Review of Air France flight Paris Stockholm in Premium Eco

Airline Air France
Flight AF1062
Class Premium Eco
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 01 Oct 13, 16:05
Arrival at 01 Oct 13, 18:40
AF   #29 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5809 reviews
By SILVER 1160
Published on 9th April 2016
This vintage FR on a flight back in 2013 began with arranging a meeting with another Flight Reporter who was going to be landside in CDG in an ideal time slot with regards to my flight. Where could we meet? For instance at a café in Terminal 2F. I checked on the website of CDG, where the walking distance required to reach the plane often seems as long as the ensuing plane taxiing distance.

After a few pages, I selected the Illy Café, whose «beyond standards » (hors norme) approach of a pause and refinement of the decoration were promising, especially when you are keen on coffee.
(Sorry I did not take a screenshot of the English language webpage at that time; the last sentence says something like : An Italian-style bar which will offer you a beyond standards approach of a pause, associating gustative qualities with decoration refinement for customers keen on culinary art.

photo site adp - présentation Illy Café

CDG’s website has a beautiful interactive map of Terminal 2F Departure Level, but it only bothered about the airside area. The landside area appeared to be a black hole, or rather a white hole in these graphics.

photo site adp - plan de CDG-2F

But clicking on the Bar on the menu, the landside bars appeared this way.

photo site adp - plan de CDG-2F 3

The printable version is interesting, because it seemed to care about Skypriority passengers only.

photo site adp - plan de CDG-2F - 2

The « Access N° 1 » for Elite/Business/First passengers were clearly indicated, but where was the access for steerage passengers (who do not even know the meaning of “Access N°1”) ? There was no Access N°2, and on the interactive map, there was a "Poste Inspection Filtrage". It was designated in French only, which did not matter, since French people who fly once a year only do not know what this is. That the silhouette on the icon wears a cap which does not belong to any uniform currently worn in a French airport did not help identifying it as the security checkpoint.

photo site adp - plan de CDG-2F 5

Back to the previous map : I noted that there are 17 exits, vs. two entrances. I did not really feel welcome;)

All this was of course back in 2013, and maybe AdP (the Paris airports managing authority) read my original Flight report, because their website has been updated, and this is what their map of Terminal 2F looks like, ca. 2016.

photo Clipboard05

Note that true to its promises a couple years ago, AdP now publicly acknowledges that
- you can change the diapers of your baby without wearing a dress or a kilt
- you may have to do it airside,

because unisex baby care pictograms appeared in that plan . Check the 2013 plan : these rooms weren't even mentioned.

photo Clipboard06

On the other hand, you are still supposed to know what a "Poste Inspection Filtrage" is in the French air travel jargon. I had flown countless times until Flight Report taught me that name, and I just made a poll on a representative sample composed of Mrs Marathon : she had no idea what was hidden behind this name :)

photo Clipboard07

Back to 2013…

I had suggested to meet at the Illy Café at 13:45, and parked my car at Level -3.

photo IMG_5254a

I had probably missed a sign, because it was only when I was at the lift that I discovered that that level was for subscribers only (I took that picture later at Level -2)

photo IMG_5257-58a

Better not leave a non-subscriber car in a subscriber-only level, and I drove round circles again to find a space at Level -2 (my 5-10’ margin was designed for that), and eventually left my car at space 003 Lane 28, very close to Terminal E, which meant very far from Terminal F in the opposite direction.

photo IMG_5256a

I admit my modern art education is below par, and the refinement of the decoration of the Illy Café really did not strike me.

photo IMG_5259a

It actually struck me so little that I walked past this kind a beach sandwich stand without even noticing it, but since I knew that this « Italian bar » was at the level of gate 14, I backtracked and eventually spotted this red logo.

photo IMG_5260a

Nature called, and I went to the toilets. They were spotless, and security was top level. I did not quite understand how the FAMAS assault rifle helped, but the media report that the passengers feel more secure that way.

photo IMG_5261a

A uniform is designed for easy identification, and like the soldier above, I wore my uniform for the same purpose, since I needed to be identified by a Flight Reporter who had never met me. My high visibility vest was not more out of place than the fatigues of that soldier, after all.

photo IMG_5271a

Once he had spotted me and we were installed in that refined decoration, we gave up our hopes for a pure arabica espresso : the machine was stopped.

photo IMG_5264a

This was proof that I was really a newcomer in that airport, because like in all video games, I should have clicked on a secret hint hidden on AdP’s web page to reveal the menu of all the savors of Italy, which I did in the hotel at destination.

photo site adp - plan de CDG-2F 4

Of course, AdP has changed the navigation on their website since I posted that spoiler in the French version, and I’ll let you find yourself this information :

photo Clipboard04

An Italian bar which closes shop at 2pm was a new concept for me, but that explained the unavailability of coffee at 13:50 : it was obviously already too late in the evening.

On the other hand, I noted the presence of Type E/F power ports next to the seats.

photo IMG_5266a

At that time, the wifi internet access in CDG was limited to 15 minutes, and it I did not even take the time needed to navigate through the pages which tried hard to have you pay, and eventually obtain a corporate screenshot.

photo IMG_5263a

I did not try these machines either, because I had printed my BP in the office the day before (this too is somewhat old school, at the time when modern travelers have a virtual BP on their smartphone).

photo IMG_5268a

This was the security check area for ordinary passengers. There was ample space, zero waiting time in early afternoon on a weekday, and the staff was courteous.

photo IMG_5269a

The detail which does make a difference was the length of the counters after the security check itself, for replacing your laptop, your belt, the contents of your pockets, etc. where they belong. Nothing like a cramped space there to clog a security checkpoint. And yet, the waiting time at this terminal can be a serious problem in rush hours.

photo IMG_5274a

Was the zone manager helping a passenger somewhere else? There was nobody at his desk.

photo IMG_5272a

The name of that shop ("Air de Paris" = Paris Air) evokes pollution to me.

photo IMG_5278a

Nothing much plane-spotting worthy, apart from this AF A321 in Skyteam livery

photo IMG_5275a

Architect Paul Andreu designed in such a way that you would be dazzled when reaching the jetty of Gates F41 to F56.

photo IMG_5286a

OK, I shamelessly cheated with my camera’s settings, because in fact, it really looked like this :
photo IMG_5285a

And It also looked like a passenger jam created by these two shops

photo IMG_5281a

It was also jammed by the passengers waiting in line for the flights at the first gates left and right, where the space is made narrower by the access to the lounge downstairs for Elite passenger that I am no longer. Paul Andreu had apparently not envisaged that AF would manage to fill its aircraft.

photo IMG_5288a

Where was Gate F41, anyway ? I had to backtrack to find this sign overhead :

photo IMG_5289a

There were escalators to the lower level at the right of the cell for drug addicts.

photo IMG_5292a

All Flight Reports know what this descent to the bowels of the terminal meant :

photo IMG_5293a

It’s a passenger bus boarding.

photo IMG_5295a

Boarding was already well under way : a first bus full of passengers was already leaving. A passenger before gave his BP with his passport, but the staff did not even open the latter: on a Schengen Zone flight, no ID was requested anywhere in CDG unless you checked luggage, or for random checks.

This was the bus to Stockholm. It had an Eurolines bus station feel, but the bus had no seats.

photo IMG_5298a

Again an impression of a bad neighborhood : the hammers for breaking the bus windows in case of an accident were in the driver’s cab (if he is knocked unconscious, the passengers have no way to escape).

photo IMG_5305a

But do not worry : in case of a problem, this ground staff was there checking that the passengers did not stray on the ten meter distance between the door and the bus, and he had modern communication tools….

photo IMG_5307a

…like this phone

photo IMG_5306a

Usually, a bus transfer provides plane spotting opportunities

photo IMG_5310a

Only that the tour was a short one : the plane had just arrived from SVO, a non-Schengen airport, hence the bus transfer from our Schengen area gate.

photo IMG_5312a

A first view of the plane, next to a Flybe Dash 8

photo IMG_5314a

There she was after the end of pushback

photo IMG_5329a

Two emergency exit overwing, and a triangular wingtip fence : she would be an A320 (except with Easyjet, and airlines having bought second hand A319s from Easyjet)

photo IMG_5318a

So better make sure

photo IMG_5320a

There was a pile of Air France in-flight magazines at the end of the jet bridge. I did not find that a very refined presentation.

photo IMG_5321a

A very slightly more refined layout for this foldable cardboard holder with wet tissues. The advantage of this design was that it was both very lightweight and thin once folded, which made it possible to slip it in an on board storage rack once boarding was complete, and I saw a FA just do that.

photo IMG_5322a

There is story behind this picture : the person at the far right was a FA who saw me take this ordinary picture.

- No photos in the cabin !
- Excuse me ?
- No photos in the cabin ! I’ll come and see you later !

That was said with the « I’ll handle you at the end of the class » stern tone of a junior high school teacher to a turbulent teenager. A FA who was taking the widest interpretation of Article 15.5 of AF’s General Conditions of Transport ( Recording videos and/or taking photographs other than personal videos and photographs is prohibited on board the aircraft. ) : the flight was off a bad start.

photo IMG_5323a

The countermeasure was easy : become difficult to identify, and what she had certainly identified was my high visibility vest. Once I had removed it, I looked like any other passenger.

Whether she had forgotten or had a doubt about the identity of this photographic offender, she never came back to me. Or maybe she realized that I had no intention of taking pictures of the passengers or the FAs.

Let’s go back to plane spotting with this TAROM A319

photo IMG_5317a

The first window was curiously masked by the laminated livery

photo IMG_5327a

The Coandă effect, from the name of the Romanian engineer, is the reason for the reactors of the Antonov 72 being placed above the wings. This effect also has the negative effect of negating all efficiency of a ship’s bow thruster when the ship’s forward motion is above a few knots.

photo IMG_5326a

A landing RJ A320

photo IMG_5332a

Some tourism around CDG-1, with an EC Air 757 and an Enter 737 on remote parking spots.

photo IMG_5334a

A view of one of my Airbus, which I own in partnership with a few dozens of other French tax payers (the French Government uses it to transport troops ; it could also be used to evacuate civilians from a trouble spot).

photo IMG_5335a

TAM B777-300ER (thank you Benoit75008)

photo IMG_5336a

MS A333

photo IMG_5338a

TK 738

photo IMG_5340a

TK A321 in Star Alliance livery departing before us

photo IMG_5350a

And a QR A346 after us
photo IMG_5356a

The safety card both sides

photo IMG_5364aphoto IMG_5365a

The Verberie viaduct, on the high speed line toward Lille (and onward to London and Amsterdam)

photo IMG_5366a

Let’s go back to the cabin. AF frequent flyers would recognize these being the older generation seats.

photo IMG_5368a

The seat pitch was OK, for me and for others too.

photo IMG_5325a

(For young travelers, an older generation AF A320 seat reclines, not by much, but it does recline)

photo IMG_5378a

The minimum thickness is 7 cm

photo IMG_5375a

Reaching 10 cm at the headrest level

photo IMG_5376a

This was a luxury doomed to disappear at a time when AF is installing thin seats in their A32x.

On the other hand, the audio channel was unused : no headphones were distributed. There was no IFE screen either, and the safety demonstration was done the old way, with a commendable effort to avoid any smiling. I prefer smiling FAs, and they did later during the meal service.

photo IMG_5379a

Thinly sliced fields

photo IMG_5383a

An artificial island for the storage of polluted mud, in the Kettelmer, an extension of the Ijssel which is one of the branches of the Rhine River.

photo IMG_5387a

The meal came ; it is the main difference between flying Y+ and Y on a short haul flight, since being in the front rows does not translate in a major gain of time when deplaning from a single aisle aircraft.

I was flying Y+ because there was no availability in Y on that flight, this trip having been decided at a short notice. Thanks to Benoit75008 for pointing out that AF does not have a Y+ offering any more in 2016, at time of posting this English version of the FR.

photo IMG_5390a

The CEO of AF had complained in April 2013 in a magazine interview that it had taken him six months to get the FAs to serve warm bread, and the result was there: this bread was indeed warm.

photo IMG_5391a

Heating did not increase its size : it remained 7 cm long.

photo IMG_5392a

And the longest side of this triangle of Camembert cheese is 42mm long. Since a cow can produce some 25 liters of milk a day, this flight was not going to support much of the dairy industry.

photo IMG_5393a

The silverware was not in silver, but in stainless steel

photo IMG_5402a

But the glasses were indeed made of glass

photo IMG_5411a

Fake signature shot, with fake Champagne (and real apple juice)

photo IMG_5406a

And with plain water

photo IMG_5400a

By the way, there was indeed a bottle of champagne on the trolley, but the FA was careful not mention its existence. Now, the meal was good. It was not high level gastronomy, but very decent food.

I visit the toilets for the sole purpose of taking the J/Y+ cabin from the curtain – it looked the same behind the curtain, actually.

photo IMG_5424a

What is the difference in J ?

photo IMG_5421a

Only the neutralization of the middle seat. Since the Y+ cabin was not full, the middle seat next to me was empty too. On the other hand, the Y cabin was most probably full, since that is where I should have traveled if a seat had been available.

photo IMG_5425a

A few from the front of the cabin.

photo IMG_5426a

The front toilet was narrow, with the perennial baby care folding table for exclusive female use. The mentality change at AdP had not reached Air France.

photo IMG_5427a

And the interdiction to throw a syringe in the general garbage container.

photo IMG_5428a

The FAs were taking their own dinner meanwhile.

photo IMG_5429a

The flight was going to be mostly on top of a cloud cover

photo IMG_5430a

You don’t choose to fly AF for the decoration of the wingtip fence of the aircraft

photo IMG_5420a

Some cloud effects in adverse lighting conditions, making it difficult to identify the location

photo IMG_5414aphoto IMG_5416a

The sun has drowned in its blood which freezes (Charles Baudelaire)

photo IMG_5437aphoto IMG_5447a

You will have understood that we landed to late for aerial views of ARN where it was already too dark. It was nearly the equinox: the latitude had no impact on the time of sunset, but the latitude did, and Stockholm is significantly east of Paris and in the same time zone, so the sunset is earlier at that time of the year.

photo IMG_5449aphoto IMG_5450a

We reached the terminal at 18:45

photo IMG_5451a

Two staff were waiting in the air bridge with wheelchairs for handicapped travelers - I had seen one at time of boarding. When he saw me taking pictures, the staff on the left ostensibly turned his wheelchair around to improve the picture. I obscured the face, but he was smiling, too. Not quite the same reaction as that of the AF FA…

photo IMG_5453a

And a less expected welcome : we left France without showing any ID or passport, but we had to show them this time to enter the Kingdom of Sweden. It was a random check like I had many times after deplaning from PEK-CDG flights, but I had a more friendly feeling, and there was much less of a jam in the jetbridge.

photo IMG_5454b

A last look at F-GKXL, and this is the end of this FR

photo IMG_5455a

You probably understood I was not there for tourism, and this will be a short tourist bonus. The next morning, the only plane I spotted was a Jumbolino approaching the Bromma domestic airport.

photo IMG_5461a

These lanes are dedicated to trams, and buses too.

photo IMG_5466a

They are clean, because they are vacuumed regularly

photo IMG_5467a

Mixed traffic is part of the daily life here.

photo IMG_5474a

This is the end of the small FR ; thanks for reading me !
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Paris - CDG


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I have met a number of photophobic FAs, but they would say it with a smile. In Asia, at least, they did.
I have seen a large number of safety demonstrations, but they would be performed with a smile, even on AF flights.
The behavior of the FAs on this flight could not result in a good rating for them.

There was no IFE on board, no newspapers stands in the bus boarding room, and the one that I found upstairs was nearly empty. On the other hand, once on board, having a non-renovated cabin meant a much better seat comfort.

I spent more time than was reasonable to find a bar and the adequate parking level in CDG, on the internet or in location. What’s worse, this so-called Italian bar did not even have coffee. The good news, when I update my conclusion three years later, is that the plans on the website have been improved.

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Stockholm (ARN)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 77 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Paris (CDG) → Stockholm (ARN).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 44 minutes.

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  • Comment 161640 by
    Benoit75008 7246 Comments
    Thanks for this report,

    TAM B777 (?) => indeed, B777-300ER. TAM was also fresh new member in One World alliance as they left *A.

    Nice flight and interesting catering. I'm not an AF expert but i guess there's no Y+ in Europe? am i right?

    FA was speaking to you like an old teacher which is not good to start your journey onboard^^

    See you!
    • Comment 338075 by
      marathon SILVER AUTHOR 10001 Comments
      I'm not an AF expert but i guess there's no Y+ in Europe? am i right?
      - You are right, but I made no mistake : there is no Y+ on that AF route in 2016, but this flight was in 2013, and I did fly in Y+ (I just checked again the original reservation to be sure ^^).

      Thanks for pointing out at this change, and for the TAM 77W identification :)
  • Comment 161649 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing another FR to ARN with us :).

    This was the bus to Stockholm - Imagine if that bus sported the AF livery, I would have thought that bus would take me all the way to Stockholm haha. The plane was also a bus, just an Airbus ;).

    Great spotting shots! Nice shot of the QR 346, love that plane!

    The meal looks great with a similar setup to the meal on the other CDG-ARN flight you reported roughly a week ago.

    Great aerial shots, especially the pictures taken at sunset.

    Thank you for the short bonus from STO!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 338076 by
      marathon SILVER AUTHOR 10001 Comments
      Apart from the easy joke on the bus (or Airbus, haha!), I find it a good idea to have this information so that passengers on other flights do not congregate their only to have their BP rejected. I have seen this display of the flight's destination in other airports. It also limits the risk of a passenger boarding the wrong bus. It is impossible to make a system foolproof because fools are so ingenious, but at least we can try. ^^

      Same flight at a six months interval, same travel class and similar catering, which I presume to be served in J only now that there is no Y+ any more, as Benoit75008 interestingly pointed out.

      Thanks for the comment !

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