Review of Aer Lingus flight Dublin Lanzarote Island in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI778
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 11 Jul 12, 14:45
Arrival at 11 Jul 12, 19:05
EI   #66 out of 79 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 91 reviews
Published on 24th July 2016

Welcome to my latest trip report, documenting a trip I took to Lanzarote in the summer of 2012. This trip report documents the outbound leg, flying form Dublin to Lanzarote.

I checked-in and chose my seats online the previous day, therefore on arrival to Terminal 2 at DUB I made my way straight for security. After security I had a look around the impressive shopping area in T2 before heading to Pier E to get some Lavazza coffee.

photo 7656082872_2c63ed28c8_h

Pier E was largely quite at this time of the day; the major rush is typically between 6am and 12pm with the first flows of European and US departures. At the end of Pier E there are nice views of the main runway 28/10 at Dublin.

photo 7656080510_76c3ca1fc8_h

photo 7656077580_ee719ab2ee_h

The timing of EI778 meant that also on stand at that time would be EK162, the Emirates 77W which operates the daily DXB-DUB route.

photo 7656074798_3d125956aa_h

photo 7656069160_30ac27610f_h

I also caught a video of the pushback, see here:

After EK161 taxiied away my own flight had began boarding directly opposite the EK gate. I was hoping for an Airbus A321 aircraft as it usually made sporadic appearances on the route, however I was not in luck this day.

photo 7656071692_e0bfc42217_h

photo 7656057368_775308a7ff_h

There was a full load for this day's flight, but there was no delay and soon we were taxiing to runway 28.

Here's a video capturing the takeoff and inital ascent:

Ascending through the clouds provided nice views of Ireland.

photo 7656043530_cae7a292c7_h

As always, the Aer Lingus bar service began shortly afterwards. On offer were buy-on-board drinks and snacks. We opted for a pasta meal and goats cheese salad. As a note, the Aer Lingus SkyDeli menu has since been significantly revamped and now offers excellent pre-order meals for both short- and long-haul networks.

photo 7656051814_2826d020a9_h

photo 7656055866_b40c723e31_h

photo 7656054286_fcefd09962_h

Both dishes were of very reasonable quality for their price,. I particularly enjoyed the goat's cheese salad.

Not long afterwards we began to encounter some turbulence, and I managed to capture some of it on camera:

Despite this little excitement, the remainder of the flight was uneventful, passing over the Algarve, Portugal and then eventually reaching the Canaries.

Lisbon Airport

photo 7656050148_b01005183b_h

Guess which airline!

photo 7656045310_8d0bc1ec27_h

Lining-up for landing at Lanzarote with the beaches of Corralejo, Fuerteventura in the background.

photo 7656042040_34aee10c34_h

photo 7656041054_bf2ee6b504_h

I took a video of the landing:

The aircraft was quickly disembarked upon arrival at the stand at ACE, with the groups of holidaymakers all eager to reach their respective resorts!
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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew8.0

Dublin - DUB


Lanzarote Island - ACE



This flight experience were very pleasant and it was a much more comfortable experience than flying the route with Ryanair would've been. Ryanair has however been making a number of specific improvements to its customer service offering, which really is challenging the premium pricing strategy which Aer Lingus typically employs. I look forward to trying other pre-order meals from Aer Lingus.



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  • Comment 359341 by
    nicobcn TEAM GOLD 6848 Comments

    Thanks for this report!

    I don't really like Aer Lingus, but it's better than Ryanair!
    Could you explain me what has changed in the Gold Circle Program? Because they sent me an email maybe six months ago, and I didn't understand what has changed...

    • Comment 359359 by
      ShamrockGoldCircle AUTHOR 9 Comments

      They're replacing it with a programme named 'Aer Club', which will also be Avios-affiliated. It was initially scheduled to launch in March, then delayed to July. It was then delayed further until October. Let's wait and see if they can make that deadline!

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