Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Stockholm in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1109
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 09 Jan 17, 10:15
Arrival at 09 Jan 17, 12:25
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Published on 10th January 2017
This is the second leg of a trip to Stockholm, connecting in AMS because the direct flights were already full when I booked, and in Business because the Economy was full too in connecting flights.

CDG-AMS : AF1240 (A321, Business) here
AMS-ARN : KL1109 (B738, Business) You are here
ARN-CDG : AF11063 (A32x, Economy) there

The plane from CDG had landed half an hour late, due to the weather conditions: it was not worth going to the lounge, especially since I did not even know where it was, but on the other hand I had ample time left to reach the gate of the continuing flight. Where was it?
photo img_2059a
There it was ; the FIDS recommended in Dutch and English to got the gate, which I did.
photo img_2060a
There appeared to be as much fog in AMS as in CDG : this picture should convince you that plane spotting was not an option for killing time that day
photo img_2061a
The gates there are devoted to KL European flights, which gave zero variety in planes at the gates : 737s only, from the little I could see.
photo img_2065a
An exception : an AF A319, decorated with the logo of Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics (a bad logo for a bad idea, IMO).
photo img_2063a
What else in this area of the terminal ? A transfer desk, with no soul to help computer-illiterate passengers. In the background, more computers, this time to kill time once you had managed your transfer.
photo img_2064a
This other area was of the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) kind.
photo img_2062a
There, and here at gate C18 (that of my flight), there was a flight of stairs down to the toilets (there was signage to elevators for handicapped passengers, but I did not see where they were). I went down there mostly because this I needed to drink some water and there was no water fountain (unlike in CDG where there are water fountains which do not work).
photo img_2066a
I did find water, and also that two toilets were clogged. The cleaning staff was not up to the task.
photo img_2069a
I tried in vain to connect to the internet on the airport’s free wifi network. Only once in ARN did I realize in retrospect that the problem was caused by Windows’ firewall – this problem occurs now and then in airports and hotels, not often enough to remember about it. It is a frustrating waste of time each time.
photo img_2076a
The line for priority access lengthened
photo img_2077a
There was no announcement, over the PA or on the screen, but starting the boarding of a flight which seemed full or nearly so at ETD-15’ did not bode well for punctuality.
photo img_2078a
All I saw in AMS of PH-BCA, a 738 which entered revenue service on 24 November 2010. The aircraft in the background is another KL 737, in Skyteam livery.
photo img_2079a
I did not have much choice when I checked in on line : there were two rows only in J on that flight, but KL had preassigned me Seat 1A, and the “Window seat not in the sun’s direction” addict in me was satisfied.
photo clipboard03a
The seat width between armrests was less than what you get on AF’s A32x planes (44 cm in the old layout, 45 cm in the new one).
photo img_2080a
On the other hand, there was an extra-wide 51 cm space between the seat and the bulkhead.
photo img_2081a
A nice and possibly little known feature is that there is a power port for each seat (including the one which is neutralized). I did not really need it, but yes, it did deliver power to my laptop.
photo img_2108a
A quirk of Seat 1A is that you see through the window all the passengers boarding after you
photo img_2082a
There were lots of school and pre-school age children on that flight, because (from what I overheard) it was the end of the Swedish Christmas break. The FAs has apparently an ample supply of games to give to each when they were boarding.
photo img_2084a
Boarding completed !
photo img_2085a
The advantage of bulkhead seats is that you get more space.
photo img_2087a
The drawback is that there is no space for your hand luggage, and no, securing our hand luggage on the empty middle seat like we did was not OK :
photo img_2092a
A FA took them for storage in a closet just ahead.
photo img_2095a
I’ll be fair : he returned them to us as soon as he was able to move after take-off, likewise for landing, and was flawlessly polite and pleasant in doing so.
photo img_2109a
The safety information card said nothing about this peculiarity of these seats for hand luggage storage
photo img_2097aphoto img_2099a
There would not be much to see during taxiing and take-off
photo img_2091a
This is all I saw of the freight area during taxiing
photo img_2102aphoto img_2103a
This was the best I could get of that plane flying overhead, at maximum magnification.
photo img_2106a
There was as usual a bright blue sky above the clouds and fog
photo img_2107a
A Brocken specter followed us for quite a time. It was a lot more visible than this rendition.
photo img_2114a
The same, with excessive image enhancing
photo img_2114-2a
This was the landscape on the rest of the flight
photo img_2116a
It was very quiet ahead of the curtain (and behind – I have doubts about its soundproofing qualities)
photo img_2113a
The lunch, as served
photo img_2118a
Opening a sandwich is a foolproof recipe (or a fool's recipe?) for disappointment. There was even less stuff in it than I had anticipated (and consequently less taste too). At least, I knew why.
photo img_2119a
No, this was no caviar
photo img_2120a
A coffee and a wafer to conclude the meal
photo img_2121a
To know it, you first had to eat this meal, because like on the preceding flight, this sheet folded underneath everything in three was the menu
photo img_2171a
The most illogical thing about it was that there was a choice of three sandwiches, that the FA had to announce to each passenger. You often only catch a few key words in such a situation, and I would probably have made a different choice, if they had distributed this menu first. What is the point of telling passengers what their choice really was, once it's too late?
photo img_2174a
In a similar manner, you could also discover that in hindsight, there were more suitable drinks for your meal
photo img_2172aphoto img_2173a
My readers may be interested to know what their choice for breakfast and dinner may be, if they board a KL flight outside the 10am - 3pm window (in Europe, and in J)
photo img_2176aphoto img_2175a
In case the choice was so poor that it results in cardiac arrest…
photo img_2123a
… there was a defibrillator overhead
photo img_2122a
The overhead bins were marked for J passengers only.
photo img_2124a
Some time after the meal, a FA made a sales pitch for duty free items. I wrote down the final words which amused me:

You can pay by credit card or cash; please provide the exact change
You may choose to donate your loose change to support KLM

Is KLM in such a bad financial shape that they need to ask for the charity of their passengers ? ^^

Since moving around was easy, I went to the tiny front toilet.
photo img_2125a
KL acknowledges that its foreign passengers are not that likely to read Dutch
photo img_2126a
I was puzzled by this sign overhead, though. A 738 is not designed for transatlantic flights, and this aircraft had flown for KL only, so why on earth (or in European airspace, rather) refer to a US federal law here?
photo img_2127a
KL, like AF, does not envisage that a man could change his baby’s diapers, or that he does this without wearing a kilt.
photo img_2128a
Beginning of descent. ARN is further north, and therefore darker in winter
photo img_2129a
Flying low above Runway 08/26 and its taxiway, towards Runway 19L.
photo img_2130a
The countryside was as grey as that
photo img_2131a
A few planes which had not moved since the last snow fall.
photo img_2132a
Typical lighting conditions in ARN at noon… in winter.
photo img_2134a
The pilot hit the brakes harshly, together with full thrust inverter power, so he could use the least runway and take the first taxiway out of it
photo img_2135a
Flightradar24 confirmed that it was a short landing, and also that this flight was landing 4’ ahead of schedule, despite taking off 25’ behind schedule at 10:40, demonstrating a 30 minute margin in the schedule to recover from late departures.
photo flightradar24
This Caravelle is still a long way toward full restoration
photo img_2137a
This 747-200 will never fly again (the engines are fake) : it has been transformed into a hotel. Sleeping there is marginally cheaper than owning a 747.
photo img_2143a
This ET 787 is a usual sight in ARN’s freight area : she spends the day there before operating a fifth freedom flight to VIE, on the way to ADD.
photo img_2144a
A DHL 757
photo img_2147a
Amapola Flyg Fokker 50 (a cargo version, despite the windows)
photo img_2149a
Waiting for the OK to move the jetbridge
photo img_2154a
Danish Air Transport ATR-72, best seen from the terminal after deplaning.
photo img_2155a
That was also when I had the best view of my plane
photo img_2156a
In ARN’s diminutive Terminal 2, you are never very far from the luggage delivery room
photo img_2158a
The luggage delivery was announced to start in 14 minutes
photo img_2157a
In the mean time, I could buy a round trip ticket on the Arlanda Express. I wish there were likewise train ticket vending machines in CDG’s luggage delivery rooms.
photo img_2159a
Luggage delivery started quickly
photo img_2163a
They did not seem to respect the priorities, but who cared ? I recovered my suitcase 7 minutes before luggage delivery was announced to start !
photo img_2162a
I had missed an Arlanda Express train by 4 minutes. It was not a near miss, so not a case of bad luck.
photo img_2164a
But I chose to spend some of these minutes to go and have a look to the tarmac from the corridor leading to Terminal 3’s gates, a favorite landside plane spotting area. There were the usual SAS 737s at Terminal 4.
photo img_2165a
And a QR 787 being towed away before her later return flight.
photo img_2167a
What happened next was pure routine, from the Arlanda Express ride onward to my workplace in Stockholm.

Thanks for reading me !
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Amsterdam - AMS


Stockholm - ARN



A J cabin with two rows only, a neutralized middle seat and extra space at Row 1 gave a cosy feeling. I usually dislike having to surrender my laptop for take-off and landing, but the FA handled it so graciously and efficiently that this was a non-issue.
For the same reasons, and sheer professionalism in general, the FAs on this flight deserved top grades.
Entertainment, what entertainment ? I was not impressed by the in-flight magazine, but I am not an avid reader of this "literature".
The meal was OK, but not outstanding, bearing in mind that this was business class.

My experience in AMS was disappointing. No flight delay warning, poorly maintained toilets, a wifi network that my laptop disliked, a generally noisy environment. The only plus was a limited walking distance between the gates in my case (but I know from experience that it can be a very long hike when connecting to a LH flight.

This was a stark contrast with ARN, which demonstrated its usual efficiency in all respects.



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    Rl 777 719 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Nice spotting pictures, despite the fog and the little variety at that spot.

    9 January 2017? Yep, that is indeed when the Christmas break ends. My school resumed that day while some other schools resumed operations on 10 January.

    Wonderful air-to-air shot!

    Great catch of that phenomenon.

    AF's meals look better in Y to ARN, the scheduled flying time is slightly longer but the actual flying time is only slightly longer.

    I hate the winters here, it's almost completely dark by 15:00 during Dec/early-Jan.

    Nice spotting shots at ARN!

    Is your workplace located in the city centre? Or in another part of STO?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 381778 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7631 Comments

      Thanks for the confirmation of school calendar. the kids on my flight were the lucky ones ;)
      The meal was indeed underwhelming.
      I haven't yet met a Swede who enjoys these long winter nights; some of the above mentioned kids were apparently connecting from LH flights from warm countries, but I did not catch where.
      I work away from the city centre.
      Thanks for your comments !


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