Review of Avianca flight Bogota Miami in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV4
Class Economy
Seat 21K
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 03 Oct 16, 14:10
Arrival at 03 Oct 16, 19:40
AV   #74 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 92 reviews
By 974
Published on 16th October 2016
To begin this TR, i want to show the video i made of this flight:

This trip begun when i go out of my house around 10am, fortunately the traffic was light so i got to the ElDorado airport at 10:30

photo c151aaeaa2835c5cff6b3602d117d9dcphoto 290e8d8f9aeb51b38e36a430ec90be12

First i arrive to the Avianca counter where there was made some security questions, and verified my ESTA status, finally they tag my luggage and gave me the boarding pass.

photo 73da9a1ee6ad8ee0f181ac4978543568

Then i proceed to the passport control area and receive an exit stamp, this process was smooth because it wasn't a rush hour at the airport.

The gate assigned for my flight was the 43, i dedicated to pass the time looking the traffic through the window

photo 586613dd1bb7436b0911c0f592d27ec5

30 min before departure boarding begun, giving priority to business class pasengers and high level members of Lifemiles.

photo 31b6f5908fb436f92c90e028b9796626

Manual review of my Swedish passport and my travel authorization on the gate door. Then i took this one.

photo 1d4a57939dca117158ab22636336d11b

View from my seat 21k.

photo ae328e04e5ca4fb89fd88372b55c5116

Then i started watching x-men Apocalipse
photo 3fea3221f72027ea3040c0a30acd12df

You can watch the take off on the video i put on the beggining of the post

photo de552e6a2712bdbd6e62d8134c5594c3photo 17b76a209c13ada9494d454d051f3ccc

After 1 hour flying, the crew begun with the meal service, in my case i choose meat with mush potatoes, Taste was better than presentation, trust me.

photo 1133a33b0b10e28eb389935ef02ea0cephoto ced2e45c47e0e75f3f8f0259e7d8405d

For drink i ask for white wine with a glass of water.
photo 83a9a44b12e45fae1ea438ae10209e78

we begun approach and landing around dusk in Miami. Some raining due to hurricane Matthew, actually the day after the authorities closed the airport for prevention.

photo 2e4701c0563a8d0cfec48f074f04efbe

At the arrival i went to the APC kyosk to do the passport control, this made me save a lot of time, no passport stamp, instead i receive a receipt and that was all.

Here some pics i took on the weekend, love this city.
photo 59686fc51acc0d83ff37d147927365d5photo ebb061fd1ce4b287de3550ac44f43b94photo e3cdab6835d1846d72c23a5029342181

Thanks for reading ;)
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Cabin crew8.5

Bogota - BOG


Miami - MIA



Overall the exprience to fly with AV is aceptable, but there are room for improve when it comes to the meals offered.



  • Comment 370811 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8149 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this short report with us. The seat looks nice and the IFE too. I trust you for the catering as the presentation is far from perfect ! They should also provide a real desert with the meal and not just cookies.
    I liked the old livery ( like the plane next to yours at departure) better than the new one but the winglets are nice.

  • Comment 370916 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Never knew AV had single digit flight numbers^^

    Surprised this major route for AV isn’t operated by one of their wide-bodies. None the less, you were lucky to get one of their new cabins. The IFE is quite nice. I think AA is sending its new A319s on this route too, so it’s probably a comparable hard product.

    Catering doesn’t look great, I’ve seen better meal trays from AV. As SkyTeamCHC said, the packaged oreos looks pretty lazy.

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

  • Comment 370927 by
    Chibcha 432 Comments

    I agree with you. AV delivers a good product, and that's basically it. I wish they could go the extra mile on details such as catering for them to be really the best airline in Latin America

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

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