Review of Air France flight Paris London in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1280
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 21 Jun 15, 16:00
Arrival at 21 Jun 15, 16:20
AF   #45 out of 138 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 4107 reviews
Published on 1st July 2016
Hello everyone!

Here is a new FR.

I found a cheap flight with Air France and as i had some days off i decided to meet up some friends living in London.

I bought the "mini" tariff proposed by Air France. It's possible to get miles within this tariff for certain journeys.
I paid 94 euros (78 £) to go and return of course this price only includes a hand luggage but being a shyteam elite plus member i could carry a hold luggage as well.

My journey starts out in the centre of Paris behind the national opera which links the centre to CDG airport.

This shuttle costs 11 euros (9£).

photo p6211405photo p6211411photo p6211413

After 40 mins we arrive at Terminal 1 with a view of the famous Concorde, still the fastest airliner of the world.

photo p6211416photo p6211417

Some birds from Terminal 2C

photo p6211418

And at last the terminal 2E i'm ahead of time (like 3 hours but with traffic we never know) .

photo p6211419

Drop off for the passengers "La Première".

photo p6211420

Check-in area i like this mood light+ the terminal is quite modern and pretty calm at this time.

photo p6211421photo p6211422

For now i go to the check-in area. Thanks to my Skyteam card i could use the Skyteam Priority counters but actually i could have used any counters there's so bit of people.

photo p6211425photo p6211426

The Air France staff will be friendly and will indicate me how to join the airport security controls.

In barely 10 minutes i passed through this control and customs.

When you finished with security controls you arrive in duty free area.

photo p6211429

Before going to the lounge i decide to walk a bit around.

photo p6211430photo p6211434

Let's see the aircrafts of the day.

A lot of B777 today.

Then it's time to go to the lounge i didn't take my lunch yet.

The lounge is located in a corner between 2 Duty Free shops. If if there's a lift to the lower level where is the Air France Lounge entrance i decided to walk down there.

It's hardly to guess that a lounge is downstairs.

photo p6211437photo p6211438

The guard will be nice and will kindly inform me to check the screens as there's any announcement.

When you're in front of the entrance you see 2 corridors. One leading you to the lunchroom, the rest area, the showers and the Clarins lounge where you can get a free facial massage but you have to register and wait your turn (as there's only one employee all the schedules are usually already taken).

However as i arrive in advance i could find a free schedule of 15 mins but i must wait like 1 hour. That's fair :).

The lunchroom+ rest area

photo p6211440photo p6211441photo p6211442


The case is composed of shower gel, razor, tootbrush and tootpaste,…

Then i'm going to the second part of the lounge bigger and more comfortable according to me.

At least we can see some birds and you have 2 floors.

photo p6211455photo p6211466

From the 1st floor

photo p6211453

2nd floor

photo p6211454

I'll stay in the 2nd floor apparently bit of people think of getting upstairs.

photo p6211457

The french press is the most present.

The 2 main topics are the Brexit and the european cup of football.

photo p6211468photo p6211469


photo p6211458

And here is the catering choice. I must recognize that we have a broad choice and the food is tasty.

After the lunch i'll get my facial massage. The Clarins staff will be a bit cold.

For the little story the woman will notice seeing my face that i'm cut. Indeed when i was in the shower i tried to shave with the Air France razor into the case.

She will tell me: "i'm nt surprised you're not the 1st one. The razors proposed by Air France are the baddest by far.

At least she's honest even if… we are in the Air France lounge i didn't expect that from her. It's a good point for Clarins but a bad one for Air France.

Sorry i didn't take picture of the Clarins lounge.

As i embark in 15 mins i come back to the terminal.

photo p6211475

Almost ready for boarding!

photo p6211483

The boarding is a bit messy. the flight to Moscow is embarking just next to our gate and i don't know exactly what did the staf but we are suddently mixed up with this flight.

We lose 5 mins to sort passengers. In the Sky Priority line we are 2 going to London and 3 going to Moscow!

After that we can go!

photo p6211486

MY A319 of the day!

photo p6211487

The A319 of AF are already equipped with the new medium haul cabin.
I like the style.

Business class

photo p6211555

Economy class

photo p6211489photo p6211491

Correct legroom.

photo p6211493

Hook for jacket.

photo p6211503

Loading luggages. Hope mine will be onboard too i didn't see it.

photo p6211498

Then we leave our gate and follow the other A319 going to Moscow.

photo p6211502photo p6211506

Last view of the T2E.

photo p6211508photo p6211510photo p6211511

B757 Delta

photo p6211512

AF and his friends!

photo p6211513photo p6211515

Still following the russian colleague.

photo p6211518

And before joining the runway we are suddenly passed by an Embraer from HOP. Tss those teenargers… they don't respect their eldests.

photo p6211520

Our turn!

photo p6211523photo p6211521photo p6211528

I'm just behing the business class. The curtain is a bit bothersome.

photo p6211529

Safety instructions

photo p6211496

Magazine of the month.

photo p6211494

In spite of the 45mins of flight we will get an houmous sandwich this is a good suprise for a so short flight.

photo p6211530photo p6211533

After barely 20 mins we are overe the channel. On the left the UK coast while on the right the french one.
At this moment the captain annouces us that we will get 10 mins of delay due to the saturation of LHR and adds "no worries it's something normal with LHR!"

photo p6211536

England we're coming!

photo p6211537photo p6211541

The Thames

photo p6211542

London eye + Big Ben.

photo p6211543

Hyde Park

photo p6211544

Landing in LHR airport.

As we landed in the north runway we have to cross all the airport to join the terminal 4 where all the shyteam memeber landing in Heathrow airport are hosted (except Delta which takes off from the T3).

We pass behind this big kangaroo.

photo p6211550

The little british bro of the master of the airport.

photo p6211551

The master is surely not so far away.

photo p6211552

The T4 we will park beside Saudia.

photo p6211553photo p6211554

The T4… modern and clean.

photo p6211558photo p6211559photo p6211560

To join the centre 2 main possibilities:

The Heathrow express reachs the centre in 15 mins but it's soo expensive: 22 £ the way! (36£ to go and return).

I'll reach the centre by the second and cheapest way. The underground for 4£ and 45 mins of patience.

photo p6211564photo p6211565

See you soon for the flight back!

photo p6221566

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Air France

Cabin crew6.5

Air france Lounge - 2E, Hall K


Paris - CDG


London - LHR



Overall a good experience.

CDG airport: quiet and clean. Very fast to pass controls.

The lounge was comfortable with a good catering.
The Clarins lounge is a great idea just 1 or 2 more employees would allow more passengers to benefit the service.

The flight: good medium haul flight it wasn't a wonderful flight nor a very bad one. Crew was polited.

Air France remains for me a good european airlines at the level of his competitors in Europe.

LHR airport: modern clean and very practical. It main problem is it fast saturation but the construction of a third runway is underway.

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 14 minutes.

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    Thanks for sharing this short haul segment on Air France.

    The terminal 2E looks very nice for sure. The lounge looks fantastic!

    The catering looks very decent for such a short flight, too. Nice pictures to go along!

    I think its an A320 operating to Moscow, looking at the overawing exit doors...

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