Review of Delta Connection flight Minneapolis Grand Forks in Economy

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL3962
Class Economy
Seat 10D
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 Jan 16, 11:20
Arrival at 10 Jan 16, 12:45
DL 123 reviews
Published on 17th December 2016
And finally, the final part of my winter 2015/16 trip back home!
I had just made it to MSP from ORD on a flight that got delayed by the weather. Here's how the trip went before this flight…..
DL3849DL4695 FAR-MSP 19DEC15 1310hrs1319hrs 1421hrs1427hrs CRJ700CRJ200 N426SW
DL1717 MSP-ORD 19DEC15 1510hrs 1637hrs MD90 N912DN
KL612 ORD-AMS 20DEC15 1630hrs 0715+1hrs B74E PH-BFE
KL871 AMS-DEL 21DEC15 1245hrs 0100hrs+1 B744 PH-BFL
AI401 DEL-CCU 22DEC15 0700hrs 0905hrs B788 (VT-ANQ)
MJ332 CCCU-CMB 25DEC15 1040hrs 1340hrs A320
MJ331 CMB-CCU 28DEC15 0705hrs 1000hrs 0635hrs 0930hrs A320

AI676 CCU-BOM 07JAN16 0600hrs 0850hrs A319 (VT-SCF)
9W477 08JAN16 2235hrs 0027hrs B73H (VT-JFL)
AF191 BLR-CDG 09JAN16 0245hrs 0845hrs B77E (F-GSPS)
AF3602 (DL123) CDG-ORD 09JAN16 1230hrs 1518hrs B76W (N182DN)
DL1828 ORD-MSP 10JAN16 0910hrs 1045hrs B738 (N37700)
DL1956 MSP-FGFK 10JAN16 1121hrs 1247hrs CR2 (this one!)

The video trip report:

Gate A13. Before that, I had to run to the washroom. A long walk (or run?) was ahead. This turned out to be a bad choice because I missed the tram to get to concourse A/B by about a few seconds. Gaaaahhhhh!!!!
Just missed it!
photo img_8521

A long three minute wait felt like thirty three minutes. It was 1101 hours, nineteen minutes to departure. I did not bother seeing how long prior to departure time does Delta close barding gates. If they got delayed out Chicago (thanks, nature :P ) it had to be on them to put me on the following flight….

Onboard…lets get going already!
photo img_8524

Concourse A…
photo img_8528

I got to the gate after a lot of huffing and puffing. 1113 hours, just seven minutes to departure! ‘You made great time!’ said the nice lady at Gate A13. Another young lady, presumably a UND student too, boarded this flight from Chicago. The jet bridge door opened for us, it was cold in there too! I was soon about to board a CRJ200…registration unknown! But more importantly, I MADE IT!

Not a nice welcome at the door. ‘What is your seat number?’ asked Donna, the only flight attendant. ‘7D’, I said, and yet she insisted on checking my boarding pass. Okay, cool then. Took my seat and relaxed. I made my last flight! This was a very hectic trip for me indeed.
photo img_8531photo img_8534

The Captain gave us a few details of the flight. It would be a very cold 10F at Grand Forks, we’d cruise at 26000 feet for our quick 54 minute hop to Grand Forks. Pushed back at 1123 hours, three minutes late. Both engines fired up, followed by a short taxi behind a lovely Air Canada CRJ-200, and blasted off into the skies like a rocket!

photo img_8536photo img_8538

Banked and set course towards North-North West. Service began. Interestingly, unlike all domestic flights with Delta (including SkyWest and Compass Airlines), this Endeavor Air flight was a change only flight, meaning that no cards accepted, the exact opposite of all my DL flights so far! I found the seats on Endeavor to be much more comfortable than those on SkyWest.
photo dsc_8372photo dsc_8375

It was another flight flying over a lot of snow, a snowy Minnesota. Service began, the flight attendant went about her job. I requested cookies and peanuts (finally!), ginger ale and water. She said she could only give me one of the drinks, and the other once the entire plane was served. In a stone cold manner. Wow, that was nice of her! Once she was done, she gave me the glass, with what looked like a fussy and irritated attitude. Anyway.
photo img_8541photo img_8543

A quick restroom visit, finally on the CRJ!
photo img_8545photo img_8547

Descent started at 1204, we slowly came closer to land…

My trip was coming to a quick end!
photo img_8556

Touchdown into a very snowy Grand Forks, announcements were made about arrival. A Detroit MI based crew served us today. Pretty nice! Docked at Gate A1. I waited to get off because I had no flights after this, up until May at least! The Captain said goodbye to everyone from his seat, while the flight attendant, Donna thanked most people, except me. Kinda got the feeling that I was being racially profiled? Oh well.

I found out that N800AY flew me into Grand Forks. Baggage came out pretty quickly, I met my friends and I was on my way back into a snow cold Grand Forks, ready to tuck in to the bed of a warm dorm room, and to start my second semester at UND!
photo img_8559photo img_8561photo img_8569
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Cabin crew3.0

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A pretty non existent flight with Endeavor Air for Delta Connection, if that makes sense. I made the flight, I was relieved to be onboard. The less said about the crew member, the better. I quite liked the comfy seats on the CRJ.

Information on the route Minneapolis (MSP) Grand Forks (GFK)


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    Succubus21 15 Comments

    Finally a long and interesting series comes to an end!
    Great flight reports throughout the series.
    The best for me were the ccu-cmb and blr-cdg

    Just asking what's your next series going to be? And obviously waiting for it

    • Comment 378379 by
      jish.b SILVER AUTHOR 285 Comments

      Hi there, thank you very much for your response!
      Great to see that you've been following this series for long :)

      My next trip report would be a quick MSP-FLL-MSP trip on DL's B757s, and then followed by ANOTHER trip to India - bigger and better! Do stay tuned! :D

      Regards Jish.B

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