Review of Air France flight Everett Paris in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF787V
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 08:30
Take-off 01 Dec 16, 15:30
Arrival at 02 Dec 16, 09:00
AF   #41 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 3822 reviews
By SILVER 7024
Published on 4th December 2016
December 2nd marked an important event for Air France with the arrival of the very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the fleet! An exciting event indeed, as the French flag carrier had not taken delivery of a new aircraft type since the introduction of the Airbus A380 back in October of 2009.

The year 2016 has marked important changes in the Air France long-haul fleet with the retirement of the mythical Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747, in January 2016, and now the arrival of the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

The 787 is outfitted with Air France’s latest onboard products, the highly rated “Best & Beyond” cabins, as can also be found on the Boeing 777 fleet.

Flight-Report had the exceptional opportunity to take part in the delivery of Air France’s new Dreamliner. Not only were we able to attend the delivery ceremony in Seattle, but we were also aboard the ferry flight from the Boeing Everett plant to Paris CDG.

  1. 1. Paine Field Everett (PAE) → Paris (CDG) | Boeing 787-9 | Business

Much like Airbus in Toulouse, France, Boeing has a dedicated delivery center at its massive Everett plant. Carriers receive all Boeing 777s and the majority of 787s at Everett—some Dreamliners are delivered at the newer Charleston, South Carolina plant. Boeing 737s are delivered at the smaller Boeing Field plant, closer to downtown Seattle, as we saw when we had the opportunity to catch a ride on a Transavia 737 delivery flight.

photo 0001

While several airlines will receive aircraft deliveries on the same day, we are here for the first Air France Dreamliner. This new 787 is actually a lease from the U.S. based aircraft lessor AerCap, whose logo appears alongside Air France’s on the welcome screen. Out of 16 787s on order, 3 will be leased.

photo 0002

And here is our beautiful bird, ready for her maiden voyage home to Paris!

photo 0002aphoto 0002b

Registration F-HRBA

photo 0003photo 0008
Consistent with the rest of the fleet, Air France has selected General Electric engines for its new Dreamliners, GEnx-1B-70B engines to be precise.

photo 0004photo 0005

The last bit of blue sky we’ll see on the ground on either side of the Atlantic.

photo 0009

But the gray Seattle skies won’t keep us from admiring this beauty! You may have noticed something different with the 787s livery—indeed, Air France has introduced much larger titles with the Dreamliner fleet.

Shortly after our walk-around, it’s time for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Present for the cutting are Boeing’s head of sales, a representative from AerCap, and Frédéric Gagey, the former CEO of Air France, recently promoted to CFO of the Air France-KLM group.

photo 0013a

This first Dreamliner delivery is an especially important moment for the teams at Air France who have been working for the better part of 3 years to prepare for the arrival and integration of the new aircraft type into the fleet.

photo 0013b

The ceremony is followed by a celebratory luncheon.

photo 0013c


photo 0013d

Both hot and cold items are on offer buffet-style.


photo 0034


photo 0035


After this rather hearty meal, those who will be flying aboard the delivery Ferry flight must go through security checks.

photo 0039photo 0039a

Boarding will be through door 1L. As there are only 30 passengers on board this ferry flight, we will only have two flight attendant accompanying us to CDG.

photo 0039aa

Let’s take a look at the flight deck.

photo 0039abphoto 0039ac

There are 30 seats in Business class, all located between doors 1 and 2.

photo 0040a

The Business Class seats are the acclaimed Zodiac Cirrus model, also found on the Boeing 777 fleet. Because the 787 fuselage is narrower than that of a 777, the seats are laid out in a comparatively slightly tighter configuration.

photo 0040b

This configuration is identical to the KLM 787 World Business Class.

photo 0040cphoto 0040d

The loss of width compared to 777s, however, is hardly noticeable as the seat itself is exactly the same—8 cm in width, per seat unit, to accommodate the narrower fuselage of the 787 was mostly taken from the large side tables/console.
photo 0041

Modern IFE remote

photo 0041b

Seat control buttons.

photo 0041c

The tray table, smaller than on the 777s due to the aforementioned reduced size of the side console.

photo 0041d

Storage space, containing the noise-cancelling headphones and a mirror on the door.

photo 0041e

One noticeable change compared with the 777 Business seats is the IFE screen—this new version is now tiltable.

photo 0041f

Storage for reading materials and the safety card.

photo 0041g

Now standard for Business class, a universal power outlet and USB port.

photo 0041ga

The blanket and pillow for this ferry flight are not the standard Air France fare—here we have a quilt offered by AerCap and a disposable pillow.

photo 0041h

AerCap has also provided a little bag of souvenirs to commemorate the event.

photo 0041i

We’re ready for departure!

photo 0042

Once the doors are closed, we’ll be all set to go.

photo 0042a

Pushing back from the gate.

photo 0060

Engines are starting up.

photo 0061

Boeing employees wave us off as we taxi away.

photo 0062

We take off in typical rainy Seattle weather.

We find clear blue skies above the clouds :)

photo 0067

Blue skies make for better viewing of the Dreamliner’s elegant wings.

Let’s have a look at the other cabins on this aircraft. They will remain empty for the duration of the ferry flight.

photo 0074a

Economy class is divided into two cabins with a total of 225 seats.

photo 0074aa

We find the standard 787 3-3-3 configuration in this cabin. The seat width is 17.5”, which is just a little wider than Economy seats aboard the AF 777 fleet, which have 17.05” wide seats in a 3-4-3 configuration.

It’s odd to see a completely empty cabin mid-flight!

photo 0074dphoto 0074e

There are 2 universal power outlets for each block of 3 seats.

photo 0075

The seats feature a decent amount of recline with headrests that are adjustable in 4 different positions.

photo 0076

One of the big improvements in Economy class is the larger size of the IFE screens—11 inches compared to 9 inches on the 777.

photo 0076a

Although there are small improvements to the standard “Best & Beyond” hard-product to be found in the Business and Economy cabins, the biggest changes can be found in the Premium Economy cabin which introduces a brand new seat. There are 21 Premium Economy seats on the 787—3 rows in a spacious 2-3-2 configuration.

photo 0076aa

As can be expected, the seat width in the first row is slightly narrower due to the a wider armrest needed to accomodate the PTV screen as well as the tray table.

photo 0076b

With this new Premium Economy seat, Air France has kept one of the main features that made its Premium Economy cabin unique when it was first introduced in 2009, the fixed shell. Having seats that recline within a shell preserves personal space; however, there had been some complaints that the recline was insufficient with the first generation of seats.

photo 0076dphoto 0076e

Having listened to customer feedback, Air France has added recline by enhancing the seat pitch (from 38” to 40”). This not only give Premium Economy passengers more legroom and personal space, but allows the seats to recline 130°, a major improvement over the first generation’s 123° of recline.

photo 0076f

Individual LED reading light

photo 0077

The large tray table is very convenient with plenty of space for working and eating.

photo 0078

Remote controls for the In-flight Entertainment can be found in the middle consoles along with universal power outlets.

photo 0079

Adjustable leather headrests

photo 0081

Nice sized screen

photo 0082photo 0085

Heading to the very back of the plane, we find the spacious rear galley with lots of work space for the cabin crew.

photo 0085a

The only bar area on the aircraft located by the Business class cabin is on the small side.

photo 0085ab

One of the advantages of being on a delivery flight is access to areas one would not normally see during normal commercial operations.

Let’s have a look at the pilot crew rest.

photo 0057

And we end our in-flight aircraft visit with a quick peak into the cockpit. At the moment, we are at FL390, but will climb as high as FL430 during the course of the flight.

photo 0086photo 0087

Upon returning to the seat, an Air France Business Class amenity kit is distributed. It will be the only true Air France soft-product element of the in-flight service on this special flight.

photo 0088

Pre-dinner drinks are served

photo 0088aphoto 0089

Dinner service begins as the sun sets.

photo 0090photo 0091

Special commemorative menus handed out by the crew. A really nice touch!

photo 0094

There is a choice of two main dishes for dinner and breakfast.

photo paecdg

Again, as the catering was loaded by Boeing, this is not the standard Air France product. This is most evident by the fact that the plates, glasses, and utensils are all of the disposable variety.

photo 0096

Appetizer according to the menu: White Fish Terrine & Sliced Proscuitto with Shaved Parmesan

photo 0097

It seems the menu is inaccurate as the “Terrine” is actually smoked salmon.

Salad, Mesclin Mix (2) dressing Choice

photo 0098

Roasted halibut filet with Capers and Olives
Mashed potatoes
Yellow & Red Baby Tear Drop Tomato Sauce

photo 0099

Seared Beef Tenderloin w/ Wild Mushroom Sauce
Mushroom Risotto
Sugar Snap Peas

photo 0099a


photo 0101

Cheese cake w/ Fresh Fruit topping

photo 0102aphoto 0102b

Overall it was a good dinner, despite the unattractive plastic and aluminum.

Let’s explore the Panasonic IFE, the same model as can be found on the updated 777 fleet.

One of the nice things about this latest generation IFE is the ability to display the moving map on the remote control’s screen.

photo 0107

The 3D rendering on the AF 787 on the airshow looks great.

With the delivery on the Dreamliner, Air France is finally introducing international WiFi. We are told that different packages will be available for purchase based on volume of MB.

Home page

photo wifi1

The process is a bit long and requires an account to be created.

photo wifi2

Once connected, your browser will indicate the amount of time and data left.

photo wifi3

The WiFi worked quite well with good speed, but 50mb get used up quickly! A shame not to offer an unlimited package based on time rather than MB usage as few people can predict how much volume in MB they’ll actually need.

photo 0112aphoto 0112aa

Bed time! The seat turns into a fully flat bed, of course.

photo 0112b

The bed length is around 2 meters (6’5”), which is quite generous compared to many other Business class seats on the market.

photo 0112c

Coming from the West Coast, the routing to Europe takes us well north, crossing Greenland and Iceland, and entering Europe over the Netherlands.

photo 0112dphoto 0116

A breakfast is served about an hour before arrival.

photo 0117

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl

photo 0118

Pancakes w/ Scrambled Eggs
Hashbrown Potatoes

photo 0119

Omelet Plain
Broiled Tomato Half
Hashbrown Potatoes

photo 0120

We can’t say that this breakfast was particularly good. If it doesn’t look appetizing, it’s because it wasn’t.

photo 0121

The first morning rays of sunshine fill the cabin.

photo 0121aphoto 0121b

Beautiful show of colors outside the large windows.

A commemorative certificate is distributed at the end of the flight!

photo 0127

We’ll be landing shortly

Gray skies, just like in Seattle.

photo 0133

With all the fog, we did an autoland. Planespotters must have been disappointed with the poor visibility to see the arrival of the first Air France Dreamliner.

photo 0134

As we taxi towards the Air France headquarters, we pass an A320 sporting a Paris 2024 logo.

photo 0135

Despite the early hour and weather conditions, many Air France and airport employees are out to welcome the first Dreamliner to its home base.

photo 0136photo water salute 787-1

Fire trucks standing by for the traditional welcome Water Salute!

There is a large welcome committee assembled once we reach the parking stand.

photo 0140

Some final shots of the beautiful new Air France Dreamliner.


The Air France 787-9 will be operating between Paris and Cairo as of January 9, 2017. Its second route will be Paris-Montreal starting on May 1st, 2017. The aircraft will also be doing 6 weekly short hops on the Paris-London Heathrow route starting February 6th (Flight AF1680 and AF1681, except Wednesdays).

Much like the recent 747 retirement, Air France is organizing 4 special flights to give the public the opportunity to try out the new Dreamliner. The flights will last about 2.5 hours and overfly some of the most beautiful regions of France for some sightseeing along with festivities onboard.

The Air France Boeing 787-9 is configured with 30 seats in Business class, 21 seats in Premium Economy, and 225 Economy class seats.


Trip taken by Flavien for Flight-Report as a guest of Air France and Boeing.
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It was a privilege to be on board the delivery flight of the first Air France Dreamliner and be part of the excitement.

The new aircraft looks good from the outside, with its updated livery, and on the inside, with the latest generation of products in all cabins. The biggest evolution is with the new Premium Economy seat, which seems to be a nice improvement over the current Premium Economy seat.


- General comfort of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Large windows, mood lighting, feeling of spaciousness, higher humidity levels that reduce fatigue and jetlag.
- Larger screens in Economy class and tiltable screens in Business class
- Easy to use and responsive Panasonic In-flight Entertainment system with a large choice of movies, TV programmes, music, etc.
- International WiFi making its debut with this aircraft


- Small self-service bar area and only two lavatories for 30 passengers in Business class. No dedicated lavatory for the Premium Economy cabin (as is the case on most other AF aircraft).
- Smaller tray table and storage space in Business class when compared to the 777 due to space saving because of the narrower fuselage of the 787.



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