Review of Dalian Airlines flight Chengdu Xi'an in Economy

Airline Dalian Airlines
Flight CA8926
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 11 Jun 15, 19:05
Arrival at 11 Jun 15, 20:25
C4 2 reviews
By GOLD 948
Published on 17th April 2016
This was the second segment of a business trip in Mainland China, after this HGH - CTU flight.

This FR began in a taxi. Not only was the trunk of that standard car was drastically reduced by the LPG tank, but the leftover space was occupied by a plastic box containing the driver’s belongings. He placed it on top of my own suitcase on the front seat, in order to leave space for the luggage of my two colleagues. That situation was not special : some Chinese taxi drivers don’t seem to have registered the concept that their customers could have luggage.

photo IMG_7776a

It was a hassle free ride to CTU

photo IMG_7781a

The taxi drop zone

photo IMG_7786a

Like in PVG, there was an explosive screening at the entrance of the terminal

photo IMG_7787a

But unlike in PVG where the passengers had to wait briefly in a cordoned off area until the cotton swabs had been tested, the passengers were guided here through a meandering path to have them still within reach if there was a positive test, so the whole process was fluid (and possibly felt faster than it really was).

photo IMG_7788a

The inside of the terminal, landside

photo IMG_7789a

There were self checking machines

photo IMG_7791a

But since I was traveling with a *A Gold member, I could join him in the J/Elite check in counters. It was this way:

photo IMG_7794a

Waiting was nil there, and passengers traveling in a small group could wait comfortably on these armchairs on the left while a companion would check them in.

photo IMG_7796a

A view of the check-in counters, with stools for the passengers to sit on

photo IMG_7798a

This picture in the background represents the travertine cascades at Huanglong National Park, in the north of Sichuan. You will find a very similar picture in my tourist bonus of this JZH-CTU Flight Report, posted in the very early times of this website. This natural wonder is very famous in Mainland China, but little known outside the country. (Do not go there in spring, which is the end of the dry season).

photo IMG_7799a

The carpet at the exit of the J/Elite check in area

photo IMG_7801a

On the other hand, I could not use the proirity lane of the security check, so my colleague had to wait for me (not very long) on the other side

photo IMG_7802a

… and then guide me upstairs to the smiling welcome at the CA lounge welcome desk.

photo IMG_7803a

A magazine and newspapers stand. There were the two main English language daily papers published in Mainland China (HK excluded): the China Daily and the Global Times. The former has a strong “official government release” and “Ideal China where the bad guys are punished and the heroes are rewarded” line, and the latter adds a rather xenophobic and conspiracist tone.

photo IMG_7808a

Beyond the initial areas behind the welcome desk,

photo IMG_7827a

… this lounge gave me a feeling of space, no matter which direction I looked, contrary to that in HGH. There was a lot of circulation space and much fewer passengers than seats.

photo IMG_7806a

The only fault was that the staff took excessive time to collect the used plates of the passengers. I eventually took myself the leftovers of another passengers who had been sitting in the place which I found most pleasant.

photo IMG_7834a

There was a room for getting rest, with a subdued lighting and a massaging armchair (for a fee, in the background).

photo IMG_7823a

There was just as much space and lack of congestion in the catering area, with a central counter surrounded by a half circle of counters, and tables for eating there your choice.

photo IMG_7807a

Dinner was not served yet, but there was food for hungry passengers

photo IMG_7824aphoto IMG_7825a

So, before the hot meals were due to arrive at 5pm,

photo IMG_7810a

This is what was already in the center :

photo IMG_7812a

A coffee machine

photo IMG_7815a

Sandwich bread, butter and jam; there was a toaster too

photo IMG_7844a

In a corner of the room :

photo IMG_7816a

Instant cup noodles, the kind which cost 4 yuan in any Chinese grocery store

photo IMG_7817a

Various wrapped snacks

photo IMG_7839aphoto IMG_7840aphoto IMG_7841a

I am no specialist of these beverages ; all I wan write is that the choice was very limited.

photo IMG_7818a

There was not much choice either of cold non-alcoholic drinks

photo IMG_7819a

Top right, the yogurts and the straws without which a Chinese could not eat them.

photo IMG_7846a

Some fruit

photo IMG_7842a

And small pastries

photo IMG_7843a

My selection, waiting for the dinner catering

photo IMG_7847a

In Mainland China, the date marked on perishable foods is that of production. It is up to consumers to determine until when it is safe to eat it. This yogurt was therefore made on 28 May.

photo IMG_7848a

Now that I had nibbled a bit, it was time to get something to do. There was a room with self serve computers

photo IMG_7826a

How about using my own ?

photo IMG_7833a

The internet connection was fast and hassle-free this time, which should not be taken for granted in Mainland China these days.

photo IMG_7836a

The toilets, here the ones for handicapped travelers, were spotlessly clean

photo IMG_7849a

The lounge did not fill up, the number of passengers actually tended to decrease

photo IMG_7851a

At 5 pm sharp, hot food was brought in the catering area

photo IMG_7852a

There were a total of six heated dishes, with a rather attractive and varied choice of food

photo IMG_7853aphoto IMG_7854aphoto IMG_7855a

I stopped in front of this dish on the right

photo IMG_7859a

A 宫保鱼丁 (gōngbǎo yúdīng) ? This was an interesting fish (鱼) variation on the unavoidable 宫保鸡丁 (gōngbǎo jīdīng), the quintessential Sichuan dish. It is chicken with peanuts and red hot peppers. Better know where you stand, because hot peppers are world class fiery stuff in Sichuan.

photo IMG_7858a

You can eat with chopsticks – the reusable kind that I had in my company restaurant in Beijing – but there were disposable silverware too for travelers unfamiliar with the handling of chopsticks.

photo IMG_7861a

The staff resupplied promptly the dishes

photo IMG_7862a

My selection : vegetables, rice, and this gōngbǎo yúdīng which puzzled me

photo IMG_7863a

It was so good I took seconds; this version was considerably less hot than what I ate in local small restaurants.

photo IMG_7864a

I did not try these desserts (flans with various flavors)

photo IMG_7865a

There was no mention of our flight to XIY on this FIDS, but it was time to leave the lounge

photo IMG_7829aphoto IMG_7876a

Going alongside a children play area

photo IMG_7877a

And reaching a boarding room at the lower level : we would be boarding by bus

photo IMG_7884a

When it is not raining, a bus transfer improves the plane spotting opportunities. In the mean time, this room provides views of planes from a different angle, like this Air China A32x.

photo IMG_7886a

Two twin-engine aircraft of vastly different sizes : a Beech 350 and a Gulfstream IV

photo IMG_7887a

Even bigger : a Yalian Business Jet A318

photo IMG_7898a

A Chengdu Airlines A320, with a reactor undergoing maintenance. The tail of the aircraft is decorated with the Jinsha solar disk, the prize of a major 21st century archeological find made by chance while building a housing complex in Chengdu.

photo IMG_7960a

And a Dalian Airlines aircraft, whose livery on the tail and winglets made it clear that this airline is a subsidiary of Air China.

photo IMG_7893a

This was the explanation of the absence of Xi’an (XIY) in the list of destination on the FIDS : our flight was actually heading to Dalian (DLC), stopping over in XIY. We needed to pay attention to the flight number, which is a share code reference in this picture.

photo IMG_7895a

But then ? A flight which would continue to Dalian, a parked Dalian Airlines aircraft, a ticket with Air China, the parent company of Dalian Airlines … would I have a good surprise ? The answer would come soon, since boarding was announced on schedule.

photo IMG_7903a

The priorities were respected:

photo IMG_7908a

… my *A Gold colleague made the trip in a minibus

photo IMG_7910a

While the ordinary passengers took an ordinary bus

photo IMG_7911a

An interesting aircraft, seen with difficulty from the boarding room:

photo IMG_7919a

The presence of this Tibet Airlines A319 was no surprise: CTU (and to a lesser extent CKG) is the hub of flights to/from Tibet : the cost of bringing aviation fuel to Tibet may be a reason for not scheduling long distance flights from there.

photo IMG_7971a

An Air China Cargo 757

photo IMG_7934a

The terminal seen from rather far away

photo IMG_7935a

This time though, the most interesting plane is the one that I am going to board. My Chinese colleagues chose systematically Air China flights, but they nevertheless unwittingly offered me a new airline in my list: its subsidiary Dalian Airlines! This airline was not even in Flight Report’s data base when I posted the French version of this report!

photo IMG_7926a

The name of the airline

photo IMG_7927a

And the plane’s number. The tail’s livery is identical to that of Air China: only the fuselage is different.

photo IMG_7929a

Note that I was not the only one taking pictures of the plane. I have never had any restrictions about taking pictures in Chinese airports, and my reports always have a tiny portion of all the pictures I accumulate.

photo IMG_7930aphoto IMG_7931aphoto IMG_7938a

I was nearly the last passengers up the stairs

photo IMG_7943a

There was no error : this plane belonged indeed to Dalian Airlines. Taking this picture gave me an additional smile from the FAs welcoming the passengers on board.

photo IMG_7944a

We found the usual two J rows in 2+2 layout

photo IMG_7945a

But the antimacassar was embroidered to Dalian Airlines’ name .

photo IMG_7949a

Same for the Y cabin

photo IMG_7950a

… but the antimacassar are of course in much cheaper non-woven fabric, with a printed logo

photo IMG_7955a

Newspapers in Chinese were available at the beginning of the Y cabin.

photo IMG_7953a

My seat, of course a window seat

photo IMG_7954a

I had the half row to myself, at first

photo IMG_7957a

The scene form my seat as boarding went on

photo IMG_7956a

Focus on the scarf of a FA

photo IMG_7962a

I could not expect to keep this half row empty: a second bus arrived:

photo IMG_7964a

The seat was by Recaro, according to the logo on the table tray support

photo IMG_7966a

The safety instruction sheet, with Air China’s logo

photo IMG_7967-68a

The seat pitch could also have Air China’s logo : it was the same as on the previous flight

photo IMG_7969a

A 737-700 converted for freight for Yangtze River Express. It was unusual in being registered B-3000, appearing in a specific font.

photo IMG_7973a

The salute of the ground staff… after a long wait, because “due to air traffic control”, we started taxiing twenty minutes after boarding was completed.

photo IMG_7975a

A CA A321 seen while taxiing

photo IMG_7977a

The safety demonstration was on the IFE screens, with a sign language interpreter.

photo IMG_7981a

A Gulfstream V seen shortly before reaching the runway. It belonged to the Hongda Group, a letter apart but of course unrelated to the Japanese car-maker.

photo IMG_7985a

Take off

photo IMG_7994a

Focus on the 大连航空 (Dalian Airlines) marking on the wing

photo IMG_8000a

An interchange and the toll gates

photo IMG_7998a

The plane had a Sky Interior feature

photo IMG_8001a

The IFE screens display the airshow

The sun set in accordance with the screen below

photo IMG_8016a

The meal is not generous by Chinese standards : a small sandwich and an equally small bottle of water.

photo IMG_8017a

About 8.5 cm diameter

photo IMG_8018a

… and not much inside. But remember that this was a flight with a stopover, and that the passengers to Dalian probably had a second serving on the leg.

photo IMG_8020a

Another view of the sunset

photo IMG_8021a

The waning light improves the look of the Sky Interior

photo IMG_8025a

Touch down at 20:31 and final stop at the terminal at 20:41 : the plane recovered some of her initial delay. I deplaned a quarter of an hours later.

photo IMG_8035a

A last look at this unexpected plane, a first for me which was a pleasant surprise

photo IMG_8036a

A Xiamen Airlines 738

photo IMG_8039a

And arrival in the luggage delivery room, where mine which had a priority tag thanks to my colleague’s status arrived 7 minutes after the plane’s final stop !

photo IMG_8042a

And four minutes later, we were already in two taxis, leaving the terminal with as usual the name of the city in giant red characters : 西安

photo IMG_8044a

This is the end of this FR, and the beginning of a short tourist bonus limited to what I saw in the evening after my meetings.

Tianfu Square is Chengdu’s central square. That is also where Chengdu’s Subway Line 1 (north-south) and Line 2 (east-west) cross.

photo IMG_7659a

There are presently only two lines of subway in Chengdu which started operation a few years ago, but Chengdu Metro’s ambition are overwhelming : the master plan calls for an eventual 900 km of subway lines!

photo IMG_7690a

Tianfu Square was renovated by Chengdu Metro, which could afford building these fountains : I was told that the underground shopping mall and the parking lots that they built together with this central subway station made it a very profitable real estate operation.

photo IMG_7678a

These women on Tianfu Square are not hawkers for hotels (like often outside a main railway station), and that they show pictures of young girls does not mean that they propose services of dubious morality: these are photographers who propose souvenirs of a better quality than that done with your smartphone. This kind of job is typical of the informal economy which accompanies the development of China today.

photo IMG_7662aphoto IMG_7677a

Tianfu Square was under the surveillance of policemen using all kinds of vehicles: electric like this Segway (or maybe a Chinese copy – I have seen one in an airport).

photo IMG_7666a

And this light car

photo IMG_7679a

A bus, or rather a bus used as a mobile office

photo IMG_7684a

And even a light armored vehicle.

photo IMG_7681a

It was not heavy police presence and the mood was relaxed. Thinks changed radically since the time of Mao, whose statue keeps saluting the central axis of the square

photo IMG_7667a

This was what the statue could see : a very wide and strictly straight avenue which measures in kilometers, illuminated by highly energy wasting omnidirectional street lamps.

photo IMG_7686a

Where was this structure in the distance? I knew it, but I had forgotten its localization.

photo IMG_7689a

I only needed to ask one of the policemen keeping watch on the square, and he made no difficulty in telling me where to go : direction the South station subway stop. The surroundings are not especially attractive by night.

photo IMG_7716a

When you do not have a chance to go there by car in daytime, it is still possible to have a decent view of the viaduct which crosses the railway tracks.

photo IMG_7718aphoto IMG_7721a

The decoration of the top of the pylon reproduces the design of the gold disk of Jinsha, that Chengdu Airlines chose for their logo.

photo IMG_7723a

Some more subway station stops to reach the temporary end station, at Century City. This subway exit was quite deserted between two subway arrivals.

photo IMG_7735a

But when the passengers of a subway emerge, a dozen shouting women propose seats for transportation to suburban destinations.

photo IMG_7727a

The transportation is by car, or in one of these picturesque three wheel vehicles derived from light motorcycles.

photo IMG_7729a

I did not need then : I only needed to cross the avenue on that bridge to quickly reach the Century City Holiday Inn. Untrue to this name, this neighborhood is probably at most ten years old, from the absence of any trace of old buildings.

photo IMG_7741a

Thanks for reading me all the way to here!
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Dalian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Air China Lounge


Chengdu - CTU


Xi'an - XIY



I have very few comments about the departing airport, since I benefited from a priority check in and did not spend much time outside the lounge. The transfer by bus was not much of an inconvenient, since it gave me excellent picture opportunities, which were all the more welcome that this was a new airline for me.

The Air China lounge in CTU was nearly flawless : vast, quiet and well lit, very satisfactory catering, a good internet access… what more would you want ? Pinpointing the lack of reactivity of the staff for removing the leftovers of travelers after they left their seat is nitpicking.

The catering was not very generous on board (but it was more than 20g of cookies received on AF domestic flights, or nothing on the Air China CGO-PEK flight), because this was actually the first segment of the flight. The FA were smiling. A quarter of an hour late at destination was not much, especially by Chinese standards.

The luggage were delivered in record time, including for the non-priority colleague, a very short walk to the taxi stand where the waiting time was nil: XIY was quasi-flawless at the arrival.

Information on the route Chengdu (CTU) Xi'an (XIY)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Chengdu (CTU) → Xi'an (XIY).


The airline with the best average rating is Dalian Airlines with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 20 minutes.

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  • Comment 162262 by
    Benoit75008 7273 Comments

    Thanks for this report,

    You're very lucky to travel like this according to your work.

    Concerning CTU, this airport is quite modern but CA lounge is not the best. I was expecting something better in terms of food and beverages.

    Dalian Airlines is not offering correct catering, you could expect something better.

    Your bonus is great and i can't wait to read your next flight.

    • Comment 345970 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9849 Comments

      Lucky is the correct adjective : I very seldom had a chance to get into a Chinese airport lounge.
      Consequently, I did not have specific expectations with regards to this one, and since I like Chinese food and had an internet connection in a quiet environment, I was satisfied.
      The limited catering on board was the result of flying the first shorter segment of a longer flight.
      Thanks for your comment !

  • Comment 162374 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this nice FR.

    CTU looks like an efficient and modern airport. The CA lounge looks very nice for a mainland Chinese one and the fact that it was not crowded made it even more enjoyable. The plastic utensils and the kitschy decoration by the buffet do not contribute to the appeal of the lounge. Catering looks solid with the choices provided. Pastries and sweets are not the forte of Chinese gastronomy.

    I find the Tibet Airlines livery quite appealing. It looks better on a widebody.

    Overall a good flight but the catering was certainly lacking.

    Nice bonus of this big city.

    • Comment 346138 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9849 Comments

      I found the decoration in the lounge rather subdued, very low on the kitsch scale which can reach wild levels in China.
      Pastries are not what Chinese gastronomy is best at, and cakes are plain disasters.

      The FAs of Tibet Airlines have a fetching uniform. I wish I had a chance to fly with them on a domestic fifth freedom flight (a politically highly incorrect expression ;)

      Catering on board was below par, but flying on that unusual airline more than compensated for it.

      Thanks for the comment !

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