Review of Air France flight Paris Amsterdam in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF1240
Class Business
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 09 Jan 17, 07:15
Arrival at 09 Jan 17, 08:35
AF   #39 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 3029 reviews
By 715
Published on 9th January 2017
(I chose to post this report in English first – a French version will come soon)

Finding a seat on a direct CDG-ARN flight on Sunday night or Monday morning a week in advance is a risky bet, and it was lost. The only solution was a connection in AMS, in Business because the Economy was full too. It was a lose-lose choice, for my company which paid more and for me who got three hours of sleep less.

CDG-AMS : AF1240 (A321, Business) You are here
AMS-ARN : KL1109 (B738, Business) here
ARN-CDG : AF1063 (A32x, Economy) there

The only good news for me, apart from a few more airmiles and one more qualifying flight, is that the second leg is a first on Flight Report (on that line, in that class of travel).
I had a mild case of insomnia around ETD-30h, which gave me a chance to grab THE available window seat (Seatguru warned me that there is no window at row 8). On the other hand, Seat 1A on the connecting flight was OK for me.
photo clipboard01a
A taxi dropped me outside Terminal 2F – I directed the driver of the taxi to drop me towards the end where the Access#1 security check is located. It had been a fast ride: it was very early in the morning and there was not so much fog on the way.
photo img_1951a
Nothing stopped me from entering the terminal through that door from the outside, but passengers were not supposed to exit from there.
photo img_1952a
My BP for both flights was obtained quickly from one of these machines
photo img_1955aphoto img_1954a
My flight was listed as being on time on the FIDS. Some people probably already knew better, but I did not.
photo img_1956a
The waiting time was minimal at the J/Elite luggage drop area
photo img_1957a
Not a heavy bag, there was no way I could make it a hand luggage only.
photo img_1958a
Little waiting there too. I usually remove my belt and now I know I have too anyway.
photo img_1959a
This business area provides IPad (I did not check what kind of internet access they have) and 1 EUR coffees.
photo img_1960a
Plane spotting from the terminal was a non-starter this time: there was no way I could get taxiing planes.
photo img_1962a
See the man here? He was coming from an overnight flight, was half lost in the wrong jetty of Terminal 2F, and was grateful when I showed him the FIDS, and the way towards his flight to MUC.
photo img_1963a
The booth of this very expensive shop was not opened yet
photo img_1966a
The smoked salmon there is four times the price per kilo, compared to the duty free shop in ARN.
photo img_1964a
Since I had directed this passenger and had time, I could just as well go the other jetty too
photo img_1967a
No newspapers on these shelves
photo img_1969a
And only Le Monde there
photo img_1971a
I tried my luck at the lounge in that jetty, but no way: even though the lounges are a mere 500 meters away from each other, you cannot only enter the one dedicated to your gate, so I backtracked
photo img_1972a
If you are thirsty in Terminal 2F, better head towards the toilets (tap water is safe to drink), because this fountain at the far end of the jetty has been out of operation for months.
photo img_1973a
The one at the root of the jetty is no more able to provide water
photo img_1974a
You can’t even press on the button which is no longer there.
photo img_1975a
I do not know if they tuned the piano since last time I flew from here.
photo img_1976a
Reaching Gate F33 and others
photo img_1977a
The access to the lounge at the lower level used to be much easier, with travellators going down from the near end of the jetty, but that is over.
photo img_1978a
You now must go to the far end of the jetty
photo img_1979a
There was a wider selection of newspapers in that jetty.
photo img_1981a
And there were considerably more newspapers and magazines in AF’s lounge, where I was welcomed since this was the one corresponding to my boarding gate.

I was not quite the only traveler: it was quite crowded at that early morning flights rush hour, but if you were not choosy, you could get a seat (but not two next to each other, if travelling with somebody).
photo img_1984aphoto img_1990a
The food offering is decent for short haul flights
photo img_1985a
You actually have more kinds of cheese than on a long haul flight in J (this is my usual grumble about AF’s catering)
photo img_1986a
I won’t make comments on the alcohols available, out of lack of competence
photo img_1992a
Nor on the soft drinks, out of lack of interest. There were coffee machines too (and several minutes waiting time to use them)
photo img_1993a
It was soon time to leave this lounge. I may not have another chance to visit it until I reach Gold status on CDG-ARN runs.
photo img_1994a
The perennial problem of this terminal is that there is a glaring lack of space for passengers waiting in line at boarding time.
photo img_1995a
The line of the J/Elite passengers to ARN leaving at 7:10 was reaching the next gate, blocking the way for J/Elite passengers to BCN leaving at 7:15, all the more that the former was late. The delay was only announced when boarding time was up, so many passengers had already left their seats.
photo img_1996a
This was the first I saw of the A321 when boarding
photo img_1998a
She was an aircraft very similar to her neighbor
photo img_1999a
The seats in J are the same as in Y, only that the antimacassar are a solid red, and that the middle seat is not used. For once, I would get to have that extra comfort (the empty middle seat, not the color of the antimacassar).
photo img_2000a
But no: this was my seat at Row 10 and it appeared to be a regular Economy seat just behind the curtain.
photo img_2001a
Oops! I had just sit there when a FA came up and asked me to rise, to let her move the curtain one row down.
photo img_2002a
I did get to travel ahead of the curtain (but without a red antimacassar. I wonder if I could get a few airmiles as a compensation for that?)
photo img_2004a
Row 10 is just behind the vast expanse of space at the first pair of emergency exit doors. Note the passenger at Seat 10F, a bulky fellow which never makes a sound, in a plane that is.
photo img_2042a
An illustration of the legroom on the exit row, seen when deplaning.
photo img_2053a
The seat pitch (measured from the tip of the seat to the magazine pocket in front) was very good in Economy (before moving the curtain) and good enough in Business (after moving the curtain)
photo img_2010a
The seat width (between armrests) was OK.
photo img_2009a
This was the old cabin outfit, with the famous round cup holder with a square hole (they do just fine), slightly less seat width and a lot more seat pitch than the new one.
photo img_2012a
The carpet was spotlessly clean
photo img_2021a
I was amused by the recommendation of the FAs at the end of the safety demonstration to « read carefully the safety information card ». The only pieces of text there are “Air France, Notice de sécurité / Safety card, Brace / Crispez vous”. English speaking passengers get five words to read, French speaking ones have to brace for 40% more reading care of seven words.
photo img_2014a
The in-flight magazine mentions the existence of AF’s first 787, which made a few costly joy rides in the French airspace the day before with some Flight Reporters on board.
photo img_2016a
An oshibori – made of decently thick cloth – was distributed
photo img_2019a
The fog made no sign of clearing up outside.
photo img_2006a
This AF A318 started moving after pushback
photo img_2022a
Don’t expect any fancy pictures of CDG with this weather
photo img_2026a
Actual Off-Block Time (AOBT) was 34 minutes late compared to Schedule Off-Block Time (SOBT)
photo img_2027a
This is as much plane spotting as I could get
photo img_2029a
There are days when you feel fortunate to have CAT III equipment, because we were not going to see much of this 3,880 m long runway when alining
photo img_2033a
Climbing before dawn
photo img_2036a
My neighbor gracefully rose to let me go and take this picture of the sunrise through the right door’s tiny window, and waited until I had succeeded to manually focus it right.
photo img_2040a
This is not terrain underneath, only clouds
photo img_2041a
This is how the breakfast was served
photo img_2043a
The same, after removing the covers and receiving a piece of bread (there were croissants too). I was careful to place it on a spare cover to insulate it from the germ-ridden tray table… at least for this picture.
photo img_2045a
The blue paper under the items, lower right, is the menu, but you need to eat first before you get to know what you ate. KL did the same on the connecting flight.
photo img_2070a
Orange juice is invariably of low quality in flight, so I settled for water and coffee, placed together with my neighbor’s drinks on the middle seat’s tray table.
photo img_2044a
CDG-AMS is a very short international flight, so the FAs had still to serve breakfast to two rows when the beginning of descent was announced. That they also had to inform some anxious passengers about their tightening connections did not help, of course. (Like my neighbor, connecting on a Non-Schengen flight, from the little I overheard).
photo img_2046a
Two Economy passengers had probably VERY tight connections due to this flight’s delay, because they were ushered from the back to the middle seats of the exit row before me, and the FAs found place in the overhead bins for their hand luggage, so that they could gain some precious deplaning minutes. Fair deal.

The pilot had had better warn the crew “FAs, prepare for landing”, because the visibility was no better in AMS than in ARN. The captain had actually warned the passengers in the welcome speech that we might have to wait for landing in AMS due to the fog there.
photo img_2049a
We have landed in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
photo img_2051a
Last turn
photo img_2052a
A last view of the AF A321
photo img_2058a
I was out of the plane 35 minutes behind schedule, which meant I had no time to go to KLM's lounge (no major loss, from what I read on this website), but plenty of time to reach the gate of my connecting flight.
photo img_2057a
Thanks for reading me !
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From a quality-price ratio point of view, nothing justifies flying in J on a short intra-European flight, or two intra-European flight, except the unavailability of seats in Economy.
That being said, the catering was OK, taking into consideration the very short duration of the flight. The FAs managed to provide some information to passengers on a perilously tight connection due to the flight's delay, even though they had very little time to distribute the catering.
Not much in terms of entertainment; only because I went to the other jetty could I choose between more than a single newspaper.

The lounge was too crowded, but traveling alone made it bearable (I did not stay there much time anyway).

There was no information on the flight's delay until theoretical boarding time. Public transportation is not an option for a 7am flight in CDG: you need to drive or be driven.

I did not need to walk much to reach the gate of my connecting flight in AMS, but the was no information either about the flight being late, and no semblance of a water fountain.

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The airline with the best average grade is KLM with 8.0/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 17 minutes.



  • Comment 381116 by
    jetsetpanda 2164 Comments

    Thank you Marathon for sharing this revealing FR and warning us how difficult it is to find a working water fountain (at least in T2F).

    "I did get to travel ahead of the curtain (but without a red antimacassar. I wonder if I could get a few airmiles as a compensation for that?)"
    - You never know until you try. :P

    Compotée exotique? I don't think this translation is accurate. Maybe it was "exotique" a few centuries back when transportation of goods was a challenge, but in this day and age, tropical fruits are available at anytime during the year. Why not call it compotée tropicale?

    Pretty decent catering considering the flying time. I agree with you that placing the menu at the bottom of the tray is useless. Perhaps it's the "Kinder Egg" effect.

    • Comment 381124 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7741 Comments

      "Thank you Marathon for sharing this revealing FR and warning us how difficult it is to find a working water fountain (at least in T2F)."
      - It is a reverse culture shock to not find a water fountain (in working condition) every 100 meters like in Chinese airports.

      "I did get to travel ahead of the curtain (but without a red antimacassar. I wonder if I could get a few airmiles as a compensation for that?)
      You never know until you try. :P"
      - AF is careful enough not to promise a red antimacassar in the advertising of their business class, so claiming a breach of contract is difficult ^^

      "Compotée exotique? I don't think this translation is accurate. Maybe it was "exotique" a few centuries back when transportation of goods was a challenge, but in this day and age, tropical fruits are available at anytime during the year. Why not call it compotée tropicale?"
      - No only is this dessert not exotic, but "compotée" is a rather exotic word in French. I did not even know it exists - we say "compote" in daily life. It is typical of AF to use grand words for bland food.

      "Pretty decent catering considering the flying time. I agree with you that placing the menu at the bottom of the tray is useless. Perhaps it's the "Kinder Egg" effect."
      - Some passengers might hesitate to eat a "compotée exotique", others could be disappointed to find a "tropical fruit compote" only. Better tell them afterwards. ^^

      Thanks for your comments !

  • Comment 381439 by
    Rl 777 728 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    How long was the taxi ride?

    Nice spotting pictures at CDG, I think they nice interesting in those weather conditions.

    Absolutely wonderful aerial shots!

    Catering looks good for a flight of this length.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 381529 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7741 Comments

      The taxi ride took about half an hour, which could not be achieved legally : the driver was driving 20 km/h above the speed limits, slowing down at each known speed trap. It was his decision... and his driver's license.

      You are too kind - there was really little to see outside.

      Thanks for the comment !

  • Comment 381564 by
    DiegoSS02 46 Comments

    Thanks for posting this FR! AF provides a very complete catering for such a short flight. I'm not surprised by the fact that they haven't finished serving the meals when the descent started. I definitively won't enjoy eating in such a hurry!

    • Comment 381593 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7741 Comments

      Serving this breakfast AND answering to rightfully anxious short connection passengers AND being attentive and smiling : this was a challenge that the FAs on this flight handled well.
      Thanks for your comment !


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