Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Manchester in Premium Eco

Airline KLM
Flight KL1087
Class Premium Eco
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 02 Oct 14, 14:55
Arrival at 03 Oct 14, 14:45
KL   #64 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 781 reviews
Published on 20th May 2016
During a security check at the gate area,an officer checked my passport,asked a female KLM staff member "if it's this gentleman" and sent me over to her. She asked what had happened on Monday (see KL1084 report) and said she would find me a nice seat. She gave me 4A in Economy Comfort with the next seat free.

* 737-700 * PH-BGH (Godwit)

Captain Meinaard * Purser Karine

Welcome Greeting

Having had a disastrous first flight with KLM, I had no expectations whatsoever and just wanted to get home. On boarding,both the Purser ( with ipad ) and Stewardess said Good Afternoon warmly to me and I immediately said “Goedemiddag”. On seeing my Bart Smit ( Dutch Toy Shop )bag,the Stewardess asked “ Ga je iemand blij maaken ?” ("Are you going to make someone happy ?") I was taking a toy home for my youngest brother !

Cabin Cleanliness

Brand new carpet,curtains,seat fabrics but again the divider curtain by the window was worn out,the divider was stained with ( I hope) tea or coffee and seat 3B had no headrest cover.

Seat Pitch / Comfort

The traytable of my seat 4A would not close properly without pushing the seat in front with force. I alerted the Social Media Team to this and this should hopefully have been rectified by now. In Holland Herald there used to be a message “Chair Wear” about faults in the cabin/seat. I think this message should be brought back so passengers on the next flight won’t be inconvenienced. Not every passenger has the eagle eyes of TheWindowSeat. The lady at the gate had wanted to offer me 6A and I advised this is not a window to which she and security were surprised with my knowledge. I do feel that non window seats should be marked on the seatplans online and on Timatic.


Airshow on drop down tv screens, newspapers for Europe Business and Holland Herald for all passengers. Again IFE panel when there is no IFE on this aircraft type ?

Cabin Crew Grooming

Excellent. All the(female) cabin crew looked immaculate and well presented

Announcements clarity

Informative,easy pace and useful. Again the mouthpiece should be further away otherwise a strange sound is heard across the cabin

Cabin Crew Attitude

The 4 ladies including Purser Karine worked flawlessly throughout the flight and really made a big impression on me,especially after Monday’s most upsetting first KLM flight. Once the aircraft was boarded I asked Purser Karine in Dutch if I can talk to her during the flight in the galley and she happily responded with “Natuurlijk”. During boarding I had sat in row 3 by mistake and a Stewardess from the rear cabin came over and smiled “ Don’t worry,it’s only 1 row !. During inflight service I asked the lovely Stewardess who had also boarded me, if I can have a sweet and salty snack. She said “ Let me serve the other passengers and I will come back to you. I had totally forgotten but was delighted when she came to me and offered 1 of each snack with a lovely smile and can do attitude.

Karine made time for me in the galley and I told her of Monday’s events. On disembarking and once all other passengers were off the aircraft, I was delighted to have a photo with the cabin crew,taken by the Captain. I was offered some nibbles and champagne as sorry for Monday but I politely declined the champagne as I am Muslim and I don’t drink but apppreciate the gesture had come from a good place.l strongly feel Karine is a great Crew leader in KLM and I sincerely from my heart hope the other 3 ladies are promoted to Purser very soon as they embodied the KLM spirit of service,style and efficiency and attention to detail. I am honoured to have been looked after by such a professional crew who were energetic,enthusiastic and best of all did not have me down as a criminal. Also of note,is that during inflight service I asked the Stewardess if I can have a Coke but with a KLM aircraft design cup to which she smiled and handed me the cup with no problem. Bear in mind the photoshot was done during the start of the turnaround but I was not made to feel like an inconvenience ( take note KL1084 crew ).

Inflight Service

Nachos,Punsellie Stroopwaffel and coke. I think a deep filled sandwich in Economy with a chocolate bar / crisps would be more appropriate at this time of day.

Captain’s Message

I had met the Captain at our Gate D2 and unlike his overactive colleague on Monday, this Captain wished me Good Afternoon and asked if he could be excused to get past me. There was a Welcome Aboard message just after door close, we were told we would depart in 12 minutes from the Polderbaan,across the North Sea into the UK in 55 minutes. As we headed towards the runway, there seemed to be a delay as a Saudia Cargo 747-400 did not seem to move despite being on the live runway. Our lovely Captain came on and said we were number 5 in the queue and that there had been a problem with birds on the runway. A further announcement was made inflight updating us on the progress of the flight. I shook the Captain’s hand as I disembarked. A true gentleman and professional ; I felt proud to have been flown by him to Manchester.


An enthusiastic farewell from all the cabin crew and Captain Meinaard. A memory I will treasure forever. I want every crewmember of KL1087 to be thanked individually for working so hard to serve me and all other passengers and for displaying a highly positive and friendly attitude. These men and women are true ambassadors for the KLM brand.

Summary for both flights

I really feel music during boarding/disembarkation would make the boarding/disembarkation process a bit more pleasant. Better cabin maintenance and cabin appearance checks to spot faults/problems should be implemented immediately. The first flight was ruined by staff attitude and assumption,the second flight was staffed by cabin crew and a Captain who treated me like a valued guest in their home. KL1087’s crew were stars in my opinion but I sincerely hope never to see or fly with any of the crew of KL1084 from September 2014 who ruined my first impression of the KLM I had loved and admired for decades. Also, refreshing towels and boiled sweets before/after take off would make KLM stand out from other airlines in Europe and on the tv screens perhaps instead of just Airshow,videos can be shown of KLM’s WBC,Economy Comfort. On KL1084, no connecting gate info was shown on the tv screens. As a parting gift on flights into Amsterdam,KLM should give out a Z card with one side showing Amsterdam’s attractions and transport and one side detailing Schiphol Airport’s facilities.

US sisters visible from Schiphol's Spectator Terrace
photo 021.

Former AirUK/KLMuk/KLM Cityhopper Fokker 100 now used as an exhibit/museum for enthusiasts and local Cabin Crew Training groups.
photo 029.

KLM A330 named Times Square - New York although the actual A330 was off to Calgary !
photo 030.

Delta A330 clearly showing who used to own this aircraft ( Northwest Airlines )
photo 033.

IranAir A300-600R EP-IBB waiting to board passengers back to Tehran. I got to see both the inbound and outbound crews as did they when they crossed paths and recognised one another !
photo 038.

PH-BGH just arrived from Hamburg and getting ready to fly me to Manchester
photo 040.

Saudia Cargo 74F getting ready to roar back to Jeddah and Transavia 737 getting ready to take sunseekers to Barcelona !

Just after landing, I took this shot of PH-BGH. As if by fate,you can see TK1995 about to land in the background. TK1995 would form my next set of flights 2 years later after this report and also my first ever Flight Reports for this wonderful site :)
photo 064.

PH-BGH beginning her take off roll back to Amsterdam after bringing me home safely to Manchester !
photo 065.

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