Review of British Airways flight London Miami in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA209
Class Economy
Seat 81K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 10:00
Take-off 24 Feb 16, 14:15
Arrival at 24 Feb 16, 19:15
BA   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 795 reviews
By 9276
Published on 5th April 2016
previous flight from FRA to LHR

The shuttle bus between terminal 5 and terminal 3 departs every few minutes and initially there was even space to sit. After one more stop however, the bus was packed with passengers and left no inch to move. I have certainly experienced better ways to switch terminals at other airports. Miami is one of the few BA destinations that departs from terminal 3. I assume that connecting at terminal 5 is far more convenient. Today, BA209 would depart from gate 42 (the most remote one…sigh) and it was indeed a very long way through the entire terminal. In between there was another security check (fast, friendly staff, sufficient space) and a boarding pass & passport check at a BA transit desk. Apparently all passengers leaving for the US and South Africa are supposed to get checked there. Eventually we arrived at gate 42 and I was super disappointed that there was no possibility to spot my A388. I could spot a BA oneworld livery 744 to Accra, and a couple of other 744s and 772s but my A388 remained hidden. Boarding stared soon and I was still hoping to get a glimpse but I was not lucky.
I was seated on 81K and walked all the way to the back. The overhead lockers were already pretty full and even worse, the ones above the windows were too small for any standard carry-on suitcase. I did not remember them to be that small when I was on the upper deck of the AF A388. Eventually I found some space about ten rows in front of my seat but at least it was stowed away. What I did not anticipate at that moment was that some passengers just grab any luggage above their seat and run to the exit. More about that later.

photo P1350358photo P1350368photo P1350369
to ACC
photo P1350387

We started taxiing and I got quite a nice view of many widebodies, including my first QF 388 and EY 388. The departure was smooth and we flew over Windsor Castle and towards Ireland. Unfortunately, the 388 windows are not too good for taking pictures but at least they were quite clean and had no annoying scratches.
The seat as such was comfy but my headrest did not remain in any adjusted position and always slid down. Also, the pillow cases made a very cheap impression and felt almost like plastic. What also bothered me was the giant IFE box that limited my space to move my feet and prevented a more comfortable seating position.

Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, there was a snack and beverage service. It seemed a little odd that wine was served during this snack service. Lunch was served later and it took forever until Ines and Scott (the two lovely and super nice flight attendants in my section) got to my row. Apparently they were running out of food options as they were counting heads and meals. The original choice was chicken or pasta, like on most TATL flights I took. Either would have been fine for me although I would have opted for the chicken. However, the flight attendant Ines asked whether I would like pasta or beef. Another Y meal with beef… I don’t think so… and I immediately responded that beef would be great. And it was! The way the beef and the scalloped potatoes were served already showed that it had to be from Y+ or even C. Does anyone of you know? It was super delicious and getting this was definitely worth the waiting.

After lunch, I started exploring the IFE. I was surprised how responsive and quick the touch screen was working as I had made some nerve-racking experiences with TK, AC, and LH. The entertainment offering was good although I did not pay too much attention to either of the movies I watched. For quite some time I was only listening to music, looking out the window and at the flight map. Unfortunately, most of our route was covered with clouds and the only land I saw after we had left Europe was in the east of Canada and over Florida. Throughout the flight there were a couple of beverage services and in the galley there were beverages and various snacks available.
About 90 minutes before landing, there was a pre-arrival snackbox containing two sandwiches with an egg-tomato spread, a scone, strawberry marmalade, and cream cheese.

Short after we had flown over Melbourne, we made a 90° turn to the right and flew all across Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. Later on, the captain even explained this unusual approach as a result of too much MIA traffic. Anyway, I was glad to get a good sight of illuminated Miami Beach short before landing.

Short before landing, information about customs, immigration, connections to cruise ships and AA flights was given. Besides English, this information was also announced in Spanish, which is quite a good idea considering that Spanish is basically more important in Miami than English. The landing as such was very smooth and deboarding was surprisingly fast. Almost a little too fast because a gentleman simply took my carry-on bag from the overhead bin and was on his way until my dad noticed and stopped him. Unfortunately, there was again no possibility to take any picture of my A388. I believe this is the first time since I can handle a camera that I did not take a picture of my aircraft :(

In Miami, we had to walk a lot although it was slightly less than at LHR. Immigration and customs was fast but I was a little disappointed not to get a passport stamp. The border police simply collected the printed arrival card and we were good to go. Then we had to wait long for our luggage to arrive. Finally we had all luggage together and were ready to go to the rental car garage.
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.5

London - LHR


Miami - MIA



All in all, I was pleased with the BA performance, however I like my AF 388 flight better. The bulky IFE box under the seat was very annoying. Yet, the IFE offers a great selection of entertainment.
The food was very good, but I was also lucky to get a meal from a higher class. The standard meal did not look too great.
Would I fly BA again, absolutely; but they are not my first choice if the price is on the same level as AF or TK for example.

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  • Comment 161303 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Thanks for a great 2nd report! From a 767 to an A380, it's an all widebody routing!

    I assume that connecting at terminal 5 is far more convenient.
    - It is. Going from T5 to T3 is a pain. But it's an even bigger pain going from T3 to T5 when coming off a Transatlantic early in the morning when immigration queues are crazy and then you have to go through security, etc.

    What I did not anticipate at that moment was that some passengers just grab any luggage above their seat and run to the exit.
    - I hate when people do that. Drives me crazy

    The way the beef and the scalloped potatoes were served already showed that it had to be from Y+ or even C. Does anyone of you know
    - Yep, it's from C! Lucky you! That was great of the FAs to go above and beyond by getting a mean from Business class

    I like that you compare with the AF A388 experience. I've only flown the AF A388, in all classes except F, and have always enjoyed my experiences.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 161327 by
    KL651 TEAM 4481 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    I really like the fabric used on Ba new Y seats; it does give the cabin a fresh look.

    Pretty good catering between the meal and the snacks. The fact they served beef from J class as an alternative is impressive.

    • Comment 337899 by
      tommo AUTHOR 15 Comments

      I was quite impressed as well, although I doubt that they might have had too many J meals left. My mom was only offered the pasta and she sat right next to me. Maybe I looked especially hungry ;)

  • Comment 161376 by
    757Fan 587 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your experience with BA in Economy from London to Miami!

    I'm always impressed by the high level of service provided by BA in Economy on long-haul flights. The food looks really nice, and that beef dish must have come from Business, as it looks to be twice the size of the normal Y plates.

  • Comment 161490 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Catering looks good on this flight, a lot of snacks were available and it's nice you got the main from J :). The pre-arrival snack looks to be slightly small for a flight of this length but I guess all of the snacks available on the flight made up for that.

    Overall it looks like you had a good flight with BA, I don't think I would hesitate to book a long-haul flight with them if the price was right.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 161605 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Nice FR again!

    Was this seat on the upper deck of Economy class?

    I like BA's IFE, surely looks nice! Food looks pretty decent, too! :D

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