Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Bordeaux in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1389
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 27 Jul 15, 10:50
Arrival at 27 Jul 15, 13:35
TK   #16 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 697 reviews
By 730
Published on 17th July 2016
Hello and welcome onboard this last flight of my Bordeaux-Singapore trip!

You can find the previous flights here :
–> TK1390 Bordeaux-Istanbul :
–> TK54 Istanbul-Singapore :
–> TK55 Singapore-Istanbul : [not reported]
–> TK1389 Istanbul-Bordeaux : you are here ^.^

On July 26th 2015, I embarked flight TK55 from Singapore to Istanbul. As this was an overnight flight, I did not report it: I slept for most of the flight.

Flight TK55 landed the next morning at 5.40AM in Istanbul. After going throgh security, I found a bar in Terminal I in which I settled. A view from inside.

photo 20150727_092152 - copie

At 10AM, I went to the gate, located at the ground floor, which means we had to be bussed to the Boeing.

photo 20150727_103355 - copie

Flight attendants gave a warm welcome and I sat at seat 26F.

photo 20150727_103702 - copie

Boarding is soon complete: rows 25 DEF, 26 ABC DE and 27 ABC DEF are all empty! I was the only passenger at the rear of the aircraft. The two passengers seated at 25A and B moved to the middle of the aircraft.

photo 20150727_104542 - copie

Pushback was done at 10.58AM, eight minutes after the scheduled time of departure.
A glimpse of a TK Boeing 777-300ER resting after a flight.

photo 20150727_105802 - copie

We taxied to runway 35L.

photo 20150727_110510 - copie

A TK Airbus A321 Sharklets.

photo 20150727_110610 - copie

An RO Airbus A318 :

photo 20150727_110744 - copie

An A3 AIrbus A320 :

photo 20150727_110807 - copie

A fellow TK Boeing 737-800 :

photo 20150727_110909 - copie

And a KK AIrbus A321 (AtlasGlobal, ex AtlasJet).

photo 20150727_111040 - copie

Just behind us, another fellow TK Boeing 737-800 and another TK Airbus A321.

photo 20150727_111119 - copie

We rolled onto the runway at 11.15AM.

photo 20150727_111339 - copiephoto 20150727_111348 - copiephoto 20150727_111430 - copie

Full thrust, and take off!

Beautiful views of Istanbul while we climbed.

photo 20150727_111536 - copiephoto 20150727_111557 - copiephoto 20150727_111621 - copie

We turned left towards the Black Sea.

photo 20150727_112001 - copie

An hour after take off, flights attendents prepared the lunch service. We were then over Bulgaria.

photo 20150727_114436 - copiephoto 20150727_114445 - copiephoto 20150727_115543 - copie

The chicken was a tad dry, but all the rest was tasty.

photo 20150727_115547 - copiephoto 20150727_115612 - copie

Flights attendants came back for tea/coffee service. We were over Croatia.

photo 20150727_123336 - copiephoto 20150727_124715 - copiephoto 20150727_125108 - copie

I didn't take any pictures of the IFE, but it worked very well. It was available from the gate in Istanbul to the landing in Bordeaux.

We arrived over Italy.

photo 20150727_121233 - copiephoto 20150727_123341 - copiephoto 20150727_123349 - copie

We flew over the Alps, Parma and Chambéry.

photo 20150727_122741 - copiephoto 20150727_124937 - copiephoto 20150727_125930 - copie

We arrived in France and flew over Lyon.

We began descent at 1.40PM, a bit late but nothing to worry about.

As we got closer to the ground, some turbulences came.

We aligned to runway 29 and flew over Bordeaux and Pessac.

We touched down at 1.50PM, 15 minutes behind schedule, and taxied to Terminal A.

photo 20150727_135435 - copiephoto 20150727_135631 - copie

On se gare tout au bout, pas loin d'un Embraer 190 de KLM CityHopper.
Our gate was at the end of the terminal, next to a KLM CityHopper Embraer 190.

photo 20150727_135840 - copie

Flight attendants were waiting at the exit to say goodbye. Luggages arrived 20 minutes later. Home sweet home.


If you have a few minutes, come with me! Let's visit Singapore!

Marina Bay, the financial center.

photo 20150714_123830

Helix Bridge.
photo 20150713_113452

Marina Bay Sands.

photo 20150715_220849

Gardens By The Bay.

photo 20150715_222014

Geyland, the Muslim neighborhood during Aid.

photo 20150716_000411

Clarke Quay.

photo 20150718_212133

Rehearsals for the 50th Independance anniversary.

photo 20150718_181101

Some local specialties: popiah, crepes with sautéed vegetables.

photo 20140803_180855

Char Kway Tiao, a dish made of noodles and soya.

photo 20140803_181115

Crab with coconut milk.

photo 20150719_130421

And Wonton Noodles, noodles with dim sum and pork.

photo 20150718_200115

This is the end of my trip to Singapore! Thanks for reading and see you soon!
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Istanbul - ISL


Bordeaux - BOD



Another good flight with Turkish AIrlines. Cabin was very comfortable, especially since I had a whole row to myself. Catering was nice, maybe a little disappointing compared to the other flights. The IFE was very good and had a very large choice. Flight attendants were very nice.

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