Review of LOT Polish flight Zagreb Warsaw in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO 612
Class Economy
Seat 4 A
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 11 Sep 16, 13:40
Arrival at 11 Sep 16, 15:25
LO   #93 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 170 reviews
Published on 21st October 2016

Welcome to the last part of my trip to Croatia and Montenegro. The whole trip plan was as follows:

31.08.2016 - WAW - ZAG, LOT, Q400 -
31.08.2016 - ZAG-SPU, CROATIA AIRLINES, A319 -
11.09.2016 - SPU-ZAG, CROATIA AIRLINES, A319 -
11.09.2016 - ZAG-WAW, LOT, Q400 - you are here

Having arrived early morning from Split we had a couple of hours to see the city of Zagreb before our flight back to Warsaw. The only way to get to the city, apart from taxi or your own car, is bus operated by company "Pleso" running both directions every 30 minutes. The only inconvenience is it arrives at the bus station in Zagreb that is not exactly in the city center and requires either a 25 minutes walk or a tram ride. The city itself is very diffrent from the mediterranean part of Croatia, it looks like Vienna or Budapest, is very clean and elegant.

Some photos of the Zagreb city center and the old town

Main square called "Trg bana Josipa Jelacica"

photo img_3611

The cathedral

photo img_3613

Saint Mark's church in the upper town - one of the most fameous buildings in Zagreb thanks to it's roof

photo img_3626

Traditional decoration gingerbread cookies called "licitars"

photo img_3619

View from the upper town

photo img_3637

Traditional cream cake and Ozujsko beer

photo img_3641

Time to go back to the airport. We took the tram number 9 and again the Pleso bus from the main bus station and in 30 minutes we were back to the airport. The truth is that arriving earlier than 1 hour before departure (having been already checked in) makes no sense at all as the airport is very small and there is not much to do once you pass the security and passport control.

The main hall landside

photo img_3643photo img_3644photo img_3645

Both security and passport control were very smooth and uneventful, the staff in ZAG seems very polite and helpful. Once airside I discovered I haven't been in such a small space in an international airport for a long time. There is one duty free shop that everyone has to pass to get to the gates and a small bar with horrendous prices and limited choice. I think people travelling frequently from ZAG can't wait for the moment the new terminal opens. The area was so small and crowded due to simultaneous boardings to DOH, LHR and SVO that it wasn't possible to take a picture. At least the view outside was decent.

Croatia A320

photo img_3649photo img_3650

QR, BA and Aeroflot A320

photo img_3651


photo img_3652photo img_3653

Boarding started on time, there was a long bus ride to the aircraft.

On board we are greeted by a senior man FA. He doesn't look nice at first and he doesn't even seem to try and hide his bad mood during the whole flight. He closes the overhead bins with such anger that we all jump from our seats. There was so much anger and frustration in every move and word of this man that it made me really nervous during this flight. My seat was 4 A located right after the business class section so I had an opportunity to observe this furious purser during the whole flight.

photo img_3671

There are two more FAs on this flight, both senior ladies that even try to smile sometimes but in general seem embarassed with their colleague behaviour and even a little bit frightened. Anyway after closing the door again with such an anger that the whole aircraft shaked the purser started his typical welcome speech and the safety demo followed. LF on this flight is good, about 75% in economy and almost 90% in business class which seems strange for such a short flight and in this type of aircraft where the only difference between eco and business is the service. By the way I managed to see the lunch that the business class passengers were served and I wouldn't give a single penny for a bun and a few slices of ham/cheese with some vegetables on a plate that small it would be rather suitable for children. TK and A3 offer much more in economy even on shorter flights.


photo img_3664

Croatia Airlines Q400

photo img_3665

Old terminal

photo img_3666photo img_3667photo img_3669

Take off is powerfull as always onboard Q400 and nice views of Zagreb outskirts begin

Once the fasten seat belt sign is off some passengers start queuing to the one and only toilet in the front. Here is where Mr Furious comes to an action shouting so he can be easily heard in the rear seats too if not on the ground: "Wait outside the business class! Go back to your seat!" God, this man is unbalanced! What a relief he is not in the cockpit!

photo img_3660

Onboard magazine

photo img_3661

I try to read, look outside, order a cup of tea from the BOB but I feel really uncomfortable on this flight. The truth is a nice crew can make your flight, the bad one can spoil it and that was it.

My tea, I made no photo of the free of charge service which consisted as always of a chocolate bar and a cup of water.

photo img_3680

Neusiedler See

photo img_3683


photo img_3686

The city of Bratislava

photo img_3688photo img_3690

Some small clouds over southern Poland

photo img_3692

Warsaw southern by-pass seconds before touchdown

photo img_3701

What a relief to be on the ground! I didn't enjoy this flight at all, I had an impression it lasted ages, I just hate nervous atmosphere and unprofessional crew.

photo img_3702


photo img_3706

LOT 787

photo img_3709photo img_3711

Baggage claim

photo img_3712

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew0.0

Zagreb - ZAG


Warsaw - WAW



The crew on this flight was one of the worst I have ever experienced. It is a real shame that an airline like LOT hiers people who can't control their nerves. Q400 is not an aircraft for a flight longer than 1 hour, an E-170 would be a much better solution on this route and would eliminate the problem of economy class passengers willing to use the one and only toilet located in the businness class section.



  • Comment 371314 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7336 Comments

    Thanks for this report,

    Your bonus concerning Zagreb is really good.
    I think i ll visit this city next summer :)

    LO should offer something else than BoB on flights.
    In addition cabin crews are quite often not open minded on LO.

    Do zobacenia

  • Comment 371346 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Hi Loukas, thanks for sharing this FR!

    I missed the rest of this series so I’ll have to go back and read Parts 1-3, interested to see your Montenegro bonus since I’ve only been to Kotor. The Zagreb bonus was very good, it's a city I haven't been too yet.

    I’m surprised LO has a J product on a Dash8, most carriers shy away from having premium products on turboprops. None of the American carriers do and in the region, I know JU doesn’t.

    Nice aerial shot of Bratislava, another city with a nice old town.

    So on LO, only water is complimentary? I’d rather have a drink service than a chocolate bar…

    Tough to hear about the FA on your flight, and its completely understandable for you to feel so uncomfortable on the plane when a crew member is behaving like that...

  • Comment 372145 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Beautiful shots from Zagreb!

    Nice spotting shots at ZAG, especially the picture with 3 A320s side-by-side.

    Beautiful aerial shots!

    Definitely agree with you on the point that the FAs can have a huge impact on the overall flight experience, sorry to hear about your one on this flight.

    Have a good one, see you!

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