto P1260636a

From a distance, an Eva Air744 freighter to Runway 5L

photo P1260637a

And the CI 744 in Skyteam livery that I had seen several times in TPE

photo P1260641a

TG A330-300 registered HS-TED, ready to go

photo P1260643a

Only the tail appears now, as the preceding aircraft flies away.

photo P1260645a

There she is again on the other side of the thicket.

photo P1260646a

Hong-Kong Airlines A320 (B-LPB)

photo P1260650a

The same tail effect, with an Asiana A330-300 registered HL7740…

photo P1260655a

.. . there she was in full…

photo P1260656a

… preceding a Shanghai Airlines 738, registered B-5315

photo P1260658aphoto P1260658a

Arrival of a CX A330-300 CX, registered B-LAA

photo P1260666a

.. and a Jetstar A320, registered 9V-JSA, coming from KIX, before a fifth freedom flight home to SIN.

photo P1260671aphoto P1260672a

Another CI 744 CI in the distance

photo P1260674a

And a Malaysian Airlines 738, perched on an electric utility pole.

photo P1260676a

This one was difficult to spot at landing : the reactors were fake – this was the emergency services training ground.

photo P1260678a

I went to the extremity of Runway 5L, with some difficulty because I had to detour around the expressway reaching the airport.

A departing SQ A330

photo P1260684a

And from a distance, Air Asia A330 in final descent to Runway 5R

photo P1260687a

With adverse lighting conditions, a CI A330-300, registered B-18305

photo P1260689a

And a CI 744, registered B-18215, with a correct lighting

photo P1260691a

Do not worry, she made it above the barbed wire.

photo P1260692a

Last, from the distance, a CX 777.

photo P1260694a

There were nearly twin aisle aircraft only, because the traffic in TPE is mostly either medium / long haul or high traffic.

The next Sunday, I returned to TPE, but not with a scooter this time. Arrival in Terminal 2, the one which was not under renovation at that time, since I had chosen to fly Eva Air on that trip. Although my company had a strict cheapest flight policy, I could select any flight or airline, because they all had the same rate on this oligopolistic TPE-HKG market. At that time, all flights were about 8,000 TWD for a round trip at fixed dates, which was not cheap for the distance.

photo P1260706a

The interior of the terminal landside. The waiting time was minimal, say five minutes, to obtain my BP.

photo P1260800a

I had checked in on line the day before, but I did not have a printer at home. Surprise: even though I had no status with BR, my flexible fare gave me access to the Premium Economy seats towards the front of the aircraft, and I was lucky that there was still a window seat available ahead of the wing. It was possible to check in between ETD-24h and ETD-3h, and also cancel the check-in on line. A good point for BR; it would not be the only one.

photo P1260708a

The chekc in counters for Eva Air’s Hello Kitty flights were impossible to miss

photo P1260707a

The FIDS for Terminal 2. The destinations in early afternoon were rather short haul, apart from a flight to LAX.

photo P1260709a

There was a very long line at the BP check counter, before the security check and then the immigration, but it went quite fast, at first alongside thie Eva Air sales counter,

photo P1260714a

… and then these self-check in machines dedicated to six special Eva Air flights :

photo P1260715a

It was in this so sweet and pink surrounding that the passengers on Hello Kitty jets could selfcheck. My only avgeek regret now that I am no longer in Taiwan is that I never got a chance to board one of these flights (there are reports on this website, though).

photo P1260720a

There was of course a whole collection of branded items, all in outrageously cute livery.

photo P1260718a

Mothers’ Day was coming up in Taiwan too, and many shops were decorated with hearts as pink as possible, because everybody knows that the best way to show your love to your mother is to buy her a major brand item in a duty free shop, or, even better, several items.

photo P1260721aphoto P1260730a

By the way, this was the tax refund booth just after the immigration counters, where the waiting time was considerably less than what I had seen in CDG’s Terminal 1.

photo P1260722a

Guess what was the theme of this baby care room ? TPE must have had a special discount on a bulk order for pink paint.

photo P1260723a

A shop for French longing for home (I did not qualify), and first and foremost for Taiwanese longing for a trip to France.

photo P1260724a

There were self-serve computers for free internet access in various places, but it was typically Taiwanese that some were wheelchair accessible: Taipei is by far the most wheelchair friendly city I know in the world.

photo P1260728a

Anyway, it was time to think corporate…

photo P1260725a

…while using a keyboard with Bopomofo script that you are unlikely to see anywhere outside Taiwan

photo P1260727a

One of the control towers, and the track of a people mover which I never used because it does not provide a view on the tarmac.

photo P1260729a

Because what I was interested was the tarmac only. TPE is quite simple in this matter : Zone C is fully BR, with an extension towards Zone B for the other airlines in its alliance, and Zone D is fully CI, with an extension towards Zone A for the other airlines in its alliance.

photo P1260762a

The lighting conditions in the afternoon were better for the BR side, and I’ll let you look at the pictures (which means that I did not spend adequate research time to identify each and every aircraft).
photo P1260731aphoto P1260732aphoto P1260734a

Flight BR160 boards at gate C3

photo P1260739a

Gate C3 was that of the children playground of that terminal ; it was extensively sponsored by a well known character:

photo P1260735%2520pano%2520a

A drawing workshop at the far end, with the model on the blackboard.

photo P1260740a

And for all those who are old enough to have pocket money, or money in the pocket, or a credit card in the wallet, there was a shop in the vicinity to spend all your leftover cash and plastic limit.

photo P1260738a

There are many cultural and artistic promotion in TPE, and their displays are changed at regular intervals.

photo P1260744a

These posters related to three major faiths signal prayer rooms. The proximity with advertising with a spirit brand, on tarp mask an area undergoing renovation in the background, was a somewhat unfortunate coincidence.

photo P1260752a

The plain doors were all identical, but the rooms themselves were very difference. There were no flight calls in these prayer rooms.

photo P1260745a

The advantage of the Christian prayer room was that it had a view on the tarmac,

photo P1260747a

… which gave me opportunity to pray for the safety of this Hong Kong Airlines flight. Note the hollow cross on the seats backrests. On the other hand, the room suffered from a ventilation unit noise.

photo P1260748a

I liked the Buddhist room whose fake stained glass windows were hiding the fact that it had no windows at all.

photo P1260750a

The Muslim prayer room was the one with the least creativity. A screen to separate women in the back from men in the front, a prayer mat with the orientation of Makkah… the decorator could have done better.

photo P1260751a

A souvenir shop for traveling children or travelers’ children, targeting the two main nationalities visiting Taiwan : the US and Japan. I let you guess the star on the right (in two words, beginning with an H).

photo P1260753aphoto P1260754a

Terminal 1 was then undergoing a massive interior and exterior renovation operation.

photo P1260755a

The other control tower

photo P1260756a

The entrance of the men’s room was decorated with a mosaic. There was a similar one on the female side, but I could not take a picture, because taking pictures of women’s rooms is extremely poorly thought of in Taiwan, to the point that there is usually a reinforced video surveillance of their surroundings in the subway system.

photo P1260757a

A long ramp for wheelchair handicapped passengers, like this one pushed by an airport staff.

photo P1260758a

And on the other side the shortest escalator that I ever saw.

photo P1260759a

I meantime had reached the China Airlines side, where the lighting was in the wrong direction. There were all kinds of aircraft, from 738 to 744.

Landings are not exclusively CI on this side, so there comes an Asiana.

photo P1260771a

A variant of the CI livery

photo P1260773a

The playground of the D wing, which would not be out of place in a Smurfs comic book.

photo P1260776a

This KLM aircraft operated the then brand new direct AMS-TPE flight, continuing to MNL. That flight was much more attractive than the previous AMS-BKK-TPE flight, and was among the few Skyteam options from Europe to Taiwan. Oddly, it did not have the markings of KLM Asia (a face-saving subsidiary created so that the same airline would not operate flights to Mainland China and Taiwan).

photo P1260777a

Landing of a China Airlines 744 freighter

photo P1260779a

An Asiana aircraft leaves in contre-jour

photo P1260782a

Pushback was completed for this JAL 737

photo P1260784a

I visited all four sides of the square, ending up here at the exit of the automatic passport reading gates for the Taiwanese.

photo P1260788aphoto P1260789a

The reason I returned to my starting point was that I had been filling my memory card with pictures for two hours and that it was time for me to reach this B777-300ER. ER stands for Extended Range, and it was somewhat paradoxical to use an aircraft capable of flying 14,000 km with a full load for a 800 km hop, but BR did not have a very diversified fleet, and what mattered was having a large seating capacity, because this flight in mid afternoon on a Sunday was 80-90% full.

photo P1260794a

In TPE, you must go down one level to reach the actual boarding gate.

photo P1260795a

This provides a view of the aircraft from a lower position.

photo P1260796a

The neighbor, an Air Asia at push back

photo P1260797aphoto P1260798a

Going through the so-called "Laurel class" a.k.a business class.

photo P1260802a

And installation at my seat, that I had chosen for its view on the GE90 and on the landscape ahead.

photo P1260805a

The seat pitch was enormous for a such a short flight.

photo P1260806a

Some views from my seat during boarding

photo P1260807aphoto P1260810a

The tablet was in the right armrest

photo P1260811a

The safety card, both sides (I borrowed that of the neighboring seat)

photo P1260815a

And the duty free catalogue which was much thicker than the in-flight magazine, headphones that I did not test and a barf bag that I did not test either. The illustration of the Sky Shop represented Paris, that BR served with three (now four) flights a week.

photo P1260817a

The tablet was far from filling the entire space to the preceding seat.

photo P1260818aphoto P1260821a

Departure of a Transasia Airways A321 towards China

photo P1260822a

A few tails on the right

photo P1260824a

If you can’t identify this red logo on a white background, you can push back the BR aircraft which is on the way to identify an Air China aircraft.

photo P1260826a

It was our turn to push back

photo P1260829a

再見台北! (Good bye, Taipei !)

photo P1260833a

The plane taxies alongside freight an maintenance of Evergreen (the parent company of Eva Air), and this Dreamlifter (a freighter built from a 747, with an oversized hold) that I later saw in NGO.

photo P1260837aphoto P1260842a

This one is only a "small" 747

photo P1260840a

My doubts about this MD-11 seen from outside the airport perimeter were confirmed : the three engines had been removed, and only an empty tube remains in the vertical stabilizer.

photo P1260843a

Imminent take-off from Runway 5R…

photo P1260845a

… after this Eva Air 777-300ER (this was the type of aircraft I was best at identifying).

photo P1260846a


photo P1260850a

To the right of Runway 5R, this was an air force base, identified by the silos hiding the war planes from indescrete onlookers.

photo P1260852a

The Taoyuan municipality on the right and the expressway to Taipei on the left,

photo P1260856a

With the viaducts of the future subway line to TPE as a bonus.

photo P1260858a

The GE90 and the wing with slats extended

photo P1260860a

And the same in cruising configuration.

photo P1260861a

A FA distributed immigration cards : few passengers took them, which meant that the passengers on board were mostly connecting to another flight, or HK residents, or HK frequent visitors (from four annual round trips, you could apply for a card providing access to extremely fast contactless machines)

The FA distributed this meal : a (very) hot meal of noodles and meat, a small salad as an appetizer, and a 25cl fruit juice container. There was no choice and no menu, but remember this was a Premium Economy flight lasting 1h40’ (according to the schedule) and 1h18 (in reality, on all airlines serving this route). It was excellent.

photo P1260864a

9'25" later, the FAs came back to propose oolong tea or coffee. Coffee was a make or break test on that flight, because on the many domestic Taiwanese flights I flew, the coffee was downright awful.

photo P1260869a

The test had to be made with all the required pomp and circumstance. It was of course more difficult to create artistic lighting effects than with a cup of champagne, but I tried my best with a GE90 in the background.

photo P1260872a

My appreciation was that this was excellent coffee, and I did not spoil it with sugar.

photo P1260873a

The FAs came back very quickly to recover the trays, with smile that you can see in the background. Also with fake eyelashes, but I do not value them.

photo P1260878a

All to my Flight Reporter duties, I went to the toilets for the sole purpose of taking a picture of the three Economy cabins – there were only seven rows of J in the front, with two sections of 4 and 3 row, respectively.

photo P1260879a

A nearly 100% Economy B777-300ER is very long, but there was fortunately a galley with a charming FA on the way to break the perspective.

photo P1260880a

… before the last Y cabin

photo P1260881a

.. and these extremely standard toilets where I only had the time to take the picture before the « return to your seat » signa came on, due to the beginning of the descent.

photo P1260882a

The 3-3-3 seat layout and the narrowness of the trolleys made it possible for a FA or a marathon runner to pass without being blocked.

photo P1260883a

Back to my seat to find that there was a power port which was really powered. Another bonus point for BR.

photo P1260885a

This is a close up. It was not all that multistandard: my Type E+F would not fit in, and I chose not try as hard as possible, since I had a Type A adapter with me.

photo P1260886a

Another view of the GE90.

photo P1260889a

The approach was unfortunately above water this time (I often had a descent above HK)

photo P1260894a

A few seconds from the runway threshold and the touchdown

photo P1260899a

A rather soft touchdown and a rather energetic braking.

photo P1260900a

HKG, isCX-land, but the Hong-kongese are very welcoming people, and there were planes from around the world.

photo P1260903aphoto P1260906a

I find the control towers very ugly.

photo P1260908a

A Mandarin Airlines E-190, probably coming from Kaohsiung.

photo P1260909a

Two Emirates aircraft, one with a much taller vertical stabilizer…

photo P1260910a

.. betraying an A380

photo P1260914aphoto P1260917a

Virgin Atlantic A340

photo P1260918aphoto P1260922a

The passengers waited patiently for the “seat belts on” sign for standing up, and behind the Y/J limite without stepping into the first J cabin even though it was empty.

photo P1260924a

No HSBC advertising outside the airbridges : it was inside, but not only there.
photo P1260927a

Because as you probably all know, HSBC means Hong-Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and there is advertising for them all the way to the local bank notes (which are issued also by the Standard Chartered Bank and by the Bank of China, so there are three different sides for a given bill in HKD).

photo P1260932a

Now I only needed to take the Airport Express train to Hong Kong Island, in 24 minutes.
See more



Cabin crew10.0

Taipei - TPE


Hong Kong - HKG



BR would receive a beating it its rating if this had been a long haul flight in J, but this was a hort haul flight in Y+. Fort this class and distance, the comfort was exceptional, with a gigantic seat pitch, seats which really reclined and space to move around even during the meal service. With regards to the meal, it was difficult to require more in Premium Economy on such a short flight, and the FAs performed their duties with both smiles and an impressive efficiency. They also deserved a bonus for their special attentions towards the two very young kids seated in the row before mine.

What more could I ask ? I did not test the IFE (no time for that!): I hardly saw any airshow on the standard display, but that does not mean that it was not available. It would be pure bad faith to count a demerit for that. The FAs : what could be expected of them beyond their efficient and smilind service on such a short flight? And the meal was excellent, much better in quality than that served on longer domestic flights in Economy in Mainland China, where there is no hot meal on flights of that duration. Of course this was not up to First Long Haul. But once more, what more could be reasonably expected?

Why should perfection be for First class only ? I had not remembrance of anything better on any of the evaluation criteria on an other airline, for a flight of that duration, and did not think of anything to be improved.

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  • Comment 160830 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing Marathon!

    Jetsetpand appeared to like
    - Appeared to like ;)

    This was B-16331, i.e. one of Eva Air’s A330-300 in Hello Kitty livery
    - I always thought the Hello Kitty planes were only B777s. Great spotting none the less, reminds me of LAX. The 5L arrivals do seem fairly distant. My favorite spot at LAX (Imperial Hill) is also only accessible by car.

    the best way to show your love to your mother is to buy her a major brand item in a duty free shop
    - What mom doesn't want a new Louis Vuitton purse?

    There were no flight calls in these prayer rooms.
    - Did you feel a different calling in these rooms?^^

    A variant of the CI livery
    - Fascinating livery.

    this Dreamlifter (a freighter built from a 747, with an oversized hold) that I later saw in NGO.
    - No stranger for me :) Do you know what parts were being sourced in TPE?

    The catering by BR on this route is by the far best of the major operators (BR, CI, CX, KA).

    Getting Y+ on this flight is a nice bonus, did you have a full fare Y ticket to get to select these seats?

    • Comment 337446 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9849 Comments

      You were crystal clear. Self-deprecating tongue-in-cheek humor is part of my trademarks ;)

    • Comment 337394 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9849 Comments

      Jetsetpanda appeared to like
      Appeared to like ;)
      - You don't seem to dislike either ;)

      This was B-16331, i.e. one of Eva Air’s A330-300 in Hello Kitty livery.
      I always thought the Hello Kitty planes were only B777s. Great spotting none the less, reminds me of LAX. The 5L arrivals do seem fairly distant. My favorite spot at LAX (Imperial Hill) is also only accessible by car.
      - I'm bad at plane identification, but this one really did not look like a 777 ;)
      This spotting location is admittedly not a must for a short term visiting avgeek, as opposed to that of TSA (Taipei's domestic airport), which is both easily accessible in the city center and much closer to the runway... and has some international traffic too.

      the best way to show your love to your mother is to buy her a major brand item in a duty free shop
      What mom doesn't want a new Louis Vuitton purse?
      - French moms see a LV purse as a quintessential female Asian tourist buy ;)

      There were no flight calls in these prayer rooms.
      Did you feel a different calling in these rooms?^^
      - Haha, I love it !

      A variant of the CI livery
      Fascinating livery
      - It looked to me like a promotional Boeing livery, only that the 744 is no longer a novelty.

      this Dreamlifter (a freighter built from a 747, with an oversized hold) that I later saw in NGO.
      No stranger for me :) Do you know what parts were being sourced in TPE?
      - Thanks for restraining a yawn at the sight of this aircraft ;)
      It was built in TPE, but I do not know the sourcing details.

      The catering by BR on this route is by the far best of the major operators (BR, CI, CX, KA).
      - I was impressed by CX (in J) on that short route too.

      Getting Y+ on this flight is a nice bonus, did you have a full fare Y ticket to get to select these seats?
      - Yes it was full fare, and that was the likely reason for having a Y+ seat. But on the way back, also at a non-rush hour schedule, I could select Y seats only.

      Thanks for your detailed comments !

    • Comment 337407 by
      NGO85 1622 Comments

      I'm bad at plane identification, but this one really did not look like a 777 ;)
      - Maybe I was not clear. I was not questioning the identification of that plane, but the existence of non B777 Hello Kitty jets since I had only seen B777s before.

    • Comment 337603 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9849 Comments

      Now you have the proof that your model is fully accurate, up to the registration number ! :)
      The introductory plane spotting session was outside TPE, not HKG ;)
      Thanks for your enthusiastic comment !

  • Comment 161071 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Thank you for the fantastic spotting bonus, I absolutely loved it.

    This was B-16331 - Nice catch! I have a 1:500 scale model of the same reg.

    Wow, the seat pitch is great.

    Stunning engine views! Love that GE90.

    Great meal for a flight of this length!

    Fantastic spotting shots at HKG!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 337668 by
      Rl 777 806 Comments

      Oh yes, I know haha. Thank you for the fantastic spotting bonus, I absolutely loved it. - This one was about the spotting at TPE.

      Fantastic spotting shots at HKG! - This one for the pictures taken from your plane when you were taxiing to your gate at HKG :).

      Have a good one, see you!

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