Review of Avianca flight Bogota Pasto in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 8597
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 23 Feb 16, 15:05
Arrival at 23 Feb 16, 16:20
AV   #64 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 93 reviews
By 352
Published on 25th July 2016


Hola everyone, this time I'll report on a rather unusual destination in Colombia: Pasto.

Pasto is the capital city of Nariño Department in the border with Ecuador, it is actually nearer to Quito than to Bogotá (just a 6h drive compared to a 24h drive to Bogotá, you'll see why). The region is quite remote from the rest of the country as driving takes a lot and air fares are quite expensive as Avianca has a virtual monopoly there which people unwillingly support as it is the quickest link to the rest of Colombia.

I had to go to Pasto for a couple of days, and tickets were obnoxiously high so I bought a 1 way fare with cash and the other with Lifemiles, curiously flying on Business Class was less expensive than Economy, so why not?

At Bogotá's Eldorado Airport-Puente Aéreo Terminal+Avianca Lounge

Almost all of Avianca's domestic flights (except MDE, CLO, CTG and BAQ) leave from BOG's Puente Aéreo Terminal…basically a bus terminal for airplanes.

I arrived by cab and walked straight to the food court since I wasn't checking any baggage so I did OLCI and then printed a souvenir BP on a Self Check In Quiosk
photo dscn0367photo dscn0368

The Terminal's food court has a reasonable offer, ranging from burger joints to full service restaurants. I chose one of the former, and ordered a "punta de anca" for about $30,000 COP, which is roughly $10 USD. I found that reasonable, almost the same you would play in any other place in Bogotá

photo dscn0369

Done with my meal I went to the Avianca Lounge…which is basically a glorified gate area with some free snacks and drinks. Nothing extraordinary.

It has a nice view of the apron, curiously enough anyone arriving from the pier at the left passes just in front of you, so you have a time of people watching too.

photo dscn0370

Trying to take a less conspicuous photo

photo dscn0372

My catering for the while.

photo dscn0373

Slowly the new livery is dominating BOG (it has taken AV a lot to change to the new livery, comparing to AA which boasts 8x its fleet)

photo dscn0374

Our chariot for the day lurking behind an ATR, N266CT is a 10 year-old A319 which flew originally with Méxicana de Aviación. It hasn't the new interiors and lacks PTVs, which is OK for domestic flights, but I would have been really pissed of I I had a long-haul to JFK or SCL on this one. As of today it is currently basking in some desert.

photo dscn0375

Boarding and Taxi

Due to its inhospitable location and proness to heavy weather, PSO tends to close and flights get cancelled most of the time. Fortunately for me it wasn't the case and I was called to my flight by a lady screaming boarding flights to the Lounge…more effective than the FIDS. (Ironically I was told I wasn't going to be called to board so I had to check the FIDS, go figure)

This photo came a bit obscure as I boarded…

photo dscn0376

AV's retro cabin…still way better than Y cabins in Europe I must say.

photo dscn0377

To compensate for the lack of AVOD, they do boast glorious pitch.

photo dscn0378

And we're off to the deep south of Colombia with a little tour of BOG's facilities:

Puente Aéreo, from where we left

photo dscn0379

The International Concourse at Terminal 1, a bit lazy between the North America bank in the morning and the Europe and other Long Hauls in the evening.

photo dscn0380

NK leaving for FLL

photo dscn0381


photo dscn0382

AM from MEX

photo dscn0383

NK right behind us…but we turn left to RWY 13R

photo dscn0384

Interjet arriving from MEX

photo dscn0386

A Satena ATR would join us in the trip to 13R

photo dscn0387

A view of the Centro Internacional skyline before lining to 13R.

photo dscn0388

A pair of Company heavies waiting for their night missions

photo dscn0389

Take Off

Take off was quick, it took a SW heading which allowed for a view of almost all of Bogotá….as we headed into Girardot.


En-route to Girardot we passed by Melgar, home of Tolemaida Military Fort, one of the biggest military bases in Colombia.

photo dscn0402

In no time we passed over Girardot

photo dscn0403

And its airport, Santiago Vila, can you see how dry the Magdalena River was?

photo dscn0405

Then the plane veered southward and allowed us a view of the nascent metropolitan area around Girardot.

photo dscn0406

I've passed by this place on car and it is filled with military…it seems they're building a new base.

photo dscn0407

Another view of the Magdalena valley

photo dscn0408

Zoom into a town called Espinal, which boasts arguably the best Lechonas in Colombia (my favourite dish)

photo dscn0409

This flight was only a month after the flight I took between BOG and CLO , the effects of the draught are still visible

photo dscn0410photo dscn0411

I fell asleep for a pair of minutes and by then I woke up in unknown lands for me…since there was no Map on the IFE, I shall asume this was Cauca Department.

Check how rugged the terrain gets.

By this point the folks at the front told us we were about to arrive….I couldn't figure out where

photo dscn0418photo dscn0419

It seems these parts of the country weren't as hit by the draught as the rest of it…lucky them.

photo dscn0420photo dscn0421

Landing at Pasto's Antonio Nariño Airport

PSO is famed as one of the most difficult approaches in Colombia, I shall propose in the World…let the pictures speak for themselves

photo dscn0422photo dscn0423

This region is called Chachagüí. It is around 2200m over sea level, Pasto itself is at 2800m.

photo dscn0425

Our destination…some people mockingly say it is like an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Andes.

photo dscn0426photo dscn0427photo dscn0429

Here are a pair of someone else's videos to support my claim.

And how it looks from the front office…it must be a real thrill!

I must say our landing was top notch, extremely soft and easy…I was expecting something more of a roller coaster and got disappointed, considering the horror stories I was told, but kudos to the flight crew!

The terminal building and ATC tower…like almost all airports in Colombia, PSO is getting a new terminal building, thankfully!

photo dscn0431

Our plane resting from its easyish landing.

photo dscn0432

I reckon this is a charter flight, probably to Tumaco in the Pacific Coast or to Cali (as far as I know the only scheduled destinations to PSO are CLO and BOG)

photo dscn0433

I picked my baggage and walked into an awful terminal building…but I'll give it a break since it is going to be demolished soon. Then we had to walk around 500m to the taxi stand around rubble and construction material. Not the best welcome to anywhere.
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Cabin crew7.5

Avianca Lounge


Bogota - BOG


Pasto - PSO



Another regular flight within Colombia with Avianca. Service wasn't anything extraordinary. Lack of IFE is compensated by the awesome views. I really congratulate the crew for the landing.

AV's Lounge at the Puente Aéreo isn't at par with the ones in Terminal 1, and those two aren't even that good, so go figure. But Puente Aéreo remains a very efficient and somewhat nice (at least not awful) place to do what you're supposed to do in an airport, board a plane.

PSO is a dump. Is way too far from Pasto (1 hour), although the drive has some of the most beautiful views I've seen.

Stay tuned for the return on AV Biz.




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    Pilpintu SILVER 689 Comments


    Por Dios!!! Con razón es tan difícil llegar por tierra!!! Esos tremendos acantilados, cañones, precipicios, o como les llamemos.... son enoooormes!!! Leí tu reporte con la boca abierta. Me imagino que debe ser súper fácil suicidarse ahí. Es cosa de ir al bordecito y... adióooos!!!! XDD

    Últimamente me he propuesto viajar mucho, empezando por los destinos más cercanos. Pasto acaba de ingresar a mi lista de lugares, inmediatamente después de algunos destinos en Chile y en el cono sur.

    Gracias por compartir! :)

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