Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Denpasar Makassar-Celebes Island in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA620
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 05 Aug 12, 07:00
Arrival at 05 Aug 12, 08:20
GA   #17 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 198 reviews
By GOLD 1342
Published on 5th April 2016
This is the second segment in a vacation in Indonesia, back in 2012. This report is partly history: DPS opened a new international terminal in 2014, and the domestic flights were transferred to the renovated former international terminal, so the terminal shown in this report is no longer used.

TPE – DPS (A330-300 – China Airlines) After the typhoon
DPS – UPG (B737-800 – Garuda) Flight above a volcano YOU ARE HERE
UPG - DPS (B737-800 – Garuda) I am Marathon –> to be posted very soon
DPS - TPE (A330-300 – China Airlines) After another typhoon –> to be posted slightly later

Hotel desk staff often suggest enormous margins for their customers who need to catch a flight (a customer will forgive reaching the airport too early, but not missing his plane), but this one went really too far. For a domestic flight at 7 am, from a hotel which was a quarter of an hour on foot from DPS, please meet the driver at 4:50 am in the lobby. Did he know something that I did not? No, he was simply taking NO risk. There were nevertheless passengers streaming in at 5 am, in the dark night.

photo P1010745a

Flight GA620 to UPG was listed at Gate 17 on this FIDS outside.

photo P1010746a

Only passengers and airport staff can enter Indonesian terminals : you need to show your ticket. This was a rare case where my systematic printing of e-tickets was useful, but I was not taken by surprise: it had been specified on the e-mail sending this ticket.

photo P1010748a

At that time (did it change since ?), Indonesian law prohibited buying domestic plane ticket with a foreign credit card, but honorable Indonesian travel agencies accepted PayPal payments, which was more or less the same for the traveler, but was considered as cash from the Indonesian side. The fare was: 959,800 IDR, which was a large number, but only 85 EUR one way.

photo billet%2520%25C3%25A9lectronique

There was no decoration effort in the check-in area which was purely utilitarian, with one or several counters dedicated to each airline.

photo P1010749a

Check-in was fast, and the passport was enough : the e-ticket was back to its normal dematerialized status once inside the terminal.

photo P1010750a

On the other hand, this report dated 2012 is from the time when passengers had to pay the airport tax in cash at this counter, seen from the rear. For a domestic flight out of DPS, it was a cheap 40 000 IDR (3,60 EUR), and could be much less at smaller airports.

photo P1010752a

This airport tax was materialized by this receipt, half of which was going to be detached at a control slightly further. This looked very inefficient compared to including the tax in the price of the plane ticket. This became the case for Garuda flights when I returned to Indonesia in 2014; I have not followed how things have changed in this matter; comments of insiders are welcome.

Anyway, note that on my BP, the gate is #16.

photo P1010754a

But the FIDS located just after the security check displayed Flight GA620 at Gate 17.

photo P1010755a

The boarding room for Gates 17-18 (in the back) : on the right, you can see three free internet access consoles which I found more useful than the luxury duty shops in CDG (where the similar consoles are charged).

photo P1010763%2520panoa

But we were not in CDG’s latest terminals, but in the pre-renovation domestic terminal in DPS, where not only I could produce the de rigueur corporate screenshot …

photo P1010759a

… but I could also check my e-mails on a computer which was compatible with Chinese, unlike those at AF’s lounge in CDG-2E, where they have not realized that China matters in the 21st century.

photo P1010761a

Eventually, the BP was right : the display was updated to indicate Flight GA620 at Gate 16.

photo P1010765a

(with here an FA 2012 fashion show)

photo P1010766a

The boarding room for Gates 14 to 16 was no different. The seats were more comfortable than they seem, except the metal ones in the foreground, but that early in the day, there was ample choice.

photo P1010757a

All this was not luxurious, but it was clean, and a cleaning staff was sweeping the floor, going carefully around the offerings to the gods placed in front of this shop.

photo P1010769a

No uncertainty : the manual display for Flight GA620 was already ready. The PA information was bilingual Bahasa Indonesia / English, with an excellent sound quality.

photo P1010771a

Two Lion Air and Garuda 737s, seen before boarding the bus.

photo P1010776a

The bus windows were unfortunately tinted

photo P1010780a

Arrival next to two Garuda 737s. Bad luck: the one operating our flight was not the one in the old livery, but the other one.

photo P1010782aphoto P1010783a

Our aircraft was nevertheless special in being the 123rd Boeing delivered to Garuda. It was unmistakably a 738.

photo P1010788a

Boarding was by the front and rear stairs according to the row number. Mine was just within the limit to board from the front, which provided me a view of the J cabin.

photo P1010789a

The plane’s registration number for the geeks

photo P1010791aphoto P1010792a

The J cabin : three rows in 2+2 layout

photo P1010794a

And the 3+3 Y cabin in routine 3+3 layout.

photo P1010795a

There it is when deplaning

photo P1010881a

Some views of the Garuda retro-jet despite the adverse lighting conditions

photo P1010806aphoto P1010796a

Early morning still life with winglets and Garuda logos

photo P1010812aphoto P1010798a

Rows 14 and 15 were the overwing emergency exit rows. I usually don’t favor them, because you need to place all personal belongings in the overhead luggage compartments during take-off and landing and I usually start typing my flight report in flight, but this was a short flight and for once, I did not mind not having my laptop. All Flight Reporters know that these seats enjoy a wider seat pitch, illustrated here with my trail running shoes, which are to ordinary running shoes what snow tires are to ordinary tires : they have deeper and more knobby soles for better adherence.

photo P1010799a

Another illustration of the seat pith with local sports shoes :

photo P1010863a

Since I was sitting at an emergency exit, I had an additional card on the specifics of this row, in five languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

photo P1010803aphoto P1010804a

And also a short bilingual prep talk in Bahasa Indonesia and excellent English by this FA about what she would expect from us in case of emergency. Website rules mandate that her face be masked, but she was a very pleasant sight indeed.

photo P1010811a

Two SQ and NZ aircraft, and a Lion Air, seen through the left window.

photo P1010809a

Pushback and last view of the old Garuda livery

photo P1010814a

And bilingual safety demonstration in Bahasa Indonesia and English, sentence per sentence. There is no requirement to hide these faces which give you a fair idea of what a GA FA really looks like.

photo P1010815a

The pennant of the front landing gear locking pin, removed after the end of the pushback

photo P1010816a

Some aircraft seen while taxiing : the Lion Air 737 seen through the window

photo P1010817a

Garuda 737

photo P1010818a

Air New Zealand 767

photo P1010820a

And the Singapore Airlines 777

photo P1010821a

The runway of DPS has been built perpendicularly to a narrow isthmus, and it its extremity is on an artificial promontory, hence these lines of containers off a background of crashing waves on the coral reef.

photo P1010826aphoto P1010827a

A FA sat at seat 15C during the take-off and landing phases, but made no move to prohibit taking pictures at that time.

photo P1010830a

The coral reef, through the left window after the U-turn at the end of the runway.

photo P1010831a

Take-off, with a view on the southern tip of Bali Island.

photo P1010833aphoto P1010838a

Gunung Rinjani, Lombok island’s volcano

photo P1010844aphoto P1010846aphoto P1010850a

The volcano’s crater, which was nearly monochromatic due to the lighting conditions

photo P1010853a

The meal box contained a coconut flavored pastry, a water capsule with a straw and a small box of lychees in juice. Note the reminder of Ramadan on the cardboard box.

photo P1010851a

The straw was convenient for drinking the water, on the other hand, it was next to impossible to open the fruit serving.

photo P1010854a

The coffee was good, which was expected in a coffee producing country. The tiny spoon was unrelated with the coffee: it was with the fruit serving.

photo P1010855a

The winglet; I find it even more beautiful than that of CI off a blue sky background.

photo P1010862a

And the path for evacuation overwing

photo P1010865a

The coast of Sulawesi was in view

photo P1010867aphoto P1010868a

The city of Makassar was in view on the left, but it was the countryside on the right

photo P1010871aphoto P1010872a

Touchdown significantly ahead of schedule (a 1h20’ scheduled flight time for a 600 km distance provided an ample margin)

photo P1010874a

A Batavia Air 737-300 at a jetbridge

photo P1010875a

… and a Sriwijaya Air 737-400

photo P1010877a

A Wings Air ATR 42-500 seen after deplaning ,

photo P1010882a

And an Expressair Dornier 328JET, registered PK-TXT.

photo P1010883a

The arrival hall is decorated with this boat model, in recognition of the navigators whose transport of spices made the fortune of Makassar.

photo P1010885a

A local curiosity : all checked luggage had been tied, sometimes loosely.

photo P1010886a

Ideally, I would have continued with an Ujung Pandang – Rantepao flight, but there was a Merpati Airline flight on Tuesday and Friday only, if there was no fog, if there were enough passengers, if the plane was not undergoing maintenance… not only the day was not right, but the reliability of this flight seemed very spotty according to the few comments found on the internet. That was when this route with a questionable viability existed (the 210,000 IDR fare was unsustainable for a low volume line) , because it seemed to have disappeared, and this airport was maybe a ghost one – I did not waste time looking for it.

photo P1020067-68a

Aircraft spotting in Rantepao was therefore limited to this Bölkow 105M seen in front of the mosque.

photo P1020437a

So we had a long, very long wait for the 1pm bus, because the 10am bus was not running, and then had to endure 10 hours of blaring music and reach our hotel at around 11pm in Rantepao, some 360 km from UPG, after waking up around 4:20 am. This was the heart of the Toraja country, whose relative isolation has preserved its environment, culture and unique architecture of its rice granaries.

photo P1020273%2520pano%2520a

Driving around was on a scooter or a motorcycle, which was arguably faster than by car, due to the road conditions, filling up the tank at these picturesque gas stations.

photo P1020165a

This was the month of Ramadan (I wonder how Coca-Cola could not be halal), but this was even less an issue in Sulawesi than in the rest of Indonesia,

photo P1020852-53a

…because although there was a mosque in Rantepao, the churches are omnipresent there because the Toraja are massively Christian, either Protestants or Catholics.

photo P1020394-391a

This does not stop them from keeping pre-colonial funeral rites, with these representations of their ancestors in this grotto above wooden coffins.

photo P1020776-786a

Thanks for reading me!
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Cabin crew9.0

Denpasar - DPS


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The flight was better than on time, since it left on time and landed ahead of schedule. The comfort of an emergency exit seat is indisputably better when you do not need your hand luggage in flight. The welcome on the ground and on board was above average, and I enjoyed the absence of any restrictions on photography. The catering was not fascinating, but it was very decent for a one hour flight.

The domestic terminal was to be replaced two years later, yet the facilities were decent. At the other end of the flight, UPG was brand new.

Information on the route Denpasar (DPS) Makassar-Celebes Island (UPG)


  • Comment 161434 by
    Razza_Pr 214 Comments

    Thanks for the FR!

    Ooh yes, the pre-renovation DPS wasn't the best of major airports, and I'm glad they totally renovated it. Last visit was when I went to Australia with my brother and his family (after the renovation), and even though the international terminal could still do with improvements here and there, I admit it was a major improvement.

    Funny, I thought Garuda flights arrive to and leave from DPS from the international terminal because they have connections to Japan, Korea, and Australia? I distinctly remember the hotel concierge correcting our pickup point because we initially asked to be picked up from the domestic arrivals section.

    I don't believe I've been to this side of Indonesia, but am definitely keen to go see it myself.

    • Comment 337897 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9566 Comments

      I too saw DPS before and after renovation, and the difference was striking.

      I did not pay attention to it then, but we probably connected inside the same terminal in 2014 from an international NRT-DPS flight to a domestic one. On the other hand, because of that, I had a hard time finding the Avis staff in DPS : he had probably expected us to fly GA or an international flight, but we had flown Wings Air on a domestic flight, and arrived at the domestic terminal.

      I have a doubt about the configuration back in 2012.

      Thanks for your comment !

  • Comment 161496 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Great spotting shots from DPS! You got some great shots of your bird while boarding, one advantage of boarding via stairs.

    Fantastic aerial shots, that winglet is stunning!

    The meal box contained a coconut flavored pastry - That sounds interesting, I wonder how it tasted like.

    Quite a few interesting carriers upon arrival at UPG.

    Thank you for the fantastic bonus!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 337959 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9566 Comments

      I always enjoy boarding by bus when it provides me opportunities for more pictures of the planes on the tarmac.

      The GA livery works wonders on a winglet - I can't understand why so many other airlines leave theirs undecorated.

      I would have noted if I had not liked that pastry, so I guess it was good, but I do not have any memory.

      The Toraja country is a wonderful place to explore on a scooter; it is mostly unspoiled by tourism due to its remoteness and (like in most other places that I visited in Indonesia) the local people are very friendly.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment !

  • Comment 161608 by
    jish.b SILVER 268 Comments

    This is a lovely FR, thanks for sharing!

    The old livery looks epic on the Boeing 737-800!

    Also loved the mood lighting that comes with the BSI.

    Catering looks really good such a short flight.

    And nice non-aviation pictures in the end, too!

    Thanks for sharing, again :)

    • Comment 338073 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9566 Comments

      I was disappointed not to fly with that vintage livery 737, because maybe (maybe!) I could have taken better shots at destination. It was nice to see it on the tarmac in DPS though, despite the poor lighting conditions.
      It was indeed a nice flight, with a decent catering that we don't get on European or US domestic flights.
      Thanks for your comment !

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