Review of Aeroflot flight Warsaw Moscow in Economy

Airline Aeroflot
Flight SU2001
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 01 Jul 16, 12:40
Arrival at 01 Jul 16, 15:40
SU   #102 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 107 reviews
By GOLD 813
Published on 20th December 2016

Here is the report of my weekend in istanbul , summer 2016 , i ll try a new airline Aeroflot and discover a new airport Sheremetyevo

Here is the plan

photo screenshot_2016-07-01-23-13-52

(SU 2001) - WAW to SVO : here
(SU 2134) - SVO to IST :

(SU 2135) - IST to SVO :
(SU 2000) - SVO to WAW :

Only one month after my trip to PTP , i'am heading to Istanbul for one weekend .

Today i'am worried about weather and NATO summit in warsaw

Left home and went to chopin airport by bus , finally nothing happened , streets will be blocked only July 8th/9th

photo dsc00764photo dsc00766

Let:s go to sector D , instead of sector C for AF/KL/AZ

photo dsc00767

Here is the queue at checkin , even SkyPriority is slow as hell , 15 mins later i can finally reach the desk

photo dsc00768

No checked luggage , i just need my BP , and i'am free

photo dsc00769

After checkin , i can go to the fast-track , sorry no pixs because of security

Here is the entrance , i took this pix after i came back to WAW

photo dsc01108

As usual it was empty but i lost time because of my strip-tease

photo dsc00770photo dsc00771

Just a quick stop at change office in order to grab some turkish liras , then turn right to the non-schengen zone of chopin's airport

Few people at immigration controls , only 3 mins and done , they never asked for my 2nd boarding pass or any visa

photo dsc00772photo dsc00773

Only 30 minutes before boarding , so today no lounge for me

photo dsc00775

Some folks love to enjoy fresh air together

photo dsc00774

Now time to reach gate 18 , our plane today is a a320 , i like the delivery of SU

photo dsc00780

While waiting a saw this godzilla coming from DXB

photo dsc00785

It's nothing more than a 777-300er , but between all these airbus 319/320 used for middlehaul flights that's a piece of change. EK scheduled the a380 for february 10th , i can't wait to see how big this mess will be

Boarding started, just a few seconds to make a good pic and join the priority boarding lane

photo dsc00781photo dsc00784

Another view of our a320 , then i receive a shy welcome from the cabin crew . I was really surprised cause i thought our plane will be old , but this one seems really new

photo dsc00786photo dsc00787photo dsc00788

Flight is almost full , russian polish vietnamese . Can easily guess that SU is doing most of traffic with transit passengers in SVO

photo dsc00790

Next to us is a ……dreamliner, maybe i will try it with KLM to AUH this winter

photo dsc00794

Taxing , and we know we are in WAW cause LO is everywhere

Here is the french shuttle to CDG

photo dsc00796

Again on the road , and now i can see a truck Do&Co , in charge of catering for TK

photo dsc00797

Take off and we can see the nieghbourhoods of warsaw

3 layers of clouds and we reach the sky

photo dsc00803photo dsc00804photo dsc00811

The aeroflot's magazine of july , just enought to remind me my previous holidays , the headline is about netherlands

photo dsc00806

Aeroflot announced their new routes Moscow - Lyon and Kazan - frankfurt

photo dsc00792photo dsc00793

2 other mags , one for inflight shopping , and other one about fashion , ok seems nice but full of ads so its useless

photo dsc00813

30 minutes later starts the service , a basic sandwich and juice

photo dsc00808

Oh jesus , i'am so happy to find plugs , especially for medium haul flights

photo dsc00810photo dsc00812

Time flies so fast , we start our descent to sheremetyevo , meanwhile i had a chat in spanish with two mexican seated ladies next toe

Landing , then few minuted of taxing , here is a AF heading to …. CDG , and now i get a nice view of the SU's fleet with these 777-300er

photo dsc00821photo dsc00826

Today we will leave by paxbus , so no hurry

photo dsc00827photo dsc00830photo dsc00832

Now i can breathe again, let's go to the transit zone then immigration

5 minutes later , i can enjoy a chat with the officer and i'am free to go
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Cabin crew5.0

Polish Airports State Company Bolero Executive Lounge (Non-Schengen)


Warsaw - WAW


Moscow - SVO



Aeroflot = first segment with them was ok , i expected worse , so it was a good surprise

Lounge = next time i should arrive earlier to test this lounge correctly

WAW = as usual , small and efficient

SVO = see in next chapter

Information on the route Warsaw (WAW) Moscow (SVO)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Warsaw (WAW) → Moscow (SVO).


The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 38 minutes.

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  • Comment 378734 by
    loukas SILVER 315 Comments

    Thanks for this detailed report. It looks like Aeroflot offers much more basic service in economy than 3 years ago on this route. New seats in this A320 look really nice.

    • Comment 378908 by
      fiftytwo GOLD AUTHOR 853 Comments

      czezc lukasz !

      About SU I dont know , that was my first time with them , globally it was ok

      now iam translating my flight-reports made in 2016 from french to english , now i have a lot of free time and no flights planned for a while

      I realize that i was lucky to fly with this plane cause usually they use the old ones for this route


  • Comment 378909 by
    fiftytwo GOLD AUTHOR 853 Comments

    Czesc lukasz

    That was my first time with SU , its was globally ok

    I realized that i was quite lucky to have this plane for my first time , as they often use the old ones for this route

    Iam translating my FR i made in 2016 from french to english , so you will see more and more flights from waw soon


  • Comment 378916 by
    loukas SILVER 315 Comments

    Great. I've already read some of them in French. SU is one of the best airlines I've travelled with so far, I can really reccomend them on long haul flights. Wesołych Świąt! :)

  • Comment 379014 by
    Shisdu SILVER 668 Comments

    Hello, 52 !

    No checked luggage , i just need my BP

    Isn't it possible to print your BP at home or show it on your cellphone with Aeroflot?

    Some folks love to enjoy fresh air together

    Terrible addiction. My father, a heavy smoker, passed away in 2009 from lung cancer at age 64.

    Flight is almost full , russian polish vietnamese

    I love that international atmosphere. Not very frequent in my country, though I have talked to some Brazillians sitting next to me.

    3 layers of clouds and we reach the sky

    Nice! In Santiago you have two layers of smog and one of clouds.

    The aeroflot's magazine of july

    No English edition??

    i had a chat in spanish with two mexican ladies

    Qué bien! Me alegra saber que tenemos una comunidad multilingüe en FR!!

    Gracias por compartir! ^^

    • Comment 379015 by
      fiftytwo GOLD AUTHOR 853 Comments

      Hi nechus

      I dont remember if BP was available on mobile phone , i already checked-in on internet and get my boarding pass , but i love the format they give you in airports

      The aeroflot's magasine is unique and edited in english/russian , most of the time both versions of the text are on the same page

      Smoke weed thats better for health

      Hablo espanol porque yo soy de la caribe !

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