Review of Air France flight Paris Stockholm in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1462
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 05 Sep 16, 20:05
Arrival at 05 Sep 16, 22:35
AF   #31 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4725 reviews
By GOLD 553
Published on 16th September 2016
This was a short business trip, not my first one to ARN and probably not the last one. It had been planned before the summer vacations and there had therefore been no problem of seat availability on the AF flights which are chronically full. The OLCI at ETD-30h exemplified this: the only free seat options were the only remaining window seat and two middle seats.
photo clipboard01
I left my office slightly too late, resulting in heavy traffic all the way to CDG, but my time margin was well enough to not worry, and reached the FIDS at Terminal 2F, dedicated to AF’s Schengen Area flights.
photo img_1168a
Nothing special about my flight highlighted here
photo img_1169a
It was not a peak traffic time slot: the landside hall was remarkably empty. I obtained a new BP from one of these machines, but their thin thermal paper is unfortunately very easily crumpled.
photo img_1170a
I had never seen so few passengers at the security check of CDG-2F
photo img_1173a
Surprise: at the sight of my BP, a staff told me to place my hand luggage in this gauge. He was not interested in the volume constraints: I had to place both my suitcase and my laptop case in order to check the total weight.
photo img_1176a
No problem with the 12 kg limit, and I could have taken my jacket in my suitcase, stuffing computer accessories in its pockets, if needed. An LCC evolution for AF or a means to have more passengers check in luggage on this fully booked flight? My first impression was the first hypothesis, but the second one was more likely, because my flight was ostensibly targeted.
What I found aggravating was that they were using a weight limit which was irrelevant since the issue was the volume, but a trained staff could easily spot oversized hand luggage and use the dimension gauge for that purpose?
photo img_1175a
An amusing dialogue at the security check:
- Do you have a belt?
- Yes
- Where is it?
- Well, I do not remember if it is in my suitcase or my laptop bag. Do you really need to know?

No, he did not care where I have put my belt after removing it from my trousers before reaching the security check …

The staff there was courteous (this was infamously not the case in CDG a decade ago), and I had no reason to address the so-called « zone manager » .
photo img_1179a
The weather was not downright awful, but it did not facilitate plane spotting either, with a light drizzle and a severely overcast sky. A KL 738 seen before reaching the jetty.
photo img_1180a
An d the same seen from the jetty
photo img_1195a
An aircraft registered in the European Union since three years ago, amid aircraft which may no longer be registered in the UE three years from now.
photo img_1194a
Czech A319
photo img_1200a
Italian A320, seen from the end of the jetty
photo img_1203a
The crowd in the jetty was similar to that at the security check, i.e. negligible. This undersized place is usually crowded with passengers trying to form lines for boarding..
photo img_1198aphoto img_1192a
Terminal 2F is not very interesting from the plane spotter’s perspective, and the weather was no good, so I addressed my priority #2, which was getting something to eat. I knew from experience that the food served by AF on its flights is not a real dinner, and that there is nothing reasonably healthy to eat in Stockholm when you land late in the evening. I was not going to find what I needed in the corridor on the way to the jetties: I had doubts about the acceptability of an expense claim for luxury food items.
photo img_1181a
This was the kind of vending machine that I wanted to avoid at my destination
photo img_1182a
But I could maybe find something more adequate in the small serve-serve food court in the lower level in the center of the jetty.
photo img_1183a
This food court is wheelchair accessible, although the elevator is not clearly marked. I guess that a passenger was not a very good wheelchair driver.
photo img_1197a
The prices were typical of an airside shop : that was all you could get with 4.50 EUR.
photo img_1201a
I dis not waste my company’s money buying water at 4,600 EUR / m3.
photo img_1196a
Even when the only water fountain in the jetty is out of order
photo img_1204a
I only needed to drink some water from the taps in the toilets downstairs. The pictogram for the baby care room is still female, but this room was accessible to all.
photo img_1189a
Its decoration is in stark contrast with that of the rest of the terminal
photo img_1190a
The partition in the far end hides a tiny toilet seat, of adequate size for the youngest children who could use one (on the other hand, the toilet paper dispenser was at adult level).
photo img_1191a
Back to the main level : there was an ample supply of newspapers in the gangways linking both sides of the jetty, with a quite wide array of French daily newspapers (Le Monde, Le Figaro, la Croix, Libération, l’Humanité, l’Equipe, les Echos…), and also a few foreign ones too.
photo img_1187a
The free wifi internet access provided me the home page of Flight Report, with the English version of one of my latest reports.
photo img_1207a2
The flight is listed on time
photo img_1208a
A rather untidy (but good enough for the purpose) line formed on the Economy side, while the Skypriority passengers boarded.
photo img_1209a
For registration number geeks
photo img_1215a
This was not my row (where the other passengers were already seated), but it looked the same.
photo img_1217a
Minimal reclining
photo img_1219a
The seats have a built-in headrest, but mine did not hold very well and would probably not keep a sleeping passenger’s head from falling sideways.
photo img_1222a
The seat pitch was a bad surprise. Twenty centimeters from the seat limit to the magazine pocket on the back of the seat ahead was not much for a passenger above the median European adult size (unlike me). For a reference, you get 26 cm in an AF 777, admittedly used for long haul flights only.
photo img_1223a
The seat had the same width between armrests as in the said 777, and the armrests had the same minimal thickness.
photo img_1224a
On the other hand, there was much more space between the seat and the fuselage than in a 777. To sum it up, you get more seat width and less seat pitch in that short haul aircraft than in AF’s long haul workhorse.
photo img_1225a
My measuring tape mania generated uncontrolled giggles from the two Swedish ladies in my row, by the way.

There was a standard bilingual request on the PA to request each passenger to place as much as possible his hand luggage under the seat in front of him (except in exit rows) because the flight was full, and that hand luggage which could not fit anywhere would be placed with the checked luggage. It seemed to me that it did not happen.
photo img_1228a
Plane spotting through my window was limited by the weather : this AF A318 parked at the next gate was reasonably visible
photo img_1214a
It is tougher when the planes are parked further away (Air Serbia A320 and Austrian A321 in special livery)
photo img_1234a
An Air Seychelles A330 will fly to a warmer and sunnier place
photo img_1237a
And this Norwegian 787 operates the brand new CDG-EWR line
photo img_1239a
We’ll have a maximum of 3,880 meters from here to be airborne
photo img_1242aphoto img_1245a
A TK A330 will leave afterwards
photo img_1248a
The ceiling was very very low : I did not even get to see the A320 parked for training purposes near the end of this runway.
photo img_1253a
Sunset on a sea of clouds
photo img_1258a
The sunset and the seat cover gave me little hope for preparing another illustrated geography course.
photo img_1265a
But no need to despair prematurely : this is Rotterdam
photo img_1269aphoto img_1268a
The sky became darker and darker
photo img_1271a
It was not over though : this was Amsterdam
photo img_1276aphoto img_1273a
The meal was served like this
photo img_1279a
The same after unwrapping.
There were more giggles from my neighbors when they saw my measuring tape again. I prefer laughing neighbors to frowning neighbors.
photo img_1282a
To the future of Flight Report !
photo img_1281a
The last lights of the sunset
photo img_1290a
Thanks to RL 777, we have a detailed identification of this area, which was shot looking north-west. E18 motorway, E4 motorway and Road 275 form a rough square in the center of the picture. For more details, read the comment of RL 777 (thanks again !).
photo img_1298a
The ”dotted line" lighting of Road 265 (Länsväg 265), between Täby Kyrkby and Hagbylund (thanks again, RL 777 !)
photo img_1301a
A rather hard landing, taxiing to the far end of Terminal 2 where AF’s planes are usually parked.
photo img_1306a
Last turn
photo img_1311a
There is no separation of departing and arriving passengers, but the terminal was empty and the few shops were shuttered.
photo img_1313a
Nothing to report on going through the luggage delivery room and then past the customs officers who never “randomly” question me; some walking landside to the end of the terminal to reach the access to the Arlanda Express train. Buying a roundtrip ticket on the ATM is extremely fast; there are ATMs on the platform too.
photo img_1314a
Going down to the platform of the Arlanda Express with a single escalator of a commendable length, as is usually the case in Stockholm.
photo img_1315a
One of the benches on the platform. Note that there is a free wifi both on the platform and in the train.
photo img_1317a
The train was quite empty. I happened to board a car half equipped in a bar-like layout. The “office” of the staff checking the tickets on board is on the right.
photo img_1320a
In round numbers, it was 10°C colder than in CDG, and 20°C colder than in KIX where I was one week before.
photo img_1321a
Arrival in 20 minutes in Stockholm’s central station ("T-Centralen")
photo img_1322a
Once there, I crossed the eerily empty central station’s hall.
photo img_1325a
I had the impression of waiting endlessly at the check-in, because it was late and because one the staff left the counter and never returned, leaving only one person for handling incoming customers. It actually took me 9 minutes to reach this corridor which looked to me more like that of the vault level of a bank.
photo img_1328a
Did Radisson Blu detect my interest the accessibility of airport facilities ?
photo img_1329a
The bathroom of this room seemed to meet the most exacting standards of accessibility for handicapped persons.
photo img_1330a
My business meeting ended relatively early the next day, and since the sunset would be late enough, I could have a long walk in the city center and provide a small tourist bonus.

The narrow steeple of St Clara Church, located very close to the central station, can be seen from far away, for good reason : its 116 m height makes it the second tallest in Scandinavia, behind that of the cathedral of Uppsala. On the other hand, the surrounding trees and buildings make it very difficult to take a picture of the entire church.
photo img_1467a
The inside of this beautiful church dated from the second half of the 16th century
photo img_1340a
The organ’s façade in the extremity of the nave
photo img_1344a
On the other hand, the Riddarholmen church, seen here from the City Hall…
photo img_1477a
… can be easily seen from close up.
photo img_1434a
Stockholm was built on a maze of waterways : it is one of the capitals where you can see the largest number of boats in the city center: a cruise ship here (and a tourist boat in the foreground)
photo img_1378a
Ferry to Åland and Finland
photo img_1374a
This three mast fully rigged ship is now a youth hostel.
photo img_1379a
The other sailboat is much smaller, but you can sleep in her too.
photo img_1376a
And a very small one (Laser)
photo img_1444a
The Royal Palace in Gamla Stan Island
photo img_1421a
Is there any more cliché sight than the changing of the guard in front of the royal palace of a European monarchy?
photo img_1403a
There is no discrimination by size
photo img_1410a
Or by sex
photo img_1409a
The guard being changed was yet another size, but all four soldiers never aligned for a picture
photo img_1414a
The City Hall, built in 1923, is a rather formidable building when seen streetside
photo img_1488a
"Streetside", because it is built alongside a wide channel
photo img_1451a
The inner court is open until very late at night
photo img_1457a
It provides the access to the park next to the waterway.
photo img_1454a
The 106 meter tall tower
photo img_1484a
One of the statues in the park next to the waterway (Dancer)
photo img_1476a
This park offers the best view on Ridderholmen Island
photo img_1461a
And seen from the same place, a Braathens Avro RJ-100 descending towards BMA (Bromma), the secondary airport in Stockholm where this airline operates domestic flights (there are flights to BRU, AAR and HEL, too).
photo img_1474a
Thanks for reading me !
photo img_1473a
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Paris - CDG


Stockholm - ARN



For once, going through the security check in CDG was very fast, and there was ample space in the parking lot, too.
A single water fountain, rather hidden at the far end of the jetty, and it was out of order : a bad point for CDG.
Ample supply and choice of newspapers for French speaking passengers, and some foreign titles too ; I do not use AF’s offer of electronic media download, because I do not have a tablet and find a smartphone screen too small for that.

The flight itself was extremely ordinary : the FAs did their job courteously, the food served did not replace a real dinner, but could complement a sandwich taken before.

Very fast exit in ARN, and high level comfort of the Arlanda Express train, whose fare is acceptable only if you charge it to your company : there are much cheaper buses and regional trains.

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    eminere™ 274 Comments

    Good use of napkins to line the tray table *thumbs up*

  • Comment 367343 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Interesting to see you take 1462 this time, instead of 1062 :).

    I think I tracked your flight without knowing you were onboard, again...

    Nice spotting shots at CDG.

    "For registration number geeks"
    - Thank you!

    Meal looks normal, interesting that you got yogurt from Yoplait. I got yogurt from Savoie Yaourt when I flew on AF1062 in July haha.

    Beauitful aerial shots!

    "I let the specialists identify this part of Stockholm’s urban area"
    - Holy crap, the area where I live in is clearly visible here :). We have the E4 motorway running from the bottom of the picture towards ARN, we can also see the decently sized junction where the E4 connects to the E18 motorway. I can see the areas of Helenelund, Tureberg and Sollentuna to the right of the E4 (right side of the picture). Kista (important ICT center), Husby and Akalla can be seen to the left of the E4 with the E18 running below them (also a forest called Kymlinge below the E18 where there are no lights).

    On the bottom left side of the picture we have got road 275 between Ursvik and Hallonbergen, continuing up to the left we have Spånga, Rinkeby, Tensta, Barkarby, Järfälla, Jakobsberg together with the E18 motorway running beside them. On the bottom right we get a short glimpse of Kungshamra and Ulriksdal.

    In short we can see the E4 and E18 motorways with areas like Kista, Husby, Akalla, Spånga, Järfälla, Tureberg, Helenelund etc (and a few forests).

    Thank you for your beautiful bonus!

    Have a good one, see you :).

    • Comment 367380 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9819 Comments

      Thanks for the hyper-detailed identification of both landscapes at night ! I was finding it frustrating to not be able to locate it. I updated my report accordingly :)

      Good that I could at least offer you the registration number of the aircraft in return :)

      Thanks for your comment, and stay tuned for the report of the return flight, to be posted later !

      • Comment 367387 by
        Rl 777 809 Comments

        No problem but I just realised I made a mistake!

        "On the bottom left side of the picture we have got road 275 between Ursvik and Hallonbergen"
        - I have no idea why I said road 275 here, that 'dotted' road on the bottom left of the picture is actually called "Enköpingsvägen" and not road 275, I sincerely apologise for that mistake.

        • Comment 367390 by
          marathon GOLD AUTHOR 9819 Comments

          Weeeell, no, now that you identified the first picture, the "dotted line" highway looks very much like Highway 265, with the interchange with Bergtorpsvägen in the bottom of the picture, and the lights of Hagby Återvinningscentral in the top of the picture.
          Would you confirm this counter-suggestion ? ;)

  • Comment 367346 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    "The ”dotted line" lighting of an expressway "
    - Forgot this one, that is road 265 (Länsväg 265). The spot you pictured is between Täby Kyrkby and Hagbylund.

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