Review of Hong Kong Express Airways flight Hong Kong Tokyo in Economy

Flight uo622
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 21 Jan 15, 19:10
Arrival at 21 Jan 15, 23:55
UO 13 reviews
Published on 16th June 2016
I arrived in HK off the Finnair A350 and Cathay was due to land in HK the day after although it was very early and i hadn't got over my jet lag / it was landing probably in the dark or i would be climbing an unfamiliar mountain in the dark.

So i waited for the first flight to TPE and here's a few pictures, I had to Dodge about 6 dogs lying in wait and 1 Bull waiting at the entrance to the first path which i video'd too just incase i needed to make an insurance claim or a viral video can't get hurt for nothing :)

photo 27591118351_d85214c26c_b
Walk to Olympic Station from Yau mei Tai, it saves me going to Central and walking for ages in the station to get to the airport line and saves money.
First location walk days before the cathay flight
photo 27055064703_06f0e66432_b
photo 27630469236_d2c8c155d6_b
2nd location climb day for the A350 need cookies and coke
photo 27055076933_ac7d233fb2_b
photo 27387013490_a92c27bb78_b
Those dogs plus some more that i just got past nice and slowly
photo 27055092123_2a99ebc5a7_b
photo 27630491746_a1d61d0e21_b
photo 27055095493_6d0b3cc2bc_b
Mountain dog
photo 27055099673_26725c9dd1_b
photo 27630516726_e4b99b28f4_b
Down from the mountain and time to go home
photo 27053546114_5cd10c5b84_b
Cathay First flight to taipei video from the mountain

Some food samples
I like my Tea milky
photo 27630482186_c7ccedcd0a_b
I liked the curry that i had at Tsim Sha Tsui, that set was a similar price to mcdonalds so i started eating here instead.
photo 27665268025_e25a7ebf4e_b
photo 27564935632_e6967e85f6_b
I spent my last day with an amazing person i met at the hostel and thus i neglected the Cathay A350 at the gate filming as i've never had such a great experience with someone so we just kept walking places and seeing hong kong together.
We arrived back and i had to just get right out of there for the train and i got there just in time for boarding
photo 27591170631_aebb373d1c_b
photo 27665312535_a25e230ba1_b
photo 27591174001_b83bb40322_b
photo 27387037390_cc0a9cf6c6_b
photo 27387039140_ca1dfb29ec_b
photo 27665317845_3e31f27065_b
photo 27387045540_85ec69da0b_b
photo 27665321395_588763b934_b
photo 27055123493_5d131cf7e7_b
photo 27055132493_2ba784b97c_b
photo 27665334245_d6aff3b579_b
photo 27055140593_53f13b297d_b
photo 27055147093_e7f23fd5bd_b
photo 27055151363_7113e974bc_b
photo 27665343795_ef175ffb89_b
photo 27591197271_2b9c8466df_b
photo 27591200051_ef9feac03a_b
photo 27591201921_291b08cb2d_b
photo 27665351575_9372e7537c_b
photo 27591208071_3b82a92d00_b
photo 27665354575_56f635d002_b
photo 27591214551_b054b98b97_b
Japanese Efficiency out by arrivals in 15 minutes
photo 27591218371_e447d69985_b
photo 27565022152_d32f8ca5f7_b
of all the places in the world, i color clashed in a tokyo metro
photo 27387077940_cbc4441789_b
4K HK Express Flight
Cathay A350
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Hong Kong Express Airways

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Tokyo - HND



HK Express is a good airline to fly on, no worries at all. I think the seat might be thin because the passenger in front could feel my laptop pushing into their behind when it was catching on the chair while putting it underneath. I think i remember the same thing on my previous flight years ago when a guy was behind with his knees but this aircraft leg room space was a lot more than last time.

Haneda is better in my opinion compared to Narita as it's cheaper to get from there and quicker

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The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

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