Review of Air Berlin flight Warsaw Berlin in Economy

Airline Air Berlin
Flight AB8211
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 15 Oct 16, 06:20
Arrival at 15 Oct 16, 07:45
AB 77 reviews
By GOLD 327
Published on 25th December 2016

i left the airport Thursday night , and Saturday morning i'am back again

"Destination = Deutschland , Von Warschau Chopin nach Berlin Tegel mit AirBerlin"


photo lg buddy

AB8211 : waw-txl : here you are
AB8210 : txl-waw :

Woke up after 3h sleep and left to Chopin at 5 o'clock , Warsaw is still sleeping

photo dsc01414photo dsc01415

News about my flight

photo screenshot_2016-10-15-05-52-53

I was too tired/lazy for wait the bus so i booked an uber, no traffic on the roads , so only 10 minutes for 12zl / 3€

photo dsc01416photo dsc01420photo dsc01424

Today checkin in sector A . Looks like sectors A/Bare dedicated for low-cost carriers , the legacys are in C/D and LO alone in E

photo dsc01426photo dsc01427photo dsc01428

First to the check-in desk

photo dsc01429photo dsc01430photo dsc01431

No one so it's gonna be quick

photo dsc01432

No luggage to check , just need a BP

photo dsc01433photo dsc01434

Security took less than 3 minutes , there is nobody at this time of the day

Because of low activity i even had time to chat with the agents , and now i'am airside

photo dsc01443

While walking i passed close to the fantazja lounge , not today , i have only 20 minutes left before boarding

photo dsc01444

But i will buy food to eat on board (f**k BoB) and some souvenirs "made in Poland"

photo dsc01442photo dsc01441

Once loaded like santa klaus i can go to my gate

photo dsc01445

Oh ive seen it somewhere , but i don't know where and when ???

photo dsc01446photo dsc01450

At our gate , and everything looks fine

photo dsc01449

Flight will be with an a319 , so no

photo screenshot_2016-10-15-05-51-25

Flight docs for this Saturday

photo dsc01451

Weather of the day

photo waether

Boarding in progress

photo dsc01452photo dsc01453photo dsc01454

Oh sh*t , paxbus today , that's really nice considering the fact that it's cold outside

Left the bus and board the aircraft , one bus was enough today

photo dsc01462photo dsc01463photo dsc01466

Didn't choose my seat as its not for free , however plane was almost empty . I have the entire row for me

The lady on the left row couldn't even wait for take-off , she switched to full-flat business mode

photo dsc01467

Pitch is correct , my legs barely touch the seat in front of me

photo dsc01468photo dsc01472

Safety instructions on the screens

photo dsc01473

I tried to plug my earphones and listen to music/radio but no signal

AB Magazine , nothing interesting to read this month

photo dsc01486photo dsc01488

Rest of the flight was quiet , nothing happened and i was even able to sleep a bit

Turn on the lights , and we are ready to land in Tegel

We arrive at Berlin TXL on time

I didnt knew that they created a sub**** just for their flights from Dusseldorf

photo dsc01510photo dsc01511

These buses are leavin and our bus will come soon

photo dsc01512

A little ride , no more than 3/4 minutes

photo dsc01513photo dsc01514photo dsc01515

And we are in terminal C

photo dsc01517photo dsc01518

On the way i checked the news on flight-report

photo corpo

Nothing to get so i can rush to exit

photo dsc01519

Ich bin in Berlin

Ready to enjoy and have fun !
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Air Berlin

Cabin crew7.5

Warsaw - WAW


Berlin - TXL



WAW = nothing to say
AB = good job
TXL = thsi airport reminds me of WMI , or at least from what i saw , thats not what a capital should get , if you compare with FRA or MUC thats a shame

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The airline with the best average rating is Air Berlin with 7.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 22 minutes.

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