Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI330
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 02 Dec 16, 15:10
Arrival at 02 Dec 16, 16:00
MI 62 reviews
By 1690
Published on 12th December 2016
Hi Flight Report Community,

My second attempt at a flight report, hopefully this'll turn out better than the first. Lets cut straight to the chase.

My routine flight home over a weekend to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from my work place in Singapore starts at Changi Airport. Yet again I scored an amazingly cheap fare with MH on this route for a decent departure and return time too,

Taken half day off from work so that I could make the journey at a leisurely pace.

photo img_67811
Bus ride to the Metro or Subway.

photo img_67831
Heading to Singapore Changi Airport. For the uninitiated, the most commonly spoken language in Singapore is English, everyone speaks English here, hence the language used for common signs. Public transport is the preferred mode of transportation for most Singaporeans as car prices are exorbitant in Singapore. A bog standard Toyota Corolla cost USD80k here and is beyond means of many.

photo img_67841
Right to the end of the line.

FIDS in the train station. The metro takes you directly below Terminal 2 and 3 of Changi airport.
photo img_67851photo img_6786

Up towards the departure hall
photo img_6787

Christmas mood in full swing at Changi Airport Terminal 2, where MH departs
photo img_6788

Nice to see more travelers having faith in MH after the twin incident.
photo img_6789

My turn soon. My flight was scheduled for departure at 1725, however I was already at the airport at 1345. Ground staff for MH enquired if i wished to travel on an earlier flight which I agreed as it gives me the opportunity to avoid the Friday evening crawl in Kuala Lumpur;s motorways by arriving earlier. Thinking that they will be sending me on an earlier MH flight, it was to my surprise that I was instead led to the SilkAir counters whom MH had a code share agreement with for flights from SIN to KUL. My new flight MI330 was scheduled to depart at 1510, meant that I had only around half an hour left to grab lunch.
photo img_6790

After clearing security and border control, I went in search of the SATS Premier Lounge. MH sends their business pax there as well ever since it closed its own Golden Club Lounge in Singapore.
photo img_6791

Entering the lounge. Access granted through Priority Pass.
photo img_6792

Overview of the Lounge, hot food and booze selection. There were plenty of seats available, however they were hardly empty with the endless stream of passengers coming in and out. Hot and Cold food selection was decent for a third party lounge, alcohol however was limited to one selection of beer, 2 whites, a red and some pretty standard hard liquor.
photo img_6798photo img_6796photo img_6794

My fill for the afternoon. The noodle dish that you see is called Mee Siam, a popular rice vermicelli dish in Singapore with a stock made of shrimps and chilli pepper. I left around 20 minutes before departure time.
photo img_6795photo img_6797

Maybe another day. In fact, I shall be there in 2 weeks time. Stay tuned for that report.
photo img_6799

Heading towards the gate through a maze shopping options that Changi is famous for
photo img_6800

Avgeek moment
photo img_6801

Further security at the Gate.
photo img_6802

Flight Details
Aircraft: 9V-SBG
Type: Airbus A319
Age: 6.5 years first flight 26 Feb 2010
Operating Code: MI 330
Scheduled Departure: 1510
Actual Departure: 1500
Flight Time: 55 minutes
Seat: 15F

photo img_6803photo img_6804

Seat pitch in Eco was around 32" and very comfortable for such a short hop. Flight attendants were displaying the typical SQ related hospitality as we boarded, helping passengers load baggage on the overhead compartment and greeting everyone while boarding.

A measurement against my leg for reference. I am 180cm.
photo img_6811

A quick look at our neighbour as we go into final preparations. Last of the baggage being loaded
photo img_6810

Our neighbour taxis of as we push back
photo img_6814

Doors closed 10 minutes before scheduled departure and we are off. No seat back IFE available on all Silk Air aircraft. Safety video being played as we push back.
photo img_6813

However streaming of IFE is available through wifi. I did not partake as I was not able to get the app downloaded on my phone. Announcement was made of its availability despite the short flight.
photo img_6812

Typical mid day bank of flights departing for North Asia during mid day at Changi. Queuing behind our larger brother for take-off. Yet again for the uninitiated, Silk Air is a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and flies to regional destinations that does not require the capacity of the widebody only fleet that SQ has.
photo img_6817photo img_6818

Taxiing and lifting off at around 1530 local time with a host of traffic behind us.

In flight service quickly begins after take off. For this short hop in Y, a choice of juice, coffee/tea or water is provided with a packaged refreshing towel.
photo img_6830photo img_6832

As soon as the flight attendants are done with service, the First Officer comes on the PA announcing preparations for descent. We drop from FL320 straight into heavy clouds. Rain forecast-ed on arrival

Banks of decommissioned MH 772s in storage. The sight of them brings a tinge of sadness to me. Heartfelt for the souls lost in those fine aircraft.

The aircraft landed 5 minutes before scheduled arrival owing to our early departure. We then taxi towards the satellite terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA in short. The satellite terminal is where all international flights depart from KUL barring MH narrow bodies. This airport was built in 1998 to coincide with Malaysia hosting the Commonwealth Games.

A large neighbour from Europe. It was PH-BVI, a 4.5 years old B77W owned by KLM who will carry on to CGK as KL809 on a fifth freedom flight. With the demise of MH routes to Europe besides London, and termination of LH and AF service to KUL, BA and KL has almost exclusive rights to direct travel between KUL to Europe. In fact KL flights were so popular that they launched another 3 weekly flight operated with a B789.
photo img_6850photo img_6851

Last view of 9V-SBG while disembarking with a cameo by KL.
photo img_6852

KUL shares the same space for arrival and departure since security is only performed at gate, similar to SIN.
photo img_6853

Making my way towards the skytrains that connected the satellite terminal and the main terminal where border control is located.
photo img_6854photo img_6855

Last view of the Satellite terminal before arriving into the main terminal
photo img_6856

Exiting into a crowd waiting for flight arrivals. KUL is really showing at nearly 20 years old. A major renovation should be planned for soon otherwise the gateway to Malaysia would be another laughing stock soon.
photo img_6857

Ticketing area for buses towards the city centre. KUL is almost 80km or 50 miles away from the city centre and there are 3 ways of getting there, either by train, taxi or an express bus. The bus is by far the cheapest option at USD3 compared to 15 for the train and 25 for a taxi.
photo img_6858

This ends my report for this segment. The return shall be on MH so stay tuned.

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Cabin crew7.0

SATS Premier Lounge


Singapore - SIN


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



A pretty standard flight with Silk Air. Seat are really comfortable with an old aircraft, however service standard has room for improvement which suffers from the typical robotic attitude as commented by other FR reporters for SQ/MI. Low score for catering and Entertainment as it is benchmarked against MH which provides more for the same route. Changi Airport despite being over 40 years old is still looking fresh enough with the constant care taking, something KUL needs to learn quickly.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


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  • Comment 377890 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    How bizarre that MH put you on a MI flight, I guess it’s one of those weird situations where MI is technically not alliance and can fall into codeshares with OW carriers. Not only a MI flight, but one on their rare A319s. I can’t say that I find the MI cabins incredible attractive visually, but decent seat pitch.

    Not the most interesting of flights, I would have expected a packaged item with the drink (even on this short puddle jump).

    PS - Most people prefer to have the captions before the pictures to help with reading.

    • Comment 377891 by
      JW19 AUTHOR 120 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by. Agree with the packaged item with the drink, hence the catering score. The captions do indeed look funny once I have gon through the report again. This warrants a fix.

  • Comment 378096 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thanks for the FR. Much improved!

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