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Airline Air France
Flight AF1281
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 26 Jun 15, 17:50
Arrival at 26 Jun 15, 20:00
AF   #46 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 4290 reviews
Published on 20th July 2016
Hello everyone.

After a couple of days in London it's time to come back home.

Here is some pictures of Big Ben and the Thames.

photo p6241610photo p6241614photo p6241616

A lot of journalists are present along the Thames due to the Brexit referendum.

photo p6241609

As i'm taking off at 5.50 pm from the T4 i decide to visit the other terminals using the subway to join the airport.
As my hostel is located near to Piccadily Lines i'll take it to go to the airport. The journey will last approximately 45 mins.

photo p6251618

The airlines presents in the T2 also called "the queen's terminal".
Paradoxically any airlines from UK takes off from this terminal as it's mainly used by Star Alliance companies.

It's the most modern terminal of the airport buit in 2012.

photo p6251624photo p6251621

A big bird is coming in front of the terminal probably joining it runway.

photo p6251625photo p6251626photo p6251629

From the entrance level we can see the old terminal 1 which doesn't host any airlines anymore now. It will be renovated around 2019 and will become a part of "The Queen's terminal".

photo p6251633

Then i'm going to the terminal 3 which is accessible from the T2 without using any transportation it's at barely 5 minutes walking we just have to go back to the underground and take the Terminal 3 exit.

photo p6251640photo p6251641

Hall A dedicated to Virgin Atlantic and Delta since Delta owns 49% of Virgin.

photo p6251642

The T3 is the oldest terminal of the airport which should be demolished once the "Queen's terminal" will be finished.


photo p6251645

Hall A where i got some troubles there with a delta agent who doesn't understand why am i taking pictures of "his hall". I tried to explain that i was a member of Flight Report and i just wanted to take pictures of the hall because i liked the structures. He will answer me that i have no right to take the Delta agents for safety reasons. I can understand however i don't take pictures of employees just the terminal structures. After checking my camera he will tell me that i could only keep this one.
The agents of US airlines are usually more persnickety about those things…

photo p6251646

Then direction to the terminal 5 inaugurated by the queen in 2008 which host the master of the airport: BRITISH AIRWAYS and it Oneworld fellows.

To go there i'll try the Heathrow express. If you take it from Paddington station in London you have to pay like 22£ (29 USD) in 2nd class and 32£ (42.1 USD) but it's free between 2 terminals.

photo p6251639

As it's free i take the advantage of seating in the 1st class :p.

photo p6251651

The T5. A very airy and spacious terminal which looks quite comfortable.

photo p6251658photo p6251659

Arrival area.

photo p6251664

My visit is now over and my curiosity is satisfied. I can join my terminal the T4.

The terminal 4 is the one being in the south of the airport and the smallest one. There's no direct connection from the T5 i have to go back through the T2-3 station and take my connection there.

Other terminal, other transport i'll take the Heathowconnect which departs from Paddington station as well but it's a bit longer because it's not a direct one to the airport 27 mins (instead of 15 for Heathrow Express). Seats are less comfy as well.

photo p6251666

At last the T4.

photo p6251669

The check-in will be made and customs passed in barely 5 mins. Very efficient service.

Duty free airside.

photo p6251671


photo p6251678

Departures screen. I have plenty of time any flight is taking off during the next hour.

photo p6251672

Walking around in terminal spotting the aircraft at the gate.

UUH an intruder!!! Why aren't you in the T5 with the other Oneworld members?

photo p6251675

Gulf Air

photo p6251680

Before going to the lounge i notice that the terminal has an observation desk!

Let's go upstairs.

photo p6251720

We have a view of the south runway + a map of the airport to locate ourself + a Flight Radar screen to find out about flights taking off and landing. Unfortunately because of the sun the screen is barely illegible+ binoculars well the paradise for spotters!

All the airport flights are taking off from the south runway. The north one is used to land.
But i talked enough i let you enjoy.

After 20 mins watching them it's time to go to the lounge.

As the T4 hosts all the Skyteam airlines (except Delta) they made a common lounge which is i must confess very nice.

photo p6251721

The lounge is divided in 2 floors.

Ground floor.

photo p6251744photo p6251734

Catering offered.

Drinks+ coffe machine.

photo p6251732photo p6251735

Clarins lounge with free massages like in AF lounge. However i saw nobody.

photo p6251727

If i wanted to quibble i'd say that i didn't imediately find the lift leading to the 1rst floor and i wasn't the one. The first floor was almost empty while the ground one was alsmost full. Staff tried to bring a maximum of passengers upstairs.

View of the lounge mmm i prefered the observation desk.

photo p6251738photo p6251739

30 minutes relaxing but it's nowtime to reach my gate.

The priority lines will be respected.

photo p6251748

Our A320

photo p6251750

Economy seats.

Arriving at my seat someone will be already seated where i was supposed to be. Not a problem i just asked to this man where he was normally seated. The "operation" lasted barely 20-25 seconds however i was blocking the line and a crew member roughly told me to sit down somewhere (although the flight was quite full, thus i would have bothered someone else later or sooner if i was sitting anywhere else and we would have wasted even more time) because i was blocking the line and because of "The slot".He repeated at least 3 times that we didn't have to miss the slot. Sorry but i'm not responsible of the saturation of Heathrow! ".
We haven't taken off yet but the crew has already lost some points.

photo p6251751

After this problem solved i could have joined my seat.

photo p6251752

Legroom correct. It's the same aircraft within the new AF cabin.

photo p6251754

Hook for jackets.

photo p6251758

Going to the runway.

photo p6251759

Priority to the B787 of BA.

photo p6251761

Taking off.

photo p6251763photo p6251764

20 mins later the catering is served. It will be a sandwich with Houmous+ cheese. Not so bad for 45 mins of flight.

photo p6251766photo p6251769

My coffee.

photo p6251770

The french coast.

photo p6251771photo p6251772

The cabin.

photo p6251773

Getting down.

photo p6251774photo p6251775photo p6251776


photo p6251777photo p6251778

First view of CDG.

photo p6251780

Last bend.

photo p6251782

I'll get my luggage in 20 mins. Customs will be passed in a min. any queue at this time.

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Air France

Cabin crew5.0

SkyTeam Lounge - 4


London - LHR


Paris - CDG



Overall good flight. Except my little quarrel with a crew member the flight and catering were good. The other crew members were polited like they have to be on board. But this member made lower the mark.

LHR airport: nothing to say very good and modern airport perfectly served by public and private transportations. CDG airport should take example from LHR.

Skyteam lounge: excellent lounge with good catering, comfy seats,... nothing to add.

CDG airport: very efficient to deliver luggages, clean but any public tranportation taking less than 45-50 mins to reach the city center.

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