Review of SWISS flight Paris Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX639
Class Business
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 15 Jul 16, 15:05
Arrival at 15 Jul 16, 16:15
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By GOLD 2816
Published on 25th July 2016
Hello Flight-Report Community!

We have the pleasure of sharing a historic flight experience with you today. SWISS International Air Lines has been making a headlines this year with news of its fleet modernization.
Earlier in the year, the Swiss carrier received its new Flagship, the Boeing 777-300ER. This time, SWISS is welcoming a brand new type of aircraft altogether. SWISS is not only the launch customer of this new aircraft, but also took part in its development. We’re speaking, of course, of the new Bombardier CSeries.
On July 15th, the new SWISS CSeries 100 took its maiden commercial flight and we were there to catch a ride on this historic flight. We’ll take an in-depth look at the innovative cabin of this new aircraft.
In Paris, SWISS operates from Terminal 1, along with the vast majority of Star Alliance carriers.

photo 0001

Upon arrival at the satellite, where the gate is located, after the security checkpoint, Business class and Star Alliance Gold passengers have access to the Lufthansa lounge.

photo 0005photo 0010

Despite a decent offering, the lounge is a bit disappointing insofar as there is no view whatsoever.

photo 0009

The Business section isn’t really any different from the Senator / Gold section with an identical buffet.

photo 0006
Overall decent catering for a short-haul outstation lounge with 2 types of quiche, 2 soups, and several desserts.

photo 0007

There’s a decent selection of alcoholic beverages

photo 0008

For SWISS, Bombardier, and indeed the world of aviation in general, it is a historic day. However, in light of the previous evening’s tragic events in Nice, the inaugural ceremony was appropriately not ostentatious. Nevertheless, all passengers received some cake and drinks at the boarding gate.

photo 0003photo 0002photo 0004

The CCO of SWISS, who had been onboard the ZHR-CDG flight, took advantage of the stopover to inaugurate the new aircraft in the presence of Terminal 1’s Director.

photo 0028photo 0029

There was a traditional exchange of gifts.

photo 0030

And to symbolize the beginning of commercial service for the new Bombardier jet, the red ribbon was cut by the SWISS Executive.

photo 0031a

We were lucky to have the opportunity to watch the arrival of the CS100 from the tarmac.

photo 0011photo 0012

The brand new Bombardier looks splendid in the SWISS livery. The winglets are also sporting the Helvetic cross.

photo 0013photo 0015

The LH Group is well represented at CDG Terminal 1, with this Lufthansa A321 being just one many daily flights.

photo 0014

The new baby of the SWISS fleet is obviously wearing the company’s latest colors along with the Star Alliance logo.

photo 0016

The first SWISS CSeries is registered HB-JBA

photo 0017

The aircraft viewed from behind. The large Pratt & Whitney engines are a big change from the hair dryers on the Avro RJ that it will be replacing.

Around the aircraft, ground teams work to turn the aircraft. The ground agents seem fully prepared to handle this new aircraft type.

photo 0022photo 0023

It’s boarding time !

photo 0032photo 0033

Last view of the exterior before going on board!

photo 0024photo 0025

This first SWISS CSeries has been baptised "Kanton Zürich" for the Canton of Zurich.

photo 0034

The CSeries cabin is configured in a 2-3 layout in a similar fashion to the Avro RJ100 fleet that i will be replacing progressively. The seats and aisle on the new CSeries are wider than on the old Avro jets.

photo 0026photo 0027

Settling in to row 9.

photo 0050

The new brown CSeries seats with their white headrests are quite stunning. This new seat model was designed by German manufacturer Zim.

photo 0037photo 0049

The finishes are impressive both in terms of design choices that have been made and the quality of the final product.

photo 0041photo 0042

The seats are framed by a stylish metallic frame.

photo 0038photo 0040

In front of them, passengers find a familiar element of SWISS seats with the seat pocket at eye level.

photo 0043

A rare Safety card!

photo 0048photo 0089

The tray table has a unique shape as it is attached to the underside of the seat by a moveable arm.

photo 0072

Under the table: two seat back pockets located at knee level. The net is a bit difficult to open up but the items are firmly held in place.

photo 0044

A nice feature—a coat hook to hang a jacket on the seatback in front.

photo 0045

The armrests are nicely shaped and practical as they can be fully raised, folding completely between two seats

photo 0047

The ceiling panels are also interesting. There are ventilation nozzles and individual reading lights.

photo 0036

The real innovation in this new aircraft is a small IFE screen that displays flight information and the moving map. The no smoking and electronic device placards appear on the side, unlike on the A350 where they are displayed on a similar, though smaller, little screen.

photo 0046
The flight was just a few minutes late, not surprising considering the inaugural festivities.

photo 0035

The flight is fully booked with a large part of passengers sitting in the expanded Business class section.

photo 0039

Last few checks before departure.

photo 0053

Apparently the safety cards were popular on the inbound, so a flight attendant replaces the missing cards.

photo 0054

Water bottle and refreshing towel.

photo 0055

And here we go! An Airport agent takes our photo as we push back.

photo 0056

The PW1500G engines purr in a distinct way when they start up.

photo 0060photo 0061

The small IFE screens display the route and flying time.

photo 0057photo 0058photo 0059

Taxiing to the runway. The aisle is really quite wide on this aircraft—people can easily pass each other down the aisle.

photo 0052photo 0062

The safety video is played on the IFE screens. These small screens are much more practical and lightweight than traditional drop down IFE screens that need to be stored for takeoff and landing.

photo 0064photo 0065

It is nice to have a screen over each row of seats.

photo 0063

Deployment of the flaps is completely silent.

photo 0067

The nicely shaped winglet looks great in the company colors.

photo 0068

Takeoff will be from Runway 27L. The CSeries is a powerful aircraft thanks to its latest generation engines.

photo 0069photo 0070

A sharp turn to the right and we are headed southeast towards Switzerland.

photo 0071

New seatbelts for the CSeries.

photo 0051

Interesting detail—the upper part of the window is almost identical to the CRJ1000, which was previously the largest of the Bombardier aircraft prior to the arrival of the CSeries.

photo 0066

The many cabin crew present for this special flight are busy throughout the cabin.

photo 0076

For this mid-afternoon flight, a snack is served in Business class: A salmon sandwich and an apricot cream. A glass of Duval-Leroy champagne to accompany the snack.

photo 0073

The first Cheers photo aboard a Bombardier CSeries 100!

photo 0075

Shortly after the meal service, the chief CSeries pilot for SWISS comes around in the cabin to sign souvenir cards.

photo 0078

He writes a message for the Flight-Report community!

photo 0079

The CSeries is said to be a quiet aircraft, though it is not particularly noticeable. The cabin noise level appears to be similar to other aircraft in its size category.
According to the iPhone, the noise level was on average 73 decibels

photo 0077

The flight continues on toward Zurich with magnificent weather.

photo 0080

The CS100 has a wide and short fuselage, which gives a feeling of spaciousness that you don’t get on other large regional jets.

photo 0081photo 0083

The lavatories are pretty standard.

photo 0082

Some interesting features of the overhead bins: The handle is not attached to the rotating part, which can be a little confusing. Also, closing the bin doors does not make the normal clicking noise—it seems that the doors are kept shut magnetically.

photo 0084

At the end of the flight, Swiss chocolates in the shape of footballs are distributed.

photo 0085

The flight lasts less than an hour. The fasten seatbelt sign comes on and the Captain makes his arrival announcement.

photo 0086

We are approaching Zurich, the first hub airport of the CSeries.

photo 0087

A turn and then we lign up with the runway.

photo 0088

Flaps out. The flight is coming to an end.

photo 0090photo 0091

Once on the ground, as we taxi to the A gates, we get a glimpse of the first SWISS Boeing 777-300ER.

photo 0092

Our arrival is awaited by the Zürich-Kloten ground staff.

photo 0094

Operations are running as normal in the rest of the airport, of course.

photo 0095

A SWISS A321, on the other end of the short/medium-haul fleet spectrum.

photo 0096

Last view of the seat before leaving the aircraft.

photo 0098photo 0097

There is not yet a curtain separating the classes, only these small signs. Curtains will soon be installed on the CSeries fleet.

photo 0099

In the front of the cabin, the SWISS logo makes a nice decoration.

photo 0100

We had the opportunity to enter the cockpit. The screens are noticeably large as with all new generation aircraft.

photo 0101

The large screens simplify navigation and allow for clearer display of information.

photo 0102

The CSeries is equipped with HUD, generally used in bad weather.

photo 0103

Thanks for joining us for this first flight aboard the SWISS CSeries!

photo 0104


SWISS is the very first airline to operate the CSeries. The fuel-efficient CSeries will breathe some new life into the European network as it replaces the old 4-engine Avro RJ fleet.
The CS100 can seat up to 125 passengers, putting it at the very upper limit of capacity for regional jets; it is getting into the territory of smaller mainline aircraft. The wide and tall fuselage and 2-3 seating configuration make for an exceptionally comfortable right and overall pleasant passenger experience.

After Paris, the CS100 will be flying the Manchester, Prague, and Budapest routes from Zurich. Starting in late August the new aircraft will also be flying to Warsaw, Brussels, Nice, Stuttgart, Hanover, Milan, Florence, and Bucharest. The variety of destinations and distances shows the flexibility of the new CSeries capable of reaching even longer distances.

Flight Reported by Florent & Flavien as a guest of Swiss International Air Lines. Translation by Kévin

Video of the flight:
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SWISS is one of the most dynamic airlines in Europe at the moment when it comes to news in 2016. After the arrival of the new Boeing 777-300ER flagship and its new cabins, SWISS has welcomed the world’s very first CSeries to fly commercially.

The CSeries will be a game changer for SWISS’ European operations as it will greatly reduce costs as is replaces the older inefficient Avro RJs. The CSeries provides an superior passenger experience with a spacious cabin and wide seats, large overhead compartments, large windows, and overhead IFE screens.
As far as the passenger experience goes, the seats are really the most important element and the Zim seats are an excellent design. The new seat colors are very nice, though not too different from the current SWISS cabins. The seat is very comfortable and flexible with nice finishes. The leather headrests and metallic trim are elegant design elements.

- Spacious cabin
- Wide seats and wide aisle
- Nice finishes
- Very large windows and overhead bins

- Relatively noisy aircraft
- non-adjustable headrest

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