Review of Vueling Airlines flight Rome London in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY6224
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 15 Jul 16, 12:30
Arrival at 15 Jul 16, 14:20
VY   #7 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 135 reviews
Published on 3rd November 2016
Hello everyone :)
Last July I finally completed high school and I got ready to study aerospace engineering (obviously) at the University in Rome.
With my great excitation my parents made me a special gift for my final school exam: 3 days in London with my dad in order to attend the FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW !!!

About three weeks before we bought the flights and booked the hotel. The program was to stay in Premier Inn Hotel inside London Gatwick Airport and going to the Airshow by train. The best solution for flights was FCO-LGW made by Vueling and LGW-FCO by I was very happy about the latter because it would have been my first time on this airline.

This is the itinerary:
Friday 15th July Rome FCO - London Gatwick LGW with Vueling (YOU ARE HERE)
Sunday 17th July London Gatwick LGW - Rome FCO with (here)

Dad and I left on Friday 15th July in the afternoon. We reached the airport by car in about half a hour.
photo fco-lgw 1photo fco-lgw 2

On the way to the long term parking we spotted a departing Alitalia A330 in the new (beautiful) livery
photo fco-lgw 3

We were carried to Terminal 3, which hosts most of international carriers and AZ long haul flights. Even if FCO has a Terminal (T2) for low-cost carriers VY uses T3
photo fco-lgw 4

The VERY CROWDED check-in hall is bright and spacious. In the last few years the airport saw a huge improvement on many aspects in order to make passengers' experience hassle-free.
photo fco-lgw 5photo fco-lgw 6

Departure board
photo fco-lgw 7

Security check was very crowded but quite rapid. In about 10 minutes we were airside. Until a few years ago this area was cramped and dark but now has been completely renovated and refreshed.
photo fco-lgw 8photo fco-lgw 9

Our gate was reported to be H18, in the non-Schengen part of the airport. In May 2015 this area was damaged by a fire, fortunately with no victims, and now has been rebuilt. All the improvements are also made for the opening of new Pier F in late 2016.
Having the ePassport we were able to use the eGate for the border control
photo fco-lgw 10photo fco-lgw 11photo fco-lgw 12

Shopping area after passport control
photo fco-lgw 13photo fco-lgw 14

A bit of spotting: Delta A330, Alitalia (old livery), American Airlines and United triple-7s and Monarch Airlines A320
photo fco-lgw 15

My father and I decided to go to Satellite G, which hosts most of long haul flights, to buy some food and make some photos
The Satellite is connected to the terminal through an automated people mover
photo fco-lgw 16

Monarch Airlines A320 and Hainan Airlines A330 to Xi'An from the APM
photo fco-lgw 17

Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific (in old livery) 777s and Alitalia A330
photo fco-lgw 18

El Al 767 and American Airlines A330
photo fco-lgw 19

Satellite Terminal departure lounge
photo fco-lgw 28

Delta Airlines A330 at the gate
photo fco-lgw 20

American Airlines A330 to PHL
photo fco-lgw 21

Delta 767 and Emirates 777
photo fco-lgw 22

Another American Airlines A330 (I cannot stop to admire this beautiful livery)
photo fco-lgw 23

Qatar Airways 787 and Thai Airways 777
photo fco-lgw 24

Parking bays equipped for all kind of aircrafts: from the oldest Lockheed Tristar and 747SP to the newest A350
photo fco-lgw 25

AA livery is amazing but nothing could be better than THIS!!!
Alitalia A330
photo fco-lgw 26

Coming back to the Terminal we saw the progress of the new pier. It will have 14 gates equipped with jetbridges, four of which able to handle the A380.
photo fco-lgw 27

Since APM to the Terminal is theorically for arriving passengers we had to pass a security checkpoint
There was a small queue but in 5 minutes we came back again in the departure lounge
photo fco-lgw 29

H area is quite cramped and old, It looks more like low-cost carrier airports like Rome-CIA
photo fco-lgw 30

Our gate
photo fco-lgw 31photo fco-lgw 32

My boarding pass
photo fco-lgw 33

Most of the people don't like to board planes through apron bus, while for an avgeek like me it's a good opportunity to spot planes
Aeroflot A320, Ryanair 737, Vueling and SAS A320, Iberia A321 and 737
photo fco-lgw 34

American Airlines 777
photo fco-lgw 35

United 777 and Kuwait Airways A330
photo fco-lgw 36

Our bird, VY A320 equipped with sharklets
photo fco-lgw 37photo fco-lgw 38

After I gave the flight report form to the Purser we took our seats, 6E and 6F
photo fco-lgw 39

Qatar Airways 787 and AirTransat A330 while taxiing
photo fco-lgw 40

We had to wait about 20 minutes to take-off from RWY34L. Usually at FCO RWY25 is preferred for T/O while 16L/34R and 16R/34L are used for landings.
While we were waiting HE arrived…Emirates A380 "Whale Jet"
photo fco-lgw 41

Iberia A321 and Blue Panorama 767
photo fco-lgw 42

Long queue behind us!!! Singapore Airlines 777, MEA A320, Alitalia E-Jet and SAS 737
photo fco-lgw 43

Singapore Airlines 777 waiting next to us…but we would depart before
photo fco-lgw 44

Air Canada A330 in Star Alliance livery
photo fco-lgw 45

Finally off in the air….loving those yellow sharklets and engines
photo fco-lgw 46photo fco-lgw 47

Elba Island with his characteristic shape of lizard
photo fco-lgw 48

Elba "Marina di Campo" Airport (EBA/LIRJ)
photo fco-lgw 49

Ligurian Coast
photo fco-lgw 50

Where are you going mate?
photo fco-lgw 51

Alps between Italy and French
photo fco-lgw 52photo fco-lgw 53

While fying smoothly over France I spent my time listening to music
photo fco-lgw 54photo fco-lgw 55

We started soarin' ovet The Channel
photo fco-lgw 56

And finally….England
photo fco-lgw 57

Quite boring English countryside
photo fco-lgw 58photo fco-lgw 59photo fco-lgw 60

Last moments on air…
photo fco-lgw 61photo fco-lgw 62

A warm welcome by a nice English lady….British Airways 777 taking off
photo fco-lgw 63

The amazing bridge of North Terminal at LGW, easyJet's land
photo fco-lgw 64

And we met HIM again
photo fco-lgw 65 787 "Greta Garbo"
photo fco-lgw 66

We reached our gate on time. During desembark I went to Purser to ask for the flight report and the F/O let me visit the cockpit, sit at Captain seat and take a picture
Thank you to Vueling crew for this amazing gift :)
photo fco-lgw 67

The way for the arrivals hall was quite long. The passport control didn't take so long thanks to the eGates
We reached our hotel, 100 meters out of North Terminal and prepare ourselves for an evening visit of London
photo fco-lgw 68
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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Rome - FCO


London - LGW



I found Rome Airport very well-improved then previous years.
Vueling experience was good as usual and they deserve a special thank for letting me enter the cockpit

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The average flight time is 2 hours and 26 minutes.

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  • Comment 372826 by
    okapi BRONZE 4030 Comments

    Congratulazioni per questo FR e per gli studi!
    Nice report and nice pictures, especially the AA330 and of course the AZ330. The crew on Vueliing was really cool indeed! Lucky picture in the left seat. How was your visit at Farnborough?
    A presto!

  • Comment 372827 by
    Carlotherocks AUTHOR 62 Comments

    Thank you so much for the appreciation Okapi ;) i think you are Italian but I'll answer however in English ahaha I'll take a look at your reports soon
    The Airshow was simply AMAZING!! I've admired flying planes never seen so close and incredible acrobatic shows... i hope to visit Le Bourget Airshow next year
    A presto

  • Comment 372847 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 803 Comments

    Ciao, Carlo!

    First of all, congratulations on having completed your high school, and my best wishes of success for your coming studies!!!

    I loved your detailed and entertaining report.

    Another American Airlines A330 (I cannot stop to admire this beautiful livery)

    I couldn't agree more! AA's livery is my favorite. They hit the nail on the head integrating something as representative as their flag to their livery in such a nice-looking way. It's not only an easily identifiable livery, but also a joy to look at.

    Elba Island with his characteristic shape of lizard

    I must have some eye disease. I see the shape of a fish!!! LOL Those are very nice aerials.

    Have you thought how long it took your great great great great great grandparents to get from Rome to "Anglia"? And now you just board a plane and make it there in little more than a hour!! Overwhelming. That's why I love planes.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Comment 402019 by
    arturo1989 144 Comments

    Nice trip report. My hobby is collect transport tickets and boardingpasses without private details . Could you scan this boardingpass. Delete the barcode and private details and send me the picture to my email. My email is.

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