Review of LAN Airlines flight Santiago Miami in Economy

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA500
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 08:25
Take-off 17 Jan 16, 22:35
Arrival at 18 Jan 16, 05:00
LA 64 reviews
By 1936
Published on 24th April 2016
I landed from buenos aires( and had less than 2 hours to my next flight. Luckily security for connecting flights was empty and within 2 minutes I was inside SCL airside zone. I was surprised to see a lot of American brands at SCL including ruby Tuesday and dunkin donuts. The airport is old but nice.
photo IMG_1461
Only picture I took of SCL

45 minutes before departure time boarding began. I still don't understand why people like to wait in line when there group has not yet being called. I think some people are afraid that there hand baggage won't fit in the overhead bins due to lack of space(which on the 787 is not a problem since the compartments are huge)and other people are just anxious I guess.
I remember when boarding I overheard a conversation between a passenger and LAN staff at the gate. Apparently the passenger had a international connection in Miami and did not got a U.S. Visa. When all passengers have boarded the pilot apologized for the 20 minute delayed because that passenger dis not had a visa, unbelievable!.
photo IMG_1465
The view from my windows, an American airlines 787 departing to DFW.
After the pilot had apologized, taxing began and the safety video was shown
photo IMG_1466
Safety video.

LAN crew is usually very friendly. I remember a flight attendant giving LAN watches to children and I remember she told a little girl "Are you happy you are going on a holiday?" with a smile. I also remember a passenger forgot to fasten his seatbelt and when the crew was doing the security check, he immediately fasten his seatbelt and the flight attendant told him "very good, you fasten your seatbelt before I nagged you" with a smile again.

30 minutes after departure dinner service began. Something I noticed is that it took forever for them to give me my meal. I was 6 rows behind them and I got the tray 25 minutes after.
The food options were Meat ravioli with tomato sauce or Cooked salmon with smashed potatoes. I went for the ravioli. There was a salad, cheese and a delicious cheesecake as dessert. The only thing I would replace was those crackers for bread
photo IMG_1467
The dinner service at LAN

With dinner I watched TED, funny movie. LAN shows a warning message when adult movies are played
photo IMG_1462
LAN warning

After that I went to sleep and woke up just when the breakfast service. It consisted of an Omelet served with fruit and a piece of bread together with jam. I only ate the bread and the fruit since I wasn't hungry, besides I prefer my omelets for dinner rather than breakfast.
photo IMG_1471
Breakfast at LAN

Something I noticed during the flight is that every 5 minutes the moving map changed to violet and green for 10 seconds.
photo IMG_1475
Moving map error.

After breakfast we began descending into Miami airport and landed 15 minutes before scheduled.
photo IMG_1476
Approaching Miami.

When we reached our gate, a Wi-Fi network was available called LAN plus the aircraft registration, however it was private and Wi-Fi was not available during the flight
photo IMG_1479

The advantage of arriving this early is that passport control wasn't full of people. Within 30 minutes I was in the MIA mover going to the car rental center.

Overall it was a good flight, the seats were confortable, crew was friendly and the meals were good. The only thing I would change was the speed the crew hand out the meals.

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Flight LA 500 from Santiago to Miami on 17/01/2016

Overall it was a good flight, the seats were confortable, crew was friendly and the meals were good. The only thing I would change was the speed the crew hand out the meals.



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