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Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM 3
Class Economy
Seat 28J
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 10:40
Take-off 02 Mar 16, 23:55
Arrival at 03 Mar 16, 17:35
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Published on 14th July 2016
Hello everyone dear readers.
I apologize for being late with this fourth part of our trip to Mexico that took place in February 2016.
Here are the previous parts for those who missed:
MEX - CDG AM B788 you are here

This part is also not going to be too long as I don´t have a lot of material from this flight and that´s mainly due to two reasons. First I caught a sore throat during our stay at Cancún and after being for 6 hours in air conditioned space I started feeling pretty bad and I couldn´t to wait to take a seat onboard my first Dreamliner and fall asleep. The second reason is that there is really not too much interesting outside or on the flight itself.

Last time we ended up after pulling to the gate at the domestic part of Terminal. We got some 30 minutes late during the flight and taxi at MEX so I started being a bit worried if we were about to catch our connection to Paris. After getting into terminal we quickly gave a visit to toilet and then arrived at Aeromexico desk to get our boarding passes as we were given only to those to MEX at Cancún. Passport control was not busy at all so we quickly found ourselves at the international gate area.

photo DSC_0274_01

Honestly I was pretty disapointed from our stay at MEX airport as from the terminal where we were located there was absolutely nothing to see and it was way too crowded with the people. That was mostly caused by several European flights to be boarded soon like our to CDG our neighbour to LHR. I lost my girlfriend for a while just to find her later in a duty free shop where she was buying herself a tequilla as a souvenir :).

photo DSC_0276_01

When we arrived at our gate boarding was just about to start. We queued just behind a group of people from Czech republic so those were first sounds of our language after a week or so. Boarding process went quite quick but I was held up by thorough boarding pass inspections just before entering the jet bridge.

photo DSC_0277_01

And here it is, my first ever Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

photo DSC_0278_01photo DSC_0281_01

Aircraft felt great when entering inside but in the end I was never disapointed when entering widebdy aircraft. We made our way to our row 28 and as we had aisle and window seats reserved, there was a man around his 50´s sitting on the middle seat. I asked him if he wouldn´t mind to swap his seat for our aisle seat at which he replied "With pleasure!".

photo DSC_0282_01

Wingview seems fine and you can try to guess what was the first thing I tried to do on my first 787 visit :).

photo DSC_0283_01

IFE was the same as on the previous 737 aircraft. Not a problem to me as the previous one was very good.

photo DSC_0284_01

My seat offered nice legroom and was very comfortable overall. Flying with 3 people in a row on AF 773 I would definitely not feel as good as here.

photo DSC_0285_01

After a short taxi and with no waiting we entered runway and begin our take off. No surprise that it all seemed to be quiter than other airliners. What I didn´t expect was our long take off roll, it was one of the longest I have ever experienced.

photo DSC_0286_01

I remember only first few minutes after take off. Since booking this flight months ago I wished we were about to fly northbound and past the US coastline as the AM3 flight sometimes does. But as on our flight to Cancún, it was immediately clear that we were heading right over the Atlantic. After realizing that and feeling really bad and tired I placed the pillow between window and my head and fell asleep. I didn´t sleep too comfortably but it helped a bit.

photo DSC_0287_01

I woke up after about an hour and it was just in time to get my meal. I went for chicken and was rather unimpressed. It actually loked more like damplings than chicken. Also the whole portion of food was not too big. In the end it was edible but nothing I couldn´t get enough of.

photo DSC_0289_01

My girlfriend opted for lasagne.

photo DSC_0291_01photo DSC_0292_01

As we departed MEX after midnight it sarted to get lighter outside soon, just after 3 hours to flight or so. I found out that the windows were automatically dimmed and there was no way to get a lighter view from the outside. But still much better than having a closed shade.

photo DSC_0294_01

Meanwhile the meal service was disapointing, cabin crew was very good. I have to price male FA at his 30´s who was very smiley and nice throughout the flight. It seemed that there were some his relatives seated close to us and that probably helped a lot, but he made a good job when serving all the passengers.
Halfway through the flight there were some turbulences and they lasted for hours, but it was nothing way too interesting.

With several more or less succesful attempts to fall asleep again the flight went by quickly and soon it was time to get breakfast. And a time for another disapointment.

photo DSC_0305_01

We both went for eggs with cheese but our meals didn´t look entirely the same. It felt like mine wasn´t done properly. Well at least thanks for having a cake and the fruits.

photo DSC_0306_01

Some crazy music to bring my head to fully-woke up.

photo DSC_0307_01

Before starting our approach to CDG it was finally possible to let more light cme through the window. And I have to say it was hell of the difference. I almost couldn´t stand the brightest setting.
There were not many clouds over Europe and some nice views over France were possible.

photo DSC_0308_01photo DSC_0310_01

Also Paris came into view in the distance.

photo DSC_0314_01

At that time it was obvious we were set for landing from the east.

photo DSC_0316_01

We touched down gently on 27R well on time. With some nice CDG tour in front of us.

photo DSC_0318_01

Terminal 1, something I have never experienced at CDG.

photo DSC_0319_01photo DSC_0322_01

Our Dreamliner rolled in next to AF 777 and as always just after stopping almost everyone was already standing in the aisle.

photo DSC_0323_01

We were among the last to leave as we had plenty of time to catch our connecting flight to Nuremberg.

photo DSC_0324_01photo DSC_0325_01photo DSC_0326_01

After leaving the jetbridge we went to one of the check-in kiosks to get seats a boarding passes for the remaining segment of our journey. To my surprise there were only 4 seats available on the ERJ-175 a none of them were next to each other so we both took the window seats on different sides of cabin.

photo DSC_0328_01photo DSC_0330_01photo DSC_0331_01

And as I have no more memories or pictures from this leg, we have to stop here and next time I´ll post the remaining CDG-NUE part.
Thank you everyone for your attention and as allways, your comments and opinions are most welcome.
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Cabin crew9.0

Mexico City - MEX


Paris - CDG



There were many positives about my first Dreamliner experience but also some downs that I didn´t expect.
The cabin and the whole aircraft felt fantastic, I enjoyed the IFE´s offering that was of high quality. Cabin crew were very good too, but both meals were a disapointment I didn´t expect.

About MEX probably I don´t know enough to rate. We stayed only for a while but I didn´t feel good as it was crowded and offered no views outside. On the other hand there was never a long wait which made our stay more pleasant. Still with staying for just a short time I don´t regret leaving quickly.

Only positive words from me on CDG again. I love the traffic, I feel very good in the terminals and also connections and procedures related to it were very good and quick.We´ll see what I´d have for say when trying Terminal 1 some day.

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