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Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO 776
Class Economy
Seat 15D
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 10 Jul 16, 19:00
Arrival at 10 Jul 16, 19:10
LO   #93 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 174 reviews
Published on 25th July 2016
Hi everyone,

Let me share with you some pictures and impressions from my flight back from Vilnius to Warsaw. At the end of this report I will post some bonus pictures from my stay in the beautiful capital of Lithuania. Let's start with the flight first :)


The distance between the airport and the city center is only 6 km. There is a train from Vilnius central station, many buses, minibuses or taxi. From my hotel bus 3G seemed the best option. It took me not more than 15 minutes and the ticket cost was 1 euro.
Arriving at the airport I dicovered that the old looking building is used only for the arrivals, while in order to get to the departures area you have to follow a strange road covered by the roof that takes you right behind the old building and a little bit up so the standard scheme: departures 1st floor, arrivals ground floor is maintained.

photo img_2017photo img_2018

Let's see who loves Vilnius ;)

photo img_2020

The departures area is not as small as it first seemed, there are check-in and self check-in kiosks both sides, a small airplane hanging from the ceiling and AirBaltic everywhere as it slowly becomes the airline of all the Baltic states and not only Latvia.

Once again I checked us in the day before using LOT app to discover our seats have been automatically chosen by the airline (seats 5b and 16c - even though we had one reservation and it was quite obvious we were travelling together) and that all I can do is to reseat us one behind another. It wasn't any better at check-in desk so the only hope was to change our seats with fellow passengers. Are we flying Ryanair or something?

The security check was fast, polite and nothing to write about. The airside of the terminal is quite small, divided in Shengen and non-Shengen zone with quite a lot of shops as for an airport of this size. What for sure is missing is a food court with a McDonald or Burger King.

photo img_2031

The airport doesn't provide a lot of spotting opportunities and there is not much air traffic in VNO to be honest.

photo img_2030photo img_2032


Boarding starts on time and we need to get downstairs to get to the bus that will take us to the aircraft.

photo img_2034photo img_2035photo img_2036

Some spotting during the bus ride, TK 738 and our Q400.

photo img_2040photo img_2041photo img_2042

Boarding again was very slow, I have never seen the LO Q400 using the back door that in case of a LF of almost 100% would be very useful.

photo img_2045photo img_2046photo img_2048

While getting on board we discover that in both rows 15 and 16 there are passengers that wanted to fly together but were split by the airline sitting system, a quick chat and we all seat together with our mates. It seems that if a system fails there are always people who can solve the problem.


Taxi was very short and we bacame airborne on time.

photo img_2050photo img_2051

There's a senior female FA and a young male FA with instructor - looks like it is his exam flight. We took tea from the BOB and it was served as it should be, the guy was a little bit nervous but polite and quick. The standard chocolate bar and water were served by the instructor and that was the moment when we could see the difference - her calmness, politeness, smile were all what one expects from a flight attendant. It's great that there are experienced FAs in LOT that are not rude and unfriendly as some of their colleagues.

photo img_2054

The flight was full, even in the C class all seats were taken. Again there were many young athletes on this flight, I had a chat with the coach of the small Greek team and he explained us they were on their way back home from junior rowing championships in Trakai with gold and silver medals.

photo img_2058

The flight lasts exactly 56 minutes but deboarding of a full Q400 is again very slow as some luggage must be collected before entering the bus.

While waiting for our bags we discover to be the only passengers flying to Warsaw with a checked in luggage. Generally most of the pax to and from VNO are transfer passengers taking other LO flights from WAW.

Here you'll find some bonus pics from my stay in Vilnius and a trip to Trakai castle

My favourite place in Vilnius, the catherdral square in different times of the day and weather conditions

Prince Gediminas monument

photo img_1546photo img_1550photo img_1645

Gediminas castle - you cen get there by funicular

photo img_1576photo img_1582photo img_1897

Fully reconstructed lower castle

photo img_1588photo img_1592

Vilnius university church

photo img_1505

Gate of dawn with fameous painting of St Mary

photo img_1483photo img_1492

Inside Dominican's church

photo img_1802

St Ann's and Bernardine's churches

photo img_1870

Railway station

photo img_1755

A detail from one of the Old Town houses

photo img_1875

Trakai castle - only 28 km from Vilnius by bus (every 30 minutes for 1,80 euro one way), definitely worth seeing

photo img_1685photo img_1693

And now a small food guide as Lithuania is home of great cuisine that in many cases is similar to Polish (many dishes became popular in both countries during ages of being united as one state)

Cold beetroot soup and fantastic Svyturys wheat bear

photo img_1541

Potato pancakes

photo img_1542


photo img_1795

Karaim style dumplings in Trakai

photo img_1732

Sakotis cake

photo img_1915

Potato, herring, beetroot and egg salad

photo img_2012

The best bread in the world

photo img_2014

Lithuania's most fameous cheese

photo img_1972


photo img_1454

Lithuanians bitters named "999"

photo img_1932

Thanks for reading!
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LOT Polish

Cabin crew9.0

Vilnius - VNO


Warsaw - WAW



VNO is small but well organised, the transport opportunities are more than good, security is fine, the only thing that's missing is a wider restaurant/bar offer. The flight was OK, again the cabin crew was doing it's job very well. The only thing I didn't like was the initial sitting mess.

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