Review of Ukraine International flight Kiev Lviv in Economy

Flight PS33
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 19 Nov 16, 19:35
Arrival at 19 Nov 16, 20:40
PS 85 reviews
By GOLD 414
Published on 10th January 2017

2nd segment of my weekend in Lviv


photo aaa inbound

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS033 : kbp-lwo : here
PS034 : lwo-kbp :
PS801 : kbp-waw :

Previous report finished in the area for luggage delivery , now i can go to Domestic Terminal , i will need to wait 6 hours beofre my next flight

Therefore i need to go landside , and repass security and immigration again , even in transit

photo dsc03015photo dsc03016

Ooops , that's one floor below ,

photo dsc03017

Before this i wanted to use one of these automates in order to reload my Ukrainian sim card

photo dsc03020

Only issue , its only in Russian Ukrainian

That's the FIDS for domestic flights , i checked it before coming to Kiev so iam not surprised by so low traffic

There are two waves , one in afternoon and the last in the night , and i just came between both

photo dsc03019

Therefore everything is closed

photo dsc03021photo dsc03026

That will be my house for the next few hours

photo dsc03022

As a frequent flyer iam used to such events and things but i can imagine how a normal pax would react

Time pass very slowly , only interesting thing are women employees of the airport

photo dsc03030photo dsc03032photo dsc03040

Finally i was able to get the only visible 220v plug of the area , the other plugs delivered 380V

Bunch of plugs are available and dedicated for this but no seats around ! Quite stupid

photo dsc03043

Checkin desk are opening slowly , i decided to check my luggage and this is the last part of my trip

photo dsc03045

Then security (sorry i completely missed my pix , and i wasnt very keen to retry)

After 5 hours i'am airside . Honestly , it looks like Fumicino in Rome , without noise , people , lights and shops

photo dsc03047

No more time for brainstorming , lets go to the lounge

photo dsc03050

There are two Mastercard lounges in Boryspil , international and this one for domestic flights

The lady at desk greeted me like she was scared to speak english

Started to visit the lounge , i was almost alone at that time

I wasn't expecting that much , but instead it was a good surprise , only few missing details and this lounge could be perfect

Newspapers available

photo dsc03052

And the food

photo dsc03056photo dsc03057

Decoration is kind of "so-so" , i liked the boxes , it gives you privacy , also i was lucky to be in front of TV/FIDS , so less troubles , only remote control is missing

My dinner and the usual travel documents

photo dsc03059photo dsc03062

Followed by a dessert

photo dsc03068

On air is the Ukrainian version of "The voice - kids"

photo dsc03071

If i'am right , that should be the only terminal fir domestic flights , so in less than 10 minutes 5 flights will leave almost simultaneously from 5 different gates , add 2 more flights at 20.00 and that's all

photo dsc03049

Time to go , lounge is almost full , they even opened the second room , and the waitress is coming every 4 minutes to clean and take dishes

photo dsc03066photo dsc03073

Toilets are clean , mission complete !

photo dsc03065

Boarding area , there is a really huge difference , between when i arrived and now , but when you remember what i told you earlier , 5x5 , that makes sense

photo dsc03076photo dsc03077

That's my queue

photo dsc03078photo dsc03079

Going through bridge

photo dsc03081

Quite a long one

photo dsc03084photo dsc03085

Ok , , so we will board by paxbus

photo dsc03086

At least i will be able to spot and make a cover for this report

photo dsc03088photo dsc03089photo dsc03090

Reached my seat , i decided to seat in front because of the engines noise

photo dsc03099

Still waiting , meanwhile i'am working on the french draft of this report

photo dsc03097photo dsc03095

I don't know why but i started to think about my weekend in Wroclaw , then one more time , like my brain want to say something but can't really figure out why

I was listening to the music played by the speakers of the plane , then at the end there was a jingle "Ryanair , low fares made simple" … No comment !

So in Ukraine they don't only recycle our buses

photo dsc03098photo dsc03103

Push back , close to a TK

photo dsc03106

Meanwhile the lady seated next to me started to pray

Nothing else to show until LWO because its too dark

photo dsc03108photo dsc03112photo dsc03114

Pitch is small , i feel like a tuna , but for one hour its ok

photo dsc03093

Landing in Lviv , it was snowing this week , unlike in Kiev

Park next to this Motorsich , on this way from/to IEV

photo dsc03118

Now i can leave the plane and get my luggage


photo dsc03129

And here iam in Lviv , it was quite long for a city not that far from Warsaw , but its better by air than by road

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Ukraine International

Cabin crew5.0

Business Lounge MasterCard Domestic


Kiev - KBP


Lviv - LWO



KBP = small but very crowded , because all flights are planned during the same hour

LWO = empty and huge

PS = good job , besides the pitch everything was ok

Lounge Mastercard = nice one !



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