Review of Airblue flight Karachi Lahore in Economy

Airline Airblue
Flight PA-400
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 15 Sep 16, 08:00
Arrival at 15 Sep 16, 09:35
PA 2 reviews
By 1322
Published on 3rd October 2016
This is my 1st ever Trip Report, flying to Allama Iqbal International Lahore on 15th Sept from Jinnah International Karachi, by PA-400 Airblue A320 AP-EDA, I reached the airport around 0600, after security check the check in was normal and not crowded the gate number was 16 and after roaming around the domestic terminal to kill the time my flight time came , as my seat was 3F i was told to wait a bit since the passengers seated at the back were made to go 1st , as excited i was which am very sure all the passengers might have found rather annoying as i was constantly running a live commentary for my friends info regarding the aircraft , taking pictures from the jetty till boarding i did not spare any moment.

photo img-20160916-wa0009photo img-20160916-wa0011

After getting settled in my seat immediately i whipped out my camera and started taking pictures and making movies which i uploaded on my you tube channel (

photo img_5500

[photo img_5504
/photo img_5535
iphoto img_5538

After gradually taxing we started to turn on the main runway, the best part was recording the video of detailed view of Jinnah Airport as the airport came into view after we climbed and the aircraft took a turn towards Lahore .

after that i got off my seat and took a trip in the whole cabin , initially i asked permission from the crew if i may take pictures inside the aircraft and they said yes but told me not to take their pictures. so i visited the Aft Galley and took pictures the flight was rather full not a single seat was empty,the crew was very courteous and were happy to show me the Galley area.

photo img_5557

Aft Exit door Port Side,

photo img_5558photo img_5559

Then i went to survey the Lavatory and it was neat and clean actually the whole aircraft was in very good condition apart from the IFE Screens that were not working or some were showing please wait option.

photo img_5564photo img_5565

The food serving started about 0830, the choice for breakfast was

1. Paratha and Aloo bhujia with Chana, bread and Yogurt. (paratha is a flatbread that originated in the Indian Subcontinent, Aloo Bhujia and Chana is chickpeas with potato its a mix vegetable)
2. Omelet with Potato Cutlets along with Chicken Breast with bun And Butter.

photo img_5568photo img_5571

option of tea and juice was available i took tea and asked for juice multiple times which the crew served each time happily. By 0907 i felt the aircraft descending and by 0910 they started to take the tray's back.

Landing in Lahore was pretty smooth ,After taxing to the gate, we disembarked. i waited a while to let others disembark after that i got one more picture taken at Fwd Galley by the cabin crew, after that i wished them Eid Mubarak and thanked them for the truly awesome experience they let me have on the flight and bid them Good bye.

photo img_5637

Thank you for reading my trip report, i hope i was able to convey a Good trip report here! Please do check the videos on my channel ! (

Please like and share the videos on youtube thank you :)

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Cabin crew10.0

Karachi - KHI


Lahore - LHE



one of my best travels within Pakistan with this Airline, all in all a good journey :)



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