Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Tokyo in First

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY878
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 10:05
Take-off 20 Mar 16, 22:10
Arrival at 21 Mar 16, 13:15
EY   #6 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 251 reviews
By 5232
Published on 28th April 2016
Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to this series of flights.

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Welcome back. The last installment ended after a short but impressive QR flight from Doha deposited me at Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1 for my first rendezvous with the A340-600.

photo 20160320_073828photo 20160320_073956

I followed the signs for connecting passengers. There was a brief security screening with no wait. I have never spent any time in T1 so I had a look around. I know it's dated and crowded but I like the aesthetic and "arabian" look.

photo 20160320_073422photo 20160320_073542

I reached the transit desk and it was quite crowded. I entered the queue and waited a bit, looking to get my boarding pass, and then realized that flying First I should be able to get the BP in the lounge, so I headed there. I'm really not that great a first class passenger. I'm just conditioned to line up and wait but that doesn't need to be the case when flying first.

photo 20160320_073726

My flight was leaving from T3 but I decided to have a look at the T1 lounge since I was here already.

photo 20160320_070840photo 20160320_070901photo 20160320_070934

I was immediately and warmly greeted at the lounge by an EY staffer. I presented my passport and aksed about getting the boarding pass issued. Of course no problem and it was quickly done. I was advised I was welcome here but informed of the T3 lounge as well. I also observed a but of a kerfuffle between staff and a couple of disgruntled passengers. This was a scene that I saw played out three separate times on this trip. Men of South Asian ethnicity yelling at female airline staff in a completely unproductive and inordinate to the situation way. Their flights were delayed, some significantly, but their misogynist and narcissistic behavior left me nauseous. I suppose I'm glad to see this happens outside the US too, for some reason.

Enough about men behaving poorly and on to the T1 Premium Lounge. It's a dated, low ceiling, low natural light space. There is plenty of seating in a variety of configurations. The materials and decor are all quite sharp and pleasant. The crowd was thin at this early evening hour.

Generous food and beverage area as well as a bar with staff that were very friendly and eager to offer drinks.

I enjoyed some water in a round room.

photo 20160320_071552photo 20160320_072352

Time to venture over to T3 and the lounge housed therein. On the walk over I saw this rendering of what the airport will be in the future?

photo 20160320_074046

Traversing the long line that is T3.

photo 20160320_074651

Got a shot of the aircraft that will do the flight to NRT tonight. Beautiful thing. My first time on the A340-600 (or any A340 variant for that matter).

photo 20160320_075005

Lounge entrance.

photo 20160320_075117photo 20160320_075204

After the warm greeting I was escorted to the "First Class" section. This was my second visit and i received the same briefing, " This is a temporary arrangement until our new First Class Lounge opens." I guess we'll know next week if the 5/1/15 rumor is a reality…

photo 20160320_085702

General lounge seating area.

photo 20160320_075702photo 20160320_075711

I don't have a lot of time here but I so want to avail myself of as many amenities as possible. I start by venturing off to the STYLE & SHAVE by Etihad and Six Senses Spa to setup appointments for service. A haircut is available straight away and I setup a massage for an hour and a half later. It was my first airport lounge haircut and it went very well. The stylist was very friendly and did a super job of tidying up my hair(s).

photo 20160320_084736photo 20160320_075620

I opted for a shower next. This was not a great experience as the rooms are cramped and very warm. No thought was put into the space in that a user may have luggage of some variety with them when they travel and the may need access to this when they are bathing.

photo 20160320_080931photo 20160320_080937photo 20160320_080939

With some time post shower and pre-massage I returned to the seating area. I was promptly offered a beverage and also told of some cook to order menu items that I may like. This wasn't offered on my last visit. For fun I requested the club sandwich. I would have the 2005 Bollinger La Grande Annee to quaff as well. The wine is superb and the few bites of the sandwich I had were also enjoyable.

Massage complete and riding that buzz of relaxation (and champagne) that one gets forma massage I opted to enjoy an espresso. I went to the barista station and placed my order. I'm sure this is something that the servers in the first class section can fetch but, again, my default is to do-it-yourself so to speak.

photo 20160320_100821photo 20160320_100943

While I didn't use the buffet(s) this time the lounge has two rather extensive food offerings and a dining area.

photo 20160320_100623photo 20160320_100837

I was very excited to see the inside of an A340 for the first time so I headed to gate a bit early. The holding area was packed with no where to sit. I was standing around near the podiums when an Etihad staff came and led me to another sparsely populated seating area. I think it was the seating for the adjacent gate that was not being used at the time. Perhaps this was for F and J? I was fine standing but appreciated the gesture. Boarding started about 15 minutes after the stated boarding time and I was aboard quickly.

Greeted at the 2L door and escorted to my seat. The cabin is very opulent with a diamond on the bulkhead and high walled suites. Although dated I still think it's a nice looking space and very comfortable.

I selected 2A. It is the same seat I enjoyed on the 777-200LR from DEL-AUH. As near as I can tell it's the same seat and a great place to dine, sleep, and lounge.

The seat lighting and adjustment controls are via touch screen and the IFE is controlled by this rather dated remote.

The excusite flight attendant, Ludmilla, came to introduce herself and offer a beverage. I opt to resume relations with the Bollinger.

photo 20160320_103302photo 20160320_103641

Amenities are delivered in a handy tote.

photo 20160320_103727

I opt to go change into pajamas straight away but there is some limitation to using the lav as the aircraft is being fueled. This is a new one to me. Anyhow eventually Ludmilla leads me to the larger lav. On the way in the chef Hugo stops me and presents me with a garment bag for my clothes. This is very thoughtful and also amusing as I'm wearing shorts after that hot Etihad shower experience.

The lav is very spacious and well equipped with amenities. The pajamas on offer are very sleek, black, and comfortable. The bag also contains slippers of good quality.

Back at the seat the menu and wine list are distributed and reviewed.

With all pre-flight duties taken care of we are dispatched for taxi and takeoff.

photo 20160320_113317photo 20160320_114757photo 20160320_115104

The flight was smooth as we made our climb passing over Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, and out over the Strait of Hormuz. Service began promptly and all but one passenger decided to enjoy a meal and some Etihad hospitality. Beverages were offered first and I requested a dry martini. What I received was a martini made with sweet vermouth rather than dry. It was served in a generous and proper stemware.

photo 20160320_120332photo 20160320_120342

A trip to the lav and I snapped a shot of the pilot rest area and cabin control unit.

photo 20160320_114639photo 20160320_114714

At a leisurely pace, allowing time for a cocktail, the table was set for dinner.

photo 20160320_122808

The on board chef, an affable guy named Hugo, did the meal manifesting. He was keen to prepare anything and everything that was within his box of tools, so to speak. I requested of Hugo a small portion "tasting" experience. I pointed to several dishes on the menu that I was keen to try but asked that he scale down the portions so that I may try more items. Hugo was very agreeable to this idea and said it would be done. I also deferred to Hugo as to what wine to enjoy as well. I must admit the concept of an on board "Chef" seemed gimmicky to me at first but when you get a great one like Hugo it adds a lot of value to the dining experience.

The first wine presented was a dry Riesling from the USA.

photo 20160320_122913

The amuse bouche was presented. Please forgive me but I don't remember what this dish is or how successful is was…or wasn't.

photo 20160320_123713photo 20160320_123722

Bread is served by Ludmilla from a basket.

photo 20160320_123729

The next wine offered was from Burgundy and a lovely example of Chardonnay.

photo 20160320_130313

The minted prawns and Arabic soup were up next. I enjoyed both dishes a great deal.

A palate cleansing sorbet of sorts was slotted in next.

photo 20160320_130339

I spy the neighbors also enjoying this great parade of food.

photo 20160320_130553

The wild mushroom risotto was served next. This dish was slightly off the mark in texture, too aldente, but the flavor was true to the description.

photo 20160320_131436

The wine was changed to an Australian Shiraz to pair with the main lamb dish.

photo 20160320_132250photo 20160320_132405

The star attraction was the tender lamb shank in jus served over a mashed potato. It was very good. The braised meat is friendly to in flight dining. I do believe Hugo lost track of our small plate goal with this portion…

photo 20160320_132927photo 20160320_132937

The vegetable saloona was served on the side.

photo 20160320_132944

I took a sweet wine to enjoy with cheese and dessert.

photo 20160320_135119

The Etihad cheese presentation has to be the best looking in the sky. I suppose cutting and plating the cheese at the seat is more proper but my goodness this is nice to look at…and taste.

photo 20160320_135329photo 20160320_135619

Finally, having come this far, I opted for a bite or two of the baked wild berry pudding. Very enjoyable dessert.

photo 20160320_144129photo 20160320_144137photo 20160320_144149

Thoroughly delighted with all the flavors and service of the meal it was time to get horizontal and see if sleep would come. The bed was made and suite doors closed.

Sleep was good in this spacious bed. The cabin temperature was perfect too, which greatly effects my sleep. I was unconscious for most of Asia and awoke near the Sea of Japan.

photo 20160320_183252

The offer of service came quickly and I requested water and a cappuccino.

photo 20160320_191513

I wasn't particularly hungry but there was one menu item left that I wanted to conquer: The Etihad Steak Sandwich. Hugo assembled a lovely version.

photo 20160320_193239photo 20160320_194351photo 20160320_201305

Nearing Japan now and excitement is building. After my home airport of LAX, NRT is the airport I have most frequented logging 126 arrivals/departures. It has a very special place in my aviation memories.

We touched down on 16L and made the long journey to Terminal 1. Not everyone is as excited about NRT as I am…

photo 20160320_203611photo 20160320_203616photo 20160320_203623
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Etihad Airways Business Class Lounge


Abu Dhabi - AUH


Tokyo - NRT



Thank you for joining me for this delicious meal...I mean Tokyo's Narita Airport.

The Ground Service: Transit was very efficient, after I came to my senses and abandoned the transit desk queue. I must have arrived at a lull time as the security line was no waiting.

The Lounge: The Etihad Premium Lounges are both very good Business Class lounges. The additional perks for First Class including haircut/shave, massage, and excellent champagne are excellent features to differentiate. I'm quite intrigued by what Etihad may have in store for the upcoming First Class lounge. The J lounge is so complete it's going to be interesting. If anything a less crowded space will be welcome. I pass through AUH in Etihad First again May 21st so if it's open expect a full report!

The Cabin: Comfort, privacy, adequate IFE, and low volume of traffic. All hallmarks of a great product. The IFE and screen are reaching the end of their useful life, but so is the A340, so I doubt there will be improvements upcoming.

The Crew: Genuine, professional, and efficient come to mind as ways to describe Ludmilla and Hugo. The cabin manager Fritz also seemed kind but there was less contact than with the others. They really made the flight a fun and memorable experience.

The Food and Beverage: I enjoy the a la carte style of service where the passenger can somewhat customize the experience. The chef on board adds a lot of value to this way of dining. I give high marks (airplane dining qualifier firmly in place) to all the dishes that I explored. The plating of the food must also be mentioned as great care is taken to provide a visual treat too.

Overall: Etihad is really climbing up my list of favorite airline experiences. This is only my third segment in Etihad F but all have been very memorable. Keep up the good work.

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    757Fan 612 Comments

    Wow, everything looks incredible! Thank you for sharing!

    I must fly Etihad one day ... What a great looking airline!

  • Comment 163167 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    I'm really not that great a first class passenger.
    A statement open to subjectivity but in my view if you treat everyone respectfully and don't throw fits and tantrums then you are already a great F pax. And judging by the way that you interact with airline personnel in your FR's you are already tilting the scale on the positive side. ;)

    Their flights were delayed, some significantly, but their misogynist and narcissistic behavior left me nauseous. I suppose I'm glad to see this happens outside the US too, for some reason
    - I think this is more prevalent in cultures that are less egalitarian than others where socioeconomic factors create a wider gap between the classifications. Factor in the sexist attitude which is cultural and that explains this type of nauseous behavior.

    Judging from the FR's that I have read in the past, it seems that EY is the classier of the 3 ME carriers. Not as big as EK and less notorious than QR, EY appears like the under dog that does his things and in the end surprises everyone.

    Your lounge experience at AUH is quite a contrast from your previous one with QR with warm and attentive staff. The spa with the hair styling service was the cherry on top.

    Once aboard the service lived up to expectations and the meals looked great. Overall an exemplary experience.

    Thank you Christian for sharing another exciting segment.

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