Review of SAS flight Oslo Copenhagen in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK1465
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 20 Nov 15, 17:15
Arrival at 20 Nov 15, 18:25
SK   #111 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
By GOLD 541
Published on 1st July 2016
This is the first leg of a very short round to Oslo.
• CDG-OSL : SK834 14:05 – 16:20 here
• OSL–CPH : SK461 18:00 – 19:10 You should have been reading now about this flight
• CPH–CDG : SK1563 19:40 – 21:40 here

The connection in CPH was supposed to be a tight one, but the schedule of the first segment spared me from rushing out of my meeting to reach OSL in time. What I had not expected was that SAS cancelled Flight SK461.
photo IMG_0456a
Not only SAS reprotected on a flight 45’ earlier, but my colleague flying on a different PNR was reprotected on a LH flight 1h10’ earlier, and that was going to be an awful rush. SAS, Such A Slut…
I bought a Flytoget ticket from one of the machines on the right. I did not think about getting our BPs from one of the check-in machines on the left : we had time for that since the next train was 8 minutes later and it would have saved us time in the airport.
photo IMG_0277a
Waiting on the platform where it was rather cold
photo IMG_0279a
photo IMG_0280a
Not many passengers in this train
photo IMG_0281a
This PIDS displayed lots of advertising, but also information about the flights
photo IMG_0284a
Good news : our new flights have not been cancelled in turn, and the waiting time at the security control was 5 minutes only.
photo IMG_0285a
Our initial flight (SK461) was confirmed to be cancelled.
photo IMG_0291a
This was the explanation of the special livery of a SAS aircraft seen the day before
photo IMG_0295a
Brief stop in Lillestrøm
photo IMG_0287a
Beyond the fact that a taxi ride to OSL is outrageously expensive (around 120 EUR), some fog on the way justified not considering this option.
photo IMG_0290a
Leaving the OSL station towards the terminal
photo IMG_0297a
The longer you walk past this endless row of multi-airlines check-in machines, the more time you save, because the passengers tend to wait in line in front of the ones which are closest to the escalator from the station.
photo IMG_0298a
No matter that I tried to change my FF number, the fidelity program displayed on the BP remained that of BR. Since I had some time, I went to a counter where a very courteous staff tried, produced three BPs in succession, after as many tries of the staff who eventually gives up, while ensuring me that the computer has recorded the LH number.
photo IMG_0302a
My previous flights with LH had earned me 125 miles per segment, so it was not going to change anything. Going to the security control. I did not even check later if I had received airmiles for this flight, because this M&M account is there just in case I suddenly had long distance travels on *A airlines.
photo IMG_0303a
… where the maximum waiting time was confirmed to be 5 minutes
photo IMG_0306a
This was not an empty promise : there was a long line, but it was moving very fast
photo IMG_0307a
By pure chance, I came across my colleague getting out of the control as the same time.
photo IMG_0308a
He had been reprotected on the 16:50 flight and it had had a hard time : he dumbly waited for some time in line at a check-in machine close to the incoming escalator, then his passport would not be recognized, and the flight was closed. He headed to a counter where they accepted to check him in at the last moment, took the priority lane to get through the security check faster, and there he was. Many thanks to SAS who had cancelled our flight…
photo IMG_0309a
You have to go through a duty free shop area in order to reach the gates.
photo IMG_0310a
A stop for buying some smoked salmon, a lot cheaper than in Paris for the same quality. The price was rounded up to the next NOK if paid in cash, because there are no coins below 1 NOK. I had no Norwegian cash anyway.
photo IMG_0311a
Arrival of the crew for my flight
photo IMG_0316a
They were going to wait like all the passengers…
photo IMG_0327a
.. since there was yet no plane at the gate
photo IMG_0319a
In the distance to the right…
photo IMG_0318a
… the men drink and the women are either handicapped or caring for babies ;)
That is a case of outrageous bad faith in the choice of angle: all passengers had access to the fountain, to the toilets for handicapped and to the baby care room.
photo IMG_0317a
DY 738
photo IMG_0315a
LH A321
photo IMG_0320a
photo IMG_0323a
I need help for this one. I have seen the same one in CGN; others were spotted in ZRH and SVG. Anybody knows the manufacturer of this aircraft?
photo IMG_0326a
Beyond this point, it was the non-Schengen flights where there should be more airline diversity.
photo IMG_0325a
My aircraft had arrived meanwhile
photo IMG_0329a
She was LN-RRK, which had entered revenue service on 20 June 2002.
photo IMG_0330a
I had time to go to the toilets…
photo IMG_0331a
… which were clean, and I could let it be known.
photo IMG_0332a
I did not manage to get any further than this when trying to connect to the internet.
photo IMG_0333a
Boarding had started before the passengers could actually enter the plane, creating a long wait in the jetbridge.
photo IMG_0334a
A last look before boarding
photo IMG_0338a
A Belgian Jumbolino at a gate somewhat further
photo IMG_0341a
A look at the rather thin seats (no, I was not on an exit row)
photo IMG_0340a
The flight was full and so were the overhead luggage bins. I had to backtrack half a dozen rows up the aisle to fit my suitcase in the only space that I could see.
photo IMG_0342a
Did you notice the hump on top of the fuselage towards the rear of the aircraft ? It hides the necessary satellite connection to provide a wifi internet connection on board.
photo IMG_0343a
SAS should not be proud about its internet access for a fee, when competitor Norwegian offers it for free, my neighbor said ironically. The price depends on your operator, but for a Scandinavian operated listed in the brochure, calls to Europe cost about 1 EUR/min.
photo IMG_0347a
The seat pitch was the same as on the 738 on the way in.
photo IMG_0345a
30 cm is very decent when measured this way.
photo IMG_0346a
A country looks at the world differently when it is close to the pole.
photo IMG_0348a
It also applies to this country
photo IMG_0357a
The BOB’s menu
photo IMG_0351a
Penny pinchers will only get a low quality coffee, or tea, which are the only free items on board. The difference between these two sugar bags is that there is one where it is written in brown on a white background, whereas the other is written in white on a beige background. It is the same white sugar inside.
photo IMG_0354a
The safety card, both sides
photo IMG_0352-3a
Nothing noteworthy happened during this night flight, and I continued writing the FR of the previous flight without being disturbed by the passenger of the previous row.
Landing with a long condensation trail behind the wing.
photo IMG_0355a
Deplaning was by both ends of the aircraft. I had to retrieve my suitcase six rows further in front, it was only 6°C outside, and my wounded ankle was going to be painful in the staircase…
photo IMG_0358a
… but no serious Flight Reporter would miss an opportunity to take a few tarmac pictures !

Once up to the warmth of CPH’s terminal, this is the end of this FR. All I can offer you as a tourist bonus is the view of the hotel’s restaurant at dawn, which is about all I have seen of Oslo.
Jernabanetorget, which means Railway Square, in front of the central station
photo IMG_0274a
And then looking right, the Scandic Oslo City Hotel
photo IMG_0272a
And Oslo’s cathedral in the background
photo IMG_0273a
Thanks for reading me !
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Cabin crew8.0

Oslo - OSL


Copenhagen - CPH



Strictly speaking, this flight was on time, but it was not the one I wanted to take. Cancelling a flight the day before looks a lot like the grouping of two empty flights into one, and I hate this.
The only good news about SAS’ seats is that the shorter the flight, the least painful they are.
A cup of coffee is really minimal catering by European standards
No IFE and no newspapers
Only the crew was up to standards expected from any airline.
You all know about the many humorous acronyms behind SAS; the S does not really stand for Satisfaction.

OSL has a good albeit expensive connection with the city center, little waiting although this was a Friday night and reasonable walking distances. Security controls are efficient.
The only reproach is that I did not get an internet connection (but I did not really need one).

Hardly any power ports in CPH, and no cleaning done after a plane’s departure : they should do better (to be described in the report of the connecting flight)



  • Comment 355924 by
    eminere™ 270 Comments

    Interesting this B738 is not fitted with winglets.

  • Comment 356067 by
    Rl 777 812 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Flytoget looks modern and comfortable, impressive that it departs so frequently.

    I'm glad your colleague made it to the LH flight. I'm sorry to hear about the SK461 cancellation.

    Great spotting shots at OSL!

    I guess all the other 461 passengers were rebooked to 1465, hence the full flight.

    Nice shots of your bird at CPH! I rarely see these non-wingletted 738s at ARN, most of them are based at OSL and only come to ARN if they end up on one of the OSL-ARN runs.

    I haven't flown with SK in 9 years despite living in Stockholm, I think there is a good reason for that.

    Nice bonus at the end!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 356083 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9271 Comments

      The Flytoget is even more expensive than the Arlanda Express, but some services continue beyond Oslo Central, all the way to Drammen (seen during the descent into OSL on the way in), one hour travel time from the airport.

      Thanks for the comment !

  • Comment 356808 by
    NGO85 1624 Comments

    Thanks for sharing Marathon!

    “SAS, Such A Slut…”
    - Brilliant ;)

    “because the passengers tend to wait in line in front of the ones which are closest to the escalator from the station.”
    - A war of attrition, this is true everywhere. Who is willing to hold out the longest?^^

    “creating a long wait in the jet bridge."
    - Looks like a fire hazard ;)

    “to take a few tarmac pictures !”
    - I see there was another FI next to your plane at CDG. They were following you everywhere that day ;)

    For a short flight like this, I think the catering is appropriate. I guess for European standards, a small salty/sweet snack should have been handed out with the drink, but to ensure a completed service on a B738, a condensed drink menu doesn't surprise me. Even notoriously good caters, like B6, do condensed service on shorter flights.

    • Comment 358075 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9271 Comments

      “SAS, Such A Slut… Brilliant ;)”
      - I do not claim authorship of that interpretation, but it did spring into my memory at the time.

      “creating a long wait in the jet bridge.
      Looks like a fire hazard ;)”
      - In the advent of a fire, it would be arguably faster to evacuate this jet bridge rather than the plane ;)

      “I see there was another FI next to your plane at CDG. They were following you everywhere that day ;)”
      FI is more likely to be seen in Scandinavian capitals :)

      “For a short flight like this, I think the catering is appropriate.”
      Arguably, you do not get a cookie and/or a drink when you ride on a high speed train in Europe.

      Thanks for your comments, and my apologies for answering late, due to another trip to be reported (soon?)

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