Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Denpasar Jakarta in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA407
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 31 Jul 16, 12:00
Arrival at 31 Jul 16, 12:55
GA   #4 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 135 reviews
By 884
Published on 5th September 2016
This flight report will cover my return from a short weekend holiday to Bali.
Here is the routing
GA 422 CGK-DPS 1310-1610 28-07-2016 (A332)CLICK HERE
GA 407 DPS-CGK 1200-1255 31-07-2016 (A333) THIS REPORT
All the times reported are Bali time( GMT+8) until a time check, after which all times reported will be in Jakarta time (GMT +7)
From our hotel in Sanur, we departed at 9 40 am. The toll road was very efficient, and in 23 minutes, we reached the domestic terminal.
DPS's international terminal, an amazing improvement and a great airport to fly out of.
photo img_2891_compressedphoto img_2892_compressed
The domestic terminal served as the international terminal before 2013. Domestic operations were moved to the current cargo terminal while renovations and construction were ongoing. After being completed, they moved domestic operations to this terminal while the international operations moved to the new terminal. That's a lot of moving!
photo img_2894_compressed
We chose this flight as this is flown with an A333, which is more comfortable than the 737. It also flies out of DPS at a convenient time, allowing us to relax in the morning, and not rush when we return to our activities the next day.
Similar to CGK, a security officer checks your ticket prior to entering the terminal.
photo img_2895_compressed
And you clear security at the start of the terminal.
Caricature inside the terminal, whose characters share the same feeling as I do ;)
photo img_2898_compressed
The Economy check-in, and priority line.
photo img_2899_compressedphoto img_2900_compressed
There is also a direct charter flight to Maranggo, Southeast Sulawesi. Normally, one would have to transit in Makassar first.
photo img_2901_compressed
Charter flights get some form of recognition here in GA, since they get a dedicated check-in counter for themselves.
Check-in in the SKyPriority was efficient yet inefficient. It takes about 15 minutes to handle a small party in front of us. On the plus side, we were done in 20 minutes. I don't think those in economy could say the same, considering the line. I did not see any passengers showing up for the Maranggo flight, and considering the evening departure, there would not be any soon. Simply opening up one of the counters for general check-in would be easier and help expedite the process, but of course, the welfare of check-in staff comes before the passengers.
photo img_2903_compressed
Then there is a second security check.
photo img_2905_compressed
We are then instructed to proceed up. And then, a long row of shops greet us, along with eating options.
photo img_2906_compressedphoto img_2909_compressed
Passengers would not have to worry about security, and makes the terminal safer.
However, I don't see the point of making passengers, in a rush to get to the gate, go through a maze of duty free shops.
A nice map of DPS's domestic terminal.
photo img_2907_compressed
And the FIDS. DPS is a transit point for flights to West and East Nusa Tenggara.
photo img_2910_compressed
Citilink A320
photo img_2912_compressed
Wings Air ATR-72 and GA B738
photo img_2913_compressedphoto img_2914_compressed
An ad for GA's first class. Someday…
photo img_2919_compressed
Gates 1A, 1B and 1C are connected with a big seating area, on the far side of the terminal.
photo img_2920_compressed
Here'a our bird! She's PK-GPE, a 19.5 year old Airbus A330-300. The flaps and slats were extended. Perhaps this is a new, safety protocol?
photo img_2923_compressed
Boarding commenced at 11 43 instead of the 11 30. Gate lice were already present before the original boarding time. Soon, a long line formed, and some even crowded into the Priority lane.
It was then a big line. Some respected the Priority lane, while others simply joined in the line. There were boarding announcements by zone, but they were ignored. The ground staff simply gave up, as they were in a hurry to board everyone anyway.
photo img_2924_compressed
Did I mention I love this livery?
photo img_2926_compressedphoto img_2927
We are in an A333
photo img_2928_compressed
No newspapers were on offer
photo img_2929_compressed
GA 407
TOUCHDOWN: 12 55 (-1 HOUR)
After a warm welcome by the FA, we turned right.
I took out my phone for a forward cabin shot. Instead of business class, I found economy seats, without IFE.
photo img_2930_compressed
There were no power ports, so its no big deal.
photo img_2931_compressed
Safety information card, both sides
photo img_2932_compressedphoto img_2933_compressed
But there is IFE on my section. Score!
photo img_3044_compressed
Which stubbornly refuses to power up.
The A333 still has the standard no smoking sign.
photo img_2949_compressed
And no IFE box which translates to better legroom
Our neighbours, GA A330 and SQ B777
photo img_2935_compressedphoto img_2950_compressed
Seatback contents were almost the same, this time sans Stars (IFE guide), although Colours (Inflight Magazine) and arcade (Inflight duty free) is there.
photo img_2953_compressedimage
Seat pitch is notably tighter. The top picture is on the return flight, while the bottom picture is on the outbound flight
photo img_2950_compressedphoto img_2653
Seeking to power up the IFE, I looked for a headphone jack, only to find them absent. The crew does not know either where they are. How interesting!
photo img_2937_compressed
Pushback commenced as the IFE started, but they were only aired on the big screens fixed in front of the cabin.
The FA then returned after asking her colleagues we were flying on the high-density equipment GA retrofitted to fit more planes, which translates to no IFE. I admire that she checked on us. Could their cabin crew live up to their passengers' expectations?
Pushing back at 12 08
photo img_2957_compressed
GA B738 and Indonesia AirAsia A320
photo img_2964_compressed
Taxiing to the runway
photo img_2972_compressed
Three FAs came around and each failed to see my unbuckled seatbelt test, thrice. Finally, the purser reminded me to buckle up.
We took off at 12 23, after a 15 minute taxi
80 knots…V1…Rotate!!…V2!
photo img_2978_compressed
Leaving land
photo img_2990_compressedphoto img_2992_compressed
The IFE was the airshow on loop, on the big screens only. Even so, it does not offer the full novelty of having airshow.
Where's the plane?
photo img_2994_compressed
As I toured the plane, the FAs were busy preparing meals in the galley
This A330-300 is configured to carry 360 passengers in a full economy configuration. In comparison, Lion Air's A333 seats 440.
The world's best crew should be able to serve this jet, fully-laden with passengers, in one hour. That is a short amount of time for a one hour flight. Considering this to be a normal routine, I felt that this flight should be no different.
While waiting I browsed the Colours magzine
GA's A333s, including their seating plan
photo img_3019_compressed
GA's domestic network
photo img_3028_compressed
GA's regional network
photo img_3035_compressed
At 12 37 the meal carts began rolling, and the FAs were rushing service from the start.Being seated in the second cabin, it was 13 16 before I received my meal, 39 minutes before we were scheduled to land!
There were two options, beef with rice or fish with potatoes. I opted for the beef while may companion opted for the fish
The beef was stated to be spicy, but by being Indonesian, I believe that I am immune to moderately spicy foods. I don't think Mrs Marathon would agree though!
The beef option. It tasted quite good for airplane food, and it was not spicy at all.
photo img_3052_compressed
The fish main. The fish was bland, if it were not for the sauce, but the sauce had some weird taste. The best description would be sour and pungent, and had to be washed down.
photo img_3054_compressed
There was only one cart serving beverages and food, to expedite meal service.
photo img_3049_compressed
I was served by a different FA, and a request for ice requires a very complicated procedure.
"Could I please have ice?"
"The drink is already cold!"
"I know, I would like to have some ice, still."
"We don't have ice on this flight."
Choosing not to argue, I sipped on my not-so-cold water. As I later went to use the toilet I saw a foreigner gulping down a glass of water. With ice.
After that I went to the toilet. The FA who sorted out my entertainment issues was cleaning the lav. They were minding their own business and the only conversation starter was when I was given a toy to give my travelling companion.
photo img_3064_compressed
I was the first to use the toilet after it was cleaned, so it was spotlessly clean.

The languages this plane could speak during its time as a regional plane.
photo img_3011_compressed
My final opinions on the crew were mixed. The FA who checked on me deserves extra credit, and at the end of the flight, she checked throughout the entire plane if they still have the orangutan doll. The crew were definitely less polished, and less seasoned than that of the outbound flight. They were generally casual, did their job, yet under-performed. Perhaps they were in a rush to serve 360 passengers, but this shouldn't be an issue for them, as flying on this type of jet is a normal job at work, and aren't FAs supposed to be adaptive people, able to handle any type of situation in the air?
BALI-13 31
All times reported will be in Jakarta time.
At 12 31 the first officer came on the PA, and announced that they had just commenced descent.
photo img_3073_compressed
Landing and final approach
photo img_3081_compressed
We overflew a very smoggy Jakarta and turned , overflying the city and looping once, while descending.
There was no heavy congestion at CGK and we were in the air 5-10 minutes longer than expected.
TG A333 as landing is imminent
photo img_3083_compressed
GA B738 in the background.
photo img_3084_compressed
With reverse thrust.
photo img_3094_compressed
EVA Air B773
photo img_3097_compressed
Saudia B773
photo img_3101_compressed
Garuda B738 and Malindo 738
photo img_3104_compressed
PK-GII, the Skyteam livery painted B773ER.
photo img_3106_compressedphoto img_3108_compressed
We exited the aircraft. This time, there were no incidents, and all the passengers were in haste to exit. There was a major issue regarding luggage, as, although being given the SKY PRIORITY tag, our luggage arrived at the carousel one hour late. As the minutes ticked by, we were all concerned if baggage porters took a peek in our luggage too, like Lion AIr's porters, which caused a major backlash and made headlines all over Indonesia. Fortunately, that was not the case, and we exited CGK, without major issues.
All comments are welcome, and thanks for reading! There will be a lot more FRs to come!
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew7.0

Denpasar - DPS


Jakarta - CGK



Overall underwhelming flight by GA. What's quite ironic is that we picked this flight since it ws served by an A333, which is supposedly more comfortable since it is a regional product, but it was worse than a 737. The hard product was simply inferior than the outbound flight, but it was bearable for a 90 minute flight. The cabin crew were mixed, and although one mem\ber shined, the others were going through the motions. The Colours magazine was good and interesting, but the lack of IFE destroyed the score. The meal and catering was alright, but I took away points for the strange-tasting fish dish.
DPS is better, and its a good airport to fly out of.
CGK wasn't at it's best, and needs to step up its efficiency.

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The airline with the best average grade is Garuda Indonesia with 8.3/10.

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  • Comment 365917 by
    Veloster 5 Comments

    I think it was a TG aircraft not GA upon landing at JKT. Garuda has improved over the years but still is not my fav airline. Unless it is a very cheap deal from SINB and I have been to Bali like 15 times, I usually fly SQ or Qatar and once on business class on KLM.

    • Comment 365918 by
      JW19 59 Comments

      Qatar no longer plys that route. KLM departures are often too late as the inbound aircraft from Amsterdam is always delayed causing further delays trickling down to the sin-dps sector. Having flown both SQ and GA I would have to say GA stands out with better service nowadays. SQ service has became too robotic, read terry yong's report. Either way both are decent airlines to fly in

  • Comment 365967 by
    ID_Flyer AUTHOR 23 Comments

    It was a TG A333. Garuda's service has drastically improved, but once in a while, you get an underperforming crew and this is one of those rare instances

  • Comment 365968 by
    ID_Flyer AUTHOR 23 Comments

    Thanks for stopping by JW19!
    It really is a mixed opinion, although SQ's service is slipping, especially on long-haul routes.

  • Comment 366127 by
    Razza_Pr 162 Comments

    My my.. I wasn't expecting that from a Garuda flight report on an interhub flight.

    After checking on flightradar24, PK-GPE is typically used to fly from Surakarta to Jeddah via Padang, hence I assume this is mainly for religious pilgrims. I once read about them configuring several A330s to all-economy. But I wasn't expecting them to be without IFE, even for the pilgrims.

    The regional food service can be a hit or miss, too, it seems. I flew from Jakarta to Surabaya in August (report coming soon), and spoiler alert, on the outbound flight both food options were underwhelming, very different from the inbound flight.

    As well-awarded the overall GA flight crew may be, it seems that even they find it difficult to serve 360 economy passengers for a very short leg. I actually feel sorry for them to the extent that had I been on this particular airplane, I'd lower my standards by several notches.

    Thanks for the report though! Happy flying :)

  • Comment 367192 by
    ID_Flyer AUTHOR 23 Comments

    I apologize for the delayed response. My reason is simple: Travelling!
    For Indonesian pilgrims, they place much importance on completing the Hajj. Some are on a budget, and the cost savings passed on to them may matter more than the reduced comfort and lack of amenities.
    Garuda's growth is hindered by the relatively slow growth of firms which contribute to its growth. This includes their airports and catering services. How good a dish might be is anybody's guess Let's hope that there will be more consistency.
    As for the cabin crew, the junior FAs are deployed on domestic routes, and as they rack up experience, serve on longer flights. The less-seasoned crew, having a relatively busy day, may find the task of serving 360 passengers to be daunting. Once again, crews are human, and there is a possibility of getting a bad set of crew, although this batch did their job properly. I've seen worse!
    Thanks for reading!


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