Review of Air Canada flight Toronto Vancouver in Business

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC153
Class Business
Seat 11A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 18 Apr 16, 08:25
Arrival at 18 Apr 16, 09:55
AC   #40 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 307 reviews
By SILVER 1687
Published on 19th July 2016
Welcome, dear reader, to another Around the World adventure with your humble flight-reporter!

Coming just a few weeks after an epic but mad-dash RTW in (mostly, thanks to irrops) First Class, this one has a lot to live up to, and while it’s not quite as exciting as that one, there is one segment that is. This one was cobbled together between a revenue ticket and three different rewards in a patchwork around one specific segment which will absolutely be “the main event” of this trip.

As is my habit for such RTW trips, I’ll unveil the routing as we go.

AC153 YYZ-YVR 4/18/2016 - You are here
???? - Coming soon

This will probably be one of the shorter segments, as I’ve reported on a number of YYZ-YVR segments on Air Canada widebody J in the past, but I do tend to believe in completeness on these things. So here we go.

I arrived at Pearson at about 6:00, an hour and fifteen minutes prior to boarding. After a couple of weeks in business trip in which I fought snowstorms to make it to Pearson, this morning, it’s much nicer — finally time to leave my jacket behind! I get dropped off right outside the premium check-in, which in turn is right in front of domestic security.

photo img_7988

Things are pretty quiet in the swanky new domestic/international premium pax check-in area this morning. I already have mobile boarding passes on my phone for my first two flights, so no need to stop here this time around, although when the agent guarding access asks where I’m off to, my response gets an “Ohhh.” Somewhat surprising — I’d expect she sees a fair number of people heading out on long hauls every day.

photo img_7990

They continue to work on this area — a couple of little seating areas like this are new since last I came through these parts.

photo img_7991

A nice model of the future of AC’s narrowbody fleet on display between check-in and the concierge office.

photo img_7992

Just beyond this is security. I go through the Nexus security line, and am through in just a few minutes. This subtly-signed elevator leads to AC’s domestic Maple Leaf Lounge.

photo img_7993

A quick ride, and I’m into the lounge. My boarding pass is scanned, and I’m inside.

photo img_8012

The domestic MLL is a fairly large lounge. Most of it is one large “room,” divided into a window-side area and an elevated area. Seating is pretty generic lounge seating fare.

photo img_7995

Airside views aren’t exactly fantastic from this lounge, because it’s set back a bit from the apron.

photo img_7994

A fair variety of reading materials are prominently displayed along the main hallway into the lounge.

photo img_8001

Down the “far end” of this lounge is a cellphone free zone, with some nice comfy chairs facing outwards towards airside.

photo img_7997

I think these beanbag-type chair are new. I don’t remember them, at least.

photo img_7996

A few other areas in this lounge, including this mini-business centre. It used to be more fully a business centre with some cubicles, but the cubes were taken out a year or two ago and replaced by more seating.

photo img_7998

There’s also this small TV lounge behind the business centre and the buffet area.

photo img_7999

The buffet area is quite packed at this hour, but let’s see what’s on offer.

photo img_8011

Bread and toast, as well as the bar (the draught taps and liquor behind the frosted glass) although the latter is still locked down at this hour. Thanks, Ontario liquor laws!

photo img_8002

Water and juices are also available.

Some cold cereals at the far end of this side of the buffet. There are a couple of coffee machines between the juice and cereal, but we’ll see the exact same things on the other side.

photo img_8003

The “main” side of the buffet starts with the omnipresent MLL oatmeal and all the fixin’s.

photo img_8004

Various cold options including hard-boiled eggs, fruit, and yogurt.

photo img_8005

And some hot options.

photo img_8006

Cheesy scrambled eggs.

photo img_8007

Sausages and hash browns.

photo img_8008

And the aforementioned coffee machines.

photo img_8009

There are also some pastries, which somehow evaded my camera on this occasion.

Back at my seat with a few smack items. The eggs and hash browns are nothing special, but the sausage is quite tasty, a little bit crispy outside. This is the first time I’ve taken advantage of the espresso-based machine instead of the more mainstream coffee machine — it’s a pleasant upgrade.

photo img_8010

With breakfast part one done, I have a few minutes to surf around before heading to the gate. WiFi is fast and free, and fairly easy to connect — just one button to press and away we go.

I head out about 20 minutes before boarding is supposed to start, heading downstairs and then down the hall towards the end of the pier and gate D39. Arriving there, I find boarding already well underway, into Zone 3. My boarding pass is scanned once again, and my passport checked because I’m connecting onwards internationally. I do manage to grab a quick snap of our ride over to Vancouver on the way to the jetway.

photo img_8014

Flight: AC153
From: Toronto Pearson (YYZ)
To: Vancouver (YVR)
Date: 4/18/2016
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: C-FIUR
Seat: 11A
ATD (STD): 08:26 (08:00)
ATA (STA): 09:40 (09:55)

On board, I’m pointed towards 11A, the final window seat in the aft business class cabin, located between the second doors. As expected from the seat map of 40 seats instead of 42, it’s one of the refurbed 77Ws, featuring the new business cabin, dubbed by many the Dreamcabin because it was introduced to the fleet with the 787.

photo img_8015

The seat is equipped with a decent blanket, and a very nice pillow, standard AC issue. There are also el cheapo earbud headphones (sold for $3 in the back!) in the little cubby with the IFE remote control. Also in the cubby: USB port, headphone connector, and a power port.

photo img_8017

Legroom shot.

photo img_8022

And a look into the footwell, which is adequate. The bulkhead window seats offer a bit more than this one does

photo img_8024

The screen is big and beautiful, and the IFE is the latest generation, quick and responsive.

photo img_8016

I plug in my own ear buds (the only type of headphone allowed by AC below 10,000 feet), and select The Hateful Eight for my first movie. To my surprise, the movie starts up straight away — no pre-roll commercials. Is Air Canada improving here?

photo img_8027

Seat controls are located below the aforementioned cubby — most of them are touchscreen. A quick look around.

photo img_8018

Home screen.

photo img_8019

Service menu.

photo img_8029

Ambience menu — kind of empty on the 777s, since the 787s also have window controls here.

photo img_8031

Seat controls are simple but functional. The “relax” position is a great lounging and watching IFE posture — very comfortable, and quite private as you’re pretty much behind the side wall of the pod once recline.

photo img_8032

Comfort menu — the seat is an air mattress type of affair and can be “pumped up” or down for greater firmness or softness.

photo img_8033

A look across the aisle as boarding continues. Privacy in this cabin is pretty good.

photo img_8025

Out the window, our little cousin, an A321, is getting ready to go.

photo img_8021

A choice of orange juice or water is offered as a pre-departure beverage. I go with water.

photo img_8026

A menu is offered shortly afterwards, and orders are taken — because I’ve already had some breakfast, and because there’s lots of eating to come this week, I go with the “healthy option”.

photo img_8028

As boarding wraps up, here’s a look over the port wing on a beautiful Monday morning.

photo img_8034

The safety video rolls as boarding wraps up, and we push back.

photo img_8035

It’s a little bit of a hike up to the northernmost runway, with a fair lineup following behind us at something of a distance.

photo img_8037

It’s a powerful roll, and we’re up and away into the air.

photo img_8040

A clear view all the way to the western end of Lake Ontario out the window on our climb.

photo img_8043

Just a beautiful day.

photo img_8044

The IFE remote is a nice touchscreen model that can multitask a little bit — you can keep it on the IFE controls, or pull up the moving map view if you want to keep abreast of your flight’s progress during your movie.

photo img_8045photo img_8046

Once the seatbelt signs are released, I head forward towards the lavs by door(s) two. It’s a bit of a wait as there are a few passengers already in line here, but eventually I’m in. Since it’s huddled up against the outside of the fuselage, it’s nothing special. But there is a nice view out the window, so that’s something.

photo img_8047

The aisle-side wall is decorated with AC’s nice maple leaf motif.

photo img_8048

Canadian-made soap and lotion — nothing special but a nice touch.

photo img_8049

Back at my seat, the service has begun in my absence, with an oshibori awaiting me. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly piping hot by the time I get it.

photo img_8050

Next up, noise-cancelling earphones are distributed. AC’s headphones are quite good for business class product — but they’re distributed too late and collected too early, in my opinion.

photo img_8051

Quickly, breakfast is presented all at once.

photo img_8055

This is the first time I’ve had the healthy option and the oatmeal has been offered with milk, poured on by a flight attendant. A nice touch, although the in-flight oatmeal is still pretty lackluster, especially when compared with the much-better oatmeal on offer in MLLs. The rest of breakfast is pretty good, light and simple.

It’s accompanied by a black coffee and some orange juice.

photo img_8056

Here’s the aft mini-cabin of J during meal service — with only three rows on the outsides and four in the middle, it’s a nice small cabin with an intimate feel. If it weren’t for everyone on the plane filing past during boarding, it would be truly ideal.

photo img_8057

After breakfast, I put the seat back into the relax position — which I love — and chill out for the rest of my movie — all three hours and two minutes of it. Tarantino is nothing if not long-running. The flight is pretty smooth, but there’s a brief moment of very very light turbulence, and the captain leaves the seat belt light on for almost an hour. I suspect he forgot it was lit.

There’s a little less than two hours left in the flight at this point, and that fits nicely with the 1:46 running time of Joy, a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as a determined would-be businesswomen surrounded by rivals, enemies, friends and families who almost all deserve a good punch in the face. I think it tries a little too hard to make you root for the plucky underdog, but other than that, it’s a perfectly acceptable film.

photo img_8058

One last look at our progress towards Vancouver before the movie begins.

photo img_8060

Shortly after the movie starts, the service director comes around with warmed cashews, and takes drink orders. Caesar time, naturally.

photo img_8061

And with about an hour left, the snack basket comes around, accompanied by another round of drinks. My take.

photo img_8062

Soon we’re obviously making progress towards the west, judging by the decidedly more rugged terrain below. We’re also obviously starting our descent.

photo img_8063

So it’s time for one last get up and stretch my legs. Here’s a look at the galley area at the entrance by door two.

photo img_8064photo img_8065

Like the 787s, the refurbed 777s are rocking new steam ovens. This should help with drying out entrées. Hopefully.

photo img_8066

Back at my seat, and we’re well into final descent into the Vancouver area. Some lovely sights out the window, as usual.

photo img_8068photo img_8069photo img_8070

From there, we line up, and it’s into short final.

photo img_8071photo img_8072photo img_8073

We touch down a few minutes ahead of schedule, and it’s a short taxi into the swing gates where AC usually parks its inbound-to-YVR 77Ws that are heading out on international journeys on the flip side. This plane, as fate would have it, is on its way to Beijing after this flight.

photo img_8074photo img_8075photo img_8076

The jetway connects to door two, and we’re soon enough on our way out — the jetway affords a nice view of the nose of this bird.

photo img_8077

And then one last look at C-FIUR before I head back into the terminal.

photo img_8078

Where AC spits you out into the domestic terminal is literally steps from this checkpoint, which separates the domestic and international portions of the terminal. And it’s from this point that I’ll pick up the narrative on the next part of this trip.

photo img_8079

Thanks for joining me for this journey.
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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Domestic


Toronto - YYZ


Vancouver - YVR



A bog-standard AC domestic widebody business class flight. Service was decent, but certainly not outstanding or in personalized — it seemed a bit robotic actually. Catering was the usual AC premium long-haul breakfast, which is not bad, but nothing too exciting, as there’s very little variety in AC breakfast menus. Still, much nicer to have the Dreamcabin for this ride across the country instead of the usual narrowbody recliners. In the end, this flight — and even the one after it — was a means to an end, getting me closer to the “main event” of this adventure. And in that sense, it did its job admirably.

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The airline with the best average rating is Air Canada with 7.4/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 44 minutes.

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  • Comment 358718 by
    socalnow 979 Comments

    Greetings HOMETOYYZ and thanks for sharing another series of flights with us. I do enjoy the suspense. I confess I have an idea of what airline might be involved in "the main event" based on past comments.

    I'm always impressed with the Maple Leaf Lounges in your reports. The design is clean and the food and beverage seems on point.

    "Caesar time, naturally."
    -This is the other suspenseful bit...

    Did you like Hateful Eight??? I think I have watched those two exact movies back to back on a flight too.

    Nice shots on arrival at YVR and of that smart looking 777-300ER.

    Thanks again and happy flying.

    • Comment 358725 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Hey Socal! Thanks for the feedback.

      "I do enjoy the suspense. I confess I have an idea of what airline might be involved in "the main event" based on past comments."

      What? Impossible! Do you know how many Bothans died to protect that information?

      In all seriousness, I'm not surprised you might have an inkling. You're very alert on these things.

      "I'm always impressed with the Maple Leaf Lounges in your reports. The design is clean and the food and beverage seems on point."

      They are pretty good, especially for what they are.

      ""Caesar time, naturally."
      -This is the other suspenseful bit..."

      Suspenseful? Surely only in the sense of "when" and not in the sense of "if!"

      "Did you like Hateful Eight??? I think I have watched those two exact movies back to back on a flight too."

      Perfect length of time for this flight and those two films. I couldn't have planned it better! To answer your question -- I did enjoy Hateful Eight. It kept me entertained, and it used (I notice a theme developing here) suspense very effectively. I don't think it will be as memorable a film to me as Pulp Fiction, or Reservoir Dogs, or even Inglorious Basterds, but I thought it was a good outing.

  • Comment 358721 by
    757Fan 601 Comments

    Nice report ! Looks like you had a good domestic flight with AC. Food looks tasty on-board, and at the Maple Leaf Lounge!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 358726 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback!

      It's always nice to get the big bird for this kind of flight, and AC's J product is pretty good for ultra-longhaul, much less this comparatively short jaunt across a few time zones.

  • Comment 359067 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5458 Comments

    Thanks for a great report as usual! The Salon Feuille d'Erable (LOL, it sounds so silly in French) shows those high AC service standards with a nice breakfast buffet spread that includes eggs, bacon and sausage. South of the border, the most exciting it gets at breakfast time is rubbery frozen bagels :-)

    I believe this is the first report I've seen on an AC 77W with the new cabin. It looks great, and definitely seems way better than the old herringbone seats or the Thompson Vantage on the high-density birds. It will be nice when all 777s are refurbished with the new cabins--not sure how long that will take, but IIRC AC was trying to get it done pretty fast.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next leg!

    • Comment 360337 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback, Kevin!

      "The Salon Feuille d'Erable (LOL, it sounds so silly in French) shows those high AC service standards with a nice breakfast buffet spread that includes eggs, bacon and sausage. South of the border, the most exciting it gets at breakfast time is rubbery frozen bagels :-)"

      That's funny... I've often thought that, for whatever reason, "Feuille d/Erable" strikes me as fun to say.
      One odd note... the domestic lounge is pretty good for breakfast, and the international lounge is very good for breakfast, but the transborder lounge is a decided step down -- no hot dishes other than oatmeal, and the rest is the usual breakfast lounge carb-fest -- pastries, bread, etc, plus hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit.

      "I believe this is the first report I've seen on an AC 77W with the new cabin. It looks great, and definitely seems way better than the old herringbone seats or the Thompson Vantage on the high-density birds. It will be nice when all 777s are refurbished with the new cabins--not sure how long that will take, but IIRC AC was trying to get it done pretty fast."

      As far as I know, they're done with the refurb. I think the "high-densities" with the Vantage seats were last to go, but I believe they're done -- and now a teeny-tiny 28-seat J cabin on those former HD birds.

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