Review of La Compagnie flight Paris Newark in Business

Airline La Compagnie
Flight B0 100
Class Business
Seat 9F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 08:40
Take-off 04 Jul 16, 11:30
Arrival at 04 Jul 16, 14:10
B0 18 reviews
By GOLD 3316
Published on 1st August 2016
Hello Flight-Report Community,

This is the report on the return flight of this short 2 flight series on the new(ish) All-Business class airline, La Compagnie. Click below for the report on the first segment, which includes some background on the reasons for choosing La Compagnie:

Newark Liberty EWR ✈ Paris Roissy CDG : La Compagnie, B757-200, Business Class [CLICK HERE]

The Airport Experience

La Compagnie operates from CDG's historic Terminal 1. It isn't the most modern terminal, but it can be more convenient as it is on a smaller scale than the gigantic Terminal 2. Dropping off the rental car was easy as the rental car drop-off is right in the Terminal garage.

photo img_6726

Just like on the way over, the counters weren't yet open when we arrived. La Compagnie's counters only open 2.5 hours before departure, which I find too late.

I headed out to the curb while waiting for the counters to open.

Spotted a Germanwings A319 taxiing by.

photo img_6727

Just like in Newark, there were quite a few passengers in the queue by the time the counters open.

photo img_6729

It was the day after the Euro Cup quarter-finals France vs. Iceland match and there were quite a few flights to Reykjavik bringing Icelandic supporters home.

photo img_6730

The Famous tubes of CDG T1

photo img_4070

Immigration was a bit crowded and took about 15 minutes to get through.

The lounge was just on the other side of the immigration checkpoint. Security checkpoints are located at the entrance to the satellites so this lounge is technically outside security.

photo img_6731

La Compagnie uses the Icare lounge located up a set of elevators.

photo img_4075

The Icare lounge is very small but light filled with big windows to the outside.

photo img_4071

The food offering is very basic for a European lounge. Croissants, chocolate croissants, cookies, some pastries and breads were about all there was.

photo img_4072

There are large windows to a small garden outside, but no tarmac views.

photo img_4073photo img_4074

About 15 minutes before boarding time, we left the lounge. It was getting really crowded by that point.

There are two smoking lounges on the lame level as the lounges.

photo img_4076

We headed through the retro tunnels out to the satellite.

photo img_4077

Headed to gate 45

photo img_4078

Security was quick and we were airside at gate 45 right before boarding was scheduled to begin.

photo img_6732

Our aircraft is registered F-HTAG, which sounds like "hashtag" in French if the H is pronounced before "tag"
F-HTAG is a 16 year old former Iberia and Icelandair jet.

photo img_6733


Boarding began about 15 minutes late as a delayed United flight had just arrived and passengers were deplaning through the same corridor that we needed to use for boarding. This is not a good system as one airline's delay can delay others.

photo img_6735

Once boarding began we were among the first onboard.

photo img_6736photo img_6737

This cabin looks quite different from the cabin on the F-HCIE that we had flown from EWR to CDG.

photo img_6738photo img_6740

Aesthetically, I prefer the look of this cabin. The light blue design with the soft blue moodlighting is soothing.

photo img_6741

My seat, right in front of the exit row.

There is a bit more space in the exit row

photo img_6746

Legroom is very good in standard rows as well, with a seat pitch of 72"

photo img_6747photo img_6748

Amenity kits and La Compagnie branded headsets were placed on the central armrest

photo img_6749

A universal power port and USB port are located on the inside of the armrest.

photo img_6750

Seat controls

photo img_6767

View from my seat

photo img_6753

Some planespotting out the window

Air France A330-200

photo img_6751

Turkish A330-300

photo img_6754

Air Transat A330-300

photo img_6757

Pre-departure drinks. As on the last flight, there is a choice of water or this champagne cocktail consisting of Piper Heidsieck Brut, cranberry juice, and a Haribo fraise tagada candy.

photo img_6755

Despite the late start to boarding, we pushed back about on time. The security video what played on the overhead screens.

photo img_6759photo img_6760

Parts of CDG look like an Air Transat hub in the summer

photo img_6761photo img_6762

Taxi was short; we just had to wait for a few aircraft to take off ahead of us.

Air France 777-300ER

photo img_6763

Hop E190

photo img_6764

Air France A321

photo img_6765

The Flight

Soon enough we were in the air.

photo img_6766photo img_6770

The In-Flight Entertainment consists of Samsung Galaxy tablets.

photo img_6768

These tablets have the particularity, much to an AvGeek's delight, of having an airshow feature.

photo img_6771

Drink and food menus can also be found on the tablets. On the EWR-CDG flight, the dinner menu was wrong–let's see if it will be correct on this flight.

One of the good things about tablets over traditional seat-back IFE is that it is portable allowing for easy reading of newspaper and magazine articles.

photo img_4086photo img_4087

On the day after France's Euro Cup quarter finals win, it is obviously big news.

photo img_4088

There wasn't a huge amount films, only about 20 or so.

photo img_4089

The aperitif service began about half an hour after takeoff.

photo img_6772

Piper Heidsieck champagne

photo img_6773

Unsurprisingly, the menu on the tablet was once again incorrect so the flight attendants described the meal orally.

Appetizer course: Crab and Duck confit sliders

photo img_6774

An original mix of American and French cuisine

photo img_6775photo img_6776

The main was a delicious lamb stew. It was perfectly seasoned and very tender.

photo img_6777

There were only two choices of mains, though that's better than the overnight flight from Newark where there was no choice at all. Aside from the lamb, there was also a fish dish.
After the cheese and dessert, a Poire Williams digestif.

photo img_6778

View of the cabin after the meal service.

photo img_4090

After the meal I put on a movie and slept most of the way across the Atlantic.

I woke up shortly before the pre-arrival snack.

photo img_6779photo img_6780

The portions were small but everything was tasty.

photo img_6781

By the end of the meal, we were over Bernie Sanders Land.

The cabin gets ready for arrival

photo img_6787

Flying over the Hudson valley

Manhattan in the distance

photo img_6793

The other side of the plane got some good close-up views of Manhattan–guess I picked the wrong side of the aircraft on this one.

photo img_6794

But I got a great view of beautiful downtown Newark :-P

photo img_6797


Wamos Air (formerly Pullmantur Air) B747-400 on landing

photo img_6798

Nice lineup of international tails

photo img_6799

United B757-200

photo img_6800

SAS A330

photo img_6801

Austrian B767-300

photo img_6802photo img_6803

We pulled in to the same exact gate as my arrival into EWR last year with OpenSkies

photo img_6806

Great views of our plane on deplaning.

photo img_6807photo img_6808

Immigration was surprisingly quick. Less than 20 minutes and we were through.

Some good views as well from the baggage claim area downstairs.

After that quick and easy arrival we were on our way with our bags to the AirTran and on to the Newark Amtrak station to catch a train back to D.C.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment or question.
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La Compagnie

Cabin crew8.0

Icare Lounge - 1


Paris - CDG


Newark - EWR



An overall enjoyable flight with La Compagnie. As I've said in the previous report, this product is by no means among the best Business class products in the Transatlantic market. It is an outdated angled lie-flat seat, but it does the trick on these short hops to and from the East Coast. The flight attendants are friendly, professional, and hard working. The service is as attentive as it can be with only 3 flight attendants for the whole aircraft (72 seats total). Catering is generally good, but the lack of choices is a shame--no choice on overnight flights and only two choices of mains on the day flights. In my opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. For the price of Premium Economy (or even less) you have a comfortable spacious Business class seat with good service. Yes, it is a shame not to gain valuable miles, but if you are not worried about miles, for the price, La Compagnie is definitely good value for the money.

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The airline with the best average rating is La Compagnie with 7.6/10.

The average flight time is 8 hours and 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 360765 by
    757Fan 608 Comments

    Another great report on La Compagnie! It looks like you had a nice flight back to Newark. It's interesting that for two flights, their menu was incorrect ... Seems a bit bizarre? The food looks good, but I'd agree with your comment in the last report, that having a choice is nice.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Comment 360909 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5656 Comments

      HI there, thanks for your comments! The day flight was better than the overnight flight, as is often the case on TATL service. Yes, it is bizarre that the menus were wrong for both flights--from what I hear it's pretty common with La Compagnie. They definitely still have some work to do to have a consistent passenger experience. There was actually a choice of two mains on this flight. I totally forgot to include that in the report, so thanks for pointing that out. I've updated the report. Thanks!

  • Comment 360788 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5230 Comments

    Thanks again Kevin for this nice FR on the well observed La Compagnie.

    Your conclusion is fair, this is clearly not the best Business Class product (outdated seat, poor pax/FA ratio, limited catering) but in regards to the price paid, it's very competitive and the loads on your flights seems pretty good as well.


    • Comment 360910 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5656 Comments

      Thank you for your comments! There are definitely a lot of negatives about the product--overall, it's not even average. But the positives outweigh the negatives IMO, especially for the price. So yes, I agree that it is very competitive. Loads were close to 100% on both of my flights. Of course, that is no indication of yield, and I can't imagine they've got high margins, but I hear they are profitable at least of the EWR-CDG route.

  • Comment 360824 by
    Chatokay 277 Comments

    Thanks for this report. It seems a good company for someone who wish a do themselves the pleasure to travel in J, but can't usually afford it.

    • Comment 360911 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5656 Comments

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I fully agree, La Compagnie gives many people access to a Business class product for a Premium Economy price. I normally pay anywhere from $1800-2500 for Transatlantic Business class--all sale fares, of course. For this trip, everything was over $3500, which is not reasonable to pay as a leisure traveller, so La Compagnie is a good option.

  • Comment 360825 by
    KL651 TEAM 4512 Comments

    Thanks for this FR gurrl.
    Great that you got to fly on the other 757 with the better known interior.
    These seats look indeed better than the ex-LH ones.
    The experience seems above the eastbound one, with the choice of main course.

    Even if it's an average business class by today's standard, it is indeed great value for money.

    • Comment 360914 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5656 Comments

      Yes, I was glad I got to fly the #Hashtag :-)
      Now I can say I've flown the entire La Compagnie fleet, haha. The seat was definitely more comfortable than the ex-LH seats on F-HCIE. It had better padding and was wider, but the seat controls were a bit finicky and would sometimes get stuck. The pax experience is better on the dayflight, for sure. I would even say that it is a below average Business class for the market, but it is great value for the money because it is still a Business class, but at Premium Economy prices.

  • Comment 361829 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us :).

    CDG's T1 has a very interestic design, both inside and from the outside.

    Great shots of your bird! The 757 looks stunning in that livery.

    For around the same price as of a Y+ flight, it's years ahead of any Y+ product out there.

    Nice with two options for the main this time but they should definitely update that menu on the tablet haha.

    Always pleasing to have a great crew.

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 361847 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5656 Comments

      Thanks for the comments! It is a beautiful livery. It looks especially great when it's sunny like it was. And 757s are just beautiful aircraft to begin with--too bad there are less and less 757s around. Yeah, I don't know what's up with the menus on the tablets. It seems that they didn't make an effort on either flight to stick to the menu. They may as well just not have the menu on the tablets at all if it's going to me consistently incorrect. Thanks for the feedback!

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