Review of JetBlue Airways flight Bogota F. Lauderdale in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 1558
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 30 Apr 16, 11:30
Arrival at 30 Apr 16, 16:20
B6   #2 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 49 reviews
By SILVER 1031
Published on 1st February 2017


Hello everyone, this time I'm sharing a trip I took last year to FLL on B6.

South Florida is the biggest market ex-BOG to the US with 3 airlines flying between BOG and FLL daily (AV, B6 and NK), and 4 flying between BOG and MIA (AA,AV,LA and FC), which roughly translates into 15 daily flights.

I had already flown with AV and NK to FLL, so I was looking forward to see how B6 compared to them. Tip: avoid NK like STDs, and on the BOG-FLL route B6 is usually not that expensive compared to NK.

At Bogotá Eldorado Airport

The day before the trip I had a big party and got there a bit hung over…but I made it. Check-in was painless and done in no time.
photo dscn0651

With that done, it was time for greasy food for the hang over.
photo dscn0652

And then off to the LAN Lounge (my favourite in BOG)

Restroom view:
photo dscn0653

Food offerings, quite good and much better than in the AV Lounge
photo dscn0654

Newspapers from various regions, this is a Mexican newspaper dedicating a story to one of Latin America's first skyscrapers: torre Latinoamericana
photo dscn0655

General lounge view…
photo dscn0656photo dscn0657

FR corporate pic with the rival lounge in the background
photo dscn0658

I could confortably watch my gate while lounging :)
photo dscn0659


I could confortably see when my flight was going to be boarded and thus proceeded when boarding started.

This wasn't my first flight on B6, I had already flown them between BOS and JFK, but I remained excited about trying their international service.
photo dscn0660

Big leather seats with TONS of legroom…nice!
photo dscn0661photo dscn0662

General cabin view from my seat with the IFE.
photo dscn0663

PTVs are of an old generation and in general the offering is quite lame. Much better than NK in any case
photo dscn0732

Taxi and Take Off

The flight was more or less full, the middle seat in my row remained empty, yay! I was in and out of sleep while boarding was completed.

Avianca A320 with Costa Rican flag
photo dscn0664

photo dscn0665

The new ATC tower and the flags while we pass CATAM Military base
photo dscn0666

The PTV shows that we are in Bogotá but not in the airport…plop
photo dscn0667

We took off from RWY 13L and turned northward as its usual for East Coast departures, we then flew over west Bogotá. Being seated on the left side of the cabin we managed to enjoy nice views of BOG.

Bogotá comes to an abrupt end because of the wetlands
photo dscn0673

And then comes suburbia with golf clubs and small bedroom-communities
photo dscn0674

En Route to Fort Lauderdale

IFE was quite boring: no satellite coverage meant no DirecTV, and the movie that was going to be shown was quite lame. The TV quality was very poor anyway.

So I enjoyed the window views of cloudy Colombia.

photo dscn0675photo dscn0676photo dscn0678

This little booklet shows what's for offer on the flight. Nothing entertaining. But it does give a nice heads up about what's going to be given in terms of food.
photo dscn0679

They kept passing this video on how to fill the customs form…they did it twice!
photo dscn0680photo dscn0681

We follwed the Magdalena River into the Caribbean Sea

Bye bye my beloved Colombia. As soon as this happened we were handed drinks and food. I ordered a ton of Apple Juice (hungover) and ate greasy Mickey D's
photo dscn0688

Trying to use free wifi resulted in utter failure. Supposedly we were within coverage area.
photo dscn0689

Chocolate chip cookies as dessert for the greasy McMuffin
photo dscn0690

Flying over Jamaica

Then Cuba

And eventually the US is at sight I always try to choose A seats on these flights to catch a view of the huge urban smudge SoFLa is.
photo dscn0700

Arrival to Fort Lauderdale

I expected a right away landing into the 28 runways…but we made a whole downwind approach into RWY 10R

photo dscn0701

Zoom int Sunny Isles Beach
photo dscn0702photo dscn0703

photo dscn0704photo dscn0705

And now over suburbian sprawl in Broward….Pembroke Pines I guess
photo dscn0706photo dscn0707

Fires on the Everglades
photo dscn0708

Back to sprawl….from the ground its quite a monotone boring view, but it does have some charm from above
photo dscn0709photo dscn0710photo dscn0711

Straight ahead: Downtown Ft. Lauderdale
photo dscn0712

And now we'll follow I-595 to FLL
photo dscn0713

Lining up
photo dscn0714photo dscn0715photo dscn0716

Zoom into Downtown Ft. Lauderdale as we near FLL
photo dscn0717

The North Part of the field is visible now…check how near the begining of RWY 10L is from the highway!
photo dscn0718

Flying over I-95 means your landing is imminent
photo dscn0719

ATC Tower
photo dscn0720

Azul giant waiting to go back to Brasil
photo dscn0721

Flying cabs at their base
photo dscn0722

Avianca had beat us already!
photo dscn0723photo dscn0724

Taxi to Gate at Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood International

You can basically see the whole offer of airlines competing between FLL and BOG in this photo
photo dscn0725

Quite a beautiful plane!
photo dscn0726

Blue hub in action
photo dscn0727

AV 319
photo dscn0728

Caribbean Airlines 738
photo dscn0729

Guyana Golden Jubilee stickers
photo dscn0731

Then it was queueing at the CBP. It took its fair time. The agent was quite worried about my looks (hangover). I told him I had a rough time last night (which was true indeed) and he wished me well…with a huge sign indicating that I was selected for secondary inspection on my form. Yikes Then, baggage claim area was chaotic, full and with a huge queue to get out. Secondary inspection was super thorough and the CBP people weren't too nice. After an hour I was finally let into the US.
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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew7.0

LAN VIP Lounge


Bogota - BOG


F. Lauderdale - FLL



My first international flight with JetBlue was good. Avianca offers better IFE and food. But I reckon that what B6 offers is adequate. But the total premium is seat pitch, it's amazing!

BOG was good as usual and the LAN lounge was perfect for trying to spend a relaxing time before the flight. FLL was rubbish.

Thanks for reading, saludos!



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