Review of Air France flight Lisbon Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1225
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 22 Aug 15, 10:50
Arrival at 22 Aug 15, 14:20
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6118 reviews
By GOLD 647
Published on 3rd August 2016
This was the flight back from vacation; I described the outbound flight here

The report begins in the subway of Lisbon, which was not crowded on a Saturday morning in summer. It was spotlessly clean, with at most some windows scratched with graffiti.
photo IMG_9591a
Arrival in the terminal
photo IMG_9592a
photo IMG_9594a
I left my wife in the line for the luggage drop for Skyteam flights
photo IMG_9593a
… and went to these machines to obtain our BPs (AF had checked us in automatically, but I had seen no justification in spending a few euros in the hotel for printing the files received by e-mail)
photo IMG_9597a
AF must have been satisfied of our physical condition and mastership of French (read again the outbound flight's report if you did not catch this insider joke), because they had assigned us the very same seats 10A and 10B, on the overwing exit row.
photo IMG_9595a
I did not try to determine which seats could provide me more comfort than a window seat on exit row on the side away from the sun tested with satisfaction on the way in, and that AF proposed for 15 EUR each.
photo IMG_9596a
I quickly joined my wife in the line. On our left, this was the Skypriority line which did not seem to be faster, because only one counter was open and the J/Elite passengers seemed to maximize the use of their more generous checked luggage allowance. The staff in the center was directing the passengers when needed.
photo IMG_9598aphoto IMG_9600a
I did not understand this restriction "Internet/mobile boarding pass only". My BP printed by the machine did not seem to be a problem.
photo IMG_9601a
There was a crowd of kids in sportswear at the groups counter
photo IMG_9606a
They would have a long trip home, most probably via another European airport and HKG: these kids from Macau were a reminder of the historic ties of Portugal with this tiny colony restituted to China in 1999 with the same “one country, two systems” status as Hong-Kong.
photo IMG_9605a
The corresponding line quickly vanished when a second counter opened to handle the Skypriority passengers.
photo IMG_9607a
The only anecdote about the luggage drop is that the employee asked to see our two pieces of hand luggage (without weighing them) and placed these tags recommending to place them under the seat before us… only that our exit row seats forbade that during take-off and landing.
photo IMG_9655a
No fuss at the security check, apart from the requirement to remove all cameras from their casings, even compact ones, like laptops and tablets.
photo IMG_9614a
The escalator leading to the Departures level provides a panoramic view of the security check area if you look back. There was a tax-refund counter which was not relevant for us.
photo IMG_9613a
I did not try to understand the difference with this other counter.
photo IMG_9616a
LIS is one of these annoying airports which have passengers navigate through a duty-free shop area before they can reach the gates.
photo IMG_9615a
The difference between a pack of cigarettes for passengers staying in the European Union and those leaving the EU is that it will be a cheaper way to die a long and very painful death, because of the tax difference.
photo IMG_9618a
This picture resulted in a non-aggressive sign of a staff : no photos ! It did not matter; I had already taken the ones I wanted.
photo IMG_9619a
Arrival in the rotunda in the center of the terminal where the FIDS displays our boarding gate which was still unknown when I obtained our BPs (refer to the BP issuing machine). It was somewhat crowded there, but there were enough empty seats remaining for passengers waiting for the gate to be displayed.
photo IMG_9620 panoa
Gate 14 is towards the southern end of the terminal, which resulted in a longish walk past passengers taking a rest on seats which had been designed for this purposed
photo IMG_9622a
… or which hadn’t
photo IMG_9624a
We arrived just as the AF A319 was reaching the gate
photo IMG_9626a
Windows’ firewall refused to let me access to the internet here in LIS, like in AF’s lounges in CDG and in several Portuguese hotels. (It was after the return from this trip that I finally understood what the problem was).
photo IMG_9628a
My level in Portuguese is minimal, but I got the message
photo IMG_9630a
This provided me access to a well-known website
photo IMG_9633a
There were going to be three UMs on this flight
photo IMG_9631a
The boarding room did not look like it was full (it should arguably be able to handle the capacity of an A321, instead of this A319), but the flight was going to be full, or nearly full.
photo IMG_9648a
A good point for LIS : there were well identified power ports
photo IMG_9650a
They were below these seats left and right
photo IMG_9651a
The second good point was that these were multistandard plugs, which it quite unusual outside airport lounges and Mainland China.
photo IMG_9649a
This passenger found another place to feed his ultra-flat toy.
photo IMG_9653a
He put it at the foot of this advertising screen device.
photo IMG_9654a
It doesn’t show from a distance, but most of the terminal is plane spotter-unfriendly, because the wide windows are covered with black dots to reduce the greenhouse effect, and taking pictures is made impossible when you get closer. But thanks to the Flight Report Meet Up of December 2014, I knew that there were a few dotless windows around Gate 12, at the far end of the terminal. It was very empty at that time.
photo IMG_9643a
The catering was being loaded in our A319
photo IMG_9634a
On the other hand, the checked luggage had not reached the plane yet.
photo IMG_9636a
It was therefore time for a pause for these tarmac staff looking for cooler air in the hold.
photo IMG_9635a
These are the planes I saw
Euro Atlantic B777-200ER
photo IMG_9637a
TAP A340-300
photo IMG_9638a
A330-200 TAP, in Star Alliance livery
photo IMG_9639a
Departure of a Ryanair 738
photo IMG_9641a
And arrival of another one, next to Terminal 2 which is dedicated to the LCC. The passengers use this terminal when departing only; arriving passengers are bussed to Terminal 1.
photo IMG_9640a
An Air Transat A310. This type of aircraft is becoming rare.
photo IMG_9645a
Arrival of a Norwegian 738., also heading towards Terminal 2.
photo IMG_9656a
That was when a PA call (in Portuguese, English and French) announced the boarding of our plane, and it was time to return to our gate where my wife had been patiently keeping the hand luggage. There was a decent offering of Portuguese and French newspapers in the jet bridge.
photo IMG_9659a
The FA was amused to see me take a picture of the registration number, but forbade me to take a picture from where I was of the cockpit whose door was open. I do not know what would have happened if I had taken the picture without asking; I answered with a joke on the highly confidential nature of an A319 instruments board. There was a little jam here as often, but the FAs did not need to use the loudspeaker stored there ^^.
photo IMG_9661a
The front rows were identified by red antimacassars.
photo IMG_9662a
Since our seats were in an exit row, I asked the FA who happened to be there if she could give me back my laptop once the cruise altitude would be reached, so that I would not disturb the passenger in Seat 10C.
- No problem of course, you know that this is an exit row ?
- Yes, I am a frequent flyer [without mentioning that I nearly never fly on an exit row]
The FA presumed that she did not need to make the “exit row prep talk” to passengers assumed to be know it well, and forgot to deliver it to the other passengers in row 10.
photo IMG_9663a
A 738 Ryanair was taxiing before us
photo IMG_9664a
Same seat as on the way in, and therefore the same royal seat pitch due to the emergency exit.
photo IMG_9665a
37 cm from the back of the previous seat to the limit of mine was very generous.
photo IMG_9666a
This was the same seat as on the way in, with the same emergency exit indications.
photo IMG_9669a
The same bans on hand luggage during take-off and landing phases, too
photo IMG_9668a
And the same window shade which is raised, not lowered.
photo IMG_9667a
A view of the LCC Terminal 2, with two Easyjet and Norwegian aircraft. No jet bridge, of course.
photo IMG_9670a
The plane spotters’ favorite location in LIS, at the level of the threshold of Runway 03. Note that there is space for parking your car.
photo IMG_9674a
Take-off at 10:52, i.e. on time, and even somewhat ahead of schedule.
photo IMG_9676a
We promptly reached the cloud cover and there would not be much to see outside during most of the flight. With due respect to the inhabitants of Lisbon, this suburban landscape is not fascinating (but you’ll nevertheless have it)

The wing and the wingtip fence that AF did not car to decorate
photo IMG_9684aphoto IMG_9685a
The safety card both sides
photo IMG_9687aphoto IMG_9688a
The carpet was clean
photo IMG_9689a
The best manners of the passenger seated in 11A behind me.
photo IMG_9690a
We reach the cruising altitude : I wait a bit, see that the FA has disappeared in the rear galley and with some acrobatics manage to recover my laptop without asking the passenger in Seat 11C to stand up, because the seat pitch allows me to stand in front of my wife seated in 11B.

Only after forty minutes of flight did I see the FA come up the aisle hurriedly to offer her excuses for not returning my laptop. Her smile mixed with embarrassment felt genuine (she obviously suddenly thought “S***, I forgot about the laptop of the passenger in exit row”). A fault confessed is a half redressed, and was going to be completely redressed later on.
photo IMG_9692a
Five minutes late came the meal, or rather AF’s notion of a meal in 2h30’ flight in Economy.
photo IMG_9693a
- The tag is still there ; so much for the presentation
[this was not exactly what the FA said, but it meant something like that]
A short look at it, and :
- Oh, but it is not past its "Use by" date, so at least honor is intact !
[with a wide smile which meant that AF would of course never serve expired food]
photo IMG_9696a
This typically Portuguese cake should have been warm but wasn’t, was undoubtedly edible, but with a 7 cm diameter and a total weight of 70g, this food supply would not have a durable effect.
photo IMG_9697a
It was ridiculously insufficient for a flight at lunch time and both of us regretted to have eaten less than usual for breakfast : trusting AF’s catering was a newbie’s mistake, and we were hungry when we reached our home.
photo IMG_9695a
The FA had been intrigued by my request of taking a picture of the cardboard tray for the catering, and when she came back after she was done distributing it, I explained why I had wanted to take this picture. Yes, she knew about Flight Report, and made laudatory comments about the website (“a very good website, it helps us make progress”). I then had an interesting conversation on AF’s product. This FA obviously liked her job, and this episode more than compensated her initial minor mistake.
photo IMG_9699a
Descent towards CDG. I asked to the other FA going down the aisle with some used cups in a hand if she would mind putting my laptop back in the overhead bin for landing. Yes, but she had only one free hand? No problem, I proposed to hold for her these cups (she obviously did not want to ask me to do this) meanwhile. An exchange of smiles and thanks later, I was convinced to have drawn the winning ticket on the AF FA lottery this time.
photo IMG_9700a
Without laptop, but with my camera, these were the first buildings of CDG. The passengers on the right side of the aircraft had a good view of Paris, but in adverse lighting conditions and I think that any pictures would have been very disappointing.
photo IMG_9703aphoto IMG_9704a
Terminal 1 (lots of condensation had formed on my window during the descent, which only left a small unobscured area).
photo IMG_9705aphoto IMG_9708a
The same terminal
photo IMG_9706a
This does not really count as an air-to-air picture, but a DL aircraft was taking off from one of the north runways.
photo IMG_9710aphoto IMG_9711a
An AF 77W taxiing to the runway
photo IMG_9713a
Touchdown at ETA-29’ : the plane was indeed well ahead of schedule, as promised by the captain in a rather verbose PA announcement.
photo IMG_9714a
There were many AF aircraft at Terminal 2F, but there was also an MU A330 which would fly back to PVG.
photo IMG_9717a
The AF 77W was going to cross the runway behind this Easyjet A32x, but we would have to wait until three aircraft had landed before being allowed to cross it.

Now was the turn of this AF 777
photo IMG_9725a
It would have deserved a better camera, but I was pleased with this picture.
photo IMG_9726a
It was the turn of this MEA A330 to take off
photo IMG_9730aphoto IMG_9732a
Arrival of a DL A330 in the old livery
photo IMG_9734a
What is better than an A380 parked at Terminal 2E ?
photo IMG_9736a
Three other A380s parked at the same terminal, maybe ? This was maybe sufficiently rare for our really verbose captain to take the mike and mention this to the passengers.
photo IMG_9740a
An Air Mauritius A340
photo IMG_9742a
Final stop next to an AF A321
photo IMG_9743a
Arrival of an AF A318
photo IMG_9744a
Bright sun in CDG, which light effects on the jet bridges’ windows
photo IMG_9745a
photo IMG_9747a
I do not know if this is advertising or art
photo IMG_9748a
Internet access by wifi is free in CDG, so I could check my e-mails and a well-known website while waiting for our checked luggage.
photo IMG_9750a
The priorities were not fully respected in the luggage delivery : in the midst of pieces of luggage bearing yellow priority tags came our own which had received a favor for mysterious reasons.
photo IMG_9751a
It was ETA+6’ when we recovered our suitcases : there was obviously a margin built in the schedule, but this flight was nevertheless flawlessly on time.

This is the end of this flight, and also of this flight report ; what follows is a tourist bonus which starts with a great leap back in time.
photo IMG_7094a
The French are proud of their standing stones, located mostly in Brittany, but few know that there are many more in Portugal, where there have been dated between 6,000 and 4,000 BC, i.e. many centuries before the French Carnac stones (3,300 BC).
photo IMG_7067a
Map of the megaliths in the Iberian Peninsula (Museum of Castelo de Vide)
Some are not very impressive, like Dolmen 2 of Coureleiros (above), but Dolmens 3 and 4 a few hundred meters away in the same site are much more obvious.
photo IMG_7091aphoto IMG_7101a

The Medea Menhir is the tallest in the Iberian peninsula, at 7.15 m.
photo IMG_7115a
The metallic structure which protects the dolmen of Zambujeiro is really ugly, but it is nevertheless worth seeing
photo IMG_7367a
Aerial views are probably the best for grasping the layout of the cromlech of Almendres, where 92 standing stones form a double ring.
photo IMG_7308 panoa
The Almendres menhir is a kilometer and a half from there, along an axis which corresponds approximately to the direction of the sunrise at the winter solstice (by chance or design?)
photo IMG_7353a
There are in the fields not far from there structures like this one, spaced regularly about one hundred meters from each other, alongside a sinuous course. There is no connection with standing stones, but what are these?
photo IMG_0945a
They follow a contour line, and that is no chance.
photo IMG_0951aphoto IMG_0952a
These are the accesses to a nearly buried section of the Silver Waters Aqueduct, whose 18 km total length was completed in 1537 to feed the city of Evora. It passes here under National Road 114-4.
photo IMG_0956a
It is much more impressive in the immediate vicinity of the city.
photo IMG_0915a
There are many fortified towns fed in water by aqueducts built at that time, like Obidos …
photo IMG_5481 panoa
… where the best view of the aqueduct is from the top of the city walls
photo IMG_5477a
Or Elvas, where the Amoreira Aqueduct, started in 1537 but completed in 1620 reaches a 31 m height.
photo IMG_7268a
These aqueducts have been built long after the Spanish threat on Portugal’s integrity had weakened: it was in 1385 that Nuno Álvares Pereira’s military genius allowed his 6,500 strong army him inflict a crushing defeat to the 31,000 man Castilian forces in Aljubarrota (and again in Valverde two months later despite an even more unfavorable force ratio).
photo IMG_5822a
The remarkable museum is especially didactic ; there is in particular a scientific analysis of the wounds identified on the bones which were found there, like this skull with the exit hole of a crossbow bolt.
photo IMG_5857a
And this other one bearing the traces of two deadly sword blows.
photo IMG_5851a
In recognition of the divine intervention to obtain this victory, King John Ist, who was present in this battle, financed the building of the Batalha (“battle”, in Portuguese) Convent, which is one of the treasures of Portugal’s architectural heritage.
photo IMG_5667aphoto IMG_5697 panoaphoto IMG_5757a
All of Portugal’s history is not that glorious. The church, the pillory and the crosses on this house are reminders of painful memories
photo IMG_6778a
These crosses betray the house of "new converts”, i.e. Jews who had been converted by force to Catholicism when the Inquisition settled in Portugal from 1496.
photo IMG_6776a
The "Cat’s House" in Trancoso is called this way because of the low relief on its facade
photo IMG_8981a
But it represented actually the Lion of Judea.
photo IMG_8978a
… and similarly this other sculpture represented the Temple of Jerusalem.
photo IMG_8983a
There was in the small local museum an infinite saudade, this feeling of melancholy which is part of the Portuguese soul, in front of the remembrance of some of the 671 victims of the Inquisition in this very small town, sentenced to death, life terms, deportation or the wearing for life of infamous clothing. They had already been deprived of their identity, as all Jews had been forced to adopt Christian names and surnames.
photo IMG_9006a
Incredibly so, it was only in 1917 that a Jewish community which had survived during four centuries, practicing their rites in total secrecy, and marrying only between themselves. A modern synagogue was built in the village in 1996, materializing their return to open light.
photo IMG_6646a
The alheira, a sausage made of meat other than pork and bread (without crust) for texturing, was created at that time by Jews in order to make believe that they had indeed abandoned the Jewish ban on pork meat to whoever would come and check their cellars.
photo IMG_9572a
It is often served like this in Portuguese restaurants nowadays. I was amused to find that most of the ingredients in this plate were unknown in Europe before the Great Discoveries where Portugal played a major part : turkeys and potatoes come from North America, tomatoes from Central America, rice from the Far East.
photo IMG_9571a
The Portuguese did their duty of remembrance, installing five centuries later this double monument to the victims of religious intolerance on the site of the first pogrom in their country which took place in Lisbon on 19-21 April 1506. This one was financed by the Jewish community,
photo IMG_8592a
… and this one, a few tens of meters away, by the Catholic Church. photo IMG_9578a
Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it : this maxim which has been attributed to many different people remains valid today.
Thanks for reading me all the way to here !
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Lisbon - LIS


Paris - CDG



LIS is above average, with a number of caveat which moderate the overall picture : served by a clean subway (but there was an endless line to buy tickets when arriving there, with the bonus of a French passenger who aggressively and wrongly accused me of jumping the line), plane spotter-friendly only if you can find the window s without black dots, with clean toilets unless it is a peak traffic day, with a free wifi internet access but incompatible with Windows’ firewall.

The flight was ahead of schedule and the crew was flawless, but the catering was minimal, and the passenger on seat 10C noted that unlike on an LCC, you could not buy extra food on board if that served was not enough.

It was an error by the luggage handlers, but our luggage has been delivered as if they were priority. The rail link to Paris remains the weak point of CDG, but the RER-B on a Saturday afternoon was no ordeal.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 29 minutes.

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    eminere™ 271 Comments
    The passenger seated behind you with the bare foot propped up against the cabin wall is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I think I would've done my best to ensure a cup of hot coffee was tipped in his direction - completely by accident, of course.
  • Comment 361952 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this detailed FR with us! You always have a lot of interesting information throughout the FR.

    "LIS is one of these annoying airports which have passengers navigate through a duty-free shop area before they can reach the gates."
    - This is unfortunately becoming a norm in many airports worldwide.

    Nice shots of your ride at LIS and great spotting shots!

    Sorry about the passenger behind you...

    Same catering as I had on this route (you obviously flew this route way before me) and I think I had a similar reaction to you.

    Great shots upon arrival at CDG!

    Nice spotting shots at CDG, the shot with the AF 77W lifting off is breathtaking!

    Thank you for the interesting bonus!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 362884 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 10137 Comments
      One day, airlines will charge an extra fee for using an airside shortcut bypassing the duty-free shops. They will have the cheek to market it as an improvement desired by their customers.

      This barefoot passenger was more amusement than a real nuisance to me.

      How little food can an airline serve and still call it food ?

      Sometimes, you are thankful for the time spent waiting to let other aircraft take off or land.

      Thanks for your comment !

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