Review of Avianca Brazil flight Recife Salvador in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight ONE6143
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 04 Apr 16, 16:25
Arrival at 04 Apr 16, 17:40
O6 15 reviews
Published on 10th May 2016
Hello friends all right with you? Another Flight-Report mine here on the site and this time the flight-report by Avianca Brazil, Recife my back flight to Salvador after the flight of my first flight-report here on the site. Well, in my opinion, Avianca Brazil, on domestic flights, is the second best company to fly in Brazil. Second only to the Azul Airlines and winning Gol and Latam. Well, I checked-in in at the Avianca site because in Brazil there is no application of Avianca Brazil, (point to the other company.) I was able to check in as normal. Upon arriving at the airport, also managed to dispatch the bags easily, boarding occurred in the schedule, but the takeoff was 20 minutes delayed, but the landing was within the planned schedule. The flight was quiet and without turbulence. But the crew, at least on this flight, was very rude, and also avianca left to be desired in several points. Well let's stop stalling, and then to that interest. Thank you in advance for following more this flight report. And let's go.


Airplanes in the Terminal 1.
photo sam_2601_

A A320SL of the TAM (LATAM) Airlines.
photo sam_2602_

The flight map Avianca Brazil, is very complete and easy to use.
photo sam_2607_photo sam_26073_

Climbing to Cruise Flight Level.
photo sam_2608_photo sam_2609_

The litoranea capital, Maceió-AL, view from the window on climb.
photo sam_2610_

The cabin, with the crew preparing the board service during the climb.
photo sam_2613_

At cruise Flight Level. FL380 (38.000ft)
photo sam_2615_

The board service. Bad and very weak in relation to the Azul Airlines. However, I was a little good.

Into the any clounds at FL380. Cruise Flight Level. But without turbulences.
photo sam_2623_

In this photo wanted to portray the negligence of the crew of Avianca with passengers, at least on this flight. Several passengers, called someone of the crew, and had to wait a long time for Them to Respond. Including me ..

And it was not a matter of five minutes, but 15 to 20.
photo sam_2624_photo sam_2625_

In addition to the crew of the neglect of the passenger, the IFE of the passanger next to me, was in trouble and remained so throughout the flight … It was called a crew member to try to solve the problem, but it said it could not do anything on it.
photo sam_2627_photo sam_2633_

On this flight, the only available video entertainment, children's series was. I had to stand to see the flight map throughout the flight. It was the best to watch.
photo sam_2634_

Start descent to Salvador Airport.
photo sam_2635_photo sam_2636_

A hydroelectric power plant next to Salvador during the descent.
photo sam_2641_photo sam_2643_

The view of the Salvador City on Approach.
photo sam_2644_photo sam_2645_photo sam_2646_

The A330 of the TAP Airlines, parked nearest of me.
photo sam_2650_
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