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Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 52
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 18 Jul 16, 09:45
Arrival at 18 Jul 16, 11:05
H2 36 reviews
By 531
Published on 24th July 2016

Ahhhh… glorious winter holidays!

Today I'm heading to Viña del Mar, one of my favorite cities in Chile. Even though Viña and Valparaíso make up a single metropolitan area, they are totally different. Nostalgic, bohemian Valparaíso has nothing to do with young, vibrant Viña del Mar.

Since I live 850km south of Viña, I will fly all the way up to Santiago, and then it's a two-hour bus ride to the coast from there.

No. There are no commercial flights to Viña del Mar or Valparaíso. Both are so close to Santiago that it's not profitable. One airline, Ladeco, used to have scheduled flights to Viña in the 90's, but that didn't last long. Nor did the airline. It was gobbled up by LAN and turned into LAN Express, which was in charge of LAN's domestic flights.


I'm boarding this flight in Temuco. The last time I was at Temuco airport all I could see was this:
photo img_7374
Hopefully, I will have the chance to see more of this recently built airport this time.

Sky Airline

In spite of the worrying facts about Sky that I mentioned in a previous report, I feel reassured flying this airline after all the research I did and after my recent flights with them.

By the way, three days before writing this I got this announcement on my email:
photo 13641102_1344759695552113_1238300797949529486_o
For the third year in a row, Sky has been awarded as the best regional airline in South America. Good for them!

Getting my ticket

I bought my ticket last April. Unfortunately, something was broken on Sky's website at that time and credit card purchases could not be processed. Nevertheless, I resorted again to The price displayed onscreen is that of the cheapest class. (Update: The problem was my web browser!!)
photo 01
It's really cheap. The price (37,390 CLP = 57 USD) is for the round trip and includes's service fee and boarding fees. I won't pay for my hand luggage and I can carry one 23kg piece of baggage for free. More info on this page.

I am sent my ticket and details of the flight via email.
photo 04

Checking in

Unlike my previous flights, I choose a seat over the wing this time. The reason? On one hand, it's gonna be cloudy all the way. No nice landscape for photographs. On the other, the flight is so short that the trolley can't make it to the last rows on time to buy and eat a sandwich in peace! In my last two flights I had the money in my hand, but I changed my mind and didn't buy anything because we were starting to land. Sky Airline is a low cost carrier, and the BOB process is slower than standard catering.

My boarding card. I'm not printing it. I asked Sky and they say I can show it on my cellphone.
photo bp

Araucanos and Araucanía

Temuco is the main city in an area that has been home for the Mapuche people since before the Spaniards came here. For centuries, Mapuches stubbornly stopped them from moving further south. That's why this city was called La Frontera (The Frontier). Even today, this area is a zone of conflict between Mapuches and the Chilean authorities over land tenure.

For some reason, the Spaniards called Mapuches Araucanos. Hence the name of the region, La Araucanía, which is reflected in the airport that serves Temuco.

Welcome to La Araucanía airport (ZCO)
photo dsc07076photo dsc07079

Stand and deliver

ZCO is located at barely 20km from Temuco, and less than 2km from the highway. Despite this, reaching the airport is more expensive than you might expect. There's no bus service, and the transfer service is quite expensive.

See the map below. In order to avoid the toll (I suppose) the main entrance to ZCO was built 3km to the north. This makes it very difficult to go from the highway to the terminal on foot, even though there is abundant public transportation to and from the city along that highway. There's a gravel road going from the toll towards the airport, but I don't know if a fence or something else is blocking the access to the terminal.
photo aerop

So, the only options to make it from Temuco to ZCO are by taxi (18,000 CLP = 28 USD), by transfer (up to 7,000 CLP = 11 USD), or using your own car. All this is far more expensive than the transfer service in my city, or even in Santiago!


It's a cold, foggy morning today. We're driving south along the 5 Sur.
photo img_7411

The fields around ZCO are quiet and wet from last night's rain.
photo img_7414

A general view of the main hall.
photo dsc07084

Very few people are checking in this early.
photo dsc07081

I've already checked in online, but I'm not sure about my baggage weight, so I queue up all the same. In the end, the staff tells me that I can carry my backpack in the cabin. She gives me an Equipaje de mano (Hand luggage) tag.
photo dsc07108

Still some 30 minutes for boarding time. I go for a walk around the hall. All signs are in Spanish, English, and Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuches. Very nice, but not much more than a move to pretend some respect for the original inhabitants. Mapudungun doesn't have the political relevance of other native languages, nor is it an official language along with Spanish. It is taught in schools, but only in remote villages, and the vast majority of Mapudungun speakers can speak Spanish, too.
photo dsc07082

LATAM's self-check-in.
photo dsc07083

ZCO's ground plan.
photo dsc07085

All flights at ZCO arrive from and go to Santiago.
photo dsc07086

You can pay for your parking time here.
photo dsc07088

The far end of the hall, with the transfer and car-rental stands. Great! The transfer stand is not inside baggage claim! That gave me problems at MHC and PMC.
photo dsc07089

I turn around and see that more people have started gathering at the check-in counter.
photo dsc07090

It's time to go upstairs. This is the view from the top of the stairs. The same stairs where I sat exhausted after my delayed/cancelled/delayed-again/diverted flight last month!
photo dsc07093

Landside and airside are separated just by these glass panels.
photo dsc07098

This is the view from the stairs to the left…
photo dsc07097

…and to the right.
photo dsc07096

On the left there's this ATM…
photo dsc07091

and a cafeteria…
photo dsc07092

…and a gift store where I saw these wooden bandurrias. Bandurrias (Theristicus caudatus) are abundant in the south of Chile, in cities and in the countryside, and they have a characteristic, metallic cawing. They are so romantic! You will rarely see them alone. They are always in couples. If you ever see them in an odd number, you can be pretty sure that you will be able to find another one nearby.
photo dsc07095

On the right there are more cafeterias and shops, and security check. I think it's time to go airside. I am the only one there, and it's so early that the staff are just sitting and chatting. I feel awkward when they get to see me and jump to their feet, hurrying around as they get ready for this first passenger, as if I had taken them by surprise. I think I could play a joke on them by turning around and walking away… but I'm not that evil! XD
photo dsc07099

The check takes… 20 seconds, perhaps? Once airside, this is what you see on the left…
photo dsc07102

…and on the right.
photo dsc07100

I'm glad to see there's an exhibition by a local painter inspired by local everyday objects and situations…
photo dsc07104

…like this countryside scene with araucaria pines,
photo dsc07107

…these hydrangea and a Mapuche chamanto (similar to a poncho),
photo dsc07106

…or this horse.
photo dsc07109

Those stairs and escalator in the middle take you down to another waiting room and baggage claim.
photo dsc07110

My flight is first on the list. We will board through gate 3…
photo dsc07115

…so I slowly walk there.
photo dsc07111

I think that a visit to the restroom would be a wise move before boarding.
photo dsc07119

Are you disabled and get pissed off when non-disabled people use the WC specially designed for you? Well, here's something more. It says "Changing tables are located in the disabled restrooms."
photo dsc07118

The restroom is clean an nice.
photo dsc07117

The only downside of this airport (apart from its poor accessibility) is this sort of blinds that obstruct the view on the tarmac. But they are only on the second floor. You can still make some planespotting from the boarding room on the first (ground) floor. Well, I forget this and fail to take a good photograph of my plane. Passengers from Santiago are deplaning.
photo dsc07124

However, I take one of LATAM's CC-BAG, which is waiting beside our plane.
photo dsc07103

We stand there until the incoming passengers finish deplaning.
photo dsc07123

We are soon walking along the jetbridge.
photo dsc07125

This is the view to the right…
photo dsc07126

…and to the left.
photo dsc07127

Our plane today is CC-AID
photo dsc07129

The flight

We are welcomed by the well-know Banco de Chile advertisement.
photo dsc07132

Good pitch as usual. Take that LATAM!
photo dsc07135

Table tray cleanliness test… almost. Still some work to do, Sky.
photo dsc07136

The cover article in this month's in-flight magazine is about Córdoba, Argentina, Sky's newest destination. You can download this issue of the magazine here.
photo dsc07137photo dsc07138

The BOB menu has been updated to a not very convincing "winter season" version.
photo dsc07141

Me and my bad luck. I expected this flight eagerly because I wanted to try the hot chicken sandwich, which smelled so good in my previous flight… but it's not listed anymore! :(
photo dsc07142

Safety instructions card.
photo dsc07143photo dsc07144

I am sitting in row 12. Row 11 is by the emergency exits.
photo dsc07161

Nobody is sitting in row 11. Good thing, for anyone sitting there would need long, long arms to reach their tray tables!
photo img_7465

Are you planning to seat by the emergency exit? You might want to pay a visit to your ophtalmologist beforehand.
photo dsc07149photo dsc07150

photo dsc07152

The safety briefing is performed by the FAs. One passenger is more interested in adjusting the air conditioning. Yes, it's a bit warm in the cabin, but not that much.
photo dsc07154

The cabins of the three Sky Airline aircraft I have flown in so far are similar to the last detail. I appreciate that because I know what I will get for my money. Every time I fly LATAM I find a different seat pitch, for example, and having a comfortable trip with them is more a matter of luck than a matter of how much you pay.
photo dsc07157photo dsc07162

After a short taxiing…
photo dsc07156

…we take off.
photo img_7425

Soon we are flying above the Cordillera de la Costa, the mountains that run between the Central Valley, where most larger cities are located, and the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
photo img_7442 registered our flight.
photo flightradar

ten or fifteen minutes into the flight, the BOB service begins.
photo dsc07160

Yee-pee!! My decision to choose a seat closer to the front of the plane pays off. I can buy a wrap and a soda.
photo dsc07163

But… the wrap is cold and tastes like NOTHING AT ALL!! It's hard to believe, but I just can't make any difference between the flavor of the beef and the vegetables in it. Did they forget the salt? Or is it my taste buds that went on holiday on another flight? Well, this article by the BBC explains this phenomenon. It's not the airline's fault, but I'm never ordering any cold food in an airplane again. :(

Around 100km south of Santiago the Autopista del Sol highway runs from Santiago to the coast. I'm not taking that road to Viña later today, though.
photo img_7462c

After a steep U-turn we are aligned with the runway. We are heading south now, and I can see the Andes. Can you see that cone rising above all the other peaks? That's Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America. The Chile-Argentina border runs along the top of some mountains, but not in this case. Mount Aconcagua is completely inside Argentinean territory.
photo img_7482b

Not many minutes later we land at SCL.
photo img_7491

I wait patiently until the other passengers deplane. I'm not in a hurry. These are the ads on the seatback. WOM is a new phone carrier in the Chilean market, and they are being quite aggressive. I don't think I'll try them any time soon, though. They don't have a good coverage yet.
photo dsc07166

photo dsc07167

A last photo of CC-AID.
photo dsc07169

Viña del Mar… here I go!

Tourism Bonus - Viña del Mar

Ever heard about the Festival of Viña del Mar? Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s it used to be a synonym of glamour and famous stars. It has gradually degraded into a sad, decadent, low-budget show, though. Even so, it was a showcase for many emerging artists even in the early 90s. This plump lady, for example, represented Colombia in the festival's song competition in 1993 and won third place. Do you recognize her? This is what she looks like now.

I started with a visit to the Quinta Vergara, a large villa that used to be owned by the rich Vergara family. It's been a public park since the 1940s. Inside the park is the Palacio Vergara, which is now a museum, Unfortunately, it was under maintenance when I was there. Also inside this park is the amphitheater where the festival is held.
photo dsc07171

I followed a path to the top of a small hill inside the park, from where you have a view of downtown Viña del mar…
photo dsc07174

…and of the amphitheater.
photo img_7534

The reloj de flores (flower clock) is a well-known landmark in Viña.
photo dsc07178

Walking along the waterfront from the flower clock towards the center of the city you find the Wulf Castle.
photo img_7546photo img_7550

Some pelicans near the castle.
photo img_7547

Some views of Avenida Perú, the avenue running along the waterfront.
photo img_7552
photo dsc07189
photo img_7597

Several bridges cross over Marga Marga, which is not a river, but only a little estuary that runs dry during the summer season. Then it's used as a parking lot.
photo img_7561photo img_7616

Other views around the city.
photo dsc07187
photo img_7599
photo img_7614

This is the old part of the city, close to the point where it merges with Valparaíso.
photo img_7623

I took a train to a nearby town called Limache..
photo dsc07195photo img_7631

…where I went hiking on a hill…
photo img_7633
photo img_7649
photo img_7664

..from where I had some beautiful views of the valley.
photo img_7655

Unfortunately, the path was very steep and I didn't have the time to get to the top. That tree on the left marked the end of my trip for the day. Thanks for reading! :)
photo img_7670
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    Chibcha 436 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR, I liked that they use Mapudungun in signs, I haven't seen that in other parts of Latin America.

    Nice tour of Viña...I liked Valpo more though, it's awesome!

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      Pilpintu AUTHOR 731 Comments

      Hola, Chibcha!

      I liked that they use Mapudungun in signs

      Yeah, it's a nice gesture from the authorities. I wish Mapudungun were a more relevant language. Nevertheless, hundreds of Mapudungun words made their way into Chilean Spanish, though most of the time we don't even realize we are using "strange words" until we are talking to foreginers and we see them raising an eyebrow while we speak.

      I have been looking at photographs of airports in Bolivia and Paraguay, where Quechua and Guaraní, respectively, are official languages alongside Spanish and are used by everyone on a daily basis, but I haven't found anything written in those languages. Such consideration towards a native language would make a lot of sense in such countries.

      Thanks for writing. :)

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